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  1. robertaccio

    2023 Honda Trail 125 by cmbthumper

    love the Honda emblem badges.
  2. robertaccio

    2007 Aprilia Scarabeo 200

    I will sell for reasonable amount, but only when she is in good order. I'm too proud, so the product will be good and safe/roadworthy
  3. robertaccio

    2007 Aprilia Scarabeo 200

    It will be a while. my line is 97 KTM300E/XC, 94 Husaberg FC501, Aprilia 200 Scarabeo along with a another clean up of my 99 TE610 ..... the Scarab beetle may get mixed in the middle somewhere as well. The KTM...was done....but I never got her run correctly so she is disassembled again. this should be a quickie...fanous last words.
  4. robertaccio

    Favorite Piston?

    All premium quality items and in some cases OEM suppliers as well.
  5. BTW the afore mentioned Thomas Gustaffson was not only an engineer at Husqvarna Sweden but he was also on the crew team that designed and tested the Husqvarna 510 4T engine from the early 1980s and rode in the ISDE with the factory prototypes in the big bore 4T classes. In 85 Spain ISDE he was even on a liquid cooled TE510 single shock prototype while all others were still on air cooled engines in the new single shock chassis (others like class winner Andrienni (ITA) and our very own Larry Roeseler (USA). Retail did not see the liquid cooled 510 until 87, pro racers mid 86 . Gustaffson is a Swede legend of 4T design and implementation. PS I owned rode and raced locally a US model 1986 510TX air/oil cooled single shock machine. Note until the Italians re-engineered the 510-610 they did not even have oil pumps, to me another brilliant Swede engineering design for lube and oil bath cooling. explanation if anyone want to hear it. My Huasberg although she has an oil pump still retains the RAL system as well..
  6. At the 2008 EICMA I met and had great discussion with the Swede engineers that cut and welded engines to form the 70 deg engines as well as world enduro pilot Joakim Ljunggren of the 70 deg machine. those welded up prototypes were super proto.
  7. Local famous journalista gets in the viddy! Jean gets her moment. And now that my wheels are on the way from UK my Swede! HBG FC501 project will be going into final assembly phase. 1994 FC501 chassis with a 1997 (oil pumper) FC501 6 speed engine. This thing should freaking rip some serious thunder will be heard on the Cahuilla Vet track. BTW the 70 deg engine bikes do ride like magic....they just have silly heavy feel on the stand from all the mass centralization.
  8. robertaccio

    Favorite Piston?

    Pistons (et al) FYI most OEMS source items like pistons and contract with specific specialty manufacturers accordingly. With EU brands it is usually easy,even on the OEM packaging to see and find out which contracted manufacturer the OEM uses or used in regard to powerplant components as well as chassis and controls components. They seem to advert and promote the specialty brands they use, even chassis houses like when Verlicchi was a major player with Ducati and others. Asso Werke (big one, that most have never heard of), Athena and Woessner are examples of 3 of many manufacturers used by various EU OEMs at various times. The Japanese OEMs tend to be quieter about their labeled OEM parts as far as outside contracted mfgrs go. But you do see them open about many items like electronic stuff, FI, wheels, suspension, carbs etc.
  9. robertaccio

    Need Help Picking Up Your Piggy Bike? - Try MotoWinch

    ADV guys gonna need to tow a Snap-On trailer tool case for all the tools "needed".
  10. robertaccio

    2007 Aprilia Scarabeo 200

    APRILIA Scarabeo 200 Specs & Photos - 2008, 2009 - autoevolution
  11. robertaccio

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    FPG ThermaShield , this thing is stupid good. In cold It feels like in 1 second you wrap up in it , instant warmth. On the flip side, For heat reflectivity amazing as well. Adapter Shade Panel 2.0 Learn More | forceprotectorgear Field Blanket MultiCam w/ Pouch (forceprotector.com)
  12. robertaccio

    Adventure Bike Truth: Marketing vs Reality

    marketing will never use an average consumer as their test/video/model, they use paid pros like Pol Tarres (Yam) types to showcase their beasts. I remember BMW used the big Fin Simo Kirssi to showcase their HP2 model, he rode it like 125 MX bike......he would show up at EU rounds of enduros on the HP2 beast with cameras in tow for some epic HP2 videos. Just like Pol does now with his very modified T7, it's great entertainment and publicity.
  13. robertaccio

    Isle of Man TT - Time Magazine

    Sir John Surtees still remains the only man to ever win the F1 World Championship and the 2 wheeled "MotoGP" World Championship. A local guy at the Coronado cars on main street event. has an MV Agusta 750 America with Sir John's signature on the tank. very cool
  14. robertaccio

    Isle of Man TT - Time Magazine

    Let those who ride decide.
  15. I will stick to "short" closed course (or semi closed) racing. NHHA sometimes and any sort of enduro or XC event within my hard/challenge but comfort safety zone. When tired from sleep deprivation my balance is the first thing that goes to hell.....not a good combo for overnight races. Also since getting old my night vision is compromised bigtime from my days of youth in BSA and USMC. Hacking is a well known entity in rally and long course offroad events, top tier bloke.

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