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  1. TrophyHunter

    FYI Bol Weevil is Closing

  2. TrophyHunter

    FREE - Assorted riding gear

    Dangit - that transparent, huh?
  3. TrophyHunter

    Wanted to Buy - Appliances & Other

    Sent pic of free microwave
  4. TrophyHunter


    As much as @tntmo helps others and revives bike, he should grab this. I think he's on the road so if nobody else grabs it - save it for him?
  5. TrophyHunter

    That Tunnel

    I dunno if it always happens, but BP visited when we went in there. Nobody took a pic from the MEX side, though. 😀 BP said there are sensors in there, but who knows - they could've just been watching it. As with other areas of the border, a simple barrier installed at the USA/MEX line would fix at least that spot.
  6. TrophyHunter

    Satellite tracker/SOS device

    Switched from SPOT to InReach a few years back due to a head to head with the InReach getting better transmissions in difficult terrain and faster in other terrain. I don't know what current tech comparo's find. I do the survival(?) plan at $15ish per month which offers plenty of texting, etc. I pay extra for tracking if on a multi-day. My Dad followed along on my abbreviated ID BDR and was able to zoom in on the track and see great detail from Google Earth. Experience: Std InReach SE and Mini (ridin' buddy in ID). Both paired - bluetooth - using the Earthmate App. 2 way texting with spouses was flawless. No EMER activation, thank goodness. We charged them each night but they were holding pretty well. I do carry a mini jump charger I could power them up with if needed while camping. Also, as mentioned, USB port on the bike. I did accidently activate the EMER on Otay TT 2 years ago and those who needed a call got it. I did ask InReach why they didn't just call me, especially since the signal was moving. We straightened out the calling protocol and all was well. My fault as it was a selection.
  7. TrophyHunter

    Moab in September???

    We'll warm it up for you. A post with some tracks, etc around page 23-30. https://advrider.com/f/threads/dr650-rally-lasal-utah-sept-5-8.1359221/
  8. TrophyHunter

    Swapping plates?

    With your fleet, I don't doubt it. And that would pan out on a VRT. For most, not so much.
  9. TrophyHunter

    Swapping plates?

    The chances of that happening are negative zero. 😉 Cop runs a quick VRT - Vehicles Registered To by your name, calls BS based on results, you go in cuffs for 148PC - Basically, lying to the cop. As PMB mentioned, way too easy to check a story. Results vary on the cop. I was asked to write 2 tickets per month so my Sgt could say I did some traffic enforcement, but if one of those turned into a challenge, well......
  10. A guy on the DR FB page was making them. Infinitely adjustable as it's mounted with velcro. Works well and leaves clean air. He stopped making them but an easy bend pattern if so inclined. I have a heat gun.
  11. I use the R-80 with a Nomadic tail rack and PMR side racks. Not needed but they were on the bike when I bought it, so... I have V-1 of the R-80 but if you ever wanna borrow it for test fit/packing, let me know.
  12. Just did some days in ID recently with the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 set up on my DR. The other two riders had the newer version of the R-80 and it worked well. Just an option. GLWS
  13. Paid. When paying with a credit card, I didn't see a place to put a screen name, so just notifying here.
  14. TrophyHunter

    Suzuki Big

    Get a 2-5 year old DR650 with low mileage for $3500, toss on a 790 kit. Still mid-sized with a ton of aftermarket since the bikes been basically the same since '96. The builder of the 790 - Procycle - also built a one off stroker DR900, which a ridin' buddy in PHX has now. I'll hopefully get a short ride on it in Sept at the 1st DR Rally.