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  1. OK Dave, do you want to meet for coffee before we drive down to Sweeny Pass? Sure Bags, let's get coffee and a hot sausage, egg sandwich in La Mesa then drive down. Good with me. So Dave, How about you ride Sweep this week and I'll take the Lead. Yeah Bags, Happy to ride sweep. After all, there should not be much dust. Coffee @ 0600 Dave. Looking forward to it Bags! P.S. Radios 146.505
  2. Showing Up about 8:00 am for a casual ride at the usual ( Carrizo Creek ) Tamarisk Tree location east of Bow Willow campground. The sign at the pavement was missing in action last trip, so just know the dirt road is north of Sweeny Pass and south of the Bow Willow entrance. 1/4 mile or so east on an easy two track road. Tubes Tuuls and water 70 miles or so of Cruising. Most of the Adventurous Riders are headed to Mexico Baja Friday, which may well shrink the group to one, He is OK with that as the hopefully still moist sand will make for easy picken's as well as Peace and Tranquility. Arroyo Seco del Diablo to the viewpoint; Cut Across to Arroyo Tapaiado; Maybe north to June wash then south to Indian Valley. Looking for a smooth cruise. Bags
  3. Where have all these intellects gone? Are we All subject to the Dustbin of Time? Well obviously, It is just a matter of,,,, Bags - The Governor of Anza Borrego 😎 🤓
  4. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Pretty Useless watching a guy install a stretchy motocross tire with his hands. As in most issues, You can learn small things that help. I have thought about grease on the bead, but then what are we using rim locks for?? Check this tire change vid,,, Pretty Funny and you learn by watching. Again tho, a whimpy tire which is little challenge. Never heard of Jay Clark before yesterday.
  5. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Other than the Tire Rack, I use the tools carried on the trail. And the Answer Is --- Not a Thorn. After carefully checking the carcass for a penetrating thorn. None evident, with a few pounds of air in tube, spraying Windex produced no bubbles. With more air pressure, I held the tube near my ear and rotated to finally hear and feel the jet stream blowing off the sidewall. Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles. With the Thorn theory off the table, new clues point to Pinch Flat. With this clue the memory starts churning and I come up with the memory of a hard hit while rolling through Upper Fish Wash above Sandstone. I had cast this worry aside because the tire stayed inflated for the rest of the day. At a rate of 1 lb an hour, it would be the next day before the tire would show the defect. The carcass is so tough with this Maxxis Desert It that until you sit on it there is no sag. Moving down the wash at an estimated 50mph I missed the rock in the sand with the front but kicked off at the rear. Again, the tire maintained so I let it go. The tube has a Vertical 1.25 crease with a pin hole in the middle. Indicates to me a Rock, not a tire iron pinch from two months ago when mounted. Actually, I am glad this is a pinch flat and that no cacti needle has yet to get to my tire system.
  6. SD Noob

    When you want to jump in the Sand Box, let me know and we will do some canyons.
  7. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    You Guys are killing me! Champ, Go have fun, I am too depressed to to be around people. BP, Yeah one of my favorite drinks. Can't rest until this mystery is solved. Amgems, The gods talk to me all the time; why I am soo confused.
  8. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Loss of 8 lbs overnight,,, PS, I wish I lost 8 lbs overnight!
  9. With the abundant rain, even down into the desert, The Governor hatched the concept of a First on the Scene Friday Outing. Having just returned to town, a medium Hustle was required to get the moto in shape. New air filter, fresh oil and filter appeared to have this moto operator ready for Last equipment checks and load up. This was about 4:00pm local time today. To my chagrin, the tire pressure gauge did not read the 12lbs always present! Sure enough, I stand up and lean my boot into the carcass and,,,,Mush. A few rotations reveal no obvious damage, as in nail, hole or tears. More rotations of the rear wheel and all I can come up with is a needle sized thorn. Whip the Windex to the job, spray, spray and more spray! No bubbles at the thorn, bead and wheel edge to be seen. The thorn is soo small, I can't get a purchase with small needle nose. More Windex as my last resort. Finally the picture below produces evidence. Loaded 20lbs into the tube and went to dinner with some people. Always a good strategy. More evidence is the pressure is dropping at a rate of 1 pound an hour. With these STI Extreme Duty tubes it rarely drops in a week. ( Heavy duty as tubes go ). My working Theory is that the Thorn is held in place by the hard rubber carcass and slowly damaging the tube. When I dismount the tube, I will be careful to mark location. Something will evidence itself when I see the tube. Now the big deal is to carefully find this tiny thorn and remove it from the tire. Otherwise, I will be repeating this effort. I could just pump it up and roll for 3-4 hours, but,,,, The hole could get larger and fail more quickly. Finally, thinking about the Chilly White technique of splitting an old tube and running it over the new tube to help with this Thorn Issue that is always a risk in the Dez. This is my story, and a Sad story it is because this boy will not be riding Friday! And all that Wet Sand will be wasted.
  10. The NOAA pages are showing uneven reports of Rain in the desierto. Mark, How about a report from the scene. Are the washes running? Is the clay Tacky or Sticky? Working on an air filter and motor oil and hoping for a Perfect Day in the Washes of the Park. Hopeful
  11. Opened in New Tab - Play/Pause etc. Is there a Zoom function?? Hardly recognize the canyons. Thanks
  12. May I suggest a preliminary Flat Dez screening day. Unless a rider is comfortable in a deep wash, You will be throwing riders At and Off steps. 😎
  13. Changing a tire

    Plead arthritis and Have CID do the change for U.