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  1. Rode up and down on my 1090 a few years ago. For me up was a bit less stressful. Point it and gas it. I did have proper MotoZ tires. Down hill it’s a lot of weight to control.
  2. Ken S

    Let’s eat, … but where?

    Julian Beer. Brisket Sandwich!!! Pizza is good also.
  3. Ken S

    Member Reximus Cannot Log In

    Welcome back Rex. Long time no see.
  4. LSD flash back bro. I thought you laid off that stuff man. Kick down.
  5. Yes. I know it as smuggler cave but sure.
  6. Good riding with you Mike and Robert
  7. Darren is driving back from Vegas. Riding out with me. Jacumba Shell 9am. Not a difficult ride. Bring your 500 Mike.
  8. Sprint Enduros are the best in my opinion. Race against the clock VS 100 - 300 bikes at the start. However we don’t have many close to San Diego. The races Robert talks about in the Tecate area are awesome. Generally much smaller-except the Tecate Enduro. Lots of 2 track. Lunch and cold Tecates after the race. Ive raced lots of D38. Yes there are as fast as you and your bike dare to go across the lake bed sections. They’re not in every race and not very long. Mostly whoops, rocks, more whoops, sand washes, some more whoops, a trip thru the dunes at Superstition. Gas up at 25 miles then go for the next lap. Challenging. Try it at least once.
  9. Ken S

    TPM system

    Another KUG sighting. I believe I’ve tagged that joint in the past.
  10. I ditched my high compression head as well on my 18 300. It wanted VP110 at $80 5 gallons. And wore me out with the snappier harder hit.
  11. Listen to Robert. He is very informed on this technology. I don’t have a TPI. I just hear from my friends with these what their doing.
  12. Awesome. Make sure they down load the newest map. Just came out. Hopefully fixes the lack of oil issue. Lots of info out there. I know lots of guys are premixing 100:1 and running an aftermarket ecu. I keep threatening to get a 2021 but my 2018 is so dialed in and just got a fresh top end. Enjoy. Come ride Mc Cain with us. I’ll pm you.
  13. Hit me up. I’ll show you around Corral. If you were on Ranger less than an hour you didn’t ride all of it.
  14. Ken S

    Plastic gas tank repair

    Talk to the guys at Kayak shops. Ive seen a Kayak that got drug behind a truck get repaired to like new. OEX Kayak
  15. Meet at 4 Corners. That’s the parking area at the top of the hill if your not familiar. Small bikes. Intermediate riders. 2-3 hour ride.
  16. See you in the morning. Silver F150. Red and white Beta. Fat guy with a grey beard.
  17. Just got home. Good riding with you guys today.
  18. I am trying to make this one. I’m on a job now trying to get home in time to make it.
  19. Or as slab it to Ramona together. I haven’t ridden much lately.