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  1. I got this problem.....I'm not a wheelie guy.....I have never trusted myself with some minimal exceptions,
  2. robertaccio

    The Cafe is closed...Cafe Husky

    I am in the the husky adv!! ok!! sucks that cafe husky is dead..oh well.
  3. Never an issue for me. except the height of the kicker at times.
  4. If you ever go "small" I would suggest the DS models from (KTM brands) or the Beta models. 450-600 , for do all "mini" adv bikes , DS built on racing platforms and tech. As a fan I like the FE501 to get that 1980s-90s Husky look in a modern bike. (FI, E Start low maintenance..). Both the Husky and Beta brands have early 1900s pedigree 1903 Huskvarna and 1905 Beta. My TE610 is truly an enthusiast machine now and takes a certain understanding of their mechanical function. No estart, manual compression release, fuel enrich (choke) etc.
  5. Zubb, That's just me being details, knowledge historical race fan me. but I had to be a little lax due to the bike age and what I wanted as the final result. My initial goal was to make a copy of the Anders Ericksson CH Racing World Championship Enduro Machine. But I found I liked the WHT fender look better (earlier 95 race bikes -Kari Tiainen). The best thing I found that's on the bike is the period original Tecnosel racing seat (in 98 model Flo YEL trim). In boxes I have a full TC610 (Jacky Martens) single "muffler" Race pipe that would peel the paint off houses and cars......I also have many YEL and older style WHT body parts. That Anders bike look is only YEL fenders away. For some reason I have always been very at one with these series of Swede/Italian Thumpers, I've always felt at home on them and most importantly understand to start and operate them. The graphics are 1998 OEM TC610 (MX model) I got from Poland. So there are some historical inaccuracies due to availability and and the cool look factor I wanted. Thanks for looking, BTW I recently saw a 610 for sale locally here in SD, that did not look in bad shape. The quick back story is that circa 2010 I wanted a DS machine on the cheap and bought this from the original owner (it was GP Motos purchased) he had her stored for years and had a bunch of street mods, like a kit set up. I had her for a while but she sat alot. One of my friends asked and I sold it to him knowing it went to a good home. He did all kinds of street mods in the form of graphics paint and lights. I built him an offroad platform YZ250 for him and in labor trade he gave the bike back. I stripped it and built it back up as a full on FIM type racing enduro (minimalized) as you see it now.
  6. Decided to go to the Pala National MX and to beat the traffic , ride the TE610. Parked at the Welk resort and rode Old Castle Rd then up Lilac road up through the reservation to the Pala MX track and back at the end of the day. Nice country back in there and Lilac is a dirt road as you enter the rez. Fun and I was super shakey/scared on the road.....just not used to it anymore.
  7. robertaccio

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    FYI food for thought, I balance all my wheels. off or on road. rotating mass is rotating mass even when bouncing around in the dirt. Less mechanical and physical stress. less chassis vibe, smoother everywhere. those rim locks are heavy a few ounces opposite is never a bad idea. Enjoy the ride!!
  8. robertaccio

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    what pokey said, chassis balance first, proper sag. wheel balance, steering bearing (no clicks or detents), chain stretch (tight spots). good work on working the beast to make it better.
  9. AMA 2 Day ISDE Qualifier Spangler Hills OHV 20-21 MAR 2021. Photos by Grumpy and super clear one from Mark Kariya (Kato)
  10. Also note if not done by another local S101 is great at setting these up for all offroad riding. But for sure you hit up the proper suppliers/resources so far
  11. Any questions I would have would be directed to Am-Pro Yamaha. You can find them on FB and the internet. It's Randy Hawkins' basically factory Yamaha offroad USA team. I always check into the race teams, they may even have non current model parts to sell off. To each their own and I love projects.....however that is one bike I would not take on for an offroad machine. The 250F and YZ250 are better bases for 95% of us. The YZ250FX alone or to @300 build is a brilliant machine and the YZ250X is one of the best foundations for any offroad machine category from enduro to hard enduro to trail riding. But like I said we all have our projects.
  12. robertaccio

    What is your Favorite Fuel Stabilizer?

    what Dirt Dame said StaBil, has been the go to stuff forever.
  13. robertaccio

    OTAY Night Run....

    hooligans!!! Scooter Trash!!!!
  14. his ergo set up is nutty on all his bikes, to each their own for comfort ergos. He had the stock set up suspension dialed in from I think Stillwell in Az. The other X-Trainer I have ridden was a little silly it had full 300 RR suspension added onto it. To me the owner should just have had bought a 300RR at that point, but it still had that trials sort of power delivery
  15. Tim D is the guru of good set up tips (and suspension resources) for the X-Trainer.