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  1. I have this penciled in. I have only done Hare Scrambles here, and the last one was quite a while ago. I took my son up 2 years ago so he could experience a proper woods race. This is on private property that doesn't get used much, so the trails should be in good condition. This is going to be a haul, but it should be really good. NorCalMC on Instagram has some preview pictures. http://results.ama-d36.org/=W=/D36/2023/Enduro/events/03 05 Rnd-2 Wilseyville Sprint Enduro/flyer.pdf
  2. I rode on the same minute as Danny at a National Enduro in Arizona a couple of months before he was killed. At the time, I could usually hang with the AA guys for minute or two in a test section. Danny would disappear in three turns, which was impressive. Equally impressive was riding behind him in the timekeeping sessions, he would pick up lines that would miss some obstacle that I would be unable to match, even though I was right behind him trying to follow him. It was a day full of "where is he going?- oh, damn, that was cool".
  3. 1. You don't need to be a member of a club, but they can be helpful for pit logistics etc. 2. You need to be a AMA district member someplace, so D37 is a good place to start if you aren't already. You can use your D37 membership to race any AMA amateur event. You can do a 1 day pie plate. D37 is a little different in that they require a separate license for each series you want to get points in. https://www.amadistrict37.org/start-here.html should have most of the info to get started. Basically, show up, let them know you are new, pay your fees, and go have fun. There should be no shortage of people willing to help you out. I have only done the enduros and Grand Prixs, but the desert races shouldn't be much different.
  4. Also, this is private property (excepting the road easement), so the Forest Service and BLM probably won't be able to help. Who does? Sheriff?
  5. Actually, it doesn't go across reservation land. You (meaning y'all) see the black phantom line around the road? That is private property. Going onto SANDAG's parcel lookup tool shows this: The gates noted correspond to the North and South edges of the property. Looking up the APN on the San Diego County Public Records shows this: Note the date. Clicking through for more detail gives this: Searching for the new owners, there are matching names living in San Diego. Giving the new owners the benefit of the doubt, they may not know that they don't own the road. Or maybe they do, and just don't care. Looking at the satellite view, there is no development on the property. And yes, SANDAG has it as Morris Ranch Road, and some of the properties give an address of Morris Ranch Road and some as Thing Valley Road.
  6. We rode out 'the back way', zoomed in and didn't get charged for parking, parked right next to the gate, and then bypassed the line of cars on the way out in a couple of minutes. Motorcycles are such the way to go to a motorcycle race.
  7. If I was riding that bike, I would just be doing wheelies everywhere.
  8. We'll be at the D37 sprint enduro(s) this weekend. We have been doing the D37 Grand Prixs recently, they are a bit fast for my liking but my son likes the heads up racing and I have been enjoying them more than I thought I would. Taft isn't near the top of my list for vacation spots but the race there last month turned out to be really fun and they do a good job of keeping the courses watered. There were a couple of D36 Cross Country races scheduled this spring near the Clear Creek area south of Hollister, but they have been cancelled and/or postponed. We are hoping to go to the Fools Gold enduro, near Georgetown, on May 2. The trails there are really fun. I haven't done any D38 races but my impression is they are faster than I want to go.
  9. isde97

    Clutch Me This

    I should have thought of the detent mechanism, but that is usually not a wear item or subject to damage. It is certainly easier to access, and if it has been an occasional issue on other bikes of the same model, it makes it a good suspect. The broken dog was a dog off of a gear. I am surprised it didn't lock up the transmission.
  10. isde97

    Clutch Me This

    From your description, I could easily believe bent or otherwise damaged shift fork. A clutch issue should be present anytime you use the clutch and is going to be separate from shifting issues. Unfortunately, inspection/repair is a engine out case splitting effort. I would still try changing oil (including brand) first but recognize you are really crossing your fingers and hoping. Once, I knew something was up with my transmission when it would occasionally not upshift, unless I downshifted first and then sometimes I could get it to upshift enough to get to the gear I wanted to be in. When I pulled the shift shaft out, a piece of dog came out of the hole on the shifter side. I remember thinking that that would explain it.
  11. isde97

    Clutch Me This

    I don't think your clutch looks bad at all, although it can be hard to tell by the pictures. If the fingers on the basket still pretty smooth, then that probably isn't the problem. If they feel wavy, you can file them flat and see if that helps. When you say erratic, do you mean occasional problem or disagreeable behavior all the time? Hard shifting all the time, sometimes, or only when making a particular shift (like 2-3)? I would be tempted to change the oil and maybe try something different, that is a cheap and quick test and I would do that first.
  12. Seeing if anyone want to go riding tomorrow. Duncan munched his finger and riding wouldn't be much fun for him.
  13. You had me mystified, "I've never heard of Fraeser national park". Frazier Park. I know where that is. I am going to be up at Cerro Noroeste on Wednesday/Thursday.
  14. isde97

    What's Open?

    I was out yesterday and the staging area and campgrounds are open. I have never seen a ranger out there, but I tend to go on weekdays.

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