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Fantastic ride on Saturday- so much fun our group bailed Sunday morning, tired but very happy.

A big thanks to Crawdaddy and Strega for the organization. I may have more images later, but the one we've all been waiting for is below. PLEASE use this image for your personal purposes- email, Facebook, etc. If you'd like a hi-res version suitable for making prints, I can either sent it to you (just PM) or I'll post it on Shutterfly so you can order it directly.

Had a blast!


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Colors turned out amazing on those shots.

the scenery was amazing, sadly I had my camera taking a picture every 30 seconds and found out after 480 pictures the battery dies which means it died at breakfast. I really wish I had saved the picture taking for the red rocks and over the rocky gap and mountain spring area, simply amazing.

We had some morning confusion on riding group meet ups because there are not one but 2 Chevron stations one on each side of the Freeway. I ended up hooking up with blind_in_1_ear and it just being the two of us turned out great and we rode the whole thing which we were both very proud of.

Also besides each having a stopped bike drop neither mike or I went down, got hurt, or broke our bikes

I was totally wiped out when we got back and even went into a bit of a diabetic crash I think. I was dumb and didnt carry my camelbak so wasnt drinking throughout the day just when I grabbed a bottle out of my bag and I didn't eat any cliffbars or similar stuff post Bonnie springs breakfast.

I'll post up the choice pictures that turned out well or make another slideshow video out of what I have soon. But right now I need to watch the Chargers cream the Jets.

Was great meeting so many people I had not met before and our girl bike contingent had a whole 4 or 5 riders :rolleyes: Jaynen, JimRobinette, dmulk, Crawdaddy, and Trailtrick

If you did not ride the pass you need to go back there when whether is clear. I want to go again!

Edit: My camera was pointed a little low and I could not decide on any music so youll have to play some of your own in the background. Video slideshow is uploading now

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Just for the record, I think I might have been the only rider to actually stop and go into the Red Rock Canyon Visitor's Center. At least no one else there was dressed like me. :rolleyes:

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BIG thanks to our organizers! Great variety of terrain on Saturday. Variety of things 'tween Sat eve & Sun AM led to our truckpool heading south early in the morning.

Lesson: Even tho you've rehearsed in your mind not to change the throttle at all while on ice, your instinct may take over. If it does, you will complete an ice dancing manuever on your bike and land on your back.

(it's hard to pick up your bike while standing on ice)

Great, Fantastic, Scenic ride. It was worth the drive just to ride Saturday. My quads hurt from about 80 miles of standing (my choice). Joliet & Fakey were drinkin' martinis while seated.

Some random pics.









Bonnie Springs



Coming into Red Rock Canyon







There are plenty of stories but I'll let the folks who experienced them post 'em. There were some icy sections that were a little tricky. I especially didn't like the 75 foot long mild downhill with large pointed rocks poppin' up thru the ice. All I could think of was "if ur sliding toward one of those, throw yourself on the ground before you hit it."

Joliet & I were models (currently unemployed) for FN's impromtu photo shoot. I'd like to see those shots..(Hint)

Great trip, outstanding people, all good.

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A big thanks to Crawdaddy and Strega for the organization. I may have more images later, but the one we've all been waiting for is below.

This is a certain someone explaining to us that we were required to make love to the camera...


Ya'll can decide who followed instructions. :rolleyes:

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Here is a shot of Trophyhunter and Fakename.






Some how we did not stop in red rock canyon to take any pics, however we did manage to stop at this scenic area instead :rolleyes:;) .


Thanks to Chris and Roger for doing a ton of work, prepping for this ride, it was great. Thanks to Fakey and the other Ken for letting me tag along and for not making me wear the radio they were kind enough to provide. Perfect pace, great company. I apologize if I rode like Bikeslut at any time during the ride ;) . :) Ken

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The view as seen from the Bagstr


Terribles Primm Casinos


Southern Plateau - A Heathy Desert Forest!


Wheel Trueing 101 courtesy of Javier


No 0ne gets left behind


In the begining, there is the horizon


SDAR Does Vegas


Tube Changing 210


Javier and Chris discuss the fine points of Ice Climbing


Bonnie Springs, Don't rest too long!


