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  1. I've been to El Mirage a few times over the years. It's one of the last places you can really see 'shade-tree' mechanical wizardry. Would you ride this?
  2. tubebender

    In the spirit of @TNTMO

    I just sold an ex250 to Tom a few days ago. I'm interested to see what he comes up with.
  3. tubebender

    Tech Day Escondido (7-15-2023) 9:30am

    With the Dirt Glide? I wanna see it!
  4. tubebender

    Isle of Man TT - Time Magazine

    Mrs Tb and I are hoping to go next year. But one cannot talk about the TT without mentioning Joey Dunlop. Not only was he one of the greatest road racers of his time (26 time winner of the TT), he was also awarded an OBE for his humanitarian work. I've picked out 2 articles which I think best describe who he was. Racer Humanitarian
  5. Yes, that's part of one.
  6. I used to watch a series called The Motocross Files that was a history of motocross and would focus on 1 rider at a time. DeCoster, Hannah, Tripes, etc. I thought it was pretty good. For the last 9 years there has been a Carlsbad MX reunion, usually at Booze Brothers Brewing in Vista. I went to one, 2018 I think. Lots of old guys and MX bikes! I know some of those old guys were riders but I wasn't sure who was who.
  7. tubebender

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    I rode from the pink gate to Pio Pico and back yesterday. I was going to join this ride as I've never ridden anywhere south of the 94. But, a old coworker reached out to me a last week and asked if I wanted to check out the area. I've been wanting to ride with this guy for a long time so I said yes. (Note to self, when a expert level rider says something is easy, don't believe it!) If you stay on the main trail it's a bit rocky in places but OK. If you take any of the offshoots you may have to do some "off-piste" riding to get around the water. For instance, down in the Hubbard Spring area the road is flooded and you have to make a track along the upper slope. It was ............challenging!
  8. tubebender

    Phone based offline navigation

    Where did you find that? I can't find that particular discount anywhere.
  9. tubebender

    Phone based offline navigation

    Timely topic. I've been using Garmin products for a long time, but I have been looking at phone based stuff for a while now. @DSM8 has been on about the Kyocera rugged phone he uses, so I just bought a refurbished one to give it a try. You don't need a SIM card to use the other phone functions such as the GPS, camera. etc. Well, we call them phones, but they are just hand held computers with a phone app. Today is a good day to research mapping apps! Happy turkey day!
  10. Yeah, talk about perseverance! 1 or 2 of these guys were guests at a Flying Monkey Rally about 4-5(?) years ago. We watched the video and were able to ask questions. I asked why the KLR. I don't remember the answer clearly but it had to do with costs, simplicity, and availability (I think).
  11. @J5ive, @DSM8, and I took a little jaunt today. Dirt portion was Puerta La Cruz (Lost Valley) and Cooper Cienega from Warner Springs to Anza. We need to take more pictures. https://www.relive.cc/view/v4OG9j3Gwmq
  12. tubebender

    Weekday Riders?

    Anyone riding tomorrow? I'm thinking of doing Highpoint and Palomar Divide IF the gates are open. Left message with Palomar ranger district but haven't heard back.

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