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  1. Thanks @beniflas my 390 ADV manual says 15W-50. I've been using Mobil 1 15W-50 before reading on Bob's the Oil Guy that Motul is ester based (more pure I guess).
  2. Thanks all. Great price on ebay @SANRider !!!!👍
  3. Cheers all, Has anyone used Motul 7100 4T 15W-50 or other weights of this ester base engine oil? It's not cheap but 2 quarts per change isn't so bad if it's great oil. https://shopmotul.com/product/7100-4t-15w-50
  4. bajadog

    New (old) trailer fix

    Just in case (I'm not associated), this shop is really talked about on KTMTalk for RFS engines. CTracing
  5. bajadog

    Talaria at McCain

    Nice ride. How accurate has the power level gauge been? I ask because I am thinking of getting something similar and would hate to get stranded 10 miles from my truck.
  6. Brutal. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cd13vgg720jo
  7. Nice ride! Can't beat those Dulzura Cafe tacos.
  8. Great report and photos.👍 Amazing that black SUV didn't roll off that embankment!
  9. bajadog

    Huge Thanks to tntmo

    WOW! That's quite a rear tire on the beemer.
  10. Great race to watch near the Zoo road. I park at the intersection of Morelia road and the Laguna Salada intersection. Cooler of beer, lawn chairs, nuff said. https://score-raceinfo.com/37th-san-felipe-250-march-20-24-2024/
  11. Great vistas and scenery! Pardon my ignorance, Utah?
  12. Sounds like fun. Is it too late to reserve a camping/parking spot? I'm assuming haul bikes out on another vehicle. Thanks.
  13. bajadog

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Thanks all for putting this class on @shutterrev & @KTMrad . If I don't have to go to our Fullerton location that day I'd like to attend. Will know more after this Thursday meeting. Is parking going to be an issue?
  14. Classic! Thanks for posting.😎
  15. Wow rip to the tip of SA. I take it you are retired Randy? I rode down to Panama a few years back on my XT600 with several other thumpers. What a great and yet scary trip (cage drivers)!

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