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  1. Crawdaddy

    Early planing phase

    I'll be ready to ride on extended/freelance trips by late Spring......hopefully. Udo/all...…..once settled, be advised that we have a spare bedroom for friends/family in Bullhead City for those passing through on their way to Flagstaff, south rim, etc.
  2. Crawdaddy


    I have a performance review at work today...…..but my focus is on selling the Ramona house and bailing to the river
  3. Crawdaddy

    Who here rides a 350?

    I have a 350 & 500. The 350 remains my favorite bike. Feels smaller/lighter than the 500 even though the actual weight difference is less than 10lbs. Also seems much easier to ride in technical terrain (to me) though I don’t do much of that anymore. That said, the 500 is my main dualsport. You can be a bit more lazy with shifting and there’s less buzz when forced out onto the slab. I’ve taken both on week long trips with gear. The 350 managed without difficulty. I’m no featherweight at ~235 before adding on any gear to body/bike. Non issue with aftermarket suspension. I have my 500 set up stiffer for 5.3gallon desert tank/bags. If I could only have one of the two I would’ve opted for the 350 when I rode more challenging terrain because I’m more comfortable off-road in any terrain on that bike. Now that I’m a bit older/more lazy, the 500 would be my choice.
  4. Crawdaddy


    Thanks! You must’ve come in from the west? Good to know the pole is still there. I’ll snag a ball and head out. I’d like to properly cement the pole if we can find a Jeep volunteer. I have a friend with a vacation place out there....and a Jeep....I’ll contact him
  5. Crawdaddy


    Decluttering/*minimizing "stuff" and preparing the Ramona house for sale.....hope to list the house for sale in early March..... * Not minimizing toys (yet)
  6. Crawdaddy


    Forget about Saturdays/Sundays. Once retired, you (we) can play mid week when the price is right and the crowds are nonexistent. I have a retired buddy who likes to use the phrase, "Weekends are for amateurs"
  7. Crawdaddy


    Congrats Charlie! I'm looking to follow your lead sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2020...….but Borrego Springs is a ~4hr drive from Bullhead City......bummed to miss out on the mid week festivities......I may commute over with Amgen's once in a while...…..in the mean time we'll lay down some AZ. tracks so we're ready when the team travels east.....
  8. Crawdaddy

    KTM 790R or Yamaha T7 or

    Really disappointing to hear KTM is looking for any way to avoid warranty issues.....
  9. Crawdaddy

    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

    It was actually kinda fun......more importantly, I made some big points with my girls/wife.....#futurehallpass
  10. Crawdaddy

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    Don't get bogged down by logical thought...this is the easy peasy/thoughtless solution...….make it a one way and forget about it...…..will it solve the traffic issues in Spring?..….is the one way even set up in the right direction given the traffic flow from the west vs. east?.......dumb.....
  11. Crawdaddy

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    Whoops, I always thought it was Thimble on both sides of S22....I stand corrected.
  12. My wife and I just drove home from the river....I noticed “one way” signage on Thimble trail (off S22) that I don’t recall seeing before? When did Thimble trail become a one way trail from East to West? And why would they choose that direction when most utilizing that trail would start from the west (Borrego Springs)? We usually jump in off Inspiration wash and head East.....at least we used to before it became a one way in the opposite direction. From the East - one way signage From the west - Do not enter signage
  13. Crawdaddy

    In Recovery

    Man, that sucks. Listen to the doc/take your time. Hope you're on the rebound soon.
  14. Crawdaddy

    04 KTM low brake pedal

    Likewise, I buy Rocky Mtn parts...….then I drive to LB's house