Red Rock Canyon


Hey Johnnybags, Thanks for the Beer in the trailer Sunday. How convenient on our return!


Drop at the Mine, Oh my!


The Quartz Trail



Heaven found headed toward the Stone House



Thanks Guys

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Joliet & I were models (currently unemployed) for FN's impromtu photo shoot. I'd like to see those shots..(Hint)

Ok, here it is- I wanted to try a couple test shots on my still camera in video mode with a certain wide-angle attachment. So this is both very rough and very short (12 seconds). Filmmaking is a tedious PITA- lots of setup and time for a very short section. But if you look carefully, most current films are made this way- a mosaic of short clips. That's why my eye glaze over at most helmet cam footage. Anyway, I wanted to put together a short sequence, and here it is:


Turn up the sound before you press play, because you won't have time- the clip will be over.

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Fantastic ride on a fantastic weekend! Thanks to Crawdaddy, Strega and everyone else who helped put this together. The scenery was beautiful, the rides were awesome and the company was even better. For those of you who haven't rolled through that area, I would highly suggest grabbing the tracks and taking a mini-vacation at luxurious Whiskey Petes. (OK, Pete's is a dive but the riding and scenery are 5 stars ;) )

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Looks like a great ride.....hats off to Strega and Crawdaddy for organizing it.

Hey Strega......bad Roger, you're not looking at the camera in the group photo ! ;)

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Hey Strega......bad Roger, you're not looking at the camera in the group photo ! ;)

The sad part is I am...that's how bad my vision is right now. =\

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Hey Strega......bad Roger, you're not looking at the camera in the group photo ! ;)

The sad part is I am...that's how bad my vision is right now. =\

Damn........how was it riding with bad vision ?

What was the total count, about 30 riders ?

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It was ok as long as I had a rider infront of me as a reference, which made things easier.

I think the total count was 37 riders. There are people missing from the pic due to issues with bikes, etc.

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Strega and I drove out on Thursday night and met up with DMulk, N2TM, TLKing6, Zoot and Greg on Friday morning…….we rode some of the planned Sat track in reverse so I could mark a few turns with chalk and/or rock cairns and check conditions…….


It had rained on Wed so the soil conditions around Primm/Spring Mountains were excellent (damp soil)……the Wed weather also created an “Adventure” setting over at Red Rock Canyon on either side of the summit between ~5500’ and ~6500’……I was leading the ride up the canyon on Friday, came around a turn, and lost the rear end in a flash when I discovered what appeared to be slush was actually ice…..after shaking off that spill, and re-calibrating the mindset, we headed up through the washout to the summit……I made it through the washout and up the to the summit without falling (again) but there were several “fishtail moments” along the way……unfortunately N2TM’s bike landed on the inside of his knee in that stretch so that knocked him out for the weekend (hope the knee is healing Todd)……likewise, TLKing6 was looking over his bike at the summit commenting about losing some coolant when the bike was upside down (what? ….I’m sure there’s a story to be told about Tracy’s ice capades)……

Once we finished with the "slip and slide" routine going down the switchbacks on the other side of the summit, we dropped down into Red Rock Canyon….I pulled the crew over at a few scenic lookouts to absorb the views/snap some photos (as usual, I was too lazy to bring a camera since I knew others would be snap happy with theirs)……once through the canyon we stopped off at Bonnie Springs for lunch (and so I could remind them that a large Dualsport contingent would be stopping by for breakfast on Sat morning)….then we gassed up and flew back to Primm to await the arrival of the “weekend crowd’….

We met up with several folks at the bar on Friday evening and answered a few questions…….also de-iced some concerns……and settled in for the ride the next day…..

I was flattered that so many folks jumped on the band wagon and came out for the ride…….I think we had 29 bikes at Bonnie Springs on Saturday morning and I know a few folks were MIA for the group photo (I think we wound up with something like 35+ riders overall)…..well done!.......

