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  1. Red is back-pack with water bladder, wide light straps to carry light clothing. Back-pack rests on Coyote when seated. Nomadic Rack carries Coyote small bag and climbing shoe bag at rear of GL.
  2. Coyote with a large roll-top, plus a backpack. Pictures give general idea. Definitely use a compression stuff bag on bedroll, last addition at top of Coyote then zip-it. Small stuff bags in bottom of the Coyote legs.
  3. Morning Log climb, Yes great way to start the day riding with your " Over 30" Buddies. The cool thing is, when you are riding with your pals you don't act your age!
  4. Twelve Feet of snowpack on Jackson Lake this past winter. Snake River overflowing it's banks. In these times of Heat it is nice to know there are still cooling breezes. The man with the story of the river
  5. " Enduro "
  6. Another guy on a smaller scale - Charlie O'Hanlon, of Charlie's Place
  7. Roland Sands - Who Knew? Evidently I missed this while watching Downton Abby re-runs. Bring me Up to Date with examples of people driving the Moto Culture. Thanks - Bagstr Cleaning out the barn
  8. Then there is soon to be the KTM 790. Could be enough displacement to handle the highway, with Orange off-road geometry. That web-cast swing arm needs to be covered with something! Hoping this thing is not made in India.
  9. Yes, It is possible to have a good deal of fun on the Big KTM. I learned to ride the Anza Borrego on my 990. Had a three drop limit before calling it a day. Can hardly contemplate Heart Attack or up Diablo Drop today!
  10. Thanks. I was getting away with just pasting into the text and it automatically loaded the link. Copy, paste into "Other Media" tab.
  11. I seem to have developed a photo posting issue pasting SmugMug into the text. Is anyone having issues with SmugMug ? Lately I was linking with a http address copy paste etc. Being a supporting member, I believe I have posting privileges. Tried the link icon at top and the Insert other media. What am I missing?
  12. So,,,Is there such an animal? Talkin' about 750s and larger displacement. I have heard stories the the 950 KTM being offroad worthy, but the evolution to 990 and 1290 has finished off another off-road platform. Not meaning the ability to stand up on a graded road. Question is on the subject of a moto you could ride Nevada gravel two track or the joys of a wide open deep sand wash. Who has seen the Mythical poly cylinder wonder machine. Bags
  13. Yes Please, Gotta be Blue though. Can you put a taper on that with mm increments? "It's all about the bling"
  14. Oh Man, gotta get this!
  15. You gentlemen started me thinking,,,and that can be dangerous,, The guys at Rocky Mountain do a good job on their Instructional Videos