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  1. Thank you for the heads up!!! I was planning on the 21st but ... yea, I think I'll hold off. Cheers
  2. That is too bad... I was just looking for info to make sure and sign up. I hope the unforeseen circumstances have been or are overcome with a good outcome. Sending positive thoughts and I'll look forward to a 2023 Desert Dash!!! Cheers, Chris
  3. I guess I need to update my notifications. I missed all this. I can't go anyway.... I don't have a bike. I looked at a KLR 650 two weeks ago, came to an agreement on price, told the guy I'll come back the next day and now the guy has stopped communication.... weird. I keep texting and calling and asking "Hey just tell me if changed your mind?" Silence. OH well. This ride looks fun and I hope you are off having a blast!! There are plenty of bikes out there for sale so I'll be up and running soon. Cheers, Chris
  4. I can't go Friday the 29th but I'd love to do that ride in the New Year....
  5. I cant go.... I have some family commitments. Have fun guys!! Cheers, Chris
  6. It was a great ride!! I promise to get a little ride report out on this thread, with some pictures, and talk about our route. I just have to deal with a family member passing away so it will be a week.... Cheers, Chris
  7. Not really sure if everyone sees the "quotes" on these forums? BUT the UPDATE news to this trip is we are planning to now leave on FRIDAY the 24th at 7am. Tecate boarder.... Then its still open to discussion, but heading thru Ojos Negros to the coast is my first pick. There is NOTHING like riding on an empty beach, virgin sand with a cool Ocean breeze!!
  8. This could work perfect for you then... We just decided to leave Friday morning at Tecate at 7am.... You could solo home Saturday afternoon. (Or if we are tired go as a group anyway)
  9. Now we are leaving Friday morning at 7am if that helps?? .... you can solo home Saturday afternoon....
  10. GREAT!!!! I cant wait.... I'll know by the end of tomorrow if I can leave FRIDAY.
  11. Depends..... we usually share rooms. Coyote Cals is cheap.... Like $35 for sleeping AND dinner... other places are similar or maybe $40-50. Mikes Sky Rancho is $75 a person no matter what. (dinner and breakfast included) Most expensive stop BUT a must do if you've never been. Plus Beer and fuel.... tacos for lunch. Ummm I think $100 a day is fair. I spend more if there's a fun crowd at the bar.... Ive been hooked ever since the first time I rode 120 miles without seeing anyone except a rancher serving fuel and ice cold beer in the middle... LOVE MEXICO!!!
  12. Sounds like you are already shirking your "tour guide" duties....
  13. I know it might be warm but after this rain the trails will be FUN. I was thinking Tecate to Coyote Cals then home OR another night further down the coast or MSR?? Im open for ideas... The problem for me is I need someone to LEAD .... Ive been 4-5 times, but I dont have tracks in a GPS so I dont feel confident enough to lead. Im on a 500 exc (all tuned and ready) and Im an avearge rider.... Let me know.... cell 619-865-3334 Cheers, Chris
  14. When can we sign up for 2016? Cheers, Chris
  15. .... just found out my wife booked a plane trip to visit her family so I'm DEFINITELY going. I'm happy to share a room and I don't snore.... as far as I know.