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Found 3 results

  1. erik_26

    Checking in

    Hello all, I am new to the form and just getting back into riding after a very long, almost 20-year break. I have a 2006 Yamaha TW200 for single track adventures and a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere for just about anything else. I am a slow rider and am still trying to get my confidence back on a larger heavier bike after not riding for so long. Anyways, I am in Chula Vista. Late 30's. Male. I am looking forward to meeting some new friends and going on some adventures.
  2. Hey, new rider to the group, Ajax or Aj for short, my rides are a 94dr250 and a 90yz250, just got back from kernan trail and had a blast (first time out) anyways look forward to hitting some trails.
  3. Well, I know I'm not on two as much as I'm on four, and work is killing me but I just had to pile on some more. A couple of weeks ago on my way home from the shop job I had one of those days. Good drive home from work, stop at the post office to get the mail, and when I go to start up the vehicle to leave... click! Nothing. So I try a few more times, grab some tools and do some investigating, crank it and it comes to life with a noise that shouldn't be there. Turns out that I had the number five piston on my engine disintegrate on start up. four thousand miles and 2 months out of warranty. A repair requiring a new engine to the tune of $3000.00 and on average 20 to 26 hours of labor or a retail of about $6,000.00 and I'm still making payments! So, I crunched numbers over Labor Day weekend and the best alternative to repairing was a new truck. Instead of going with anything tried and true I decided to take a gamble. I'm used to the Guinea Pig position in life so I went for the diesel Ram 1500, yes I said diesel. I'd been following two lighter duty diesel trucks with diesel. The Ram 1500 and the Colorado. As the Colorado hasn't materialized in the marketplace I was steered to the Ram. The "Different" moniker is still sticking with these trucks, but I'm not concerned. So far I'm at 22MPG and this is just the first tank full, not bad for a 3 liter. I haven't got the chance to tow yet so we'll see about that. I still find myself reaching for the traditional shifter only to realize that I'm not in my old vehicle. I just haven't got used to the rotary electronic shifter on the dash yet. Has anybody had any experience with these yet. I know they're not a common vehicle to the area yet as when I was looking there were only 4 between here and Norco in Southern California when I was looking. We'll see if it's durable for sure. Now if I can just get some new dirt oriented shoes on the bike I'll be set for the cooler weather if it ever gets here.