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  1. The spectacle begins on Fri 1 DEC then the race day begins at 0701 on 2DEC , the start finish is at Hacienda Santa Veronica with satellite L1 and L2 finishes our in the country somewhere (always with good vehicle access.) Anyway Im still prepping as usual last days before the event. My number is 602 60th minute (0800) rider number 2 2021 Husqvarna TE300i
  2. robertaccio

    Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

    I prefer Gore-Tex-Mex myself , it's more spicy
  3. you can watch the video...he had his cam running. crash looks very benign on camera..... but for sure it wasn't
  4. Well, there is at least one new spot opening from the sold out event.......the stage is yours Padu.
  5. Another tough one, chose some of the less hard routes and a group of us cut off the most southern 5 mile loop and joined the trail back in for nice 4 mile single track ride into the parking zone. Great event if you want a ass kickin' trail ride without all the race pressure. Padu can tell his story.......
  6. DD can you give a location ? I'm curious to look at sat images at those lakes/ponds on google earth
  7. looks like fossil country. shale layers.
  8. Casa Di Leone, is our Nantista family residence in Tuscany near the coast by Follonica but inland @ 35 minutes in the community of Montieri in the Tuscan coastal province of Grosseto . It's near to Massa Marittima which is the "big" town of the inland area (closest major healthcare facility). I would like to let my SDAR folks know we will (when we are not there) have the property as rental for travelers. For now the living space is a single floor with 3 BDRMs (1 master, 2 BDRMs with 2 and 3 single beds), large Kitchen and 1 large bathroom. In the future we will have much more living space both upstairs and on the ground floor. For info you can search for activities nearby in the coastal province of Grosseto, Tuscany. Our rates for this site will be our friends' rate as SDAR member rates. The property is on the northern side of the mountain from the town of Montieri. In the area there is fishing, hunting, Moto (enduro MX DS and road), hiking, sightseeing, within 45 minutes- beaches, Tuscan hills and mountains, wineries. The property is quite large and extends across the road. we are working on clearing the stream bed property lines to allow hiking the property lines. We have local connections sighting to cut in MTB trail connectors into the huge local Tuscan MTB trail system. The MTB system can take over the mountain to Montieri and as far as Massa Marittima, Lago Del Accesa and even to the coast . We are currently connected with both local MTB hotels near Massa Marittima , Hotel Massa Vecchia and Sleep and Ride. All the famous cities of Tuscany are with 2 hours (of beautiful Tuscan roads driving) Great for Moto travelers Pisa, Firenze, San Gimignano, etc etc are all within easy reach for day trips Your SDAR friend Robert Nantista PS we will be updating the PP slide show to show more location photos inside the property. This was just a preview taste slde show I made up 64 SP 11 Pavone.pptx
  9. In once again since 1994!! great show even to come down and spectate at sections.
  10. I'd rather be instructed/trained by a German than an Italian.........hahahahaaa
  11. Note also as Euro centric guy I like the fact that Daniel (GER) holds both an FIM Pro license (2 wheels) as well as an FIA license (4 wheels).
  12. I will be training with them next week on my enduro bike (TE300i Husqvarna). They have been my go to training instructors for over a year now. Every top tier athlete has at least one coach/trainer, from Tennis to ball sports to motorsports and all else.
  13. From the LAMC Face Book Page So have you been riding this season? Well, if not you better get on that horse and start training. The Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro is right around the corner and it ain't gonna be easy. Mark your calendars for signups on October 25th @ 6pm! Signups will be linked from HERE! I will try to link from our website as well but since you guys sell us out so fast the website has trouble handling the traffic. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the race at Hacienda Santa Veronica on December 2nd at 7:01am!

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