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  1. robertaccio

    Impacts : you get what you pay for

    Makita Yin, vs. cousin Yang.
  2. This is one of the real old school hard core Nat dez races in the D37 zone. I have done quite a few with good finishes and they deliver a real tough experience with lots of bench racing tales to tell. I am really thinking about riding my "new" 99 TE610 as a test ride to really get the understanding of this machine going into the 2021 (hard ride) DS ride season. 100s is named for their 100 mile hard events. The flyer is not very clear but info is out on the internet under the NHHA, 100sMC and on FB as well. This one is a 2 looper which is unusual for 100s MC their normal format is 1) easy/med loop, 2) medium/hard loop 3) start med/hard and right near finish after 80-90 mil some ball breaking hard sections into the finish.
  3. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    i may do another shady thing I did before and carry my metal plate on my person in my USWE but have a laminated paper photocopy of my plate mounted (super low mass) from 10 feet looks legit and is all legit from the registration end .
  4. robertaccio

    David Knight: look what HE does to a new 500 Exc!

    Big Dave (my name for him) best be careful, so excited he's driving on the wrong side of the road!!! hahahahaa
  5. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    With matching bag color of Baja Jerky. This fender is a fiully molded HD set up, I will rig up a rear light and the plate will mount up easily. Note question do you guys put your plates on vertically with no worries?
  6. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    just recieved the OEM rear "street" enduro rear fender !!! super stoked!!
  7. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    I've got the hoses installed and did a another exhaust wrap section of the header section directly in front of the hoses. it's slowly coming back together. Waiting for a carb manifold from Portugal. I will paint the clutch cover as well, but the deeper stuff will keep that 20 year old "patina" . Oh and I forgot Hall's Cycles is sending me out the OEM EU style rear fender/plate holder drop down rear section!! It just needs a lite (easy)
  8. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    Classic!! BTW I still have an Agip coat Davide gave me circa mid nineties!!
  9. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    Im adding some in process shots. I have some variables and alternate clothing . Note this is not a concourse job!! lots of "patina will remain"
  10. amazingly this bike is 100% OEM stock the exhaust outlet is about as big as a pencil!! it still even has the breather plugs on the ends of the tubes! I left it as is.
  11. my crew (Tim D) was there early AM. (Not me) I was waiting for their report, thanks for yours
  12. PPS this bike is for sale, my son did not want it after all ( I rode it 2x to test it out) S101 just rebuilt the forks, and she's got new bars, controls and handguards.
  13. Moral of the story......you don't need to spend mega bucks to have fun, you don't need a 10k+ modern bike to ride and enjoy riding with all the late model folks. These specific XR air cooled model series Honda machines were still competitive well into the liquid cooled era, including in ISDE competition. So if an SDAR member is now currently riding (or if this is you) an air cooled XR don't think he or she is handicapped in any way for most all and everyday DS rides. If you are on a tighter budget an XR400 or 600 (or even the 250 in this case) is a super value minded DS bike. Also as a Honda parts availability is still a fairly easy path to follow. SDAR consultant- Robertaccio PS it's also an ego trip being on an "old" bike among all the late model guys, on this day, I was in line as P2 behind BetaMax there were 4 or 5 guys behind us all on Euro bikes no older than 5 years old.
  14. This is the little bike that can and is always willing to perform at almost any level. I had so much fun on my few trail rides on my new old machine. I was surprised and had forgotten how good these little Honda's are. That's BetaMax Italia on his 2020 Beta 300RR Race edition on point.
  15. robertaccio

    How to bleed brakes on a Dirt Bike

    All that said. Motul RBF660 brake fluid is the shite, but yes this too needs to be bled out from time to time.