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  1. TrophyHunter

    Tire changing/balancing/fork SOLD

    Sale pending
  2. Call or Text (619) 504-2972 please. Pickup in Rancho SD/El Cajon or ship on your dime. Brand new - never used.
  3. Call or Text (619) 504-2972 please. Pickup in Rancho SD/El Cajon or ship on your dime.
  4. TrophyHunter

    Thor goggles - $5

    Call or Text (619) 504-2972 please. Pickup in Rancho SD/El Cajon or ship on your dime.
  5. Call or Text (619) 504-2972 please. Pickup in Rancho SD/El Cajon or ship on your dime.
  6. The PO rode 5 days in it, I never used it for a trip that was in my head. Basically new - the bite valve on the bladder hose still has plastic on it. Armored, 4 season jacket. $430 new - local pickup $150 Rancho SD area (619) 504-2972 https://www.bikebandit.com/olympia-moto-sports-motoquest-guide-jacket Bladder pack included Note the rain hood
  7. TrophyHunter

    Question about otay mtn truck trail

    I read some reports of Thing Valley Rd being open and with the cooler temps next week, may give that a go.
  8. TrophyHunter

    Dr650 tank

    No connection and close to new pricing......but..... https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mpo/d/san-diego-dr650-acerbis-53-gas-tank/7110114201.html
  9. TrophyHunter

    KLR650 or Dr650 or RE Himalayan?

    AFM kind of nailed it. The KLR is out of production but the most current model goes back to 2008, so plenty of bikes and support around. I've been around DR650's for 9 years now and built two. It's been the same bike since '96 and is highly supported in the aftermarket. You can make one to suit your mission. At your weight, it's sprung about right, maybe a little soft. Capable for what you stated. To gain confidence on it, the bike can be lowered 1.5 inches by switching a few parts around. Put it back to stock later. This is what we did with my son's. Can't comment much on the others, but if you like tall bikes, check the Honda XR650L, too. More dirt oriented and the same bike since '93, so plenty around. If you ever want to "go over" a DR, happy to talk ya through mine. Just PM me.
  10. TrophyHunter

    tire changing

    Good info - thx. I used it on a couple of tires - DR650 rears, and a Mitas E-07 set on my Tiger. No issues, but I will def blunt the edges. Appreciate it.
  11. TrophyHunter

    Parking Ticket on Pine Valley Rd.

    Google maps street view grab on the sign pic - dunno vintage. I've seen 'em but haven't been there in a few years, so.... Goodwill spread to out of staters is a policy of some.
  12. TrophyHunter

    Parking Ticket on Pine Valley Rd.

    https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/cleveland/recarea/?recid=47404 ADV pass needed - assuming INSIDE the fence. But I am probably wrong. I find it ridiculous that I could take a vehicle on the dirt there, but if I park and walk - or park and ride, I need to pay. Ditto on everything LB wrote. Forgive me, I'm mostly retired and currently bored. Even though history says they ticket there and have signed the area, my question at court would be "if the rangers wanted to secure the trailhead, where would they do that?" Being it's at the fence in the pic below, that would be where a reasonable human would thing "all things trailhead" apply. Without "between here and here" marked or "pay area" painted on the roadway adjacent to the cul-de-sac inside the fence, it's not clear. The signs are there to inform people if they park within the fenced in area, they need an ADV pass. That's my (i'mnotalawyer) take on it. Easements, etc. Your conclusion may be valid, dunno. There may be agreements in place but that'd take some time to research. SDPD had an agreement with the Navy for policing their housing areas - not just within city limits, but on base to a certain extent. I drove on Miramar past the guard shack to do a SWAT mission once. A weird feeling going on a military base for that. But, their map shows the forest going to the freeway. This isn't the designated Bear Valley Trailhead from my reading, it's CNF, unless an ADV pass is needed to park along Hwy 80 - which I doubt. The Bear Valley Trailhead map shows the road outside the fence line included. Were these signs still there? No other indicators of where that applies?
  13. TrophyHunter

    tire changing

    I cheat and use the Baja No Pinch tool. I too have watched others/videos/etc and I still end up taking a long time. My solution is the B NP.