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  1. thanks Ken I went easy and barely touched my butt to the seat, lots of trials technique riding , a good plus to my newly adapted calmer gentler style is the gummy 140/80-18 216SX Shinko, the thing is like glue on rocks.
  2. great seeing you guys out there, hope your group ride was as good as ours.
  3. freestyleXtreme dot com huge inventory of everything including all the Euro Trials brands, that's where my Airoh casco came from
  4. FreestyleXtreme.com  has a huge inventory of everything including all the trials gear from all the EURO companies, I got my Airoh trials helmet from them

  5. more and more prepared with my new Antonio Italian Research of Helmets brand fix.
  6. Say Hello to my Leetle friend.
  7. He is a walking GPS of the Tecate mountains area...….I recognize many sections and trails from many rides and races (Tecate enduros) down there...…..can I find them?...NOOOO do I know the names?....Nooo way!!
  8. Part 2 is out
  9. Thanks all but lets not hijack the thread. I will make a Sciatic nerve thread, so we can hash out details.
  10. robertaccio

    Plated KTM for Sale

    2017 KTM250EXC-F yes all the late model EXC-F models are DOT bikes.
  11. robertaccio

    New ride. My first big bike.

    I will put you in contact with Fred, Andy, Steve , Steve and Tommy, those are (guaranteed) the most hardcore 1090 local guys, also they all have S101 suspension, George has the set ups in his data books for more A level hard riding of the beast. Those guys all rip on their 1090s. I know you have seen them on the trail. They have hard adv set ups fairly dialed after all their hardcore trail and dirt road trips. Ken PM your email I don't think I have it , I will connect you. The 1090 is more sporty than the other 1 liter ADV bikes in the inventory. Check Motofred on Instagram for some fun viddies and fotos of FahQ MC 1090 action
  12. robertaccio

    For your health my friend!

    Thanks for checking in but I'm confused. So is it best low fat diet or low carb diet? Higher protein? thanks
  13. robertaccio

    Seat Concepts question?

    I know this is not the line/idea of this thread but mine is the Seat Concepts Race 2.0 on my Husqvarna TX300