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  1. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    The Rotax four-stroke engine Type 504 und 560, 604 and 348 variants bring success for KTM in the European off-road championships. The innovative Horst Leitner is particularly active in the USA with his ATK brand; Brian Myerscough wins the title on an ATK in 1985. The Type 604 used above all by Ron Wood in flat track races. Engine Rotax 562 cc (34.3 cu in) air cooled four-valve four-stroke single Bore / stroke 94mmx81mm Compression ratio 9.4:1 they are also over square engines, again I never payed attention to the numbers, I also assumed the Rotax belt driven SOHC 4 strokes were "stroker motors"
  2. robertaccio

    Free Android Apps for smart phone mileage tracking

    I just checked in with friend Kelly at Trail tech I want minimalistic will most likely go with Endurance 2 most simple for my battery-less 1999 TE610. I don't want RPM/Speed or anything more than odometer. Thanks Also FYI for ideas. I just ordered some PTFE tubing to slit and put over my brake line to snake the pickup wires through. Besides my brake line over tube is cracked and getting hung up in the guides. So the PTFE conduit will cure 2 issues as a wire conduit and new guide tube.
  3. Anyone know a good free app store gps mileage tracker for my smart phone? With a start stop feature. I need to do some fuel mileage testing to get a feel for my "new" DS bike. I googled it and found 100 different answers.
  4. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    577cc of Italian old school 4 stroke single power. Just gotta get my tank mileage figured out, maybe will add an odometer or carry a gps to calculate . I had always thought of these Swede Husky DNA machines (Italian as my 99) as long stroke engines...WRONG... The 577cc "610/570") is 98x76.4, which is very close to the 2021 KTM 510cc ("500") 95x72 BxS ratio of the over square (short stroke) BxS configuration. Just a note on engine config.
  5. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Yea I gotta a plate!!! And yes that is a 21 500 Kato. Mine has more mufflers than all the others!!
  6. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    The 1999 TE610 is fully operational and confidence in the bike is rocketing skyward.
  7. robertaccio

    May be a dumb question

    I like this post, it's likeable.
  8. I will not yet pound sand washes over the OEM suspension... it is very very soft, like set up for a very casual trail riderat 15%, 85% buzzing around your small town in EU. All else is pretty good now, I may lower my final drive, to make 2nd and 3rd more user friendly.
  9. Ducati Energia Elettroniche. le sospensioni e pui morbide da morire...bigtime bottom outs, zero static sag still long on race sag... next phase pull her back apart and re-spring.. She's a hearty Italian of Swedish descent. and yes you are correct about the sand wash part of my test was blasting down that short sand wash north of the big tree, she does actually pull 6th gear.......but I backed off quickly after clicking 6th. These 610/577/630 beasts really get with the program. And yes there are lots of Cagiva Elefant emblems around the machine in castings and makers marks. Engine is running great, maybe a little more low end carbby tuning with the mix screw but mid to open is spot on and strong and smooth. I really want the suspension to be on, at the least on in the spring rates, Dont want to go crazy with it should be fine with the soft enduro spec valving just want the ride position correct with springs.
  10. Husqvarna Italia? 4 stroke? Old school bike?........I think you meant DS
  11. I rode the 610 to work today (it's only a mile or so away)
  12. a little tuning and a shakedown confidence ride. today at @1200 if anyone is interested . Should not be able to miss a 1999 Husqvarna TE610 by the big tree zone.
  13. very partly cloudy, 100% wet ground. Today was nutz at our local playground. hammered down for a few hours Alex YAM YZ125 (my ex YZ125) me on the HSQ TX300 we flat ripped. took time to adjust to the conditions. I also made big rear suspension change and it worked! more to follow chinny chin chin cam
  14. robertaccio

    McCain Thursday?

    trying to get in a PM ride today!!! Monday still at home on standby for ride partner