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  1. nostep

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Thanks for hosting! Thanks to Colin for coming out and sharing information and his experiences. Odds are at some point one of us will be in a position to put it to use. @shutterrev
  2. nostep

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Add me to the most likely list. Hope to see you all there.
  3. nostep

    Caleb Linden: Vista DRZed 400

    Listen closely to those telling you to get the right springs. IMO that should be the very first modification you do. I'm about 190 lbs before gear. 0.51 springs in the forks, variable 6.0-8.0 in the rear(on my DRZ, just for clarity). My numbers are just for a general reference, as I have a larger tank and tower in the front. I only bottom on the very hardest of hits. It's a game changer for bike handling and confidence.
  4. nostep

    Howdy from East County

    A DR you say? I recall something interesting happening since you posted your intro...
  5. nostep

    Trusted Local Suspension shop?

    George did custom springs and Gobblers for my silly Sportster build. He also shortened the rear shock and provided a spring for testing. It's probably a month or so away from being a rider. I can't wait to see how it feels. He was unreasonably generous with his time and advice on an oddball one-off build. He also serviced suspension and provided springs for my DRZ. He'll continue to get my suspension business and my recommendation.
  6. nostep

    An (un)holy union

    So how does one go about finding salvaged bikes like this in general? Copart? Local connections?
  7. nostep

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    As requested: Voile Straps https://www.voilestraps.com/
  8. Weird stuff happens some times... I had been having an intermittent hard bog, usually related to a hard hit or g-out. Over near devil's slide, the bike suddenly decided to bog and die at anything but idle. Start right up and idle all day, not a problem. Rode back to Holmes camp (lots of clutch work and zero throttle) and got the carb out. This guy was stuck in the main jet. How it got in there, I have no clue.
  9. nostep

    Motorcycle bumper carrier - MotoTote Sport

    I didn't like the rocking either. I added a piece of square tube to the carrier. I bolted a piece of plate with angle bolted to it to the hitch side plate. Bolting (rather than welding) it added a little bit of adjustability. With no load, it slides in and out smoothly. When a bike is on the carrier, it flexes and binds the tubing between the pieces of angle. No more rocking.
  10. Another vote for the Leatt AirFit line. I have the non-hybrid version. The layers may mean it's too slow of an on and off for @Zubbs use. The snugness means armor stays in place in a fall, as opposed to jacket based armor. If there's room for layers between you and the armor, the armor is a lot less likely to stay in place. I usually wear a thin quick dry shirt under it for desert use with a light colored jersey over it. For longer less intense dual sport rides, I'll wear a thin Merino base layer under it and a traditional adventure jacket without the armor over it. I can take the jacket off if the going gets slow or off roady and still have armor. The jacket also serves as some abrasion resistance for pavement. Wearing the base layer under it and hanging it to air out means no stank issues for me. All that said, if it's a mostly pavement ride, I'm going to be in armored perf leather (with a windbreaker stashed)and kevlar jeans.
  11. Thanks to Tom for organizing! Thanks to Andy @Wintyfreshfor setting a nice pace after Tom and Corpic split to acquire a new KTM Thanks to @TheNookieWR for helping me feel extra 'murican with the Harley gloves. @Corpic made a mean roast and mushrooms. Sorry Tom and Dennis for turning around right out of camp(Saturday afternoon), but after I saw that first move, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to hang with you if it was that kind of ride. I need to work on my slower technical work if I want to do that stuff with confidence.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks to Tom for organizing this. I had a great time meeting and riding with you all. Hope to do it again. Thanks also to Andy for setting a very nice pace on the Tour de Wells on Saturday. Thanks also to Udo for making sure we had enough citrus in camp. I'm terrible with names, but you with the Trail 90/KTM 2 stroke: the roast and mushrooms were excellent! Thanks to the Chinook/WR250R friend. The Harley gloves made me feel extra 'merican. Photo 1: Tom plotting acquisition of a 525. Photo 2: Life without kickstands, stacked rocks. Just Instagram things. Photo 3: about to put the split in Split Mountain.
  13. I had it before the first ride of the day, but not after. I couldn't explicitly remember clipping it to my shoulder strap, so I wasn't sure if I lost it on the ride, or in camp. Could have fallen on the ground and gotten sand kicked over it or something. I looked around good during the day yesterday, sent a text to it and listened, but no luck. I don't have tracking running on it, but I did a location request from a desktop this morning and a couple hours later it popped up, still on, right where I had been parked. Hopefully one of the guys grabbed it. If not, eh, should have kept better track of it.
  14. If any of you guys are still out there, can you look by where I parked. A location request showed my inreach was right there earlier today.
  15. Yeah, so 7 pm departure didn't happen...but 8:10 is happening. Gassing up now.

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