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  1. You had me mystified, "I've never heard of Fraeser national park". Frazier Park. I know where that is. I am going to be up at Cerro Noroeste on Wednesday/Thursday.
  2. Craigs List ad here: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/d/carlsbad-2011-ktm-250-xc/7133102565.html I am totally guessing at it's value, we'll see soon how that goes. Less for a SDAR member, say $2500. Not mentioned in the ad is that I have the lights for it, but I hacked up the headlight to put an LED lamp in it, which was great when it was working, and I have a later rear fender on it, so the rear light/fender extension doesn't fit properly. I still have the original fender, plus most of the original parts. But not the seat, for some reason, although I have another seat.
  3. isde97

    What's Open?

    I was out yesterday and the staging area and campgrounds are open. I have never seen a ranger out there, but I tend to go on weekdays.
  4. isde97

    2016 KX100 FS

    It did, the buyer was pretty stoked after he took a quick spin "to see how it runs." I can start thinking about a new dirt bike....
  5. isde97

    2016 KX100 FS

    All- I bought this bike in the middle of 2018 for my son, who promptly grew 6 inches. We have only put about 16 hours on it, and it looked to have about that many on it when we got it. I was hoping my daughter would develop an interest in riding it and have a reason to keep it, but that isn't happening. It has just been sitting for the last year and should go to someone who will ride it. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/d/carlsbad-2016-kawasaki-kx100/7081083574.html Naturally, I will work with a SDAR member. M
  6. isde97

    Phone based gps help!

    Yes, so long as you have wifi you are good. You need to be able to plan far enough in advance to download maps in advance. I don't think having an unlocked phone is a prerequisite. I just got an AT&T phone (boo, I will get to that), because that was what was available at the time. Something I have not seen mentioned in this thread and maybe not here are Avenza Maps. I think it is free, and has quite a bit of support. At first I thought it was dumb, it is just like looking at a PDF on your phone. I then figured out it actually shows your location on the map. So, for instance, it is like having a view of the Cleveland National Forest MVUM and it shows your location. I have used it at Corral Canyon, Los Padres (Mt Pinos and Ballinger Canyon), and Kennedy Meadows. I had never been to Kennedy Meadows before last September and it sure was nice to navigate around and know where you were. Thinking about it now, I could probably add the phone to our Family plan for near free. I am a long term AT&T customer strictly out of laziness, and keep wanting to look into something else. I suspect that a pay as you go plan would be a lot cheaper. I suspect issues I have with the phone are a result of AT&T implementation.
  7. isde97

    Phone based gps help!

    I do my route planning in G-maps or one if its relatives, save as .gpx and just open from wherever I saved it (usually google drive). I would imagine I could just open up a file as an email attachment, I will test that out. I think the discussion of the micro USB is something of a red herring. You can have the screen on for hours just on battery. I think the USB is probably fine in the rain, it would just get bad if submerged. Riding for hours in a downpour isn't a realistic limitation. The fact that it is touchscreen only is a bigger deal, but I have the side button programmed to zoom in or out, depending, and I think that gets around the biggest gloves on limitation of a touchscreen.
  8. isde97

    Phone based gps help!

    I am using a Kyocera. I had to make the holder to mount to RAM components. It stays in place fine, even on a moto track. There are several GPS apps that will work. Also can be used for a lap timer, bicycle computer, OBDII code reader, etc. If I bought a plan I could even use it for a phone. I don't see going back to a standalone GPS.
  9. I've been meaning to get to this- I got second in class, I'm not particularly close to the guy who has been winning. Duncan got really lost on his first test and had some other problems during the day, but finished. He rode about 35 miles more than he would have without problems. The first two tests had rather more fast-across-the-desert time than I would like, but the beginners and novices could do it without creating bottlenecks. Third test was more technical and the 4th experts+ only test was pretty much first and second gear the whole way. We (experts) started on the third test, and I was tired after doing the third and fourth the first time through. 6 more tests to go... We had a good day, Duncan learned a lot, and we are both still sore.
  10. It is getting kinda late and no one has posted- we are entered and hoping to get everything ready in time. We will see how it goes- Duncan is starting to put it together.
  11. Apparently, it was a link to my Google account, so I could see them fine. I have been able to post photos before, so maybe something has changed. I'll get this straightened out, eventually.
  12. I haven't been able to figure out the secret handshake. I can find the donate button, but no way to link it to my account here. Maybe I haven't gone far enough. If there are instructions on this, I haven't been able to find them.
  13. Hmmm, pictures show up in Chrome but not Firefox or Explorer. I just pasted them in, I guess there is an issue with that. I'll see what I can do. Pictures aren't that great anyway.
  14. Made it up Saturday afternoon and snagged a camping spot at Troy Meadows CG. This felt like a score, because it was busy. After looking around, there was some overflow areas where we would have been OK. Duncan is a bit under the weather, so we do some bike prep and do dinner. Sunday, Duncan has his hands full lying on the couch. I go out and do some scouting. I encounter some riders, but since I am in "I am riding alone" mode, no problems. Monday, Duncan is feeling better and most folks have bugged out. We encounter two other riders early, and then have the place to ourselves. 18 months ago, he was riding a TTR 125. This may be a new favorite riding spot after one visit. It was pretty dry and silty in spots. As we were packing up. it started to rain. I had been thinking about how cool it would be after a rain, but uncertain how much it rains as opposed to just snowing. Rain on Saturday would have been really cool.
  15. Yes, this one coming up, by my reckoning... We have this penciled in, and I have never been. Looking to do some trail riding/ scouting for a club enduro I seem to be getting sucked into. I am seeing if anyone else is interested and also if this is a bad idea for this weekend. My experience is that while camping might be crowded, it can still be pretty thin on the trail.