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  1. Radios or Bluetooth?

    I've been using this Old Standby 270 for years. But a lithium battery in and it's pretty light. Tough waterproof case. $140 https://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-010076 On Sale is a smaller version with a Lithium batt $100 Need to check that it is manually frequency selectable, Doesn't appear to be waterproof. Looking at the HRO site, does not appear to have the Mic/Sp jack necessary for the Push to Talk button and helmet cable. https://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-010076
  2. Conditions on the ground where Light and Variable. SoCalM said they got 3/4 inch near Borrego Springs. Even that was not enough to liquify the washes there. The Dez is a pretty big sponge and takes a Good Hit to flow the sand. As we moved south toward the Air Ranch we saw dribs and drabs flowing here and there. At the south end of the Pole Line road to the Narrows we spied small flows crossing San Felipe Wash near the highway. Old Kane eastbound had absorbed a touch of moisture. Only when we started our decent of Blowsand from Goat Trail did we start to see sand flows. Once we hit Blowsand Canyon the water had swept the sand Wall to Wall. Arriving up at Thimble the two track reappeared. Four is good number for a Tour. The dust disappeared about half the time, which is what we love, right guys! I blamed my new boots for two zero speed drops; need to blame something. 65 miles Bags
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monida,_Montana Monida, Montana
  4. Best Day - In Quite Awhile down in Anza Borrego, The Usual Breakfast followed by a Delightful Tour for Four. PBDblue, BushWhacker, SoCalMule, Bags
  5. Randy, I think your Sand Certificate is about to lapse. Come on down and we will stamp your application for renewal. Amgems, Yes, we are looking forward to inspect your setup. These new bikes take time to set up correctly. Being a fit guy, you probably don't even need to change the springs! How long is your list?? I am expecting variable sand moisture based on how much rain different areas received. That's the beauty of discovery. Hoping the jeeps have saved a few clean tracks for us. Sand in my corned beef - Ugly
  6. Huntn, No Bad on You, really. And nothing against anyone having fun on any bike. Personally, the Theatrics of it all, just blows me away. What a spectacle. I can make a spectacle with a good deal less effort. All in Good Fun. People gotta figure a way to make money somehow. Bags
  7. Professional Promotion Somewhat Comical from a Local perspective. Hey Make some Money, Sell some equipment. Go For It. Now I know how Colorado Guys feel. Bags
  8. New member in El Cajon

    Much to Love about the 690. See you at the Trailhead.
  9. Yes Please, I will have the Usual. Wednesday 0800 Kendall's Borrego Springs; Followed by approximately 75 miles of Sand and Rock Two Track. Tubes Tools and Water. Back in Borrego Springs by 2:00PM. Loops and Scenery. Bags
  10. SoCalM, Did it actually rain in B.S. overnight? NOAA shows Ocotillo Wells received 1.54 inches!
  11. Tamarisk Campground 0800 - 65F, 1030 - 75F Interestingly the Two Track up Jasper and Old Culp Valley Road had Moisture under the crust.
  12. In Today. In for the Breakfast Club next week