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  1. nice post...hey that's not a 97XR400...…
  2. robertaccio

    2019 Dual Sport Shootout - Dirt Bike Magazine

    Ron is the stalwart Dirtbike journalist and well qualified to speak. There is so much that can be done mostly legal to these machines (in the weight dept) to shave. Along with the usual suspension personal stuff. But for me as usual for US reports they are very vanilla and unscientific, ABD for example of an English mag is much more detailed even in video shootouts, and if you can read Italian and French their write up are way more detailed Motocross.it, motociclismo fuoristrada, moto verte for example. I love my Euro bikes but I really love the Japanese refinement of the type. Hand me that Honda and a cash wad and I bet I can drop @ 20-25 lbs off that thing within a week, pipe-battery-all the oem street gear-extra hoses/and that stuff maybe even the oem controls package.
  3. robertaccio

    Spot SOS doesn’t work?

    the inter tube....so this guy had a problem...yes I get it, a potentially life threatening and epirb dependent. he blows it up on the intertube and the sky is falling with all the keyboard fanatics..talking crap about that brand and hoe they this brand its better etc etc etc ..Instead of calling the company in a one on one discussion of the issue to see how they handle it. As common with so many individual failures seen on the intertube from tires to fuel injection 1 or 2 people have a fail one in Canada one in socal and now every FI ECU must be bad......that's the internet. Logic somehow gets thrown to the side. ( Im not denying a fail) But because you are the 1 in a thousand fail victim....there is no trend data to determine a blanket product failure mode... That is my 2 cents... I hope this issue gets solved, but there are always so many questions..ex. how old is the unit, how old is battery, how many hit cycles or on it (shake and bake), whats the projected life cycle of the unit, has this unit been crashed onto multiple times, so many questions. Also does the unit have a systems test periodic cycle, like any epirb type device. Is it owner responsibility to keep up with tests I can go on and on. And no I don't own one. Its mostly my comments in the general sense concerning specific items that numerically do fail by certain percentages on their own and how the fail victim deals with it. I found in most intertube instances the fail product has been tampered with by internet professional crew chiefs/mechanics that should never touch anything mechanical in the first place
  4. yep!! 1090 full on speed and hits. maybe a 790 for me down the road.
  5. andy and fred/ motofred? tommy?
  6. robertaccio

    Kawasaki KDX

    We ran into our friend Tim C who was out in the east county trail system on his KDX200 (or maybe 220) on Saturday he's been riding that thing for as long as can remember and he does just fine on that thing.
  7. Ken and crew great seeing you guys, glad you stopped by.
  8. robertaccio

    SDAR Voluntary PAID Membership Fee

  9. We had snow in 2011 in the higher altitudes before dropping into the desert. On the 1999 TE610 Anders Eriksson replica Husqvarna.
  10. robertaccio

    Corral Canyon 3/9

    nice stay safe out there
  11. robertaccio

    Kawasaki KDX

    very soft stock but absolutely great trail machine , I cut my teeth on an aircooled 1984 model in the North East woods. without internet checking that looks like a 1991 model
  12. robertaccio

    Dirt Dame Sighting on the return road SUN10MAR

    did you take viddy or pictures of us in the outback? One of the guys said he saw you somewhere out on the trail?
  13. Rockwell 34-010 115V 10.5A 25-60HZ Miter Saw. Old and untested by me, was gifted to me with the Van I bought a number of years back. It's been sitting and taking up space in the garage needs to be gone Make fair offer and come pick it up near downtown SD (we can test it as well of course)
  14. Eastwood MIG 135 110V 15 AMP retails for @ #$315, plus this one comes with helmet and toolbox with gloves and extras. Its either new or barely used. I know nothing about welding or welders so don't ask. I got it from the original owner he wanted it gone when he moved away. Make reasonable offer and come pick it up close to downtown (Fairmont park) SD 92105
  15. on the old hwy 8 route west.