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  1. Stopped By Suspension 101

    George and I had lots of laughs. As In, who can we do evil to. We have a long list. He had just returned from a week of water skiing, and had achieved the proper attitude adjustment. All in a good way!
  2. Hey Van & Ken, Dropped my shock off today and George said he was Happy to bump you two to get my shock re-built. Additionally, I talked him into using Pennzoil 30wt on your units. That should slow you two down. Yours in Brotherhood, Dave
  3. Gunson's Gas Tester

    I bid $4 - Because I'm competitive This tool was used to tune my FJR 1300. I installed threaded ports in the the individual headers ( 4 ) and adjusted to the 14% target.
  4. CO Exhaust Tester circa year 2000 Used just a few times Price ?? These evidently sell for over $200,,, On the Web. That seems a bit steep so I am starting the conversation at $100. Let me know what you think the value is, even if you are not interested. Instructions say it works with Fuel Injection as well as carbs. La Mesa
  5. " electrons flow like water" Is that a book title? One thing to remember is this: The electrons travel in a circle, they return to the source. Without at good return connection, the electrons dead end and no power us consumed.
  6. Wait,,, Isn't That a plug repair for a flat? As opposed to a tube replacement.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_resistivity_and_conductivity Everything you wanted to know about about conductivity
  8. PBR for PMB on his B-Day?

    Happy Birthday Dude The Man, The Legend, The Voice
  9. It has been so long,,, I can't remember what all the radio plugs on my helmet connect to!! There is a big one and a little one...
  10. I can picture the place, but getting to it, I will need help. Oh, I forgot. Yes, watch your Phone
  11. Since I Was Riding That: I don’t know where Diablo Drop is Located
  12. Noobie from SD

    Santa works for me
  13. Not all helmets protect you equally https://www.6dhelmets.com/innovation/ My next helmet will be a 6D, I just wish they would make a Dual Sport model. Glasses, goggles and a flip up face shield = two layers to keep the dust off my glasses. There will be many days when you ride at sun up or sun down in the dust. A face shield with a line of tape at the top margin gives control of the blindness. Just because you like the look of a helmet, does not mean it will protect equally. And some moderate prices helmets perform well. https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/?manufacturer=All&type=2 http://www.helmetboys.com/pages/world-motorcycle-helmet-safety-standards.html
  14. Noted his birthday on the front page, went to his last post re: Desert Trailer, then nothing.... Did we see the finished trailer? I believe he has some activity on ADVRider and I will check that. Bags