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  1. http://www.kendalls.cafe/breakfast.html This not a race but an experience. Apparently the low temperature for the week
  2. Mobilizing for a run Friday,,, Searching for inspiration. Dos Cabezas, Diablo Drop, Inspiration Sand Hills, Soo many choices
  3. Darylhunter, I would keep that stuff about reading hundreds of books under cover. You could easily be put on a list for that behavior. Bagstr
  4. Robert Pirsig, 88, author of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," died Monday. NYT Obit Tuesday April 25. He was a college writing instructor recovering from a mental breakdown when he wrote the book. Published in 1974, the book proposes there is ,transcendence in everyday ordinary experience. Mr. Pirsig was overwhelmed by the response to the book and resorted to long trips to get away from his fans. the whole story in the Times. Personally, I found the book underwhelming. I started reading carrying the baggage of my experience with motorcycling, which was nothing like the author. He knew very little about motorcycles or their maintenance. My interpretation is that he saw transcendence in many random events. That said, I believe that our appreciation of cycling indeed does take us out of the ordinary thoughts and concerns of life. As to maintenance, we all know that can be an exercise in frustration and exultation! Just like real life! Thanks for the ride, Robert Bagstr
  5. That is Crazy! The Big Winds did a good job of smoothing the tracks, making for a great float along the sand rivers. Wildwood, Thanks for the photo report.
  6. Four of Us got away with another escape from civilization today. Just under the the Heat Wave as the temp was Delightful early and only Hot at the end. Better than I expected. Typically great group of SDARers Kyle, Andy, Bob and Dave. Carb Loading to good affect at 0800, On the road 0905 headed to the dunes. You never know when it is the Last Day for the desert, so you gotta take 'em when you can. P.S. Admin Please check on posting privilege for Garage something/ Andy. He has been waiting to post.
  7. Governor Special, Hash, Eggs and crispy potatoes.
  8. Done Deal. Gregorio Monument 10:15 Thursday April 20
  9. " Rarely off Pavement " Another Dream fullfilled
  10. My method is to show up for a quick breakfast at 0800; parking lot south of Kendall's, then shoot for 9-9:15 departure. I have been roaming around Arroyo Seco del Diablo recently so that naturally sends my route to the north sector of the State Park. You know the sector without the whooped out OHV trails. Will be warming fast the next few days causing me to be thinking of a shortish 70 miles of pin ball routing and back to trucks noon to 1:00. I know, a short day but better than no day. The winds hopefully have smoothed the sand roads and hill, so planning to start at the sand hills east of the land fill ( Inspiration Canyon ); Loop around and head south to Air Ranch ATV tracks and Old Borrego Pole Line; east a few miles then north to Goat Trail and Blow Sand Drop; north toward Short Wash turning west back toward Inspiration. With the warm day building, not interested in getting too east of the safety of my air conditioned truck! What do you think? You want to meet on the trail or at the parking lot? I can hang around until you can arrive if more time needed. Bagstr
  11. Checking NOAA and the progress of the masons in my yard,,,,Pointing at Thursday 0800 arrival. Planning North loop depending on convenience to attendees . You folks that can't make it, We will pay no attention. Prob 85F or higher so bring plenty of fluids and inner tubes.
  12. The Borrego Weather is waning,,, Next week looks like Doable. Tough to miss Friday Weather but Hey!
  13. Sorry, Need to help the crew - Cancelled