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  1. erik_26

    Snow to desert dash

    Awesome write up and pics. Quite the adventure you all had.
  2. Hey Tom, I am big into firearms and some light gunsmithing. I haven't ever refinished anything though. Depending on the weapon, re-bluing may be the best choice. But, if you don't have the setup and don't want to spend the money, then rattle can with high temp engine paint might be the best way to go. Keep the breach and the bore clean and untouched. I wouldn't do any more than inspect for pitting and corrosion. After that, deep clean with solvent & patches (maybe even ultra sonic cleaning if you have one), then heavy oiling for long term storage (just remember to remove excess oil before firing) or normal light oiling for short term/frequent use. If you or anyone on here doesn't know how to clean their firearms and or wants someone to help them out or just look over their shoulder, let me know. I really enjoy it. 3-4 hours cleaning my guns feels like 5-minutes. Also, I don't need much convincing to go to the range either. Not to pry, but when your buddy's dad gave you the weapons, did you go complete a PPT at a FFL? Maybe it is better if you don't answer the question. For anyone that needs help with Firearm related items (Buying/Selling/Transferring, Gunsmithing, Reloading, issues, laws, storage, transportation and so on) a great online resource is www.calguns.net. It is a very interactive online firearm community for California, though, we have lots of members all over the states and throughout the world.
  3. Beautiful pictures! I agree, we are lucky to have all these awesome trails in our backyard.
  4. Yeah, that is how I embeded a video in the past, just paste the link. I also tried [Youtube]link[/Youtube] and that didn't work either.
  5. This video was uploaded by Till Death Dual Us Sport on youtube. I don't know if this is a member or not, but I thought it was a fun video to watch and a great view at the top. I might have to try to make my own journey up there soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESJ4ppNyhR4 How do you embed Youtube videos?
  6. Sad news. A motorcyclist was killing on 2/8/2019 at the intersection of Broadway and F street in Chula Vista. Please take minute to remind your friends, family and co-workers to Ride and Drive safely and to keep an eye out for each other .https://timesofsandiego.com/crime/2019/02/08/motorcyclist-killed-in-chula-vista-crash/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJeRitr3BAM
  7. erik_26

    New Boot

    Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you on the trails.
  8. erik_26

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    Not to diverge from the primary topic too much, but not having a lot all the experience with all the trail riding you all have: 1) When you go on the Otay Mountain Truck trail for instance, do you lower to 25 psi? 2) When the trail becomes rocky, do you stick with a reduced pressure? 2a) I would guess there has to be a balance between puncture risk and bending a rim, even with spoked wheels? 3) Would you use the same strategy for a tubed tire as you do for tubeless. I find this to be an interesting topic because I have heard some compelling arguments for airing down and not. Maybe it comes down more to rider preference? The reason I ask is I have been riding my pig (Super Tenere) around on the dirt trails with 90/10 tires in favor of street, and I keep them at the OEM recommended inflation pressure and I haven't really had much of an issue, yet. Then again, I am a slow rider just putting around, exploring and enjoying the scenery without a hurry to get anywhere. Plus, mainly riding alone, I try not to take unnecessary risk.
  9. erik_26

    New member-N. San Diego

    Welcome to the forum, Travis. Look for ride opportunities here: https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/forum/7-upcoming-organized-or-promoted-rides-and-events/ and here: https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/forum/4-informal-local-rides-amp-who39s-going-riding-33/ You can also plan your own adventure and open it up to other members. There are several member that ride often during the week. I don't know how often they camp overnight during the week though. Hope to see you on the trails.
  10. Awesome pictures! I love the pictures of the rams. Wildlife and nature are so cool.
  11. Yeah, I am surprised the website color scheme isn't KTM orange.... hahahaha. In fact, the question I was asked to validate my membership was what is KTM's color.
  12. Don't be jealous now.... We know that secretly you go to bed in Yamaha blue pajamas with matching socks. There are two types of riders. Those that ride a Yamaha and those that secretly wish they did.😜
  13. Welcome to the forum. There are a few big bike riders on here, in fact, tntmo and I both have the same bike. Hope to see you on the trail.
  14. Ugh.... now I got to buy a scooter too? Just when I was starting to convince my wife why I needed three bikes. Don't know if she'll bite on the need for four.
  15. Hahaha... my bad. I fixed it. Tom, please accept my apologies.