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  1. Congratulations Roger,,, On both counts. Big changes, Best of Luck. Dave
  2. 1. Lean it over L & R possibly. Have seen some need to be lifted high in front or something like that. Ask Crawdaddy,, Wait he is not big on maintenance. 2. I have no ideas.
  3. My take a way, Go Practice figure 8's on the slope of a hillside. Low speed, side hill stuff on a loose surface. Those figure 8's are the bomb. Soon you will be riding like CID. I have an off road training video somewhere,, that needs to be reviewed. Ned Suess (?) from Colorado.
  4. Would suggest Rim Lock is wrong size. Even tho tight, no pressure on bead.
  5. "Kids college comes first" Good for you, that is the route I took. It works out,,,eventually.
  6. I will always have Natasha
  7. Practice in the garage with plenty of Cold Beer is key to success on the trail. But you knew that! CID great tire changing coach and he works cheap.
  8. TNTMO about covered the playbill. Suspension needed an upgrade for anything beyond the LazyBoy mode.
  9. 2007 Net weight = Zero
  10. You Must be Kidding! Calling KTM NA.. You gotta fix this or I'm posting on, You know ADV Middle Aged Touring Inc.
  11. BP - Thank You!
  12. Grossmont Summit, La Mesa - Live and Traditional Removal
  13. What have been the monthly costs for texting etc. ? Is the Helo Extraction insurance available as with the Spot? At this point I would use this for communicator function, and navigation back-up to the Montana. Just as I do the Spot. Not compatible with BaseCamp as it uses different satellite network. I am hoping Garmin brings a larger screen for better Navigation. But in reality, I would never clip the device to the moto. Thanks for info gents.
  14. Delorme is Now Garmin
  15. Personally,,, That Tattoo 1:00am Manilla in '73. Haaa - Actually was discovering Western Liberal Culture at UCLA. Biggest Regret, is missing out on that camp north of Moab in the rain on a two track, staying friends with my riding buddies. Wait, we worked through that and walked bar to bar in Havasu two days later. Turns out I'm Good.