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  1. Paid. When paying with a credit card, I didn't see a place to put a screen name, so just notifying here.
  2. TrophyHunter

    Suzuki Big

    Get a 2-5 year old DR650 with low mileage for $3500, toss on a 790 kit. Still mid-sized with a ton of aftermarket since the bikes been basically the same since '96. The builder of the 790 - Procycle - also built a one off stroker DR900, which a ridin' buddy in PHX has now. I'll hopefully get a short ride on it in Sept at the 1st DR Rally.
  3. Of course, I will be out of town on that day. Enjoy
  4. Copied from ADV, hence the darkness. https://advrider.com/f/threads/mosko-moto-meet-up-san-diego-may-1st.1378337/ Come hang out with us and come check out some gear! We'll have display bikes and you'll even be able to test fit the gear on your bike if you ride in. Be there or be square!#Repost @MoskoMoto (@get_repost)・・・Mosko Moto is coming to San Diego - Join Us! We’re joining forces with Torque Moto Cafe in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego to host a Meetup!Come get your hands on our gear (or on your bike!) have a beverage on us and stay for a presentation on Overland World Travel, given by Roel Bremmers, our European Sales guy. Roel spent over 9 years traveling on his Africa Twin, through the Middle East, Asia and Europe and has some amazing stories and tips and tricks to share!When: Wednesday, May 1stTime: 3pm – 7:30pmWhere: Torque Moto Café in North Park area in San Diegohttps://www.torquemotocafe.comIG @torque_moto_cafeFB @TorqueMotoCafe3604 30th StSan Diego, CA 92104Want to be involved or have ideas for a Meetup in your area? Please reach out to us at www.moskomoto.com - we’d love to hear from you! Be on the lookout for future meetups in your area, and if you're in or around San Diego, please join us!
  5. TrophyHunter

    Otay Truck Trail maintenance

    Marron Valley to the "T" - right turn. Worked our way up to Doghouse Junction where construction trucks were not letting anyone down the front side towards Pio Pico. South / West toward the prison - button hook turn onto the border fence road. East to Marron Valley then north past the (sometimes) water crossing. We did not head east through the creekbed, just kept going N. The gate was closed but not locked going toward Marron Valley Rd so we went through, closing it behind. That gate has a sensor on it and we got visited by BP as we got to the Southbay Rod & Gun club. No issues, he just wanted to know our route. We did not see any BP along the border and they may all be tied up with processing....?
  6. They're doing maintenance on the Pio Pico side during the week. Forgot to ask today if they have it open on the weekend.
  7. The entry point from Pio Pico - Otay Lakes Rd - is closed during the week through next week - 6 am - 3:30 pm - for road maintenance. Entry off of Marron Valley Rd is open. Watch for equipment on that end, too. With that, the scenery was great and we had zero issues along the border. At the 250 monument looking south into Mexico
  8. https://www.bikerbuddy.co/riding/ Might be useful for some. I checked local to me and a room for 2, wifi, garage with tools, laundry, etc is $40 per night. The site limits the fee charged so it should be reasonable everywhere.
  9. TrophyHunter

    Spot SOS doesn’t work?

    I'll review my status and current offerings as I have a multi-day this summer. Thx!
  10. TrophyHunter

    New Old fart with small bike

    My Dad rode a borrowed TW on the Bar10 run. It was perfect for him and he set the pace. Welcome
  11. TrophyHunter

    Spot SOS doesn’t work?

    InReach - on my person. I do the least expensive plan and just don't turn on the tracking function. The SOS still works and they know where you are. It will even drop a breadcrumb every hour or so for those watching online. I don't call in for the higher cost plan, just turn the tracking function on and they charge you for that event. About $3-4. Once a week or so and the per event charge added to the base cheap plan is less than the upgrade.
  12. TrophyHunter

    yayyy, another new guy

    Jessie - who runs the Flying Monkey Rally in UT has one and puts it to the test. He's done well with it and does a weekly ride out of Temecula area on Weds eves. Welcome. Also in the "see the views, grab a burger" style of riding. No racing on my DR650.
  13. TrophyHunter

    some bags

    https://www.hamiltonproducts.com/products/horse/versa-pack/ Versa Pack Saddlebag/Backpack set - New, in bag, never mounted. Black A few here bought these years back and I've never used 'em. They're meant for horses, of course, but can be easily modified for moto use. The bags have backpack straps on them. $20 ATV Logic tank bags - https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/atv-logic-tank-bag-p Never used or mounted - $10
  14. TrophyHunter

    some bags

  15. TrophyHunter

    Gun refinishing? - Easy, reasonable, DIY, etc

    I will search, too, but let me know what you find out on the muzzleloader. I know companies will ship them to CA residents without FFL involvement, along with powder, bullets, etc. I built a Thompson Center, similar to the one Bob posted, when I was 16. I browned the barrel and Dad blued his. Both turned out looking good and shooting okay.