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  1. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    See you there. Looking forward to the ride.
  2. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Sounds good... What time to you want to meet?
  3. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Update: Success!!! I reached out to Lee using another email address and gave him all my purchase information. He responded within minutes. Turns out he was receiving all of the auto resend requests I made and the emails I sent him using my original email asking for help....I just wasn't receiving his emails. First time this has ever happened to me with my cox email. Bizarre... Downloaded Garmin for Windows with no issues, and installed on the Xumo. Pretty kewl stuff! Can't wait to try it out in the field. Thanks folks! (I may be back with other questions...he he) I love new toys...
  4. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    The problem is, it's no longer recognizing my email address (which is tied to my Paypal account and payment confirmation) The App tells me the same thing...email not found.
  5. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Thanks for the input guys. 1.) Facebook - I am actually not on Facebook. 2.) I just tried the "resend" link on his site using a different browser (Chrome and Edge)..same result as FF, it is no longer recognizing my email address. The weird thing is, it did recognize my email address the 1st 24 hours because I tried a number of times to get it to resend...with no luck. I do have a PayPal confirmation and funds were drawn from my CC. I'm sure Lee is a good guy based on all the feedback...I'm sure this is just a tech issue.... perhaps he's not receiving my incoming emails either. There is not phone contact....I guess I understand why....you'd have no peace. Not sure what else to do... I leave the charge dispute as a last recourse.
  6. Bub_Hannah

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Hey Kelly. Picked up a Garmin Zumo recently. Upon reading this thread, I purchased the maps...got a confirmation from Paypal....but never received my download link. Checked SPAM folder, nothing there either. I also used his "resend" download link a number of times with no luck. Interestingly...days later, it now says my email is not recognized. I reached out to the site owner via the contact page but have not heard back. How long did it take for him to get back to you? I'm wondering how long to wait before I initiate a dispute of the charge due to nothing received.
  7. Bub_Hannah

    A day at KM 06/27/21

    Great pics again!
  8. Bub_Hannah

    Friday Hooky

    Another Hooky Friday! A few videos from Friday ride with 9 other folks...
  9. Bub_Hannah

    Let’s eat, … but where?

    Freds in Alpine is good for a burger....but they've been closed for months for a remodel. I see a sign that says "now hiring". Descanso Junction restaurant is pretty damn good in my book. Lake Henshaw cafe - have had some fine meals here as well.
  10. Bub_Hannah

    Friday Hooky

    LOL at the rummaging and set up. So true. This is the kit I use. http://www.dynaplug.com/carbon.html ...and their pump. Super compact and light. http://www.dynaplug.com/microproinflator.html I pulled this out of my tire on the trail. Thought it would take two plugs to fill the hole. It's been several months now...no issue.
  11. Bub_Hannah

    Friday Hooky

    Don't you just love tubeless tires! Pull offending metallurgical intruder, plug, pump and play! That happened to me about a week after I got my new tires. Great write-up...you have a way with words. Had a blast....as usual. Really fun route and the scenery/vistas are hard to beat. Seriously great group of people to ride with. Big thanks to Mark and you for handling lead and sweep. I agree, green bikes are the fastest. 😎 Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm curious... did that homeowner come down to chastise you guys for parking (kinda) in her driveway while waiting in the shade? Those of us dummies who sat in the sun couldn't make out the conversation. Wish I could have joined you guys for lunch....the aroma coming off that place was killing me at 9:45 when we all met there. Alas, responsibility called and I had promised to be back in my chair/chains for a customer that afternoon. Here is one of my videos from the ride. Somehow I musta hit time-lapse mode on the GoPro, so it's different from my normal shooting. It begins at the hairpin turnoff where we dropped down to the wall. I'll post the other video where we rode down the switchbacks to 94 when it's done processing. 2nd vid is up. This was taken as we hit the switchbacks down to 94...
  12. Bub_Hannah

    Life is Good

    Awesome! Looks like so much fun.
  13. That is a cool bike. Totally old school!