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  1. Terrible619

    name that quote

    Nobody got Talladega Nights ??? How about..... "You brought a f****** pomeranian bowling?" "What do mean brought it bowling? Im not renting it shoes, Im not buying it a f****** beer, Its not taking your f****** turn dude."
  2. sd4wheel is having an event this weekend at superstition. I would love to cruise out with the bike and truck but..........Im working. Have fun.
  3. Terrible619


    Thanks for the truck ride up there Mr Bikeslut. Bob always goes out of his way to make it a good ride for everyone. Even though it was Bob's ride he insisted that I lead and he rode sweep, and that meant we got to see every dead end trail in Jacumba. Next time will be smoother sailing if I can remember the turns... Erick and Jimmy, dont worry, most guys on here know where thay are going and lead a good ride. Go on some more rides soon. It was good to meet both of ya. Oh yeah, and I managed to flatten both tires today.... Holy Jebus!!! Oh well changing flats can be fun to, especialy with Bob umm... "coaching" you. PICS!!! Somewhere north of the freeway Loose rocky climb where the slut mobile took a nap (I missed it) Climbing to the mines in Valley of the Moon. Jumping Jimmy Low...ri...der...
  4. I know Ive posted this first one before somewhere else here, but oh well. This is Esefa (Brent) at Superstition in April. After a long day of watching the trucks race & exploring the sandy superstition mountains, we found this little jump on the way back to the truck. It was down in the flats where someone had built up the giant dirt piles near Wheeler road. I heard they used these dirt piles while filming the movie Jarhead.... Neat huh? Same place... This next one is a little more fresh, its from August. Here is Brent again, this time launching the Husky out of a bowl at Pismo. The jump was a long step-up that I was hitting topped out in 4th gear. This was the 2nd try for the picture. I stood to close the first time and had to duck as Brents rear tire flew by my head at 50mph.
  5. Yeah??? Well you know Im a little slow
  6. I saw one of those Beta`s cruisin around the desert this weekend. Do any SDAR members own one yet. If so how do you like it?
  7. I had to do a quick search on that..... Ha Ha Ha! For all those who are unsure what LePetomane means....... Here you go http://www.damninteresting.com/?p=202 Looked like a nice day for a ride. I imagine the weather was perfect in the mountains. I was down at Plaster City for the MDR race. It was a little warm down there.
  8. Terrible619

    McCain and Lark

    Oh yeah, no doubt. No he doesnt take his Raptor on much hardpack, its a dune quad, and to wide to fit on most trails.
  9. Terrible619

    McCain and Lark

    Yeah, Chris is normally a quad ridin guy. He has only had the XR a little while now but he is picking up the 2 wheel skills pretty quick.
  10. Terrible619

    McCain and Lark

    I was loving the perfect cool weather. I had lots-o-fun trying to keep up with racerbill all morning. After a morning of high speed riding while dodging cactus and pointy sticks Im glad my only damage was bent bars after a poorly executed rock jump.
  11. Terrible619

    Sunday the 5th;

    Ha! Do you offend? I say yes to lark canyon and Awww man to "O-dark 30" but... I will try to get my lazy self and maybe a friend up there to enjoy the mornings empty trails with yall.
  12. Terrible619

    my new street ride

    It looks very..... stock. Not that looks should matter but maybe you just need some obnoxious stickers that show off your favorite energy drink. Fender looks funny but Im sure it doesnt flop in the wind so I would keep it. Its hard to look cool with stock looking tires but those are definately the way to go for street riding. By "open up the pipe" are you saying you will get a new silencer? As long as you are not trail riding it a loud pipe would be nice to have and look 10x better. On the other hand I have been having thoughts about picking up an XR but I would use it as my dualsport because it is lighter and the stock suspension fells better setup for dirt. Also you dont have radiators to jam sticks through. I could then motard the DRZ. I feel the DRZ was desigined with the street in mind more than the XR. On a related note the guy who works the parts counter at Quincy keeps asking me if I know anyone who wants to buy a set of motard wheel and tires for a DRZ.
  13. Terrible619

    I fell and got a boo-boo

    OK, I found my new riding gear.

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