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  1. erik_26

    New KTM vs Husqvarna

    I had a thought, why not buy all three (KTM, Kusky, BETA)?
  2. Awesome pictures. Always exciting to explore new territory.
  3. LMAO!!! Nice write up, Tom. Keep them coming. Also, we want pictures and video!
  4. Awesome ride, great write up and nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice job, Tom! Time to unload the Super Tenere and start riding.
  6. All Tom needs is duct tape and WD-40. If it doesn't move but it is supposed to, use WD-40. If it moves and it isn't supposed to, use duct tape.... 🤣
  7. That is what keeps me away from KTM and BMW, then again, I am not over 50, retired, financially independent or a good rider.... Yamaha is my breed of choice. Honda is the runner up, for my needs, skill, budget and time. I had to take my shoes off to use my toes, but 350 hours is a little over 14 days of riding 24 hours a day. That isn't a lot of time before having to tear down the top end. Good luck, OP! The pictures, information and commentary from SDAR is worth the price of admission! Sorry I don't have anything valuable to contribute. I am interested on how it all turns out and I am hoping that you can get back out to play without delay.
  8. Tom, best of luck on your adventure. I am eagerly awaiting your ride report and YouTube video(s). Ride safe!
  9. That would be a huge help Tom. Thank you. Can I swing by and pick it up around 6pm-ish?
  10. Fellow SDAR heads, I am in need of a Cargo Roof Rack or Hitch Basket that I can borrow or rent for a week. I am in the south county (Chula Vista) and I would prefer to pick it up today after work. I would return it next Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't go much further than north than I-8 due to time constraints and traffic. Full disclosure, I would be using it on a trip to Mexico. I do not want an enclosed Thule cargo thing-a-ma-jig, as I do not wish to give Mexico any reason to stop me to search me when I enter the country. All our luggage is already in Mexico so I would be crossing the border with an empty rack. I have a 2015 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with the factory roof rack and the factory 2" receiver hitch. I don't want to buy one. I had one and gave it away because it took up space in my garage and was only used once. I could donate $30 to SDAR on behalf of whoever let's me borrow one. I can also put down a refundable cash deposit to anyone that let's me use it. Thanks in advance, Erik
  11. I enjoyed the video, thank you. Some thoughts, they crammed a 1200 mile trip into just 30 something minutes. They had two chase vehicles, which obviously had all their tools, equipment, spare parts, food, clothing and anything else they might have needed. I think the trip would be much more difficult on a Monkey if you truly had to pack what you needed to survive. Also, why not go the few extra miles down to Cabo and the southern tip of the peninsula? I guess we will have to put a film crew together to follow Tom on one of his adventure scooters down Baja to show those guys up.
  12. Yes. I have valid reg and wasn't on planning on bring gas cans. Nothing to declare line is ok? Or do I need to go to the declare line? Also, I think there used to be a rule that you had to have 1 vehicle per person. But I don't know if that rule still exists?
  13. My girlfriend's family likes to go to an OHW-ish park/lake in Baja. It would be fun to take my motorcycle down there to play. Problem is, I also need 4-wheels for my GF and for doing all the other stuff we do. I would be crossing solo, both ways. Anything I need to know about tossing an XT250 in the back of my pickup and heading for our Southern Border? Can I use the nothing to declare line entering Mexico or do I need to go to the declare line and pay to play? Thanks in advance.
  14. erik_26

    How to Fly n Ride

    Great write up, thank you! I don't have any experience buying anything out of state. I imagine a car/truck would need to pass smog and such before being registered in California..... In the SDAR collective experience, are there any gotcha or issues getting an out of state bike on the up and up in California for us to be aware of?
  15. Welcome to the forum. Ensenada is not that far. Something like 111km (Kilometers), to the Malecon Playa Hermosa, from the Otay Mesa Border crossing. So about 1.5 hours. Going down the cost on HWY 1D is beautiful. There are some breathtaking views. If you cut off the coastal highway for a clip on HWY 1, near Playa La Mision toward Ensenada, there are also some beautiful views. And if you really want to put some miles on, you can take HWY 3 through wine country toward Tecate. From Tecate you can either head west back to TJ or you can cross back into the USA and take the 94 back home. Now, these are all "technically" surface streets. However, some of the roads are more single track than asphalt. Of course I am exaggerating a bit but there is some truth to it as well. There are some areas where the roads turn to dirt when you get off the highways. When you leave the tourist area of Ensenada, it is no joke. There are some pretty jacked up streets with hardly any asphalt. There is a lot of neat things to see and explore in Baja that isn't very far from the border. I would recommend having a Ready Passport and even better, Sentri. I have Sentri and coming back to the USA is a breeze. Also consider that most US issued Auto Insurance policies do not cover Mexico. You really should buy Mexican Auto insurance. It is like $450 for the year. From what I hear, so do not take it as truth, that if you are in an accident in Mexico and either do not have x amount of cash on hand or insurance, you are automatically at fault and will go to jail. Like I said, that is just what I hear. I would be down for a Baja trip. I go to Mexico regularly anyways.