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  1. PS I know I've been going there for a long time now.....I recognize all your photo stops!
  2. I didn't realize you are on the X-Trainer another great bike for most folks that think they need a 300cc.....regular full sized race bred enduro bike.
  3. DD that is the bike most offroad trail riders should have. Just watched a go pro of a group of novice guys all on late model and new 300 2 strokes.... they are going to get hurt....they were falling and crashing left and right. The Beta 200 is such a great platform. EDIT as well as the Xtrainer 300 model type rather than the race bred 250/300 platforms most folks opt in for without proper schooling.
  4. robertaccio

    On Any Sunday 50 years Carmel Mtn Screening

    I went to the Doffo Winery , Scot Harden/Johnny Campbell's "Handstands at 100 MPH" event , the highlight was the 50th anniversary showing of On Any Sunday. Everyone needs a refresh on this one!!!!
  5. robertaccio

    Electric: Maybe they've finally figured it out

    Alta was right there as far a full size and functional motorcycle went. Glad to see this Swede company jump into this full moto type idea again. I heard they have had at least 2 top tier riders with testing and development. Seb Tortelli for one. Josh Hill for 2
  6. Larga y Dura, summed it up. 3 different loops (tests avg 30mi), progressive in difficulty, total trail miles 91, very dry (good on rocks bad for dust). 50% finisher rate. I entered the 50+ class to get in all 3 tests (60+ does 2). Did not meet my ultimate goal to finish on trophy time (top 10 in our large class) but I did finish regardless, at @ 7 hours of racing time. (16th 50+) . The Husqvarna TE300i is a brilliant tool for that race in particular. Local fast Pro Noah Kepple won this event for his 4th time, he is now among some greats for Ws in Tecate, LR has 5 Ws and Ty Davis also has 4. Another Husky brand win with Noah Kepple OA on his very well prepped TE/TX300i with factory A kit WP suspension. It was a tough one this year with @ 50% finisher rate. Some real hard enduro sections but all rideable for any A level rider.My 2021 TE300i performed great and I finished all 3 loops. Format was a start control sprint enduro with 3 different loops/tests progressive in difficulty. Very dry conditions this year and dust was a factor at times. On the other hand the dry rocks were good for traction. I turned 60 this year but was "cajoled" by our local ISDE Vet fast (60+) guy Grant P into signing with the 50s to get all 3 tests. My goal was an on trophy time inside the top ten , I did not meet that goal and got 16th in class from 48 SSEN/50+ starters. 22 SSEN finished all 3 tests. I had a bone to pick with the race since 2019 when I quit after the second test due to cold, wet and fatigue, my first DNF since 1997. I felt I needed to go out of the SSEN class with a good finish!
  7. sorry to miss due a prior commitment south of the border.
  8. I am already out, need to prep bike for a special ride just south of the border, Baja Enduro Club hard trail ride. 30 miles in 6 hours........ or so they say. You guys have fun Ranger is great right now.
  9. FYI Report Ranger from east to west "downhill" route and back the "uphill" route on Friday, with only one minor quick adjust step up rock hang up on the way "up". The trail condition is very good still. There are sections of over growth that I tried to clear with my arms.....but mostly it's a good single track. Trail is fairly easy to read as far as markers (rock paint) go. I think the powers to be will want to lop some of the brush along the route mostly near the eastern end mid portion and west end are fairly clear throughout. I may make it out for this depending on schedule. I need more suspension play and that is the best of the Tecate Enduro style test trails.
  10. robertaccio

    Trails bike as a training tool

    I happened to out there a number of years back, when they had a real trial event. I know some of the guys so I volunteered to be a minder. I ride up/down a lot of stuff out there, but it is worth standing 10 feet away from the pros as they step up onto crazy level of rock gaps and heights. And these guys are mostly just local SoCal expert/pros. For the entire SDAR site it really is worth going to even if only spectating .
  11. Anyone interested in a Tues lunchtime from the McCain main area ride. stop and go test ride , suspension exam. May stay in one 1 section for multiple goes at obstacles. (could be a little boring, but on the other hand good practice). @ 1200.....hopefully NOTE edited
  12. robertaccio

    Trails bike as a training tool

    If they have enduro bike class I will probably enter. run up to Tecate no other bikes for me
  13. robertaccio

    Trails bike as a training tool

    Check this out, it's been a while since they have been out there as a competition.
  14. robertaccio

    Trails bike as a training tool

    For me the closer reality will be to get a Gas-Gas TXT300 or another Gas Gas model (after I research and understand the other displacements) as my dealer GP is also a G-G dealer. I think it will be a 250 like this one.
  15. robertaccio

    Trails bike as a training tool

    https://www.electricmotion-usa.com/epure-race-2021 amazingly badass. for sure I will be watching the SSDT to see her in action.