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  1. alphajack

    looking for fat bar and clamps

    thanks for the offer toomer, Im wanting a traditonal bar. I thought I'd check here.
  2. can be very ugly. i have a dr650 if that makes a difference.
  3. guess there is always next time.
  4. sorry I can't be there to slow everyone down
  5. alphajack

    saturday 18th

    I'm calling this a success, I almost made it 5 miles before getting us lost. Maybe I shouldn't lead anymore. Poke if you have that pic, I sure would like to see it. Nice meeting you all and please do come again.
  6. alphajack

    saturday 18th

    ride east of barona el capitain truck trail and beyond. Im really the co leader on this ride. so if no one likes the trails then you can \speak your peace. But the route isnt mapped out on a spread sheet my apologies.
  7. alphajack

    saturday 18th

    big won't be a problem, cuz I have a ds and not alot of time on the bike and Im no bubba stewart. So no one is gonna get left.
  8. alphajack

    saturday 18th

    pokey if you don't mind getting to barona, this is the ride for you. one of us is ending in alpine, and I ending in the ramona area
  9. alphajack

    saturday 18th

    We are heading north but not planning on going that far north.
  10. starting at barona casino motorcycle parking lot/section 10:30 am. all are welcome.
  11. thanks thumper it was a great expierence. enjoyed meeting you.
  12. meeting at julian gas station at 8:30 if anyone else is interested
  13. leaving early to mid morning, big bikes OK. Im on a DR. meet up in the vicinity of Ramona- destination open to discussion.
  14. alphajack

    DR 650 in Mira Mesa

    Hi guys, Just got my first dirt bike. Found a little dirt today and it was pretty fun. I use to ride MTBs alot, so being off road wasn't a big deal. I do need a different front tire though. I look forward to meeting and riding with you.