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  1. Tarres family genes , Tio Jordi has 7 World Trials Championships
  2. robertaccio

    2014 KTM 350EXC - $5200

    2014 KTM 350 EXC-F Original owner. Runs great. 11,375mi/459hrs.
  3. robertaccio

    Ride to Work Day 6/20/22

    Stock foto of mine 2002 Malaguti Yesterday (Retro style) 50cc Minarelli/Yamaha oil injected , e-start , auto. It's a super hip get around town machine, old school Italian , no China scooters for this guy (Taiwan OK just no CCP brands for me)
  4. robertaccio

    Ride to Work Day 6/20/22

    Another victim of Italian cottage brands. they are over and done early 2000s , heard an Austrian company owns the name.
  5. robertaccio

    Ride to Work Day 6/20/22

    I ride my 50cc Malaguti Yesterday (Bologna Italia) scooter to work every day.!!
  6. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    KTM bought them out and created their now famous single cam RFS line directly based upon the Husaberg design, that 'Berg DNA can still be found in all those RFS KTMs that are still out on the trail to this day. The other side of that evolutionary tree went from the original Swede Husqvarna 4T design to the Cagiva owned Husqvarna Italy all the way through the 350/410/610/630 (570 etc) line of big single cammers. ( my 1999 TE610 is on that branch). Incidently the Husaberg design is brought in from the same engineers that designed the original Husqvarna 4T in the mid 80s. I'm happy to report that both my Husaberg 501 and Husqvarna 610 are later model oil pump equipped machines.
  7. robertaccio

    2011 Husqvarna WR 300

    strong bloodline, the spawn of the original Cagiva (Husqvarna) World Championship machines. The first and only WR/CR 300 I rode, I showed up and raced in a 100s MC National Hare and Hound, it was a ZipTy special machine with full kit Ohlins suspension. It was way better than I imagined it would be. These are great off road machines. Italians build cool stuff.
  8. robertaccio

    NEW RULE - Please NO MEMES or GIF's

    There is a meme or 2.... for responding to all the comments. but you won't find it here. Makes for much better SDAR/Dual Sport/ADV Moto experience! Good rule boss
  9. you must not be married........
  10. robertaccio

    Suspension 101 Gobbler Report

    the gobblers, are very functional. slight adjustments make noticeable changes.
  11. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    As weird as the machine is.....spec sheet doesn't lie, single cam, 4 valve, less than 230lbs, @ 55 Hp. With a few World Championships under it's belt before the so called AMA US centric Japanese 4 stroke craze began.
  12. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    Husaberg engineers copied the Honda factory works RC500 tank set up and worked with Acerbis to create an OEM low boy tank. What you don't see is a outer tank mounted Mikuni vacuum fuel pump that constantly pumps fuel to the higher petcock side of the tank. As long as the bike is running this pump is circulating fuel to the high side whether needed or not. Good observation.
  13. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

  14. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    this is the MXGP vibe I'm going after
  15. robertaccio

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    some motivation for the final look is already complete. It just keeps me focused on the end game. head is in work and engine is on the engine stand. FYI Spec sheet for mid nineties Husaberg FC501 @55bhp at 8000 RPM, under 230 Lbs.

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