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    I pretty much love anything that involves a new adventure, getting out there, exploring..especially wide open spaces...Riding has brought a whole new dimension to this. Also love camping, backpacking, kayaking, traveling...Love maps for that reason: A Map represents Places to Go and Things to explore and this passion is also the Biggest reason I became a land surveyor.
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  1. dsfox

    HBD KKug - No Way, another Birthday

    Happy birthday Ken... You are one of the 'youngest' fittest 'Older' Guys I know, hope your day is great!!!
  2. dsfox

    Checking in

    hi erik, a few of us will be riding, camping at butterfield ranch/ amza borrego desert state park..weekend of Nov 30... few of us will do a leisurely ride, nothing crazy technical saturday Dec 1.. start 930 ish...... call me or just come on out... 8583950258
  3. I'll see you wed. and work out what you need. Deb. I'd like to try to help somewhere. But I can't spend the whole weekend out there (I'm out of town Feb 9- 19 at least, and may need to go to Boston to get Mom that week also) Crazy Busy month.
  4. im planning on it ( unless work intwrferes)
  5. dsfox

    Water tank

    hey there, I will ask at work...my water resources department relines old pipelines....perhaps they will know someone.....d
  6. ive been working tons of ot.. and have family in town...so ill stop by but cant stay for 8 pm portion.... as i shared on first volunteer sign up forum...i can do the usual.... help with volunteer dinner stuff /help shop/set up,/cook friday night and i can do gps sunday am....see you at 6!
  7. OK, Here we go again...they change a few words, but this bill is essentially the same: the State is once again PUSHING to get this blanket regulation in place, giving them the POWER to prohibit ALL off trail use in State Reserves (this includes a large portion of our Anza Borrego Desert State Park and could limit camping 'off trail', which limits out of campground camping out there....they may 'not' close it, but this ruling gives them the future power to do so.... COMMENT PERIOD NOW TIL JAN 18 (I think no coincidence they do this over holiday time, when we are all pre-occupied) and may NOT get involved... We need to STOP the state from this Blanket Power....on our public lands....see below, PLEASE EMAIL COMMENTS regarding our opposition to More over regulation and possible closures. THANKS.... TEXT FROM STATE: Dear Interested Party: The California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has initiated a second public comment period for the draft California Code of Regulation regarding off-trail restrictions in preserves and reserves within the state park system. This proposed regulation was included in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published on April 8, 2016. Amendments have been made to the draft regulations based on comments received. The amended regulation is attached and also available on the DPR website at www.parks.ca.gov/trails. In summary, amendments were made to proposed Section 4325, Title 14, Chapter 1 to clarify where the regulation will apply and the manner by which the Department will designate areas of Natural Preserves, Cultural Preserves, State Cultural Reserves, or State Natural Reserves open for off trail use. Any interested person or their authorized representative may submit written comments relevant to the proposed regulatory action to DPR by email to trails@parks.ca.gov. Comments may also be submitted by facsimile (FAX) at (916) 324-0301 or by mail to: Lisa Mangat, Director California Department of Parks and Recreation P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 94296 The comment period closes at 5 pm on Wednesday, January 18, 2017. DPR will consider only comments received at DPR offices by that time. Inquiries may be made at trails@parks.ca.gov or by phone at (916) 324-0423.
  8. bummer..just saw this (21st)..wish it was this weekend the 26th...happy travels randy!
  9. Nice Zubb, I haven't met you yet (I don't think?) but I'll see you in Utah!...It's a big event this year....group photo at 8:30 am Saturday morning...cell service sucks up there, but I'm sure we will meet...(not too many lady riders, so introduce yourself). My friend Jacqui will be there, and camping in the trees, (I'll be a bit south in a big cabin house but will hang around camp too)... ps: I hate returning on sundays, but I need to this year because I'll be up in Utah/AZ strip for a full12 days and need to get back..you may consider an alternate to 15 south on sunday? [on Sundays, I have vowed to never drive on the 15 through vegas and Barstow...so I ALWAYS take the long way around (15 is a parking lot on sundays)....take the 95 south through Searchlight and the desert, Amboy, drop down the 62 to the 10 etc.....I go way out of my way to keep moving and not sit in traffic....sure it adds some time, but not really with the traffic...]
  10. hey mike, its a looong drive for a short weekend...from san diego the average is 8-9 hours....the resort is EAST of zion national park. (personally id only do long trips like that if i can make it a 4 day weekend)...would love to have you...im splitting a big cabin with 8 people this year but lots if guys tent....you could get SMALL trailers up into the group area in the trees. call me if you want to chat about it...cheers, deb
  11. I didnt see a link to this, so here it is...Ive attented all 5 previous events in southern Utah...all epic!!! Great Dual sport event OCT 13-16. all bike sizes, all skill levels, affordable camping in the trees ($10/night) with our 'Flying Monkey' group at ZION PONDEROSA RESORT (800) 293-5444 . Nice resort with pools, Jacuzzis, showers, restaurant makes this an easy event. (just E of Zion Nat Park) various ride groups and options...fall colors on the plateaus of the Dixie Natl Forest https://www.facebook.com/events/1126542544042858/?ti=cl check it out and join us...pm me if you want more Info, dsfox
  12. Happy to help out Mike!...do we have dates yet? (sorry if i missed that) post when available. ...im also happy to help with the 'PRE work'.....my vote is 1. Add online registration, most rides have this and most riiders WANT this! then all rider I found is easily accessible, paid for and available to print...worth a few bucks per rider 2. get routes run , tracks made, maps and packet info printed ahead of time 3. stuff packets the week or 2 before, (i volunteer or lets have a 'packet party' ill host it ) 4. show up friday, and enjoy volunteer dinner and fellowship/ no rush, no stress...everything ready the week before....5. open registration promply Friday 6-8, so riders can also enjoy their 'pre'ride' evening....my $ 0.02...let us know what you need...we are here for you

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