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  1. for your lockdown entertainment and mine too. the white glove day with Larry. 29DEC2019, FYI about these videos with the snow, the blue glove day viddies were the day before with more snow and the other crew of mine. Larry Roeseler Sherco 300SEF, me TX300 Husqvarna,
  2. robertaccio

    If I had the $ .........

    It a little ironic that the pro classes have been brought to the 450 "production" bike rule and that now its unique for 790 adv bike to be racing.....My mind is still on the 800 Yamaha twins the BMWs, Gileras along with 900 Italian twins from Cagiva(Ducati) and other of monster rally machines. PS I am happy for the 450 rule in rally.
  3. Max 2020 Beta300RR Race Edition, me 2017 TX300 Husky, fiesta island loop, Sno-Cal day
  4. robertaccio


    https://www.alpinestars.com/tech-air One of my Italian friends worked at AS during the beginning of this program among others they were working on. Alpine Stars, I believe are one of the pioneers of this technology, they have been at for a number of years. MotoGP guys have had this for quite some time in their kit.
  5. yes chesty cam. somewhat as far trail knowledge. we ride enduros which you never prerun anyway, just need to be savvy within limits. Always have an out. besides that LR, ISDE Gold medals along with multi time Baja winner and all venues in between , I just had to follow him........
  6. BTW that's Christy from Applied Racing on her late model alloy frame YZ125 that I'm following around.
  7. late DEC2019, LR trail cruising... Dave and I at or near the top of our envelopes..... LR Sherco 300SEF, Dave KTM300XCi, Rob Husky TX300
  8. posting for entertainment purposes while we sit this thing out..... I hope y'all enjoy
  9. another great season blown for the most part. Im house bound, last year due to injury this year due to china virus........
  10. In the old days.....80-90s the euro factories all had centerstand (dual arm) kits for standard Enduro models, you can see them on the Euro team ISDE machines of the time. I have seen both OEM and aftermarket kits for current model adv bikes like 790s 1090s 990s and maybe more all for under 200 bucks, FYI. Seems like the want of a centerstand for a standard sized enduro bike has waned, especially since mousses have been in the equation. photo is of Paul Edmondson's KTM125 89/90 ISDE winning 125 class machine (same machine for 89 and 90 ISDEs) . It has the KTM factory enduro centerstand common at the time.My bit of nostalgia.