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  1. Looks like you timed that just right.... really beautiful up there
  2. Looks like a good time - sorry I missed it Great to see a positive turnout, ride / guide....:)
  3. Well done Jonny.... love the abandoned car shot
  4. Riggerdan


    Really good to get out and ride this last Sunday 5/3/2020 We maxed out with 12 riders - everyone seemed to be capable and enjoying a nice cruise up/dn the mountain Made it just before the 250 monument and got turned around from BP seemed to be a lot of activity up there... Back up and down through Marron Valley to the 94 - few riders peeled off and the remaining headed up Tecate Peak where we had the place to ourselves Great views but not as clear as I would have thought All in all good safe enjoyable community dual sport ride thanks for coming out few pics below - not too many, ran out of film...
  5. Need to get some fresh air tomorrow / Sunday Its a beautiful spring weekend in SD, and yes theres still lingering dark clouds in & around the Otay area.. Otay is a beautiful area with amazing views, thinking about incorporating into the route and contributing some positive energy while passing through. This is a generic (very newb friendly) loop starting in the Rancho SD area, riding through the beautiful hills of Jamul into the dirt roads of Deerhorn Valley / up and over Otay with options of border wall riding and or Tecate Peak for another round of beautiful views. Can make it out to Campo and or circle back around sooner depending on the vibe - maybe 100 miles (or less) with plenty of gas / food options Plenty of room for staging in the parking lot if necessary - Water / tools / good attitude I'm on a 1090 taking it really easy and not looking for anything aggressive or technical (no single track) a true dual sport adventure ride with 50% pavement With a 10:1 safety factor we could be 60' apart and still enjoy the passion Would be good to see some new faces and old riding buddies either way all good If there's any momentum, I can detail a little further - Pic below kinda paints the general picture KSU 0830 / 4 hours min
  6. Let’s meet in the Hooleys parking lot (Albertsons/Target) in Rancho SD Address - 2955 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, CA 92019 HWY 94 / Jamacha There’s a mobile in the same lot if you need to fuel up before rolling Thin the views will be pretty awesome, make sure you have some film in your cameras KSU 0830 sharp / I'll radio up
  7. Riggerdan

    COVID - Picture Contest

    BAJA.......Is calling
  8. Riggerdan

    New Rider Alpine

    Welcome I'm on the other side of the hill in Jamul - see you on the trail soon
  9. Riggerdan

    Otay rider missing search area data only

    Tuesday 4/28/2020 searched areas around Barrett lake / Lawson Peak / Gaskill Peak / Deerhorn Valley / Lawson Valley GPX tracks available if needed
  10. Riggerdan

    Spring Cleaning

    Cleaning out the garage - next is the storage unit PM if any interest 2019 500 exc-f- Stock rear taillight plate holder @ $15 2019 500 exc-f- Front Fenders w/ minor scratches @ $15 2019 500 exc-f- Stock gas tank @ $15 2019 500 exc-f- Stock rad cards @ FREE Various items Stock luggage rack / rear handles for 2018 KTM 1090 @ FREE Hepco Becker luggage rack (with quick release) for KTM 1090 & other bikes @ $100 Helmets Shoei / Large @ $20 Shoei / Large @ $20 HJC Large @ $20 HJC Small @ $20 Black helmet XXL @ $20 More items to come
  11. Riggerdan

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    I hope this works out OK Its possible he covered a lot of ground From my perspective thats Cuyamaca in the background looking east, Its seems a bit close and north to be taken from Otay
  12. Riggerdan

    Hey 2 smoke guys, what's the bike to get?

    Your welcome to come to Jamul, and try this bike out see how it feels.....
  13. Riggerdan

    Spring Cleaning

    Howdy.... The logistics is always the hardest part Up and running over here in JaJamul and its a beautiful day I think Jaja is heading this way today as well - Bruce text you in a few min Someone please take these FREEE helmets & Jacket / Pants - all remaining items will be distributed south of the border
  14. Riggerdan

    Spring Cleaning

    I can meet up @ rancho SD tomorrow / Friday if that helps pretty flex as well, we can coordinate something around the rush hour Willing to offer the helmets and jacket for free if anyone needs them / bike com not included
  15. Riggerdan

    Spring Cleaning

    Good morning... Simicrintz - 606 Mimi - Kickstand Kato - long ramp Bodie - straps and smaller ramp (about 5') if still interested Jaja - Mirrors Van - Rare Jamulian skewer
  16. Riggerdan

    RV hitch/bike mount recommendation.

    Bags My neighbor (retired master welder) would be more than happy to take care of that - I don't see any $ being involved either let me know if interested
  17. Riggerdan

    Spring Cleaning

    Non MOTO related items with SDAR discount - don't want to abuse the photo privilege PM if any interest From 2019 RAM 2500 (4) New Bilstein shocks (4) New Firestone / Transforce AT Tires (2) Front Springs (32) Lug Nuts (1) Traction Bar Various Items Plastic shelving unit (5) shelves Used Dish HD Dish Used Direct TV Dish Solid steel hitch w/ 2'' ball 6' folding table SUP Surfboard Fishing Poles
  18. Riggerdan

    Spring Cleaning

    Motion pro micro bleeders @ $5 Brake pads @ $15 Chain from stock 2018 - KTM 1090 (less than 200 miles) @ $20 Clip on Tow mirrors @ $20 Collection or cams / straps / ratchet etc. @ free Rare Jamulian Skewer @ $150
  19. Riggerdan

    RV hitch/bike mount recommendation.

    Love the Joe Hauler Used a piece of unistrut with forged eye bolts to reenforce the cross bar - I think the stock tubing would ultimately bend if over torqued or shock loaded / 4x4 etc.
  20. Riggerdan

    KKug Happy Birthday

    Many Many more KUG
  21. Riggerdan


    Surfing the internet during these cautious times.. Anyone seen or used this Airbag Vest from Klim (or others) or have any opinions ? Seems a little pricy and I'm sure technology will evolve - but maybe theres something to this https://klim-files.s3.amazonaws.com/Web Files/Ai-1 Vest Info.pdf https://www.klim.com/Ai-1-Airbag-Vest-3046-000
  22. Pretty epic conditions in the backyard..