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  1. Thanks for that info. Yeah, I don't want to piss off any homeowners.
  2. I thought that looked familiar. It is a nice ride to avoid traffic. I was just up there a couple weekends ago. Started in Ramona up thru Pamo road....went up to the top of black mountain truck trail to the trees...back down and around Forest route to Black Canyon road up to Mesa Grande.....wound my way up toward Julian and then took Boulder creek down to Viejas Grade, them home.
  3. Nice! Riding is therapy! What dirt trails are those in your pics?
  4. I will definitely join a group ride on this! I came in from Tecate border crossing along the fence (dark blue route) I tried to come in off of 94 (yellow circled part)...which Google Maps said I could do. However, at the entry point off the 94, there is a sign that says no trespassing. Arrrgghh. I would have liked to do a little more exploring of the random trails I saw around there...but I didn't like being alone in that area. ...and I'm still on 80/20 road tires so I have to be somewhat careful of where I go. Coming down from the Peak gets a bit slippery on road tires in a couple of places....nothing really bad, just had to take my time. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/32.5789607,-116.6297633/32.5795069,-116.6890667/@32.5868318,-116.6749291,5092m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0
  5. Since noone ponied up to the bar on this....went myself today. Wow...the views are amazing up there...you can see forever...pics don't do it justice. Fun ride....
  6. Bub_Hannah

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Missed out today.... family needs trumped. Guess I'll go riding this afternoon. Hope you peeps have fun....be safe.
  7. Bub_Hannah

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Can someone pinpoint this location on a map....I'm not seeing a parking lot with an oak tree in the middle with Satallite image map. Also....is this a good area for mid-size Adventure bikes?
  8. Bub_Hannah

    McCain Sun 8AM

    I'm interested for Sunday. Caveat.... I'm on a midsize adventure bike, w/80/20 road tires. Would like to get a feel for that area...but not up for anything gnarly. Most challenging I've been so far have been Cedar Creek and the trail to the tippy-top of Black MTN in Ramona. Neither of which were difficult for me. I have not done any single track yet. Would like to if it's not gnarly. I don't want to hold anyone back, so if you think I'm not a good fit, you won't hurt my feelings.
  9. Bub_Hannah

    May be a dumb question

    I wish I could like the liked posts. Thanks for splainin it to me....
  10. Bub_Hannah

    May be a dumb question

    I don't.... and I've tried two different browsers. EDIT: Now I tried Chrome and I do see it. Why would this not work on Firefox? Thanks for the help.
  11. ....but I see some posts have a "like" added by someone appreciating their post. I've even noticed one of my posts have them....I feel special now! Now...I'm usually not big on this type of thing in general. But this is a targeted common interest site and I also saw somewhere on here that server space/traffic is donated and quoting someone to say you liked their post was not the most "cost" efficient option. Finally getting to my question. What I don't see is how to leave someone a "like"....how do I do that? I did a search of the site for into and came up empty. Thanks!
  12. A group on which side of the fence...lol Smells like trouble.
  13. Bub_Hannah


    got it. Makes sense. Thanks for sharing that. I'm learning.
  14. Bub_Hannah


    Thanks. Is it okay to go past a closed forest gate? I assume if it's shut, they don't want you in there. On a side note did some exploring today....found Cedar Creek trail (at the 3 Sisters trailhead) which goes thru to Eagle peak road. Man...was THAT a fun little trip.
  15. Bumping this topic. Would still like to do Tecate Peak. Who's up for this?