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  1. Great race to watch near the Zoo road. I park at the intersection of Morelia road and the Laguna Salada intersection. Cooler of beer, lawn chairs, nuff said. https://score-raceinfo.com/37th-san-felipe-250-march-20-24-2024/
  2. Great vistas and scenery! Pardon my ignorance, Utah?
  3. Sounds like fun. Is it too late to reserve a camping/parking spot? I'm assuming haul bikes out on another vehicle. Thanks.
  4. bajadog

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Thanks all for putting this class on @shutterrev & @KTMrad . If I don't have to go to our Fullerton location that day I'd like to attend. Will know more after this Thursday meeting. Is parking going to be an issue?
  5. Classic! Thanks for posting.😎
  6. Wow rip to the tip of SA. I take it you are retired Randy? I rode down to Panama a few years back on my XT600 with several other thumpers. What a great and yet scary trip (cage drivers)!
  7. bajadog

    Maybe for you braver folks!

    Very cool zero emission drag car.
  8. bajadog

    Upcoming SDAR meeting 6/13/2017

    I am glad you asked, as I was wondering as well.
  9. Looks like nice weather. Is there a gate and guard at the Hwy 5 to Alfonsina's drive way/road now?
  10. Cheers and welcome. I started riding on a Honda as well, a 1970 CT70. Back when I grew up Fiesta Island was all trails, mud and cat tails. Great place to learn.
  11. http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/t/motorcycles/fatalityfacts/motorcycles
  12. bajadog

    NO Flaming & Trolling

    The flaming photo. ROTFLMAO. Nice explanation @Afry
  13. bajadog

    NO Flaming & Trolling

    Glad to see this rule in writing, and actually I never knew the difference between flaming/trolling.
  14. bajadog

    Not new but I am back

    Dang that's a hell of a crash. I've had all the same injuries except the spleen.
  15. Sounds like fun. Are you doing hotels or carrying camping gear? I ask because I don't have paniers yet.

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