The morning temps on Sat were not THAT bad……especially since the opening ride through Stateline wash warmed some folks up as they worked their way through the gravel/wash…..likewise, we were fortunate that the snow/ice at the top of Red Rock Canyon wasn’t quite as nasty on Saturday…… sounded like folks made it through without any major incidents which was a relief……the Mtn Springs section of the track between Lovell Canyon Rd. and the Mtn Springs Saloon is a personal favorite and ALWAYS a blast in either direction……I know the last downhill by the mine was a bit challenging for some…….especially after riding all day……but I wanted to bring folks back to Primm on a different track each day…..thanks for being good sports......

Unfortunately Strega wasn’t able to answer the bell on Sunday due to a nasty fall on Sat which injured his shoulder…….Zoot and I headed out around 6:50am so we’d be back in time for the opening kick-off of the Chargers/Jets game…….I was bummed that so many folks opted to pass on Sunday’s ride but hey, if you’re happy/I’m happy……..we had a great ride on Sunday……and NO ONE was making fun of my elephant ear hand guards on Sunday morning…….it was COLD……I think Zoot got the feeling back in his hands about the time we reached the Mine/detour off Ivanpah Rd……nifty little side trip up to the mine………you could drive a truck into it…….

Here’s a cell phone photo looking out of the mine:


After leaving the mine we headed down Ivanpah (one of the smoothest dirt roads you’ll ever ride) to the diagonal cut-off I threw in the track file over to Mojave Rd….......Mojave Rd is always a blast (provided you dodge the Joshua Trees reaching out for your mirrors/hands)…….minimal tracks on Mojave Rd. and minimal whoops east of Cima Kelso Rd……sweet…....we stopped and bs’d a few times with the other early Sunday morning twosome of Matt and Andrew (can’t remember screen names) …….and we could see their dust trail as we dropped down to Cima Kelso Rd…….we opted to sit there a bit, drink some water/eat some jerky/rest before tackling the whoops between Cima Kelso Rd. and Marl Springs……passed through a few jeeps in that stretch that were very courteous and pulled right over for us…….then up and over the hill and loving the jumps on the way down to the mailbox…….that’s probably one of my favorite stretches of Mojave Rd……FUN!......

Zoot snapped my photo by the Mailbox with my cell phone:


Minimal whoops after the mailbox on our way over to Aiken Mine Rd……..smooth/fast/fun……..then we turned north towards the Lava Tubes……I snapped a couple of cell phone pics of Zoot (Ted) down in the tubes:



Once we left the Lava Tubes we headed off down the track on a mixture of volcanic rock and relatively smooth sand two track to the Shell Station for lunch/gas…….then up and over the Rocky pass, down along Green mine and Coliseum mine, and back across to Primm via an OHV trail……we managed to walk back into the SDAR “party suite” just in time for the opening kick-off of a disappointing Charger’s game…..

Thanks again to all who helped us coordinate this group ride…..Sneeker’s maps were very slick, TLKing6 set us up royally in the party suite and the buffet deal was just that – a deal, Fakename snapped another great group pic……the list goes on and on……thanks again to all who helped/attended......let's see those photos!!!

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Thanks Chris, we all appreciate the work you and Roger put into this ride. It was well worth it for us (although I was cursing the soft gravel when we first took off out of Primm, this was when you stopped and commented about the 30 year old air I was releasing, at least it was cleaner than today's air). Right before the gas stop I took the alt route and ended up riding for a while with some local guys from Vegas. I eventually caught up with Bagster and group at the filling station. Red Rock Canyon was terrific and I stopped in the visitor's Center and explored the Canyon area a while by myself before continuing over the Pass. I got stuck behind a slow Jeep caravan on the climb for quite a while but they eventually let me pass. Sorry we could not stay for Sunday.

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Many Many Thanks to Crawdaddy and Strega, You guys Rock...and to Tracy for the room discount.....what a fantastic weekend..Great Riding, Great fellowship....amazing 276 miles logged for me...Not even sore either.....I will make a separate post on some valuable lessons learned that could perhaps benefit some other newbs.....

