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  1. Showed up today!

    Interested in the Manx ??
  2. Dress4 , That is one of my favorite places. It means I survived another day. Thanks for the report.
  3. Birthdays and The Kug

    Public area, as in Profile Page
  4. Birthdays and The Kug

    One would think you guys would know better than to have your birthday in pubic areas,,, At 66 I know better than to let people know my level of maturity. Since It is out there, I will go ahead and wish The Kug a well deserved Happy Birthday!! I can't imagine a more capable and well mannered young man. A toast, raise your glass to the one and only Kug! Bagstr P.S. I hope your lady friend takes you out to dinner, or something
  5. Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    Also Good Links at bottom of article. Thanks
  6. 300 Top End Advice

    Hours, Operating conditions?? Something in your use failed. You do not want to repeat this.Dirty filter, Oil ratio, you two stroke guys help us here.
  7. Dreamers, just like in Italy only Older.
  8. Yet Again, Thank You for keeping us up to date. Do you agree, It is a European Thing. Check the 1,200.00 Views
  9. I've Always worked toward having Stars in My Eyes; Therefore, he should be taken seriously.
  10. Recommendations for Big Bike tires

    Edit: Friday April 6: Don't know where I got the mousse issue mixed up in this thread. Imagine a mousse in a big rim like the 1090. The tube install will be a good deal more manageable. My mind is finding it harder and harder to stay on topic these days. Is that a bad thing? Yep, Ready to Go! Like I said “ Tire install event in your garage.” Choose the grease, I have some tire irons, gloves and a chair. We have seen the videos; we can do this. My riding buddy has two moose installed on his 500 and took tire irons out of his pack. There is a thought. Mr. Bagstr, not to be confused with that other Mr. B
  11. Recommendations for Big Bike tires

    Mr. B is offering a Tire Install event in your garage. Have a chilled 6 pack of PBR and he is good to supervise.
  12. “Yet Again” Real conversation over breakfast . New routes north of town to trailhead. Dumped Mazda shell out on Old Kane Road. Surfed the Sand Walls of the sand river. Another Tuesday, Bags Thanks to SCM