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  1. Bub_Hannah

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Nice turn out at the meeting. Very informative info. Thanks to everyone who put this together. Nice to see people in person for a change!
  2. Bub_Hannah

    Noob Clothing advice

    Do I remember that guy..... holy crap, I idolized him. Bought all his products too. This be me at San Diego "Jack Murphy" stadium in 1983...amateur supecross.
  3. Such a great area to ride.... I love it when it's green like that. Wish I could have gone. Looks like fun was had!
  4. Bub_Hannah

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    Wish I could go. Love that area. I'm out of commission for a while.
  5. Damn....hate to hear of the injury. Heal up quick!
  6. Bub_Hannah

    ocotillo wander

    Beautiful pics....man...this really makes me want a smaller 2nd bike.
  7. I was going the opposite direction (up Lemon) and was passing when I realized it was you. You were looking down, I remember that. Bummer on the flat. ...but it sure is nice having tubeless tires.
  8. I had a Zubb sighting this morning. Spotted a 1250 wearing knobbies at the bottom of Lemon.... then I looked at the gear and knew it was you.
  9. This is still on my bucket list. Some of the vids/images I've seen, there are some gnarly spots. (for us middle-weight/big-bike folk)
  10. Nice! Top of Black Mountain is an amazing trek and view.
  11. Lot easier trails than that one around SD to stay riding the dirt. I think the roads are far more dangerous these days. Very cool that he still rides at that age.
  12. Bub_Hannah

    Fish Creek

    Darren....you've really gotten good at the artistic photos. You've got a great eye.
  13. any air time is still air time! Looks like you guys had a blast. Wish I could have gone. I did escape for a short ride for about 1.5 hours myself, it's all I could get away with.
  14. Damn....hate to hear when someone gets injured. What a great group of folks coming together to get the bike. Silt.... about as fun as mud is.

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