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  1. Beezzz

    2022 klr

  2. Beezzz

    Kawasaki Z650RS

    I saw it in person. It looked great.
  3. Beezzz

    Fly and ride

    Well done. Loving the photos. Getter done.
  4. Beezzz

    2020 KTM 500 exc tuning

    Great ideas. Thanks. The lunging (abrupt, rough motor response off idle) stopped with the idle increase above normal carburated bike idle rates.
  5. Beezzz

    2020 KTM 500 exc tuning

    ALL GREAT IDEAS. Thanks. I didn't think of a clutch plate or throttle cam. Increasing the idle helped the engine smooth out.
  6. Beezzz

    2020 KTM 500 exc tuning

    2020 KTM 500 exc tuning: I would like to soften and smooth out the throttle acceleration during the 0-5 mph speed range for slow speed technical use. What is the economical way to do this? Currently there is abrupt power changes in the throttle response. In the past, I would change the pilot jet on my 2008 ktm 450 exc. Thanks, Beezzz
  7. Beezzz

    Long Way Up

    My wife and I did the French/Italian Alps over 3 weeks last year in June on two rented 125 Vespas. Rented them there and did a large loop. Climbing the Alps stressed them out immensely, but they made it. I pulled over to let them cool off due to the clutch slipping only once. At times while climbing the Alps we reached neck breaking speeds of 5 mph at the tops. Rentals are typically $50.00 to $60.00 per day per bike. We find that slow travel is the way to see the sights on small roads. Top speed is 50 mph. Typical speed is 20 to 30 mph. Alps are a must see. Run them the entire length is my interest next time. Rent BMW 800's in Romania for a lower cost and return them in 2-4 weeks.
  8. Beezzz

    Android offline mapping free software

    Bags, how true you are. I can identify with 5 brain types. 1. mystery meat. 2. poor cheap bastard. 3. idiot. 4. WAIT, I can't remember. 5. Placebo PLUS . . MANY MORE . . .
  9. Beezzz

    Android offline mapping free software

    Jaja, Any difference between Goggle Maps vs. Here we are.
  10. Beezzz

    Android offline mapping free software

    Thanks Jaja and Big O. Here's my new adventure bike link for my wife and I: http://piemonterent.com/noleggio-vespa-langhe/. Just imagine my 6'4" tall frame on that small vespa bike. The open helmets and 1/2 visors are not what we are used to either. It is always a funny look. But, "when in Rome . . . ". Here are a few "tourist on scooters" photos from a trip in 2012 (Sienna, Florence Italy) with my wife. Two wheels are always the best choice.
  11. Beezzz

    Android offline mapping free software

    Thanks for your help Oracle (very detailed), or should I call you "LB".
  12. Beezzz

    Android offline mapping free software

    Yes, this is what I want to discuss. Paved roads. The redrawing and rerouting of the goggle maps while in use is a problem at times. On my computer, I can drag the route to reroute in google maps. On my android phone I can not change the automated course by dragging. The URL convert is interesting. How do you get the GPX into your phone. Via the free app such as Rever, Gaia, etc. AND any tips for sightseeing. Nice, France Turin, Italy Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Spain
  13. My wife and I are heading to Italy and France for two weeks of scootering around, then to Spain, New York, Montreal. I am looking for the best free or near free android phone software for simple routing on the phone or on a PC. Locus? Ride with GPS? Can I use Google maps, create a custom route, save, open in an android phone? What is your recommendation? I plan to use our European phones with local country short term chips and download app to phone when we are in Europe. What are your tips?

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