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  1. robertaccio

    McCain this Saturday?

    Conosco tutti, Atilio (Honda), Beta Max di Abbano Terme, Massimo Marmo , Francesco Grande, Dario etc etc. Si noi conosciamo tutti. If you see them I am Robertaccio Nantista send regards. No ride this weekend , mal di schiena. see you soon.
  2. robertaccio

    McCain this Saturday?

    Padua , Do I know you? signed Robertaccio
  3. There are 3 more I will post by request. They are long and unedited, I never edit, just not into it. ( my favorite is video 2) BTW the L1 viddy is sight unseen follow the ribbon out lap. Enjoy the view I only use chesty cam and yes its bouncy
  4. I love events, they always push me, but I always ride the course as glorified trail ride. Events help me in moto bullet proofing prep as well as being physically prepped. This mentality goes for all my racing adventures. It's a fun game to play and participate in. I'm posting up some fotos and viddy for SDAR viewing pleasure. M9 At the finish. Note: my first prize with a P1 as a 60 yo. Competition was minimal I signed as a 50 class entrant. My results can only go downhill from here!!!
  5. robertaccio

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Again I restate having adjustable base valves is a added adjustment benefit. they are nice to have
  6. My favorite of the 4 on the reel. Video 2 of riding/racing motos in BC Mexico in the ZR promo DP Racing Santa Veronica GP next to Hacienda Santa Veronica. Fun day as my first official race as a 60 year old. Competition was minimal, as we get older there are less and less in class. We won the 50+ Open class. 2021 Husqvarna TE300i. GP Motorcycles, National City Motorcycles, Ryno Power and my Good Team with the Bad Name FahQ Racing International.
  7. the question is do you cut a single track on the left or right or on both sides.......... c'mon man...just kidding
  8. robertaccio

    2000 Ducati Monster750

    good one for a good price!
  9. robertaccio

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    it's all about skill level.
  10. robertaccio

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    that kernan was, way back just a tight single track trail . I kinda remember when they bobcatted it
  11. robertaccio

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Just redid the carbby with some DellOrto stuff from an Italian connection. She still needs some love before I'm fully back in the DS game with the SDAR crew.
  12. robertaccio

    The Impossible dream WTB Kawasaki KDX200/220

    he found one!! and it's a good one, little stuff going on as we speak.
  13. robertaccio

    Corral on Friday 30JUL2021

    West Section of the SDAR Ranger Trail. Following the KTM500EXC-F (I think that's the correct model name) GOPR1013.MP4
  14. Four riders met at the Kernan crossroad , KTM500EXC-F (DS) Charles, Reid KTM 300XC-W, O TM 300EN, R Husky TE300i. We carried a casual pace but solid up Kernan to 4 corners over to Bobcat Meadows around the east of bronco to ranger all the way to the loop road then up the road into a right into the jeep trail system for some rocky stuff then down 3A to the lower campsite then back towards 4 corners up into sodbuster and up the jeep trails to four corners and down Kernan to our trucks. Full overcast with thunderheads and some rain near PV, but zero rain on the corral side, dry as bone. Temp due to overcast was very easy to deal with but humidity was high (for us). truth is zero weather issues. Some tough stuff in good doses, funny how the brain works. Last week I motored up some stuff without thinking (not knowing where the heck I was and on full instinct auto pilot mode) . This week a couple of sections psyched me out some, plus if we stop due to a hang up it ruins my flow and persistence. All good though because I've been taking sections like a trials as well. Our group was solid B-A level and we had mostly relaxed but good pace going with a barnburner on the way back into the truck stop. Viddies are on my FB page. So all that said, Temps are not bad just be prepped and hydrated dress light and bring your 2 stroke......just kidding Charles was a stud on his 500 (DS legal) and pushed me more than a few times. enjoy the ride SDAR!!