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  1. robertaccio

    KDX 200 Up Date 7-2-20

    wow brilliant
  2. robertaccio

    KDX 200 Up Date 7-2-20

    Definitely one of the all time best trail/enduro bikes ever made. FRP has the catalog of top tier KDX200 stuff to get er very dialed in. (Fredette Racing Products)
  3. robertaccio

    Athena GET ecu less than $200?

    Also professional level products and used by top tier teams as well https://www.vortexcdi.com/model_product.php?product=32&model=171&mp_id=4315
  4. robertaccio

    Athena GET ecu less than $200?

    IDK why so inexpensive. But what I do know is that many of the MXGP Teams and World Enduro Teams use (Athena) GET electronics for FI, launch control, and info downloading. Their product line is top tier in the professional ranks. Verify on their website the model, perhaps an older discontinued model. http://www.getdata.it/prodotti.php?idprodotto=408&idcategoria=35&lang=eng&idfamiglia=1
  5. robertaccio

    How would you handle this?

    As I get older the story teller comes out......
  6. robertaccio

    McCain Valley 06/29/20

    duuusty tiiime again
  7. robertaccio

    How would you handle this?

    I would executed escape and evasion tactics as required by the situation. Always the best option. you can always go hunting later..... I've been in those hemmed in positions and have won 2 vs 5 battles, but have run like the wind from 10 vs 15 after assessing the what the others were packing in gear and muscle power. One thing for sure is if jumped outnumbered try to focus on their leader or just 1 guy and use the beating the others are giving you to anger redouble your assault on their leader if not whomever you have a hold of. Also organic weapons should always be on anyone's defensive mind, my fave was always the cars driving by on the road easy as a push away. PS defensive use only. In one case, by some stupid coincidence on the sidewalk near a Police station, as I was getting pummeled by his crew, the guy I focused on was turning blue from lack of oxygen and crying out/gurgling, as I was telling his guys I was taking him with me. They relented, but that time they didn't have knives or guns either........ Oh and we (my cousin) went hunting months later and paid back their crew leader with a trip on the outside of the car at 40 mph. The entire story is movie material. I am just a mellow old Family, Moto and Fishing dude now, good thing I went in the USMC back then. Glad absolutely nothing happened other than a bad taste. Let's all get back to happily riding our motos.
  8. robertaccio

    5 Miles of Hell in Utah - Electric KTM

    Its all about skill level. You can watch Russ Bobbitt (500EXCF) and Cole Kirkpatrick (300XC-W) ride the trail. Bobbitt 5X nat enduro champ leads on the 5 hundo and has never been on the trail before, Cole said he rode it once in 2016......43 minutes and done. With a time challenge that has been beaten already by a guy who has ridden the trail numerous times.
  9. robertaccio

    Ktm 990 Nav upgrade

  10. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    I would label the 610 as a small bike. doesn't fit in with big bike category like your 950s. 1st modern 4 stroke to win mxgp and world enduro championships throughout the 90s
  11. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    Well I may be back on a classic my classic Italian Husqvarna TE610 may be coming back to me by the fall season. Looking forward to some DS rides. She will need some refresh prior to hitting the DS trails/roads etc
  12. Story is that my Husqvarna Made in Austria TX300 2 stroke is under the knife for a complete engine rebuild @ 175 hours under a slow process so it will be basically brand new. In this time to not take anytime out of the saddle I first did some trail rides with my newly purchased very stock 1989 XR250R and promptly blew out the RH fork after a couple of rides. Then to keep the in saddle trend alive I dug into the back garage of the current owner of my ex race bike the Husqvarna Made in Italy TXC450 National City Motorcycle's Rob Brown. This Italian beauty had been sitting around for while so we undertook a refresh, fork service and full carbby service/rebuild. It was set up by ZipTy Racing for racing so I wanted to create a more sedate and plush trail riding set up. So in the viddys I am riding at a kindler gentler trail pace and working the suspension over technical terrain. The nice thing about the model year suspension is the adjustability is great, Marzocchi 50mm cartridge forks have @ 25 clicks available for both Comp and Reb. The Sachs shock has @ 20 clicks available for REB as well as HS Comp and LS Comp. I am currently almost all open on HS Comp for LS Comp @ 3/4 of total clicks open and same with REB about 3/4 clicks to dampen the heavy spring. The forks are very close to full open Comp with @ 3/4 clicks of REB . The bike is working great now and I hit everything I hit on my TX300 with no drama other than the weight of the 450 4T package. PS this bike is basically a 2019-2010 SWM500R or better stated the Grandfather of the current SWM Dual Sport models