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  1. Sorry, to clarify, I'll be at four corners at 8. I'll have a black escalade with a trailer.
  2. No worries! It was great fun. I'll be out there again at four corners at 8 am.
  3. Awesome lets plan for the pine valley culdesac at 7am. Sound good? Edit: I mixed up the days. I'm honestly down to do both days so I'll be there at 7 rusty, and ken, is 8 early enough for Sunday?
  4. I'll be riding my KLR and I'd like to stick to the easier trails but I'm down to give anything a shot!
  5. That sounds just remarkable. I've never been able to catch a meteor shower away from the cities light pollution.
  6. Wow I wish I could have swung that, that sounds amazing. Let us know how that went.
  7. Hey I appreciate the offer, but given that I'm on a bigger bike (KLR), never have ridden the ranger trail, and you were planning on doing some maintenance on your way, I was a little hesitant to reply to your thread. I have done bronco peak and bronco peak connector though - how does it compare to those?
  8. Hey everyone! I'm looking to ride some singletrack at any of the above places but I don't like riding without a partner. Anyone interested?
  9. It looks to be over 60 on Wednesday! And I've never had a problem with sub 50-degree temp. If I'm cold it means I'm not riding hard enough haha
  10. I'm thinking like 10, so not so early. Whether it's in Pine Valley or the Corral Canyon intersection or cross or whatever they call it is up for debate. Next time around then! Riding in. But if only one or two people decide to go we can meet at a convenient spot and ride out together.
  11. Hey, guys, I'm looking to get muddy in the Corral Canyon/Pine Vally area on Wednesday 3/13. I'm down to do any of the single/double track/rock crawling trails that they offer. If you've never been before we can do something easier as well. Who's in!
  12. Hey everyone! I'm looking to head out to corral canyon or pine valley tomorrow and need a riding buddy. I'm looking to do mostly easy/intermediate riding but it all depends on who wants to go. I just wanna ride!
  13. Nice man. Were heading out to otay today in an hour or so. Let me know if you're interested.