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  1. I've been meaning to get to this- I got second in class, I'm not particularly close to the guy who has been winning. Duncan got really lost on his first test and had some other problems during the day, but finished. He rode about 35 miles more than he would have without problems. The first two tests had rather more fast-across-the-desert time than I would like, but the beginners and novices could do it without creating bottlenecks. Third test was more technical and the 4th experts+ only test was pretty much first and second gear the whole way. We (experts) started on the third test, and I was tired after doing the third and fourth the first time through. 6 more tests to go... We had a good day, Duncan learned a lot, and we are both still sore.
  2. It is getting kinda late and no one has posted- we are entered and hoping to get everything ready in time. We will see how it goes- Duncan is starting to put it together.
  3. Apparently, it was a link to my Google account, so I could see them fine. I have been able to post photos before, so maybe something has changed. I'll get this straightened out, eventually.
  4. I haven't been able to figure out the secret handshake. I can find the donate button, but no way to link it to my account here. Maybe I haven't gone far enough. If there are instructions on this, I haven't been able to find them.
  5. Hmmm, pictures show up in Chrome but not Firefox or Explorer. I just pasted them in, I guess there is an issue with that. I'll see what I can do. Pictures aren't that great anyway.
  6. Made it up Saturday afternoon and snagged a camping spot at Troy Meadows CG. This felt like a score, because it was busy. After looking around, there was some overflow areas where we would have been OK. Duncan is a bit under the weather, so we do some bike prep and do dinner. Sunday, Duncan has his hands full lying on the couch. I go out and do some scouting. I encounter some riders, but since I am in "I am riding alone" mode, no problems. Monday, Duncan is feeling better and most folks have bugged out. We encounter two other riders early, and then have the place to ourselves. 18 months ago, he was riding a TTR 125. This may be a new favorite riding spot after one visit. It was pretty dry and silty in spots. As we were packing up. it started to rain. I had been thinking about how cool it would be after a rain, but uncertain how much it rains as opposed to just snowing. Rain on Saturday would have been really cool.
  7. Yes, this one coming up, by my reckoning... We have this penciled in, and I have never been. Looking to do some trail riding/ scouting for a club enduro I seem to be getting sucked into. I am seeing if anyone else is interested and also if this is a bad idea for this weekend. My experience is that while camping might be crowded, it can still be pretty thin on the trail.
  8. I have helicoils, but not timeserts in M8. It sounds like there is more going on.
  9. I can go check. Did the helicoil come out on the bolt? Something doesn't sound right with the description.
  10. isde97

    Speaking of two strokes

    86 . I just took it for a test spin- as dreadful and awesome as you can imagine.
  11. isde97

    Speaking of two strokes

    This showed up today
  12. isde97

    So Cal Half Mile

    We have this penciled in.
  13. As expected, we didn't finish. Duncan did fine on the first loop, but had some tough encounters with some rocks, the first of which put a fold in the pipe, and the next one pulled the pipe out of the cylinder. He was pretty beat by that point from having to drag his bike back onto the trail multiple times. We got the pipe back in the cylinder, but then it wouldn't line up with the cylinder and was in fact pointing at the footpeg. We packed it in at that point, but it was still 20 miles to get back to camp. The riding there is really cool.
  14. A quick search turned up this vid, which gives you a flavor for the area.
  15. http://results.ama-d36.org/=W=/D36/2019/Enduro/events/05 05 Rnd-2 Fools Gold Enduro/flyer.pdf Duncan and I are planning on leaving Friday night, returning Sunday night, for his first Enduro. I think finishing for him will be ambitious, but this has some of the best trails in D36 and we are planning on having a lot of fun. We have room in the trailer and motorhome.