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  1. erik_26


    Thanks for the reminder. I just threw down $60. $30 for me and $30 for @tntmo (Tom). He lent me his luggage hitch, thing-a-ma-jig, back in September on short notice, thank you sir!
  2. I thought that no Visa is required if within 25 miles of the border?
  3. erik_26

    KTM 790R or Yamaha T7 or

    Personally, I have my sights set on the T7 and I am also considering a new Super Tenere, only because I want some of the upgraded creature comforts. You should know, I am probably a Yamaha Fanboy, unofficially. All my bikes are Yamaha's and I find myself gravitating to them when I start looking for deals online. Second, I am not a good rider and probably do not come close to utilizing 10% of the bikes capabilities. If Yamaha came out with a 400-500 cc Tenere inspired bike, I would probably blindly hand my money over without thinking twice about it. The T7 seems like a fun option for the days I want something a little lighter and hopefully more nimble.
  4. I go to Mexico often, 4 days a week. I don't ever go exchange money. Before I tell you my secret, I should preface that my financial strategy in life has been to buy high and sell low, so maybe do the opposite of me. I try to keep small denominations of bills USD, $5s, $10s and $20. I believe $5s and $10s, limit your exposure. With very few exceptions, almost every place accepts US currency at an 18:1 ratio. Some places even have it posted as to what their ratio is. One Peso is like .055 cents. Looking at the most up to date exchange rate this morning, the actual exchange rate is 19.1346:1, which would make One Peso equal to .0522 cents. In other words, unless you plan on spending a significant amount of money down there, I don't think it is worth the trouble of getting it exchanged. If you fill your belly full of tacos and cerveza, you will only be out like 0.82 cents, based on a bill of $250 MEX at the 18:1 ratio vs. 19.1346:1 ratio. Even spending $100, you are only out $5 against today's exchange rate, and that is assuming you get the maximum exchange with no commission, so in reality, you might only be out $2.5 or $3. Your bank will probably charge you that or more to withdraw from a Mexican ATM. When you consider how poor everyone is down there, letting them make a few cents off of you isn't a big deal. As for the Gringo thing, well, my Fiance is Mexican and she handles most the transactions to avoid the Gringo tax. Sometimes she will tell me not to say a word as to avoid the Gringo tax. Most the time, with few exceptions, I find the people to be pretty honest and fair dealing with me. I speak and understand some Spanish. Not full on conversation Spanish, but day to day transactions I can cover. I have learned what things are worth and I do business with confidence so I rarely have an issue. Really where I experience the Gringo tax is at the tourist areas (Rosarito, Ensenada and La Bufadora). I take pictures of posted menus with prices before sitting down to eat and then double check the bill.
  5. Don't Harley's have that do-hicky, thing-a-ma-jig, that make the throttle rev while at stopped at stopped light, while stopped at stop signs, while coasting to a stop, while splitting lanes, while rolling slow through a neighborhood, at 3 in the morning.... pretty much all the time? I bet if you disconnected that device mileage would improve dramatically without all the throttle blips.
  6. erik_26

    Big bike off road training.

    Thank you for sharing, Zubb!!! I would like to become more confident on my Super Tenere off road. I get nervous knowing 600 lbs of bike is under me and that a crash could result in a serious injury and depending the terrain, could be extremely difficult to pick up. I ride solo 99.5% of the time so I am very cautious and calculated when I ride. However, I do watch many YouTube videos and dream of having the confidence and fun that I see many riders have. I like watching Mototrek on his BMW GS. He breaks down his techniques in a way that I can relate too. I will definitely look into the class you went too.
  7. erik_26

    New KTM vs Husqvarna

    I had a thought, why not buy all three (KTM, Kusky, BETA)?
  8. Awesome pictures. Always exciting to explore new territory.
  9. LMAO!!! Nice write up, Tom. Keep them coming. Also, we want pictures and video!
  10. Awesome ride, great write up and nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Nice job, Tom! Time to unload the Super Tenere and start riding.
  12. All Tom needs is duct tape and WD-40. If it doesn't move but it is supposed to, use WD-40. If it moves and it isn't supposed to, use duct tape.... 🤣
  13. That is what keeps me away from KTM and BMW, then again, I am not over 50, retired, financially independent or a good rider.... Yamaha is my breed of choice. Honda is the runner up, for my needs, skill, budget and time. I had to take my shoes off to use my toes, but 350 hours is a little over 14 days of riding 24 hours a day. That isn't a lot of time before having to tear down the top end. Good luck, OP! The pictures, information and commentary from SDAR is worth the price of admission! Sorry I don't have anything valuable to contribute. I am interested on how it all turns out and I am hoping that you can get back out to play without delay.
  14. Tom, best of luck on your adventure. I am eagerly awaiting your ride report and YouTube video(s). Ride safe!