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  1. what a waste of good people. All three criminals (will not) but should be "disappeared by force" with cheap .22 rounds to back of their heads. The least expensive method to cleanse the earth of scum. Hope no one is offended........
  2. robertaccio

    Rally Club

    Padu you are so dang motovated!
  3. SDAR friends, I am going to refresh my 1999 TE610 to prepare for local DS rides. I prefer 90% offroad type rides. I believe I will be slowing down a bit from my racing and hardcore riding and will be more in tune with my age (due to some actual physical aging issues). But I still want some challenges but with the required plated machine. The TE610 is a brilliant machine.... but at times even a challenge as a kick only machine!!! Pokey check in as the summer season kicks in I hope to some stuff in the northern county areas. I will for sure be doing some south county stuff as well. This is just my way of stating publicly my intentions!!! Note: I need to get back into my machine for some updates to get my Trail Tech gear back online as well as the carb cleaned out all else is great with the old, world champ enduro machine. Signed- SDAR supporter for life Robertaccio (Robert Nantista- Casa Di Leone, Montieri (GR))
  4. robertaccio

    Huge Thanks to tntmo

    My old friend Davide Trolli on his Cagiva rally machine back in the day.
  5. robertaccio

    Huge Thanks to tntmo

  6. robertaccio

    Huge Thanks to tntmo

  7. robertaccio

    Huge Thanks to tntmo

  8. robertaccio

    Huge Thanks to tntmo

    ahhh so you decided best to retain the Cagiva Elefant and revive her!!!!!! nice!!! Hope you have all the furnishings to get her back to proper condition and looks.
  9. 24FEB2022 6 - YouTube Larry on his Yamaha YZ450X, me on my 1999 TE610 Husqvarna (Italian Tank). just an easy mellow warm up loop from back in FEB2022
  10. I'm in, 60+ class. Last year was a good solid challenging event with a little bit of everything even a small e cross section. Climbs descents open tight rocks and sand...maybe even some wet dirt this year.
  11. robertaccio

    2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 200, make offers (really)

    BTW new seats can be bought on E-Bay from the UK reasonable pricing. Or a reupholster job local. OEM seat is the camel tan/brown bike is dark dark blue
  12. I bought her with the hopes of a resto job, which i usually do well like my other cool projects. The bike was running when garaged, seemed to need some auto clutch work (it was rattling). cosmetics need work (seat for one) I have brand new lock/ignition set along with new levers. She was used as a commuter between Pt Loma and Coronado. These are freeway legal "scooters". 200cc 4 stroke 4 valve (Rotax/Aprilia engine). Large wheel scooter more like a small motorcycle. Photo is of the model that matches, mine is more rough but not too, too bad, even with a good detail job mine will look fairly nice. Make me an offer, really throw me a number. I would like her to go to good home and be restored nicely and ridden. Robert-accio
  13. are you surrounded by cars/trucks 4 wheelers there???
  14. if you said this was deep in baja california i would believe you
  15. that street vulnerability just gives me the heebee geebees

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