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  1. That was an awesome video. I did that trail (opposite direction) on my KTM 350 and HATED the section around the 14-17 minute mark on your video. Steep and loose softball sized rocks. I'm a low intermediate rider and my bike took a few dirt naps in that section! I couldn't imagine doing that on a 900.
  2. thecerver

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Yup...I tried my buddie's cable. He has the same model. No luck. Is your 'ruggedized cell phone' your main phone or did you dedicate a phone specifically for GPS?
  3. thecerver

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    I've tried it on 3 PCs and a Chromebook but I still can't see it. I looked in the Device Manager section and I can't find it. I even went to the command prompt and tried to navigate to the D directory...nothing. One recent change was holding down the power button on start for 1 minute should do a factory reset (on some models). I tried it before for 1.5 minutes and nothing happened. This time I held it down until it went into "loading maps" and it didn't load past the "waypoint and routes" stage. At least that was something different. I left it on that stage for 2 hours. I even took it outside in case it was trying to communicate with the satellites. 🤪 It stayed at that stage and never progressed. I'll keep trying different things. Hopefully, something will work one day. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  4. thecerver

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    I appreciate each piece of advice. I've been at it for about 4 days now. Unfortunately, I can't mess around in the settings folder. The PC doesn't see it has connected and the device because won't advance past the "loading maps" screen. I've been able to erase the user data on the device but that didn't help. Here's where it's stuck and it will stay like that all day. I have to disconnect it and remove the batteries to turn it off and start over.
  5. thecerver

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Unfortunately, I can't transfer anything to the device because it's not being recognized by the PC as a device. I have updated the software before, but I can't use it now. Neither BaseCamp or GarminExpress can find the device when I have it connected. This is basically what I get:
  6. thecerver

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Removed the battery overnight and the sd card. I figured if removing the batteries for 30 minutes was good, overnight would be better. But I I had the same issue when I tried to reboot today. It gets stuck on "loading maps". Oracle, there wasn't a warning message when I deleted the files and the files were on the Garmin itself. Unfortunately, I can't connect to Basecamp and start over because the PC doesn't see the device while it's stuck in the loading maps stage. I've tried 3 different PCs and a Chromebook. I'm going to try my neighbor's Mac tonight. What do you use for navigation? I need to find an alternative. I signed up for Rever and I might use that with my phone.
  7. thecerver

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Thanks...I'll try that.
  8. Short Story: I have a Garmin Montana 680t. Last week, I was messing around with it in BaseCamp and now it won't load. The device gets stuck on "Loading Maps" and the PC won't recognized it has a connected device. Any ideas on how to fix it? Long Story: When I first loaded my California Trail maps to my Garmin, I included the hiking maps. However, I started to get annoyed by seeing a TON of trail we can't ride on. So last week after a ride, I decided to remove the California Trail map and reload it. This worked perfectly in Basecamp. I updated the maps on the unit and it said I was successful. However, when I try to reboot the unit, it won't make it past "Loading Maps". I left it along for 6 hours in the Loading Maps state and it never moved onto the next loading stage. (Side note: While in BaseCamp I also removed some of the "Birdseye" files from the device) I reached out to Garmin and they had me: 1. Check Batteries 2. Factory Reset by holding the top-left corner of the screen when booting 3. Connect to PC When those didn't work they offered an exchange for a refurbished unit at $170. I struggle to do that since this appears to be a software issue, not hardware. None of those worked. My PC won't recognize it as a device or drive. I tried to connect to my Chromebook in case there was a different protocol...but same issue. I tried using my friends microSD card from his Montana. I received an error, "Invalid Birdseye File" (or something like that). It was actually nice to see something besides "Loading Maps". Is there any way to make it boot from a microSD card? Does anyone have any solutions? Should I just start using offline maps on my phone? Thanks for the help, Mike
  9. thecerver

    Run & Gone - Nov 21/22

    I'm interested in this ride...I need to figure out how to ride with camping gear but I have a month to figure that out.
  10. thecerver

    June Lake

    The video is awesome. Your son did a great job with the editing!
  11. Wow...thank you for putting this together!
  12. I went up to Big Bear for a few days for the first time on the 10th. I thought it was awesome. We did Skyline several times, Cactus Flats, and Coxey area (3N14, 3N16, and 3N09) Mimi, can I ask what your loop is? ...or is it a secret
  13. Got it! Like I said, this is my first ride 🤣

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