DAY 1: Later than desired start..didn't know there were 2 chevrons!.one on each side of freeway....so Lost all my group but friend John....prior to that couldn't locate gps bracket SO gps IN POCKET, not convenient when riding.... so Warm up on some deep gravel and sharp rocks....OK, now we're doing alright!....BUT on first leg had mechanical issues - 5 front spokes hanging by one end, almost lost/broken..thus front tire also "wobbling".enough to rub on shocks...tough to notice perhaps earlier in the deep gravel that "wobbled" the bike pretty good anyway........(lucky/blessed moment for me that this happened JUST before a stop and on the dirt....didn't even cause a crash.... as could have been VERY or DEADLY serious on the 60 mph road section a few minutes later ;) !)....Big thanks to Javier for his expertise and being able to true the tire pretty well out on the trail....or my ride may have been over...OK we're on track again ;) ...THEN an hour later, coolant hose sliced, no doubt by one of those flying sharp rocks there were lots of....repair 2. :( ..again, lucky it was near the bottom end and trimmable....SO after all that, myself and John missed the group photo by only 20 minutes....But we pressed on, behind on a decent schedule by 90 minutes or more, we enjoyed a quiet breakfast alone (sorry I missed the Bonnie springs party)....we then decided to enjoy Red Rock Canyon in its entirety but cut out the Ice portion of day 1 so as to not get caught after dark, groping though the mountanous desert ....((actually GLAD about that decision after hearing of all the carnage on the ICE.))....Ok that I don't have "tabogganing" down as a dirt bike skill...where are all the pics of that?? I plan to go back and do that portion when the snow melts..

DAY 2: On Sunday morning, we and I think a bit more than HALF the original 35+ total riders were ready or able to ride (Charger Game, Illness, Ice Carnage? or whatever).....Sorry to say, but those who missed day 2 REALLY missed out....so Go Back!...It was Awesome....The Mojave road made you feel a part of history, prior to that, the cholla garden was "exciting" (about 4' wide narrow road, deep sand, THICK cactus, yucca and joshua trees on both sides, overhanging that narrow sandy road....I kept thinking "don't crash, don't crash, don't crash" or it will REALLY HURT....and I didn't :) ) ...Mojave National preserve is pristine high desert & mountains and green....Cima dome and Joshua tree forest very cool..."Like Rocks" portion challenging but spectacular......and NO Mechanical issues today.... :)

I got some great experience and great photos and actually only dumped the bike once all weekend....(not even on a bad section either)...

Here is link to pics. (82 in all, I do like to take pics of rides...should have had John take some of me, but I was photographer)....Great, Great Time....thanks again.


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Yes thanks again everyone for making it such a memorable trip for all. The planning this year was even better than last years X-plane ride simply an amazing experience.

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Thanks again to everyone, great ride. We had lots o fun and saw some cool sites. Hats off to C-daddy and the others for taking the time and energy to share with us, yeh it's a huge amount of work to put together tracks, etc. etc., and we thank you. Sure wished I could get one of those cool hats he was wearing? Cheers, Captcham

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Hi everyone --Thanks for a great weekend.

Jim Robinette asked me to be his mentor because he never rode a Dual Sport Ride before. I assured him that it would be easy and just to ride his own pace. He was all prepared ,all new gear and a shiny new bike.

After the first section he said that he never rode in rocks before. He does not have any at his training ground ( The Superstition's ) He was all worried that he was holding us up but he was doing good.

Well that changed when he hit the ice. They don,t have any stinking ice in El Centro ( only in bags at the grocery store ) He survived -got pooped out- recovered and tackled the rest of the ride.

He was bumbed out that he held us up but but it was a nice break for us . :) I assured him that 90 % of so called riders never tackle any thing this adventure some. Good Job Jim !!!

Some pics.




Not a Happy Camper


Inspecting those rocks


I did it and I will be back for more !!


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Can’t thank Chris and Roger enough for all the work they put into this ride. Also thanks to Tracy’s wife for getting a deal on the room and food. The whole weekend was a total blast.

Started out with Bagsters group but early on split off with Sean and Zina. We were a tight group and rode well together. Our biggest problem was a flat tire I got in the lava fields. Like a NASCAR pit crew the 3 of us worked together and we were back on the trail fairly quick.

I really liked the “Land of Ice and Snow” because it was different from what I normally ride but I had the most fun on Sundays loop (cool half pipe). Those who didn’t ride Sunday really missed out.


Link to Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/Adventuredude8...318463453470562

And a few sample photos below









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