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  1. I 2nd the recommendation of the Doubletake mirrors. I ditched my stockers ASAP...no matter how tight I made them, they always came loose at the worst possible time off road. The double-takes solved that issue. I like that they come off really quick too. Drop the bike...they just shift on impact. Kelly...I still want to do W38m training one of these days.... I missed out on this year..
  2. Ha ha....your secret is safe with me. Never been to that area before. I've been to these two areas (yellow)...and of course Otay Truck Trail which is a nice ride.
  3. .....eeeeesssh. Indiana Jones comes to mind. "Why did it have to be snakes" lol Great pics...as usual!
  4. Nice! We all go down sooner or later. As long as noone gets hurt...it's all good. Where on a map is that location with all those trails?
  5. Awesome. I'm jealous as usual.
  6. Bub_Hannah

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    Enjoyed your video on that. I dig when people post of videos of their rides. There were a number of tricky spots for a big bike on Kernan (for me anyway)...but otherwise very doable. I could have easily dumped in a couple places. Just don't go alone.
  7. All on street'ish tires. Nice job.
  8. Nice video! Nothing like the sound of a 2-smoker.
  9. Otay TT is always an enjoyable ride...nice! That poor banana.... lol
  10. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Still confused on what I'm doing wrong. I've looked thru Lees site for information and asked around on the message boards out there. Here is what I see If I turn on the three CATM maps one at a time on ZUMO XT (this with all Garmin provided maps turned off) CATM Topo - I see topography... some dirt roads, but no color coded trails CATM Trail Map - I see color coded areas (land ownership), some dirt roads, but no color coded trails. CATM Transparent Trail Map - I see only major routes (no surface streets, dirt roads or color coded trails" Turning on all three at the same time, I see no color coded land ownership map anymore. Still no color coded trails...only some dirt roads. Turning off the CATM Topo map, the color coded land map ownership map is visible again, but still no color coded trails ...only see some dirt roads. Am I doing some thing wrong, some wrong setting?
  11. My reaction when I saw that pic.... 😂😂 Mongo want!
  12. Very cool vid.... 😎
  13. I sure admire the places you folks on the skinny bikes get to go. Sounds like an awesome ride!
  14. Bub_Hannah

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    Maybe when I have tires that are a little more than 50/50. 😁 I remember seeing a vid on this site with folks on 1200s doing much tougher than this trail (at least from the videos). Definitely a skill level up Man, hard to imagine much tighter that it was in some places... Yeah...a few times I was nervous. Key was to settle down and just take your time. I stopped a few times to just shake off the jitters...and to remind myself to drop the death grip. ....think I had a little bit of luck on my side too. Thanks Darrin! 😎 Definitely was fun....I really enjoyed the tight twisty turns and duckin thru the vegetation.