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  1. Uh, wrong forum and ride canceled
  2. tubebender

    Midweek ride

    Ah, I may have left a second one. Great ride today and nice to meet you all.
  3. tubebender

    SDAT - San Diego Adventure Trucker

    That certainly is a change Troy! I drove truck for a number of years - sand/gravel/asphalt, flowers, produce, race cars. Your photos of truck stops brought back some memories. It's a different world. Good luck on your new endeavor. Carl But wait, I can see it now; Adventure Road Truckers
  4. tubebender

    Halloween Hangover nOOb Ride

    Count me in. 2 up on a Tenere.
  5. tubebender

    Friday, Apr 11

    Got chores on Saturday, including finishing maintainence on my road bike so I can take the wife for a ride on Sunday. Have fun! CA
  6. Got Friday off and going to ride in the Warner Springs area. Palomar Divide or Lost Valley-Cooper Cienega. Maybe both if time permits. Easy forest service roads. Will stop at Packards in Ramona (7th and Main) around 8:30 AM if anyone is interested. Carl
  7. Hey Jon, How about Friday, the 11th? Warner Springs-Lost Valley-Cooper Cienga to Anza, then either Tompson Mtn - Batista Cyn loop back to Anza, then return via Temecula or Anza-Palomar Divide-Warner Springs and return. I'm in Oceanside too, so we could meet at Starbucks at Melrose and Hacienda. Say 7:00 AM? CA
  8. tubebender

    Monday 17th

    I was going to go out to the desert on Monday, but I'd be intrested in meeting up with you guys. What time and where (I know, it's not that big!) in Warner Springs? Intermidiate rider, KLR w/ knobs. Carl
  9. Just want to add my thanks to Martoon for leading the way and the rest of the guys for great ride. Damn, now I have to go back to work! Carl
  10. Theres gonna be something planned for Sunday somewhere..... Hi-jack alert..... Tubebender, are you a fab guy? Also, what do you ride? I ride a KLR. And yes, I have done a bit of fabbing over the years. So, who wants to ride with me on Sunday?
  11. I'm up for Warner Springs to Anza on Sunday. Maybe do High Point and Palomar Divide on the return. Thats approx. 150 miles round trip from Ramona. Anyone else interested?