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  1. Not sure if this was already posted but caught this in motorcyclist magazine. They have recieved a 1 year permit to run the Catalina Grand Prix this year http://thecatalinagrandprix.com/
  2. Jaynen

    Bicycle helmet question

    It was more a general statement not implying you wanted too
  3. Jaynen

    Bicycle helmet question

    I flipped a 3 wheeler in 4th gear while heading towards a strand of farm grown pine that were about 1 foot around and 2-3 ft apart, I rolled and shattered my collarbone, no helmet I consider myself really lucky. I've also had a couple minor concussions while learning to snowboard and then when i finally saw people wearing helmets (I didnt even know they had them for that when I was snowboarding) I really wish I had invested in one, to each their own the fact we all survived without them doesn't make it any better. We all rode in cars without airbags, and most of us at times where seatbelts were not required or only lapbelts. We all survived no car seats and especially not the fancy rear facing ones they have now We've come a long way since these guys why would you want to go back?
  4. Jaynen

    Bicycle helmet question

    I know in terms of cars and whatnot with roll cages you don't want to be in one without a helmet on in any sort of crash. The helmet could protect your sons head from actually hitting the rollbar in the trailer? Personally I think people who don't wear bike helmets are just rolling the dice just as someone who is riding a motorcycle without one in the states where they allow it. Sure it's their choice but I don't think it is a smart one. I knew a 35yr old mother of two who is no longer with us because she wasn't wearing a bike helmet, hit a crack in the sidewalk and took a header on the concrete, I knew a 23 yr old young promising skateboarder also no longer with us because he was not wearing a helmet, and I know a now 13 yr old little girl who survived getting hit by a car because she was wearing a helmet at the age of 7. It's your choice what stories you want to have about your kids.
  5. Jaynen

    Avery Stone 6/4/10

    Thank you. From seeing my niece and nephew I think in the beginning it's definitely true then it flip flops as they become teenagers
  6. Jaynen

    Avery Stone 6/4/10

    Hey guys, Long time no forum post whoring. I have not been around lately priorities shifted as my wife got super prego and I took a break from riding. My little girl is 15 days old today and it's my first father's day. I am getting the itch to ride my bike again with this awesome weather. Avery Christine Stone Born 6/4/10 5:14am 7lbs 8oz
  7. Jaynen

    English Mastiff

    I resemble that comment
  8. Jaynen

    Wildflowers by car?

    Last Easter my wife and I went on a nice drive out to Julian and stuff for the day. She would like to go out and see some wildflowers this year. We will likely be doing in in her matrix so no off road real roads. Also with her being quite prego we need to find some spots without a lot of hiking but a little walking should be ok. Anyone know where the best spots to take her would be? Thanks
  9. Jaynen

    out of state diesel transfer

    My VW TDI was also not sold in cali in fact it started as a canadian car then was in AZ and CA, as long as it has the 7500 miles youll have no issues getting into the state however CARB is now starting diesels to get smogged but it just means they check to make sure all the emissions parts are there and look for a lot of smoke
  10. Jaynen

    This is so insane!

    Riding it over a weeks time and not trying to race it I think What a great movie
  11. I think the compressor is going bad I hear a bad wobble/vibration noise when the AC is on in my car (2000 Jetta TDI) especially at idle. I know VW's can be a pain but I want to take it to someone knowledgeable and reasonable. Prefer north county but can go anywhere
  12. Jaynen

    ready ramps

    None of the husabergs come with a plate still right? And readyramps are awesome, I inherited this long solid metal one when I bought my first dirt bike and it sucks and doesnt fold but I could not convince the wife to let me buy a new one. Of course being truckless right now I don't need one either
  13. I agree with Bike Slut about the heat it definitely cuts down the airflow by wearing the vest. It's really nice in dual sport gear to be able to easily get to camera/cliffbar/wallet/keysetc and have a place to put small stuff when I get off the bike. The thing I don't like about using a tank bag for that is I dont want to leave any of that on the bike. Then again I usually keep the heavier stuff in my dirtbagz, of course now that all my tire changing stuff is littered over ocotillo wells my bikes a good 20lbs lighter
  14. Hmm there have been cameras that plug into recording devices for a long time which is what this is the only way I would use one over a gopro HD is if it had insane battery life and I needed to record a lot of video. The biggest issue in doing a true high production video IMO is that you need more than one camera running at all times and then be able to edit them together later plus you need to get those off the bike just riding by shots Thats more money than either the new Vholdr or GoProHD cameras while shooting standard resolution, and only at 30fps It plugs into the bikes power that's nice, and it has the screen which is also nice along with the mic for commenting on stuff still seems a bit expensive for what you get to me. Then again I never see really good deals on Aerostiches site
  15. Jaynen

    2010 Yamaha Super Te'ne're'

    But in the face of the new ducati multistrada I think I'd go for that over the Tenere. the KTM ADV bikes are looking a bit long in the tooth at this point