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  1. Epic KTM off road racer, gentleman racer and all around good guy of the off road racing sport. The late Fabrizio Meoni has his full sized tribute statue unveiled in Italia. This once again proves that there is still full passion and love for motorsport in Italy.
  2. robertaccio

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Isn't this the bike that Yamaha Introduced at the 2008 EICMA show, that never was imported here??? I remember an all new Tenere' model at the Yamaha pad that was beautiful, somewhere I have a foto of it.
  3. robertaccio

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    When I was up at SWM USA HQ, Pete had at about 3 dismantled SWM500Rs each on its own pallet. All were slated for destruction/crush per CA regulation. They were used for 50 state DS certification then to be destroyed by our silly regulations/laws. The angle was being sought that these machines could be reassembled for closed course use only (no DS), which would be for advertisement showcase purposes to use for the endurance type events like the Glen Helen 8 and 24 hour events. I don't know if this went through or not. So the crush comment is legit as I'm sure Yamaha is getting the machine certified for US use.
  4. robertaccio

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    ZipTy Racing makes these replacements , which are close to flush mount and with the inside square drive they don't get hit by trail stuff.. They use a 3/8 drive square drive, just plug in your 3/8 ratchet or extension and screw them in or out. Been using them for a number of years under hard use with no issues. (Yes my wheel is off) PS those plastic caps are also ZipTy Racing items, Ty makes Yamaha style seal covers/spacers for KTM/Husky too. And yes my bike is a ZipTy Racing equipped representing the shop machine with all the bullet proof "You Can't Fake Fast" bling. And I always use anti-seize paste on threads that require periodic removals.
  5. robertaccio

    Husky 901 Concept Adventure Bike

    Eicma is loaded with not only new cool oem stuff but all sorts of small cottage company cool stuff too
  6. robertaccio

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    PS the axle cap screw positions your axle in the fork foot. the LHS is the key side. the RHS is the float side on the shoulder of the axle, the LHS should have the axle cap snug which sets the position of the axle then the left clap screws snug. then bounce suspension to unload and align the RHS with the forks then snug RHS and finally tighten all lower clamp screws to spec. PPS before all of this the upper fork clamps should all be relieved/leveled and torqued to spec then procede to the above.
  7. robertaccio

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    cut a slot with a Dremel tool use a big slotted screw driver. ( or use Dremel to carve the flats smaller to smaller size ) use a hex shaft with a wrench on for leverage also use some heat... but truth is cold may be better...alloy into steel. or drill it and ezout it work up size as required.
  8. soon. always a great event to follow. Our Trophy team is strong on the world stage once again.
  9. sold out in a few hours @ 300 entries at $175 amazing, so many clubs wish they could generate that much interest. It's a classic event on the post season calendar.
  10. anything VCMC is a good thing. from races to trail rides, that club has brilliant folks.
  11. robertaccio

    Big bike off road training.

    Zubb heard and saw it from his instructor. The foundation word here is -----TRIALS is the answer to all moto-sport. Even Stefan Everts Mr. 10 MXGP champ and now his son are past and current proponents of trials training. On a trials bike best, but easily done on a standard enduro/off-road bike too.
  12. www.losancianos.com and on FB at Los Ancianos MC Sign up is this OCT23 at 1800. If you are up for the challenge and commitment of a short you need to sign immediately because this thing sells out within hours @ 250 entries.....
  13. robertaccio

    Ever seen a street legal DS ridden by a pro?

    PS all those ISDE bikes and world enduro spec bikes are street legal by FIM regulation.