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  1. I've been lurking in the background. Lots of life's little distractions been keeping me busy and off the dirt bikes for the last year and a half or so. Just now getting back to it.
  2. Great photos. Sounds like an epic ride. Making me jealous too. Glad to see you got out in time before the close down here. I'm heading to Colorado next week so hope they don't close down there.
  3. mctrails

    The Silence

  4. mctrails

    Midweek ride

    Thanks for the great ride today guys. Going to try and insert my video here. Short clips along the route. https://youtu.be/7uEe4PyKIVE
  5. mctrails

    Midweek ride

    This sounds good. I'll see you at the Cafe in the morning. Not far from my house. Taking the big Super Adventure and I've ridden it on all those roads so should be fun.
  6. mctrails

    Midweek ride

    Is this on Wednesday, 1-6-2021?
  7. It was great to be back riding with others. Good to see and ride with Mimi again and to meet Mike. Thanks for the ride you two! Conditions were awesome and it was another epic ride at McCain. Meeting the big group in the gully was interesting. Mimi went to the right of the rock and then the leader of the other group popped up over the rock from the other side. A saw the top of a helmet coming behind him but then it disappeared and I saw the bush behind the rock shaking. I knew it would not be good for the kid. He was OK and a couple of the adults extracted his bike from the bush and everyone went on their way.
  8. That is great news! I was talking to a FS person a couple of weeks ago and she said Corral would not be open until Oct 2021 because of the fire damage. I'm glad they got it opened now.
  9. Nice report, Mimi! Enjoyed the video too. I need to get out there soon. I hope the cooler weather sticks around for a while.
  10. Fuel line, fittings and filters for Bagstr's KTM. Important because wont run without them. Looks like upgraded parts to replace original ones. What do I win?
  11. So, stay at home means go riding? I don't get it???
  12. mctrails

    Cheap/Light MotoJack for trail side repairs....

    For 3/4" PVC pipe schedule 40 wall thickness is .113", schedule 80 is .154" and schedule 120 is .170" thick. Therefore schdule 80 is thicker walled than sch 40 and sch 120 is thickest meaning strongest (will hold most weight.)
  13. Nice report! Wish I knew you guys were there. I've been in Durango for the last two weeks and rode a couple of times with a friend who moved to Cortez a couple of years ago. We rode Boggy Draw last week (very easy trails) and did part of the Morrison trail and Aspen Loop Trail on this past Tuesday. I also did a couple of rides on my Super Adventure (mostly highway and forest roads.) . Leaving for home tomorrow.
  14. mctrails

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Hey Chris, Glad to hear you are home and healing up. Take it easy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Alan
  15. mctrails

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    I will be there.