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  1. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    Continuing to be in work, update------ suspension is all complete, wheels are being laced and head is 99.9% ready, frame is ready, we are close to final assembly.
  2. brilliant that you are out there. I gotta say it bike is all off balance.... stabilizer at slow speeds is a hindrance. Lower plush suspended bike would be more safe and comfortable, especially at that speed, bike set up more front weight bias not less (balanced). weight on rear fender is fine if sag spring rate is good or else it is the biggest far from cg imbalancer as seen on many traveler bikes, and anyway it will always hinder handling less is more, for a simple day run. Money spent on parts is better spent on training, no matter what age you are. training=safety. bike set up right for the task, proper ergo body position sitting or standing. and all the rest will be more comfortable. Way to stay calm.
  3. robertaccio


    Padu!!!! Is the mang!! Getting out and doing it with enthusiam!! Keep up the training see you soon. I'm set for the 10Th with the SOS (Sedlak), hope to see you there on small bike. If I am solo I will bring my classic Italian TE610 for some sesh time. That's my "BIG BIKE"...... I have said it before every athlete and performer have trainers.....more moto folks really NEED proper instruction, I see many moto/enduro riders just making themselves work too hard and incorrectly, along with incorrect bike set ups... that individually and combined create a bad mix looking for a place to happen scenarios.
  4. 3DEC is rapidly approaching. It's a big happening to witness and Hacienda Santa Veronica ain't a bad destination ride either.
  5. Looks like one of the 3 tests (loops) of the Tecate Enduro...............some good examples of weight your peg or pegs moments.
  6. I legit signed for this one. 26FEB2023. Back story a guy I know asked if I was doing the ride and implored that I ride the 2023 version. I told him I did the ride 2x once long ago that I signed up for properly and once a couple years back that myself and unnamed individual did as "poached" ride. We showed up late morning grabbed some red dots from quitters and rode the loop. I did not know that this guy is one of the course managers and part of the ride org...........needless to say I promised him I would legit sign for this year. And I did.... so 2023 is on the calendar.
  7. I feel this is a good system, and as folks get out and ride under these skill designators the SDAR group will get the rating levels dialed in even more as rider testing, rating and inputs come in following group rides. Understand I try my best to gauge groups as we ride, so as to not get folks into trouble or ruin their fun, or worse hurt. You more active club members have a good feel for your bike groups levels due to more participation in group riding. My tuppence. Types as listed above make a big difference for what where and how a ride will go. I have my extended crew of ADV guys that ride 1090s, T7s etc. for them a standard (enduro race bike trail on big bikes) is a normal level 1 day. For most it would be level 3, so there is the subjectivity aspect of the skill set numbering system. But overall, this club is well balanced for assessing levels. My threepence. Enjoy the ride.
  8. That was a great day, like Padu, I did not know you took a digger. Temp and terrain were perfect, and the class was most excellent. I love the new location. Those one-handed drills really reinforce the loose arm relaxed ergo position. Get healed up and get back in it!!! Robertaccio (Husqvarna TE300i on that day)
  9. Full on ADV man is the locally famous Padu !!!!
  10. robertaccio

    Trusted Local Suspension shop?

    George Spinali at S101 Alpine ,CA 619 997 5193
  11. I woke up at 0320 in Gubbio Italia to sign up at 0330 for the 1830 time of sign up PST..... it is nuts but by my code number I was near the 200 cut off number. Sells out in 10 freaking minutes. Of course they leave openings for Pros and some extras for friends and they do maintain a standby list. As for the kick some ass part......nope just going once again for the clean finish. There are way too many fast guys in the 50 class from Baja winners, to ISDE silver and gold medalists to former MX Pros. 61 yo Ammie me will get er done as best I can with minimal carnage. BTW the other 60+ in the 50 class are all faster and have way more trophies than I do!! Thanks for the words.
  12. Start is back to Hacienda Santa Veronica for this years event. Although now 61....l will once again race in the 50+ class to ride the entire 3 test course (60+ is for test 1 and 2 loop only). GP Motorcycles, National City Moto, RynoPower, Redline Oil, Sedlak Offroad School/FXR are my primary supporters ( esposa bonita tambien) 2021 Husqvarna TE300i will be the steed once again. The scene is almost ISDE like...(OK sort of).
  13. robertaccio

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    KISS keep it simple- check all grounds, check kill ground- disconnect kill system, verify spark wire, verify spark cap, verify plug, verify stator. check ground plane engine to chassis as well. etc etc
  14. Fully Prepped . Tons of new parts, Owner is Baja Ace Justin Morgan, I'm just being the messenger. It should be on Offer Up (search) by now. $6500 If you call, tell him I sent ya. (Robert N) PM if needed/interested. https://offerup.co/EHwtZN5Zvtb

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