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  1. My son and I are planning on riding Monday, provided he doesn't wimp out. If someone else is wants to go, I will care less if he wimps out. M
  2. isde97

    Throttle help

    I have always used spray primer paint to get the grips on and then use lockwire to keep them in place. Glue seems like a better idea, although with primer, I just cut the grips off and the bars clean up easy.
  3. Successful first race. I told him that it was amazing how fast a dirt bike could be ridden, but I don't think he was expecting how fast a dirt bike could be ridden by a 13 yo Mikayla Nielsen, who laid a pretty serious smackdown on everybody in the mini race. She seriously hauls. In spite of being not stoked on getting lapped twice, Duncan is really motivated to go practice and race again.
  4. He has darn near outgrown it already, as can be the case for 15 year olds. I am already having to look for the next bike, even if it feels like I am now looking for one for myself.
  5. Duncan has decided he wants to try a race on his KX100, so he is going to be making his debut here. I don't think he is really ready, but then, no one is.
  6. I started out riding like it was going to be a long day but still trying to go a respectable pace. It didn't take long to switch to 'just finish this' mode.
  7. It looks like I will not even be able to wash my bike until Thursday afternoon. I have 2 beds unaccounted for in the RV.
  8. That is a good goal. I have about 20 pounds of Ballinger Canyon mud to get off my bike from this past week.
  9. The longitude goes right through Plaster City. 2-1/2 miles NW puts you here. My guess is that there is nothing recognizable at the site, but you never know. Approximate Sackets Wells Site.kmz
  10. 47deg north is in Washington. Could you double check your coordinates?
  11. isde97


    Also interesting- Italy wasn't on anyone's radar for even a podium position, and they nearly won. There is an interview with Cairoli after the races and he is clearly bummed as he goes through the opportunities they had that would have swung the result.
  12. isde97


    To take a currently unpopular but contrarian view, while it wasn't good, it wasn't near as apocalyptic as many are going on about. Consider: In 2015, in France, the US team came within a whisker of winning. We didn't send our best team possible. In 2016, the US would almost have certainly have won if Jason Anderson didn't get landed on after winning the first moto. The US was still in the lead when Cooper Webb went down with a lap to go in the final moto. This was a team with 2 250 riders on it (Webb rode a 450 for this race). Last year, at the USGP, Tomac went 1-3 in MXGP and RJ Hampshire went 1-1 in MX2. The GP guys didn't turn into supermen over the last 12 months, nor did the AMA guys forget how to ride. What is for sure is the GP field is deeper than it has been in 30 years, and the US riders had terrible starts (likely related to the significantly different starting procedure used in the GPs) and really needed their A game to overcome, which they didn't have. Not helping the US cause was riders having career days (Coldenhoff and Lupino) or by far their best day of the year (Paulin). It just wasn't the US team's day.
  13. isde97


    Not to nitpick too much, but it is not the USGP, but the MXdN. And I'm leaving tomorrow.
  14. I just checked some of my ride data- I have a funny story for offline later.