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  1. Beezzz

    3/28 ABDSP

    nice ride. desert is in perfect condition right now. "Bags" from my a previous ride last month: "2 rams in distance" Ring leader: CID
  2. What was your route that day? Beautiful day and photos.
  3. Beezzz

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    See you there. no breakfast. ETA 8:45
  4. Beezzz

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    On my bmw f800gs, I aired down to 25 psi front and rear for dirt/rocks, rode it like a dirt bike and received dented rims up front. Rear was fine. Regret. Great traction though.
  5. After ride: Aqua Caliente hot tub. I will be driving over there on my bike.
  6. great. slacker start time of 9:00 am is good. South Carrizo "trees" is my favorite (privacy & closer to SD) O.K.?
  7. I am in. Bags, any preference to a start location. South Carrizo, Tamerisk, Kendalls Cafe or Keslings
  8. Beezzz

    My SPOT Renewal

    Thanks Bowers. It was $230/year and became $85.
  9. Beezzz

    KTM 790 Adventure

    your next bike?
  10. Beezzz

    Life is fragile!

    Jim, my sincerest condolences.
  11. Per Bill Herold's wife Janet, Please join us in celebrating a life well lived. If you have a picture of a favorite memory please bring a copy. Feel free to share the news, all are welcome. RSVP to Jessica at (619)672-1454 or mrsjschreiber@gmail.com Flinn Springs County Park 14787 Olde Hwy 80 Sunday November 4th @ 1:30 pm ALL ARE WELCOME. LINK: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bill.herold.35?__tn__=%2CdlC-R-R&eid=ARDdCHOo8k2ehM3TyL4v9tr3UKNi2-N-I6WQG_v2dYBCV0kZHjcEGwCxJ-E5bJnjASOhhdexOfyeU3Ss&hc_ref=ARS5IXDoxNQShieyYz7nk-8-QwMfcP9A2O37bpMMwMMA6EpJUMrzak8BYZN0tkg8Pmc
  12. Beezzz

    S1 Stuff

    calling Riggerdan! Here you go.
  13. we need Utah photos!!!

    1. PbdBlue


      Working on it. Just rolled back into town yesterday after 30 days on the road. Man I'm beat:)

    2. Beezzz


      O.K., O.K.   I get it.  Don't forget to post up!