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  1. Strega

    Happy B-Day Strega

    Thanks =]
  2. Strega

    2009 KTM 690 RR Build Project

    I agree, just haven't figured it out yet...
  3. Strega

    2009 KTM 690 RR Build Project

    Panasonic JT-B1 and running OSMAND and the DualSportMaps.com APP. Device has a cracked screen that I've yet to replace and I may change to a powered mount from a company called Havis. The mount does need some sort of dampener to cut down on the vibration as it can get pretty intense on that bike. I'll figure something out.
  4. Strega

    ViewRanger & FLICKR

    Just a note, your phone needs GPS tagging on for your photos for this to work correctly. I personally have that feature off so when I'm taking photos around the house people can't grab the EXIF data from my photos and show up at my door. I'll definitely give this app a look as I've been eyeball deep in GPS/NAV/APP/WEB development for years.
  5. So basically this means that Crawdaddy's Grand Canyon ride can't be posted about on SDAR?
  6. Very sad news, gonna miss Barrie. RIP mate
  7. Strega

    Happy Birthday Strega.

  8. Strega


    You're missing out
  9. Strega


    Finally got the piece of artwork I wanted to occupy the space above my headboard. I'm sure a few of you have been to this spot and others are familiar with it. Just outside Page AZ, this is Horse Shoe Bend
  10. Strega

    I may need a place to live - February 1

    Never ever stick your **** in crazy...
  11. Steve at C&D will have a TON of tickets all in the same area. Might be the way to go. Easy peasy.
  12. That website...I cringed, lol.
  13. Strega

    Congrats Rich!

    Rich Strauss completed the Ironman in Wisconsin today, according to the website he did it in 10:07:27. Well done Rich!!! Seriously awesome.
  14. Strega

    Seat Concepts - Up Close

    Give me a shout before ya buy a seat. I know a guy, and we might be able to whip up a SDAR discount of some sort.