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  1. talked to a tech he said the sending unit is bad $30. no thanks already removed it. anyone wanting to make a steal on scratchless screen vapor needing the $30 part let me know.
  2. magnet a pickup look good, but I guess I need to find out what is the maximum allowable distance between the two is. I checked the connectors and thats all I've done so far. I have not recalculated anything thus far. I'll clean the battery compartment today and see if thats the problem. Maybe one day you'll be sucking my dust, haha
  3. so you think dust could be an issue in the battery compartment?? speed is either jumping around or reading zero, and odometer isnt moving at all. ambient temp and clock work. computer goes to sleep as designed and wakes up when i spin the wheel.
  4. if anyone can determine if my vapor is broken and can get functional again I can pay some money. If on the other hand if anyone knows if there is a phone app with an odometer can that be used without cell service I think i would like that even more. thanks
  5. alphajack

    Midweek ride

    thanks everyone, that was fun.
  6. alphajack

    Midweek ride

    There is rhyme and reason when the United Nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development is read.
  7. alphajack

    Midweek ride

    either day or place is fine with me. I won't be eating but, I cast my vote for cafe 67 as that will give me an additional 15 minutes of beauty sleep. either place KSU at 9:30 is good.
  8. alphajack

    Midweek ride

    i can do this tuesday or wednesday start in Alpine say around 9:30
  9. No boulders of any size, rock faces, treachery or puckering for me, however should a weekday ride for normal men and machines ever be proposed in this house I would like to second the motion!
  10. alphajack

    PEG LEG -Dec19

    the sand was deep and the hills steep , put them together and I failed on a couple. but even a noob had a blast. thanks thumper
  11. alphajack

    PEG LEG -Dec19

    Im in like flynn pm sent
  12. alphajack

    Nudist Colony

    I shall ride...... If anyone wants to camp out there friday night let me know.😴
  13. What kind of honorarium can one such as myself expect if the invitation is accepted? as I usually don't make public appearances before 10a.m.
  14. it was the first time up there for me and I thought it was pretty awesome. I even mangaged not to crash once! I'm always glad to have knobbies when I overcook a corner. Anyway we had a good time until Mike caught a flat two hours into the ride. He called a lifeline to get home. He showed me that really steep climb, I wonder if I can get up there one day?
  15. DR and XR, but evryone is welcome on MLM rides