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  1. Wow rip to the tip of SA. I take it you are retired Randy? I rode down to Panama a few years back on my XT600 with several other thumpers. What a great and yet scary trip (cage drivers)!
  2. bajadog

    Maybe for you braver folks!

    Very cool zero emission drag car.
  3. bajadog

    Upcoming SDAR meeting 6/13/2017

    I am glad you asked, as I was wondering as well.
  4. Looks like nice weather. Is there a gate and guard at the Hwy 5 to Alfonsina's drive way/road now?
  5. Cheers and welcome. I started riding on a Honda as well, a 1970 CT70. Back when I grew up Fiesta Island was all trails, mud and cat tails. Great place to learn.
  6. http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/t/motorcycles/fatalityfacts/motorcycles
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    NO Flaming & Trolling

    The flaming photo. ROTFLMAO. Nice explanation @Afry
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    NO Flaming & Trolling

    Glad to see this rule in writing, and actually I never knew the difference between flaming/trolling.
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    Not new but I am back

    Dang that's a hell of a crash. I've had all the same injuries except the spleen.
  10. Sounds like fun. Are you doing hotels or carrying camping gear? I ask because I don't have paniers yet.
  11. Any help still required? I see a lot of volunteers here.
  12. Didn't this just happend in January?
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    What happened to all the posts?

    Wow I still remember the server crash of '06.
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    SDAR club meeting 10-18-2016

    It was great meeting all of you folks. Dan, Zubb, ADV Bum, Wintyfresh, also Keith from D37. I ended up having to unlock the house for my daughter, as she took the only set of car keys with no house keys on them. Let me know if anyone is down for a street, dirt or dual sport ride next few months, I have to use up a lot of vacation days before Jan 2017. Marco
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    SDAR club meeting 10-18-2016

    Westfield Mission Valley, 1640 Camino Del Rio N #1376, San Diego, CA 92108
  16. Sounds like a good ride. I'd like to run it. Have a friend with a KLR650 might come too.
  17. Thanks. They almost had me ready to cut on, but after hearing all the bad back surgery stories.
  18. I had a nasty wipe out coming back from Gonzaga about 6 years back. Endo over the bars after hitting a huge rock I did not see in the afternoon sun. Ended up with 4 ruptured disks (3 lumbar 1 cervical). After a lot of treatments and pain, I am able to ride again (not as fast or as long). This fall I want to do a few Baja rides. The old standard Veronicas to Mikes for starters. Anyone planning a ride before it gets too cold up there let me know. Thanks, Marco
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    Free Obama Phone

    It would be easier on my eyes if she wore a burqa...
  20. Hi Folks, Been a while since I was on this site. Just wanted to warn you that the last weekend in April is the Norra Mexican 1000 Rally. Starts April 28 - May 2. Mexicali - BOLA - Loreto - La Paz. It will be very crowded down there. http://norra.org/
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    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good GPS unitfor dual sporting.I understand Garmin is pretty well known.Is Magellan any good?My hope is to find one that is < $300, handle bar mountable, has Mexico topo mapsavailable for it.Anyone have any suggestions?Thanks.
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    Our BBQ

    Sorry guys!I extended my Alaska trip, and did not get back till Monday night.The cohos (silvers) started up the Kenai river!There is A LOT of single track riding on the Kenai pennisula!Looks like you have great shindig.
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    bike computer

    I haven't found a wireless unit that can handle dirt. They make wireless street magnetic sensors. I use a trail tech computer, and I did crash with it. Trail Tech