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  1. Nice write up! I went out the day after you and it was great. Temp never got above low 80's and I shared the place with two other riders for a few hours.
  2. I can go riding Thursday morning, I just have to be back home by noon. I'm fine with wherever, as long as I can ride there from from El Cajon.
  3. XRMike

    Question about otay mtn truck trail

    Yes indeed, haven't been shot yet, but there are alot of them. Do you avoid it because of the shooters?
  4. XRMike

    Question about otay mtn truck trail

    I can't say I know about any Pink Gate, but the sign at the turn off is for sycamore canyon... Maybe the gate is pink, I haven't noticed it before. You can also get to it from 94. A mile or two past the border patrol checkpoint going southbound there is a turn off with a locked gate. just walk your bike through the pedestrian entrance and you're in the back end of sycamore canyon. A bunch of trails to choose from.
  5. Hello all, Just found this site and figured I would introduce myself. I had been riding on-road mostly, and then my bike got stolen last year and in a momentary lapse of sanity I bought an old plated xr. Best decision of my life!!! Mainly been riding in the desert and local trails in Otay, Ramona, Descanso area. Looking forward to riding with you guys one day and checking out what SoCal has to offer! Thanks for all the great info as well. If anybody wants to go for a ride, shoot me a message. Michael
  6. XRMike

    Question about otay mtn truck trail

    Hey, I've never seen that particular gate open, but if you continue up Otay mtn truck trail from the marron valley road, and the then take a right turn into the sycamore canyon area, there are miles of great trails to be had. They are definitely a bit more challenging than the truck trail, but a good place to push it if you want. Shoot me a message if you want to go ride sometime.