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  1. Rjg967

    Why AI is bad

    I feel attacked
  2. Going up to Endicott Washington for a week, it's about 1 hour south of Spokane. Going to be visiting family and hanging out. Definitely bringing the KLR to explore, just wondering if anyone on here has any familiarity with the area and could rattle off some cool sights to see or a fun ride. Thanks! Pfa
  3. Rjg967

    New member from Menifee.

    Welcome! I'm right near ya in Wildomar.
  4. Rjg967

    1997 KTM300EXC (overlap project)

    Up for a trade? I have a few bikes on the chopping block
  5. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    I'm actually really planning on it, just got to find the engine and wrap up two other restoration projects I've got going. There's people that have done it, but mostly for highway use, I want to do it for shenanigans! Lol
  6. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    I recently rode a Gen 3 KLR, mine with the MCP carb correction feels better but really not much more power at all. Although it certainly sounds like it.
  7. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    So funny enough, right after I put the lower foot tank mounts, I put all new hardware mounting it to the frame with threaded inserts. I was coming down Black mountain in Ramona a little bit hot and went down. It ripped the mount off of the frame. I used zip ties to hold it back on the frame until I got down the mountain in perpetual attack mode with my left foot forward. Lol As for the shift shaft, I ended up drilling all the way through the shaft and the new tusk shift lever and put a spring pin in there. Works great for about a year, until my heavy-footed friend loosened it up, and just on Sunday it finally gave. Luckily I carry cotter pins with me that got me back. I'm going to have to see if I can do that without splitting the cases, I don't want to split the cases until I have bearings, shift forks, and the 705 kit ready to go. Also thinking of doing stage 2 cams. Or I might solve this and put a Ninja 650 motor in there. Lol
  8. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    Lol, solved that when I went with lowered foot peg mounts, all new hardware. Biggest issue with my bike is the IMS extended shift lever stripped the splines on the shaft.
  9. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    Thank you all, now I got things to look up! I'm going to do a couple trial runs overnight to test out what I need and don't need, I am a minimalist at heart but with an anxiety driven addiction to overpacking. Lol At 6'4, 270 lb, I'm well aware most camping gear doesn't quite fit right, luckily I'm accustomed to it. I pretty much have to sleep diagonally in my two person tent. Despite being an outdoorsy kind of guy, eventually never set foot in an REI. I think it's about time
  10. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    That would match my bike very well though! Lol
  11. Rjg967

    Sleeping bag or blanket?

    With the upcoming adventure rally in Julian, rather than be a princess and bring my camper I was thinking of Moto camping. I have a tent already, and all the other goodies, and plenty of sleeping bags but none of which are very compact. With the 3000 options available online, it's hard to get an idea of what is actually decent without spending an entire paycheck. Any recommendations? Thanks! Pfa
  12. Rjg967

    Mondo Enduro

    I loved my 1997. I put 20K miles on it in 2 years, including a trip from CA to TX to CO and back. It was light enough that you could get into some tough single track and not die, but still heavy enough to be decent on the road. I ended up throwing a 441 kit at it after I put CR500 forks and made the kickstand like a KTM, I was really jealous of that swing up. Lol
  13. Rjg967


    Looks like a great ride! Time for a desert tank. Lol Good looking photos.
  14. Rjg967


    My wife just asks for web links or part numbers anymore. Lmao
  15. Rjg967

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    If you buy the spring from RaceTech for the banshee shock, take the shock and spring to a shop and have them rebuild it it'll be about $150-200. I will vouch for the quality of cogent dynamics. I have full cogent on my KLR650 and the thing floats. I ride it far more aggressive than I really should. I have the Moab adventure rear shock, so no external reservoir, and I took that bike through McCain valley chasing @Pokey151 on his KTM300. Only after a particularly rough section did I notice the lack of rebound due to heated fluid.

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