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  1. 2019 CRF 450 L

    1. 276 lbs with no fuel 2. 2 gallon fuel tank 3. On-Road Design compromises Let's face it; as we learned with the latest KTM dualsport design, the new bikes are not " Race Ready " out of the box. These bikes seem to me about half-way to the KTM 690 by design. Maybe this is a good thing to many buyers. I had a 690R and it was an excellent bike: good road manners and decent in the sand plus 3000 mi service interval. How does in handle the Sand? That is the make or break as to success as a true dualsport. I wonder if they extended the service interval. http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/things-to-know-honda-crf450l/ 600 mile oil change
  2. Look for Crawdaddy and Wife at a Checkpoint with cold beverages. They will be under a Shade.
  3. SPOT-X

    " Back when I was working " Don't you like that phrase? Can't wait for good weather; we will have some fun!
  4. SPOT-X

    Sorry to hear this. Evidently you got a Beta batch, doing field test with the public. Little consolation that they will replace the the unit when it could take time to sort the problem. Maybe return and refund $$ . Reviews on the REI site are trending negative - 2.5 stars average out of 16 reports. One owner states that Firmware Updates help with some issues. He has done one and Customer Support says more are coming, as of 5 days ago. I know you are on the road, but if you get to a place where you can update firmware, you may get some relief. Good Luck!
  5. SPOT-X

    TnTmo, https://www.rei.com/blog/news/which-satellite-messenger-should-you-get#plan According to this blog comparison, the X has a 240 hr battery life between charging. Can you esplain what your situation was? Was the device fully charged. Did you re-charge within the time frame? Does the display show battery level? Bagstr P.S. While camping, I am constantly charging phone, camera etc. off the bike battery.
  6. Oh Man, Don't want to Die. Waiting on pleasant weather. Otherwise I would jump in.
  7. That is Excellent! Congratulations on a successful career and welcome to " The self directed life ".
  8. Indian FTR 1200

    Indeed. Unfortunately, we will never see that beautiful exhaust system in production.
  9. Someone is developing an Attitude. Have the congratulations started at the sawmill yet? Days to go, correct.
  10. Sneeker, Is this an Exploration route or do you have intel of previous rides? I.E. , Do you know if the route is rideable through? Terrain looks like you could have some challenges up those canyons. But then, that is what you are looking for! Bagstr
  11. FOD

    HP Grease; Thanks I will go that route and swear off pavement.
  12. https://www.klim.com/cow-tag Geez, I may have to get one of those new Fuel Injected 300s for this. Great photography. Fun Raiser for trail access.
  13. FOD

    https://www.ktm-parts.com/OEMFINDER.html#/KTM/450_XCW_Engine_-_2016/Clutch/34|~48|~0005/34|~48|~0013 Part #8 = Damping Rubber x 6 Changed mine at 5k miles. Originals had measurable but not significant wear. Do the experts believe there is a difference between hub dampers and clutch dampers? 2016 Xcw
  14. FOD

    Tag - Remove all tire irons from Tubliss system,
  15. FOD

    Thought to my self, "Self, What, that looks like like an antique set-up?" Not wanting to show my ignorance, I kept my head down. Kug, you may want to have your Wingman take a refresher course on Quality Control Supervision.