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  1. McCTravis

    Jamul Rains

    Looks epic
  2. Had a great time at my first desert dash, was my 1st time riding in the snow, it was epic. Met some new moto buddies. Great two days of riding Anza Borrego and Ocotillio Wells. My buddy Skidplate won the camera at the raffle, came up on someone getting life flighted out of shell reef. Skiplates bike broke on Sunday, he limped it back to camp. Overall great trip.
  3. McCTravis

    New member-N. San Diego

    All signed up for the Desert Dash, some buddies are supposed to make it out also.
  4. McCTravis

    New member-N. San Diego

    I want to try camping off the bike in the future, still need to get a lot of stuff first. I've seen some people do it, looks really cool, at least for one night.
  5. McCTravis

    New member-N. San Diego

    Cool, I saw your "Superstition Sunday" ride, was tempted to drive out there and meet up, just wasn't a "member" yet, so I couldn't communicate with you. Looked like a killer ride, I really like Superstition.
  6. Had a great time, was nice to meet everyone. Conditions were perfect today.
  7. McCTravis

    ABDSP ride

    😂 guys got jokes, I'll make sure to bring my credit card
  8. McCTravis

    ABDSP ride

    Yes sir, that's fine by me, I like to eat. And gives me time to meet and great/ pre ride route talk, etc.
  9. McCTravis

    ABDSP ride

    I've found that old guys, rip, and have shown me thing or two.
  10. McCTravis

    ABDSP ride

    Sweet, I'm in. Will be my 1st "San Diego Adventure Riders" ride. See you all in the AM.
  11. McCTravis

    ABDSP ride

    New member, 1st time posting. Just curious are we staging at Kendall's or near by? I'll be trucking my bike up there and wondering if it's cool to leave it there.
  12. Hello, names Travis, I'm 29, live in Vista, and been riding for about 10 years. My rides a 2006 crf450x, used to have a 1993 cr250 that I raced District 38 on. I think I'm an intermediate/novice-expert rider, I can usually hold my own. Haven't been on really any "adv" rides, definitely want to get into over night camping off the bike. Not really into racing anymore but still like to do it every now and then, want to do D-37/WORCS. Really like doing dualsport rides organized or not, always choose the "hard route", well usually always. Bucket list rides include Tecate to Cabo and Moab. I work weekends, usually ride mid week, unless I plan a trip in advance and get time off. See you on the trail, brraap.