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  1. I think you are limited to 20 saved Tracks. You may want to save and clear your existing tracks in the handheld to have room.
  2. Thanx! RFS, OK; not my style. Not ready for a rebuild, but building a support team for the future. Maybe I will hire you for the job . You have a garage, right?..
  3. Does CA Flash have a Web presence? Google search is not being successful. Or is it just the telephone? Thanks, B / G
  4. Hang Around the Registration Room / Tape a notice on the fireplace / chat people up. You will find plenty willing to add you to their group. Park your bike in front, you will attract like minded folks. Have fun! The same applies to Friday evening.
  5. Is Pinion Drop on the Saturday Route these days?
  6. Robert, After watching Ty's video, I can see why you are working for this guy. Quite a contrast to the personality to Slavens for example. Yah, I guess that Zip Ty filter is a good idea.. And replacing the in-tank filter at 5k miles. Thanks, Dave
  7. https://gardinerfamilyadventures.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/fuel-injection-how-to-keep-it-working/ This is a Link to a thoughtful guy over at ADVrider
  8. Home Depot Run - 9 degrees

    Minus 6 this morning as I took the trash out. The good news is the High is forecast to Plus 2 here in Bozeman Montana. For a couple of weeks it is entertaining.
  9. Thanks Buddy for the report. Hearing a good deal of positive on the Beta Bikes. Seems the '18s have not been choked by CARB,,,yet. Congratulations!
  10. Took a run to Home Depot today. Sorry not to be surfing the sand but.... Sometimes driving the city is an Adventure
  11. Sneeker, I see a 500 Beta on your profile. What do you think ( Ha ) ? You musta compared it to the Orange. How did you sort that issue. Bagstr
  12. S1

    Interested in locating that Toll Road from Banner to Julian; Salt Creek may have to wait for my next incarnation. Am I correct that the Toll road starts at the Banner horseshoe bend and tops out in the Kentwood Pines neighborhood. If so, that is behind a locked gate.
  13. viewing ads

    No Adds here. Is that a benefit for contributions or mistaken programming?
  14. The Neighbors Say, "He's Silly".

    With your friends,, Not much to improve on for a Quick Hit day. Did anyone get lost?
  15. The Neighbors Say, "He's Silly".

    Shopping over at Rosaurers Grocery store - Winter Set-up