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  1. hey there, just wanted to say thank you again. The old girl has been great! Recently added a few bits including a trailtech speedometer, exhaust, MCP carb correction, Cogent Dynamics suspension, and saddlebag racks. No grand adventures of your caliber yet, but 2 desert runs so far and local hooning. Going for the TAT next year hopefully. Cheers!
  2. Rjg967

    Doo hickey

    Mine is a 1999, the debris in the oil screen was hard plastic like a chain guide. No telling how long it's been there or how old it is. No metal in the filter whatsoever so I'll consider it a fluke and keep an eye on it. Thanks!
  3. Rjg967

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    No idea what it's supposed to be as the stock sag was about 6.5 inches... Lol
  4. Rjg967

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    So because I plan on doing mostly dirt with this I didn't have the wheels balanced. I am used to a motocross bike with beadlocks. As far as the rest of it, it is in good shape. And thank you, despite its reputation I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the bike. By addressing these key components it's actually turning out to be a great motorcycle, just slow.
  5. Rjg967

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    Make it a 685 with exhaust and carburetor correction and it'll do it fairly easily. Before the tire I had it up to 98 before I backed off. LOL
  6. So I recently installed the full cogent front and rear suspension dialed in for my weight, fresh oil and a fresh new desert IT. I now get head shake at 80 MPH while on the road. It didn't do it before with the shinko. I thought maybe headset bearings but they are tight and have no play. I'm currently running 28 PSI, may try it at 24 like I ran previously. Just wondering if anyone else ran into this while running the maxxis desert it. Thank you
  7. Back when I didn't have a dual sport, but still did dual sport things. Sure do miss this bike. And it was surprisingly capable off-road despite having pirelli scorpion v2s. LOL
  8. Rjg967

    Local Shop Mousse Install

    North county Motorsports does it and the advertise it as having very competitive prices. I neglected to ask because I was too caught up in talking shop. LOL
  9. Rjg967

    Doo hickey

    Do you have a picture by chance of what it looks like? I picked up my KLR and it has an astronomical number of miles so I am assuming it is done. However, I pulled the oil screen when I did my clutch and found some shredded black plastic fragments that really freaked me out and I'm afraid it might be the tensioner. Thanks.
  10. So I've been looking at these, honestly never even heard of it until I saw it on stealthy website. My clutch basket is about due anyway so this might be a very viable option. The counterbalance effect might be interesting as well. My KLR has a counter balancer and despite being a 685 is incredibly smooth.
  11. So I tried looking them up online and couldn't find anything, do you have a phone number or link? Thanks
  12. $1000 for the manual set up. 😬
  13. I have been riding off-road on this bike for a few years now but wouldn't mind making it a bit more accommodating. I am 6'4, 250 so handling the bike isn't much issue. I absolutely love the engine and the chassis on this bike. But yeah that's a good idea, I'll have to look them up. Thank you.
  14. Trying to convert the bike for off-road. Checked all the normal sources and it seems it's out of stock. Stealthy, gytr, and ??? are out. Also looking for an 18" rear. If anyone has any bright ideas I'm all ears. Thanks!
  15. Rjg967

    New member familiar bike

    Oh geez you're here? LMAO