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  1. La Mesa Mike

    New test track??

    Looks like all that property is owned by Mason Valley LLC I found a document where it was owned by John Daley, Donald Daley is the trustee. John Daley is a BIG TIME real estate developer in the county... You can find all that info and more at https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov just type in mason valley, click LLC and click search... 199811210054 MASON VALLEY, LLC Registration Date: 04/22/1998 Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA Entity Type: DOMESTIC Status: ACTIVE Agent for Service of Process: MICHAEL D LIUZZI 655 WEST BROADWAY SUITE 1600 SAN DIEGO CA 92101 Entity Address: 3337 BUENA VISTA STREET SAN DIEGO CA 92109 Entity Mailing Address: 3337 BUENA VISTA STREET SAN DIEGO CA 92109 LLC Management One Manager
  2. La Mesa Mike

    Changing a tire

    Update? I know others here have said it, but it cannot be emphasized enough. Once you have the initial side on You absolutely have push the bead of the tire to the center of the wheel while you install the second side. If you do not center the bed on the rim, you will not have adequate stretch to pop the 2nd bead over the rim. Wherever you have your tire iron, make sure the the bead is in the center of the wheel opposite the iron, this will give the tire the extra inch it needs to roll on smoothly. Once you get that bead centered, it is as easy as putting on a bicycle tire.
  3. La Mesa Mike

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    I'll try that tape, and I'm still waiting on the title to come in the mail.... Hopefully I don't get a call from AAA. Will update one way or the other when it happens.
  4. La Mesa Mike

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Ok, did some cleaning up, turns out it is an Akropovic exhaust (Astute reader award goes to Robertaccio!) , I was more concerned that it was USFS approved, it is, they put the printing on the inside farther from the end, so you need to stick your head above the tire by the shock to see it. In the picture is the damage to the end cap, any suggestions? just use black duct tape over it? do they make heat resistant carbon fiber tape, or should I just not worry about it. I'm just concerned it will get worse over time. I guess if it does, I can worry about replacing it then. SoCalMule - good call on wiring the thumb fastener, I'll get it done. tape?
  5. La Mesa Mike

    Helmet rack

    That looks great!! Thanks for posting it
  6. La Mesa Mike

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Actually, you are right, it's not on. It's a plastic (i think) one, that has hooks on the back and a thumbscrew thingy on the front, easy on/off. I'll ride with that for a while and see i I'm getting any knicks anywhere else that needs to be protected. I know the end cap looks to be carbon fiber, and it has a small tear in it. (why I assumed he replaced the rear fender and stickers) I would like to replace that cabon fiber piece, I'll look to see who makes the muffler and call Pro Moto Bilet to see if they make a billet end cap for it.
  7. La Mesa Mike

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    already ordered/received the kickstand - the stock skid plate not good enough? recommendations ?
  8. La Mesa Mike

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Correct. all I can say is the gods smiled on me. It had Ohio plates, and they allowed me to transfer them to CA. No one was payed off, no shenanigans.
  9. long story short, I met the guy at a storage facility, he had the bike advertised as a 2014 XCW500, I look at the frame tag and it's a 2013 XCW450.... Stickers say 500... I'm assuming someone broke the rear fender and just got one from another bike, or bought the wrong stickers. he swears it has < 500 miles on it, sure enough the trip odometer agrees, I believe those to be the stock tires the bike sold with, and I really don't see many signs of wear on it at all. The title is not in his name, it has Ohio tags that don't match the title. I call Ohio DMV and verify the bike has not been reported stolen and the tags match the VIN. We agree on a price, and off to AAA I go - got new CA plates for it, and added it to my insurance and now it sits in my shop. Ordered oil, filters, new air cleaners - going to do standard maintenance and take it for a ride. Ordered a tusk lighting kit so I can make it street legal, a real kickstand and that's it so far. It has bark busters, and IMS pro pegs. A trip to suspension 101 is in order. New tires are in order. Normally I run Desert IT's, but I don't believe they are DOT approved. What do you guys like? Few questions - What else do I need to do? I know nothing about KTMs. Do I need to purchase a new ECU? remap existing, or richen it up? anyone use https://www.tpstool.com to richen it up? Does the fuel pump live in the gas tank? If I want a larger gas tank and the ability to swap them, besides a second fuel pump, do I need to order anything else? Hopefully the pic upload works, let me know if you see anything strange... I should add, I called Rocky Mountain ATV and gave them the VIN, and they said it comes back as a 2013 450 XC-W.
  10. La Mesa Mike

    Gun refinishing? - Easy, reasonable, DIY, etc

    Tom, they will fit in my oven if you want to cerakote them...
  11. La Mesa Mike

    I’ve never liked ktm...

    Congrats! That will be a fun ride!
  12. La Mesa Mike

    big bear

    Awesome, thanks much Ken
  13. La Mesa Mike

    big bear

    headed up to big bear to explore tomorrow. never been, thought it may be wise to ask where to park my truck... to start the exploring? taking a plated bike. Not wanting to do anything hard, just explore, I was thinking up by holcomb valley
  14. La Mesa Mike

    Need shop recommendations

    Just wanted to update this post. I took my junk to Tom (tntmo), and I got back great running toys. Price is more than fair, turn around time is great and Tom went the extra mile, made sure everything was good and tight and fixed little things I didn't even ask for. I have my new go-to guy! Cheers, Mike