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  1. Bagstr

    Who Pays For A Backcountry Rescue

    Thank You Goofy Footer, Time well spent. I have my InReach with me whenever I am out of cell service. Easy to Text using Bluetooth with your phone .
  2. 2021 Used three times, Clean, No Damage. $425 Decided I want an Adventure/ Dualsport design with a face shield. Size X-LARGE , I have used Arai and Shoei Large for years but returned the Large 6D for XL for best fit. My head size is 23 1/4”.. La Mesa, Send me a PM
  3. Bagstr

    Valve Stem Puller - Useful or Fluff ?

    Say Buddy, Will you change my tire for me? πŸ›ž
  4. Currently hovering at 489hr and 13200 miles. New cylinder and match piston OEM. Tim said valves were good. Starts easy and idles quickly. Has all the power I need for the sand We ride. Controllable power at walking speeds in difficult conditions. Spins up quickly. Love the 450. Regarding the piston fail: Best guess is old gas running high rpm in long washes. I have never seen sand in my intake as I clean it often. That said, the bike is running every week in the sand during the season. So a lot of exposure. It is not a Ride to the trail bike. It is an excellent trail bike. Isn’t that what every owner would say of their choice? 😎
  5. Thanks to the original poster for the heads up. Not many ways to connect routes in that area, so intel could help those planning. 🚧
  6. Bagstr

    Adventure packing - interesting video

    Ha, We are all snobs in our own particular way. 😲
  7. Bagstr

    Ducati Desert X Review

    Thanks Randy, Quite a story.
  8. That road is tricky because of all the rain channels and many tight turns. For me, not a place to carry a lot of speed. As my eyes aged (71), seeing clearly the details became a problem. Note that the injury sight is in the shade. Transitions, I.e. in and out of shade at speed became a crap shoot. The good news is that there is help available. After three eye surgeries, the details have returned and my riding has improved. Plus, I feel much more in control. Bagstr, On the Trail.
  9. Bagstr

    Greetings from Alaska.

    Offroadocotillo.com No personal experience. Web search of Ocotillo Wells (not the town of Ocotillo) show ATV MC and Razor Rentals. 30 minutes from Borrego Springs, CA. Good Luck
  10. Glad you are back on the trail. πŸ’ͺ
  11. Bagstr

    Borrego 150

    A serious adventure. Thanks for the report. πŸ‘€
  12. Bagstr

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    And just as a reminder, Why do we need radio comms? A. We don’t want to loose anyone out on the ride. B. We want to be Johnny of the spot if a rider goes down. C. The comms allow the ride to Flow smoothly and efficiently. Especially in adverse conditions, I.e. Dust, traffic or different preferred pace. D. Finally, If you are the only rider without comm, what position does that put the others in? They have to waste valuable brainpower looking out for you. E. Essentially, you are out with group because you would like to know what they have to say.
  13. Bagstr

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    Thanks for the work Mr. Amgems. Good advice regarding the PTTs. Those are the most difficult to fit properly.
  14. Bagstr

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    Amgems, No Worky
  15. Bagstr

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    Pickiing Up on this thread,,, Zub, I thought you were contacting PMB for intel. Rugged Radio or PCI are sources for quality Comm gear. Noise cancelling microphone, military grade cabling and better ear speakers and ear buds. I find the earbuds work better for my hearing audio spectrum. As noted above, a pull down face shield makes for less volume needed and better quality output to your team. I am to only member of my team that uses Yaesu as they are Cheap. I just appreciate quality. Boa fang or whatever Amazon garbage that is current gets the job done for most riders. All this is for straight comm only. I don’t mix music or phone calls with riding. The sand is hard enough without picking up a call. For that talk to PMB or others qualified to speak to it. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

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