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  1. Zoot

    Happy Birthday KUG!

    Happy Birthday dude!
  2. IN! Kristi and I will be there. Once we know the starting location
  3. I clearly need me a new bike in my stable for these kinda rides. Don't tell Kristi. She may not notice it show up in my garage. Can't find anything else in there
  4. I really need to get out to Bull***** Looks like some cool new territory.
  5. Bar10 Paid for. Ben is joining us as well. Can't wait!
  6. Kristi and I are returning! Can't wait. Trying to pull Ben from Colorado as well.
  7. That would be a great big "IN" for me. I'll be there to keep the pace down. Where/when you eating breakfast Paul? I'll join ya!
  8. Zoot

    Camp Trailer

    Very cool!
  9. Welcome aboard! My fiance' and I live in OB. She rides a CRF230f and I ride whatever has wheels. We take the family (4 kids from 7 to 13) out as well. Give me a shout if you need a riding buddy or family to join ya or simply tinker. I'm not much of a mechanic but it's on my list to improve
  10. Zoot

    Happy Birthday CRAWDADDY!

    Happy Birthday B*%&h! You can fill in the blanks
  11. As usual, I will probably be early, but 4 corners at 8 is still the official meeting spot/time I'll probably show up early, run a couple of trails, then be back at 4 corners I'm not going to be able to make it... Sick kiddo. Sorry for the last minute bail. Have fun!!!
  12. OK the beginning of this thread says meet at 4 corners at 8am. Is that still the case or are we meeting at the bottom of Kernan?
  13. Out the 8 freeway past Pine Valley, hang aright at Buckman Springs Rd towards Lake Morena. You'll see the sign on your right. Once you turn into the OHV area, it's still a good 7 miles or so on a washboard dirt road , then some pavement before you get to the gravel parking lot known as 4 corners.
  14. Zoot

    X-Ray Motorcycle Photo

    LOL My KTM occasionally eats me.. No one wants to see that

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