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  1. mctrails


    Sorry to hear about your crash. Best wishes for a fast and full recovery.
  2. mctrails

    iPhones for the win!

    Congratulations, Zubb! Great photo.
  3. I'm going to the SDORC meeting in a few minutes. Ed asked me to attend and discuss the event with those folks. I'll see you folks next Wednesday at Kaminski's.
  4. mctrails

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    I'm in for the meeting next Monday. I think we need to consider this event may not happen without serious commitment from enough folks to pull it off. With as little activity the site seems to be generating I think it will be difficult to drum up enough support to run an event like this. If in fact the FB page is where the majority of activity is then that is going to be the future of the "group". I would hate to see the site go down as I do not and will not participate on FB.
  5. mctrails

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    Sounds like a good idea. Let's keep it as simple as possible. These things take a lot of planning and help to make them happen. I will help if we get enough volunteers to do it right. Let's do this!
  6. Yeah, it would have been nice if a few more had helped............
  7. Bump! Tomorrow is trail day maintenance at Corral. Hope to see some folks from here show up and help maintain our trails. Show up if you can. Thanks for your cooperation!
  8. Going to Corral to survey trails for the upcoming clean-up day. I will be staging at Bobcat campground around 9 am for anyone interested in joining. This is NOT a noob ride as I plan on riding some of the more difficult trails.
  9. Another thing to check out next week. I'll be going out on Wednesday (11/3) to do trail survey for the Clean Up day on Nov 6.
  10. Sounds good. Count me in. I think we probably can do whatever we want there as long as it helps improve the area. I'm in for brush trimming on any trail that needs it. Will have to try and get out there before then to survey some trails. Maybe next Wednesday will be my survey if anyone is interested.
  11. mctrails

    Tech Day October 23rd

    Dave, thanks again for hosting. It was good to meet with some of the SDAR folks again. We need to get out and ride more!
  12. I've been lurking in the background. Lots of life's little distractions been keeping me busy and off the dirt bikes for the last year and a half or so. Just now getting back to it.
  13. Great photos. Sounds like an epic ride. Making me jealous too. Glad to see you got out in time before the close down here. I'm heading to Colorado next week so hope they don't close down there.
  14. mctrails

    The Silence