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  1. Nice report! Wish I knew you guys were there. I've been in Durango for the last two weeks and rode a couple of times with a friend who moved to Cortez a couple of years ago. We rode Boggy Draw last week (very easy trails) and did part of the Morrison trail and Aspen Loop Trail on this past Tuesday. I also did a couple of rides on my Super Adventure (mostly highway and forest roads.) . Leaving for home tomorrow.
  2. mctrails

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Hey Chris, Glad to hear you are home and healing up. Take it easy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Alan
  3. mctrails

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    I will be there.
  4. mctrails

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    I would like a Large one in brown. They look good. Thanks!
  5. Sorry to hear it's cancelled. Thanks for setting it up, Mike, and for all the work you do for SDAR! A suggestion for the future would be to schedule these trail work days earlier in the spring, later in the fall or in the winter when the temperatures are cooler. As it is starting to heat up now it will probably be pretty warm or hot next weekend. And yes, we need to get more folks involved in the trails maintenance. Come on you guys!
  6. Interested, will most likely make it. Haven't been out there in a while.
  7. We are getting back into desert camping and riding again after a brief hiatus. Planning to go out this weekend to Ocotillo Wells or ??? and wondering if anyone else is going and might have room in their camp for another couple. All of our old camping group are either not going anymore or have moved away and we are looking for a new group to hookup with. If you are going and don't mind us joining in let me know of your plans and maybe we can join you. I ride 2013 Husky TE 310 or KTM 200 and my wife rides a Honda quad plus we have a small dog we will be bringing. Thanks and Happy Trails! -Alan
  8. They were all big bikes (500s + one 350 I think) except for mine (310). I was still able to keep up with them despite the CC handicap; well except on the highway where my close ratio gearbox put me at a disadvantage. All said, a great day out in the desert. I miss these rides being a working stiff again. Thanks for the ride, Bagstr
  9. I'm off work this week and might actually be able to make this one.
  10. mctrails

    GP Motorcycles Grand Re-Opening 12/1

    I picked up my new helmet today and am happy to report they made the 20% off deal good on my purchase of the helmet and Sena. I asked and they immediately took care of it and were sorry for the problem. In fact they wanted to refund me too much money until I called it to their attention. This place IS the REAL DEAL!
  11. mctrails

    GP Motorcycles Grand Re-Opening 12/1

    I was there. Saw PMB there. Place looks nice. I was looking at helmets when one of the employees said they were having a 20% off deal. So I decided to buy one (Shoei Neotec 2) and a Sena Bluetooth system design to integrate in to the Shoei. Been thinking about it for a while so decided to go for the discount. Later at home I looked at the receipt and noticed the Shoei was 15% off and Sena was only 10% off. I was disappointed. Seems like a bait a switch deal to me. Is that the "real deal"?
  12. I'm in. Haven't been there for a while but am sure there is a lot to do. The single track can always use trimming. SDAR adopted trails can always use help. I'm hopeful we can get a good turn out from SDAR. See you there!
  13. Hmmm, you best not admit on a public forum that you have 2 girlfriends in the garage. Just sayin'
  14. mctrails

    Veys Powersports

    Something like this: You are right about the origination. Then (early 2000's) Robert Rosenberg bought Vey's and moved it to Lakeside for a while. In 2001 Quinsey Kawasaki in El Cajon bought out Lemon Grove Motorcycles and they became Quinsey Powersports (El Cajon and Lemon Grove locations). In 2009 Robert bought out Quinsey Powersports and moved the Lakeside store to the El Cajon location. A couple of years ago the El Cajon store moved to the current location.
  15. That is awesome stuff. You are a lucky guy. Is that a single track in the last photo?