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  1. I'm in if I can make it down in time. I work in Corona, so we'll see. Wait, y'all got my hopes up with the romantic evening.😥 Why you playin with my emotions like that... Lol
  2. Yeah, great to see a good number of members! This was only my 2nd ride with the group and it was a great day. Thanks for putting this together! See y'all again soon!
  3. In! KLR650 with snow camo.
  4. Rjg967

    Motoz tires

    I could use the front if someone else needs the rear. I have a 17-in rear
  5. Rjg967

    Ymaha FZ 09 For Sale

    GREAT bike! I loved my 2014! I had 20k miles in 3 years, including a bunch of track time. GLWS
  6. Rjg967

    Electric: Maybe they've finally figured it out

    There is formula E, it was recently a big deal in an Indy series where they did a battery swap in a pit stop rather than swap the entire car. They have a long way to go yet. Especially before it becomes remotely affordable to the average Joe.
  7. Rjg967

    Electric: Maybe they've finally figured it out

    Having a bit of experience with electric drivetrains in industrial equipment, I can't imagine your average 15 amp breaker being able to charge that in that time frame, let alone a Honda 2000 watt generator (which will be banned as of 2024 in California). I would love one as a trail bike for the property behind my house, and maybe certain riding areas, but I definitely keep relying on my yz450 and KLR 650 for longer, more intense rides. Also, for racing purposes, are the batteries quickly changeable? That would be the hot ticket.
  8. Rjg967

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    I came here from another forum that has been struggling with dwindling membership as well. ProRide used to be massive, but between social media and aging members they've taken a hit. I donated shortly after I joined this forum, I've been on a social media diet as of late and I know many others around my age group (25-40ish) are beginning to do the same. Hopefully in due time people will grow tired of the cocoon of social media. I will do my part when I can as a new member. Thanks for your work!
  9. I would be in if it weren't for my carb sitting on my bench. I'm in Wildomar. For smaller bikes (~450lbs or less) there are great, very challenging trails out here.
  10. Rjg967

    Noob trailer question

    For what it's worth, I have about 3,000 miles towing my harbor freight trailer with everything from a Goldwing down to my YZ 450. Works well! I currently pull it with my 98 horsepower Chevy Spark, did a 270 mile round trip averaging 33 MPG pulling my KLR. LOL
  11. Haha, well like they say; if you don't crash you're not trying hard enough. I went full cogent suspension and it is a game changer
  12. It's been a few years, so I'm not even sure if it's still there but husky boy burgers in Laguna Beach has a double husky with pastrami. Not for the faint of heart. It's got a healthy dollop of pastrami on there and it tastes like top shelf stuff. Makes for a nice ride up the coast as well
  13. Definitely right on the handling. And yeah, grew up on the water so rum is a must. Jerry and Ginger (Sailor Jerry and Ginger beer/ale) set the mood just right.
  14. So over the last couple months I have been modifying and dialing in my 1999 KLR 650. Suspension, skid plate, engine work, and general farklery. The motorcycle's performance has truly impressed me. Far more capable than people give it credit for. However, yesterday I found my limit. On my way home from work I decided to hit the trails outside my neighborhood in Wildomar. They range from fire roads to very technical single track. Well, took a trail that started out easy enough but ended up turning into a very technical single track hill climb. Not the trail to be on while riding a near 400 lb bike. Ended up hitting a point where it was very loose terrain and steep, and decided to just go for it. Well I made it about 15 ft further and found the hard pack and fully looped out my bike. Luckily, I managed to get good footing and righted my bike in the air and she landed on her tires. Bent up license plate and crooked bars are a small price to pay. Did manage to ride out of there and ride home. Took a shower and made myself a nice rum drink to console my ego... Lol

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