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  1. The Luci lantern is my current favorite campsite mood setter
  2. Hey, Enjoyed watching your progress. That was a bunch or riding! You ready to go back to work to rest up?
  3. Kendall's, What can I say, it is a senior ride. seniors have moments Good Luck with the shoot
  4. Narrative - Took a chance and purchased these for my 2016 KTM XCW with traditional Open Chamber 4860PA Forks. With all the change in fork design, fitment was in doubt. No idea how different, if at all the Husk unit is internally. The big issue is that the '16 are the first forward facing bolt patten, so took the $25 chance. Photos don't show the second issue well. No access to the bottom fork adjustments. I rarely make adjustments at this point, so no big. Am I correct the H has both compression and rebound are at the top of fork. Last horn silted up to silence. New horn with innovative water and dust sock. Beta Test
  5. As always, the weather determines the schedule. Therefore the "Breezy 83f" is a nice invite to the Inspiration Wash Sand Hills. Bags will arrive 0800 +- a quarter hour to enjoy a breakfast and any chatter available. ( Friday Oct. 20 for those setting a calendar reminder ) Everyone is welcome; Tubes, tools and water. ~ 80 miles with No gas on route. Rocky two track, Deep sandy climbs and drops start/finish at Kendall's lot. Mmmm, Poached Eggs or Corn Beef Hash?
  6. Zubb, Nice editing!
  7. SDG&E OR CALTRANS. Or .....
  8. Apparently this is another Friday Day in the Dez,,, I keep looking for a Wednesday, no luck Should give you time to put Air in your Tires... Indeed, personally not ready mentally or physically for any of this Day in the Dez stuff. Well, not until we are standing in the vast stillness with only ourselves to account for. Moving to a new thread
  9. Oh Man, Sorry to do that to you! After 34 years as an electrician, I still get a kick watching the flood of traffic driving west as I drive east at 0630. You know my friend, there is a solution to your dilemma.
  10. Those napping on Sunday, Lose.
  11. Luckily, The Picture of the Borregos foraging in the Indian Canyon narrows is stuck in my mind. One big ram and a group of five or so. I had no idea there were only 200 in the entire park. And that they migrated from Siberia 10,000 years ago. Bags
  12. Black, Black and Black. I focused on the green ..