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  1. Anyone need a bike carrier? Joe Hauler knock off. $80.13 (must show up with exact change) I'm kidding. Need it gone before Wed noon. Sooner would be better. 858.FiveOneEight.5047
  2. ** SOLD ** (that was fast...) I have a 1937 Plymouth Coupe for sale in San Diego. It needs to move SOON. It hasn't run in 4 years. It ran fine last time it was parked. There is a short somewhere in the headlight loop. Completely restored, no hot rod anything. Interior is awesome, exterior is all black with white wall tires. I can take more pics after I fly home from Idaho today if anyone is serious. I've been checking prices and complete rusted out junk piles are going for about $4-5000, and pristine one are in the $15,000 range. This is not pristine, but it's a very nice automobile. If you have a car carrier, and would be willing to put this on a trailer, or willing to drive a rented vehicle with trailer to Idaho and have me buy you a plane ticket home (end of Aug) I may entertain that as well. Expenses would be on me if driving your own vehicle. Thanks for reading, hope you are all doing well. /Strega
  3. Strega

    Happy B-Day Strega

    Thanks =]
  4. Strega

    2009 KTM 690 RR Build Project

    I agree, just haven't figured it out yet...
  5. Strega

    2009 KTM 690 RR Build Project

    Panasonic JT-B1 and running OSMAND and the DualSportMaps.com APP. Device has a cracked screen that I've yet to replace and I may change to a powered mount from a company called Havis. The mount does need some sort of dampener to cut down on the vibration as it can get pretty intense on that bike. I'll figure something out.
  6. Strega

    ViewRanger & FLICKR

    Just a note, your phone needs GPS tagging on for your photos for this to work correctly. I personally have that feature off so when I'm taking photos around the house people can't grab the EXIF data from my photos and show up at my door. I'll definitely give this app a look as I've been eyeball deep in GPS/NAV/APP/WEB development for years.
  7. Strega

    '98 KTM 620 Adv - **SOLD**

    Stock pan, SC seat
  8. Strega

    '98 KTM 620 Adv - **SOLD**

    Highly likely =)
  9. Strega

    '98 KTM 620 Adv - **SOLD**

    Waiting on title and it's good to go. 16.8k mi no mods double bubble windscreen needs battery tires oil change only issue I think the cam chain could be tightened. I can't remember if that bike has a manual or automatic cam chain tensioner $2k ish
  10. Had some bites and nothing came of it, so posting it here. Selling my '98 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure & '07 Yamaha WR450F. Need to clear some space in the garage for a new bike. No mystery here, I'm going to pick up a KTM 500 EXC. Also selling my '99 Yamaha R6 once I get the paperwork all sorted out on the title. DMV being a pain on that one. That will go for a smoking good deal once that paperwork is in order. If you're on the fence about Adventure riding, this is the bike for you. It's entry level priced, excellent motor, it goes a LONG way (265+ mi range), and it's unique. No it isn't a light bike, but it rides really well. It also has a custom license plate, and you don't get it, sorry. That's on you. The bike: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Gallery of project pics: HERE (yes you have to dig through them, I'm not your mother, you can do a little work here =P) LC4 motor ('98 frame, '03 motor), oil changed every 20 hours except one long trip. This bike has so much on it I'm sure I'll miss some stuff. Click some of the links in the text to see specific pics. If you have any questions, let me know and I can elaborate. The good: It's all black now. I saved you the trouble of painting over the funny looking orange it came in. Rally exhaust LED Tail Light / License Plate Holder Highway Dirtbikes Top Clamp and Brush Guards (Clamp is wired with switches just not connected to anything yet) Custom metal GPS bar mount over instrument panel (Justin @ Nomadic Racks) Custom metal Tank and petcock guard (Justin @ Nomadic Racks) Custom metal rear rack w/ 1/4 gallon fuel bottle holders (Justin @ Nomadic Racks) Moose tail bag bolted to rear rack New Sun Rims front/rear 7.4 gallon tank (28L) Heated Grips PMB Footpegs - This was a hell of a project, but makes the bike SOOOO much nicer to ride. Extended kickstand Wired for Gamin 60/78 GPS Renazco seat installed, have a brand new Seat Concepts seat ready to go on it SAE battery tender connection The motor is a 2003 (This is important to note when buying parts, take it from me this wasn't easy to figure out) Maintained well by C&D Cycle Center. 9400 mi The bad: It hasn't run in a year, but it ran well when I last rode it. I bought a 690 and put a Rally kit on it so I don't ride the 620 anymore. It's dirty, no I'm not going to clean it up to sell it. Front windscreen is broken, I have a replacement for it already, saves you $240 from KTM.. I think one headlight is cracked, I'd have to go look. Assume it's cracked. Engine kill switch sticks in occasionally, easy to unstick just something to be aware of Instrument Panel speedo doesn't work anymore. Price: $2200 The Tank, Rims, and Highway Dirtbikes stuff alone is worth $1800. History: This bike is rare, there are 26 of this model imported into the US that year. Crawdaddy found it, bought it in Colorado and rode it back to SD. He rode it for a bit then sold it to me. I had it all torn down, cleaned up, put back together at All American KTM in Ramona, and rides like a champ. Yamaha WR450F: (SOLD) Pic HERE Pro Moto Billet rear rack Dual-Sport Light kit from Baja Designs (The bike is green sticker, it wasn't registered) Needs front wheel bearing (I have it) Needs a new battery (I have one) 120 total hours - Valves are still great Needs a new seat because stock sucks, though nothing wrong with it. (I have one from Seat Concepts) Has desert tank (I have stock everything, tank, plastics, yadda yadda) $1800 Here is a pic of me with a Mohawk. You're welcome. Here is a pic of my lunch on Nov 3, 2012 I can provide more details if anyone is interested on either bike. Email me: strega AT dualsportmoto.com if you don't hear back from me here. /Roger
  11. So basically this means that Crawdaddy's Grand Canyon ride can't be posted about on SDAR?
  12. Champ I go up about once a week.
  13. Strega

    Wanted to buy:small utility trailer

    I'll take pics of the trailer I have for sale and try and get them up here soon.