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  1. 3 old guys ride, local zone "Fiesta Island Loop" Chesty Cam Go Pro, LR 2019 Sherco 300SEF, Me 2017 TX300 Husqvarna, Dave J KTM 300XC TPI.
  2. 737- following Max on his 2020 Beta300RR Race Edition, me on my Husqvarna TX300. It was a 2 stroke day. 27DEC2019 Fiesta Island Loop
  3. robertaccio

    Parking Ticket on Pine Valley Rd.

    We had out of state vehicles with us.....none of them were ticketed, I find that humorous, we only need to fleece our local residents. PS that's classic I don't think there are ADV pass signs there.
  4. robertaccio

    Parking Ticket on Pine Valley Rd.

    legally its an easy beat in court, legal does not mean logical. legally I can say I parked along pine valley to carpool to el Centro/walk to pine valley/ to visit my coworker that lives in PV/ watch the cars go by on the freeway. The only evidence for the ticket citation the agent witnessed is my truck legally parked on the side of the county/state road, outside the fenced area of the cul de sac. they never saw me, or where I went or what I was doing. PS I've purchased at least 5 ADV passes over the years and used them probably 10 times at most, they have collected enough from me. I will shut up now.
  5. Tickets were written on a bunch of vehicles legally parallel parked on Pine Valley Rd. There are zero no parking signs and this is a county road fenced outside of the park trail head boundary. What do you guys have to offer. I am going to go to court for this one. I feel I can parallel park legally on county roads in a safe position without playing F-F games with public servants. Also without research I believe that area is within the boundary of the 8 freeway path/easement through the county, because of the fence line that follows the freeway typically on both the North and South. Anyway no matter what is said I will fight this. Its a $130 fine. I call BS. Violation 36CFR261.17
  6. Ken, Most likely it will be a TX300i, but I may do the TE300i so I have the lights already included, suspension work will be done anyway ( I'm not a fan of the TE suspension). I like all the tech on the Husky brand i.e. Linkage suspension, Composite subframe (flex), then of course the the brand itself, Motos since 1903, mega championships (in name as Husqvarna), traditional brand, crazy Swede name! As for add on, 1st thing to check ECU, research, most likely Coober Austria for simplicity of plug and play, for a well engineered optimizing stock system brain box, I don't want to play with adjusting maps like all the internet cowboys.
  7. Poway MX rider/racer Alessio Sasso (son of friend/crew member Massimo) has joined the KTM Diga Junior Team to contest the 2020 FIM EMX250 series in Europe, which is basically the EU Nat MX junior MXGP series.
  8. Wow another TPI bike in the mix (haha the mix). I'm becoming more of a dinosaur weekly now, I think you are about the 6th guy I know that has the injected 2 stroke configuration.
  9. End of 2019 ride, 3 man trail crew, rider 1 on a 2019 Sherco 300SEF, rider 2 on 2019 KTM 300XCF-W (TPI), rider 3 me on my 2017 Husky TX300....."Fiesta Island Loop"...... Go-Pro 749 Well, is there a new way to post these?? I cannot get it to post the youtube link? It's for entertainment purposes only.
  10. robertaccio

    Fun idea for a competitive ride between friends

    How about signing up for a National Hare and Hound, local HS, Enduro and see who among you wins. Create a cash pot for incentive. Sorry Ken I probably missed your point!
  11. Devon!!!!! , great job, even the wiley pros mentioned the severity of the L3 test. Did you finish within your hour? I saw a few of my cronies finished but got the hour out. And that sucks because of all the work to finish the course is thrown out , meanwhile my end post time (HR OUT) seems the same and I was back at camp getting warm and eating!!
  12. robertaccio

    Dual sporting on Goldwings

    I witnessed that bike in the tower parking/pit area and on the way back to Sta V on the very slick muddy road out.
  13. My flow was never "on" and after getting stuck on L1 and mentally and physically drained I soldiered on through L2 and counted the miles until L2 ended. I pulled off my helmet after L2 and elected not to continue on into L3. My first DNF since 1997 and kind of the same situation, in 97 made it into lunch stop still on time and called it a day. I think with a little more time on my new S101 set up and a little less mud bogs....and I would have continued and at least finished. On my monitor (MyZone) I was running in the 140+ heart rate for about half or more of the 2 loops with a couple of red zone 150+ from the mud bogs with calorie count close to 5000 over 5 plus hours. I always make assessments, and now believe with my scrip med requirement it had me dehydrated from the drop on the card and that deficit really decreased my usual game. Going into a real tough enduro like Tecate with any deficit is doom for failure. My hands were seriously pruned even after L1 (sign of dehydration) or maybe just a sign of being water logged?
  14. 0701 First Pros Key Times are as follows For ride off viewing L1 0701 minute 1 Pros #11-14 L2 0840 minute 1 Pros L3 1049 minute 1 pros The last riders key times are 0833, 1012, 1222 #931-934 yes 1.5 hours after the first fast guys go so there will be us leaving and returning all in between and after those times L1 starts at Sta V ends at the Tower/Track down the road west of Sta V, L2 starts and finishes at the Tower, L3 starts at Tower ends at Sta V. PS PTKtoomer is #694, I am #684 Robertaccio PPS happy to hear you guys will come down for fun to spectate and to add to assistance for the Los Ancianos MC, it is a real National/International classic local event.
  15. Tommy T the long standing Prez of Los Ancianos MC an American Classic. Friends with many captains of the Moto Industry from SoCal to Italia.