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  1. go vintage....there is the 303 Fantic in lakeside for sale that was a world champ bike in the 80s with Michaud it was listed for 800 and said it even runs. truth is I want it but now is not my time I still have a KX125 in work
  2. At the ammie level novice trials rider our nov lines were fine , they did overlap with the other sections as well. The thing that opened my eyes was the tightness of the sections. I would have little trouble on my enduro bike on many of the expert lines, as long as the trail continued on relatively straight. The biggest challenge for me is riding over a log and immediately turning a 180 back around the log inside the section ribbon. All while never touching the ground (dabbing).
  3. I posted all the stuff up on FB. It was a great weekend with a bunch of top tier US trials guys current and from the past. My 92 Beta was right at home and by day 2s fun trial our small group had shown great improvement.
  4. robertaccio

    Tire suggestions

    This is a lot like an oil thread only more civilized.
  5. robertaccio

    Just one bolt

    yes on bikes now imagine it on aircraft....it's kicked our butts a few times in the past. don't trust your test meter....remove and burnish/clean reinstall. especially with all these new fangled digital systems.
  6. robertaccio

    Hello whats new?

    Brad !!! good on ya for checking in, best regards to Brianna and the family. Hope all is well! Rob
  7. robertaccio

    Real ID - Process

    yes embedded in your forearm, later provisions it will inserted into the middle of the brain.
  8. robertaccio

    Real ID - Process

    I doubt I need it with my global fed pass? that's why I did the Sentri/global entry front of the line deal, no?
  9. robertaccio

    Real ID - Process

    checking in what the heck is this ID,,,,,I have a passport book, a passport card, a CA DL, and Sentri card now what do "they" want? I have other unmentioned US Fed Gov IDs as well.
  10. robertaccio

    Tire question-Not what you think!!

    BTW what oil is everyone using?...……………..
  11. robertaccio

    Tire question-Not what you think!!

    Goldentyre is still the smaller cottage company that constantly changes and updates their product line with new compounds and some pattern changes and additions too. Shinko is a larger mass production company, so that corporate machine takes more time to enact changes and updates, more volume sales driven. Also in IMHO- yes the GT216 series of FIM pattern (my only experience is with FIM homologated tires) "tyres" are of higher individual quality and performance and we do pay the price for that. PS I still have a Shinko soft gummy compound 216SX rear (FIM pattern) on my TX300. The front is a late model GT216AA Fatty. Both ride on Michelin mousses (which need some work, they are beat down). Side note 1- as I have stated I like higher pressure feel with the fatty front, otherwise its too slow wallowy reacting to input and external forces. A fresh mousse or stuffed older ones, for a feel from @ 12-15psi (that's a squeeze wag test). The rear can be almost trials like and the FIM 216 type have flexxy sidewalls/balloon type shapes, with big contact patch and side grip width. Note 2- Just need to adjust bike setup for a lower rear ride height. hard front high sidewall fatty, soft rear squished balloon side wall = chopper condition, not good for single track, ok for faster stuff.
  12. That one is always a good one glad you made it Ken!!! BTW fishing from San Quintin is supposed to be hot spot on!
  13. unless you've got AER 48 forks...…..
  14. FYI, San Diego County ME case number 2019-01734, found under ME press releases.
  15. robertaccio

    The Cafe is closed...Cafe Husky

    Oh man I felt really self important on that site ...now Im just part of the peanut gallery.....