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  1. Slaugo


  2. Sorry, my wife has changed my plans. I won’t be out there until 2-3pm. I’m sure you’ll be long gone. Another time perhaps, have a safe ride.
  3. I’ll cruise by around 8-9 AM tomorrow. That way I can sleep in.
  4. Slaugo

    Silverbowl 750

    Details 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. Slaugo

    Solo 4 Yolo

    We did that last week. 👍 Sometimes if not many times, it must be SOLO 4 YOLO.
  6. Stopped by the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Utah today, never left San Diego County😉 this little 300 mile loop just may have to be added to the Glamis loop. Thanks to Wilson Powersports and Jade Standridge and Carmen Rivera🥰 for keeping me rolling.
  7. Was just out that’s way today. Weather is cool, mid 80’s. Should warm up soon👍
  8. Was just there. It’s awesome out there right now.
  9. Not really a politically correct route, if you catch my drift, it’s 200+ mile route. you can slab it in about 170 miles. I spent three days traveling approx a 1000 miles. there are many bypass routes along the way. Definitely recommend the visit.
  10. If I’m off work on the days, I’m 99% in. Looking to do a camp over in Sand Stone Canyon also. D’OH November 6th and 7th would be the only weekend days in Nov for me. Have fun, be safe!
  11. Keep me in mind for a future night ride. I often come back through the area on my return desert rides. 25th I’m heading to Glamis North for the night. but I’ll look for future dates.
  12. Got some friends riding from Blair valley on Saturday. But I’m working :(
  13. It was beautiful out there. I waved 👋 highly recommend getting out there before it cools down.

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