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  1. It’s that time of year. Peeps don’t know what they’re missing. Thanks for posting up 👍
  2. Made it back into San Diego. Thanks Paul and Mark for letting me share in a little bit of your ride. I’m sure everyone that showed appreciates you twos time and effort today. Makes me glad I’m a member!
  3. I always ride out from Diego and meet up with them when my route allows, sometimes I missed them. I’ll be doing a 300 mile day on Sunday and hopefully my route will get me there on their departure. If not I’ll have to catch up or miss them once again. You can get fuel in Julian and OcWells and Borrego Springs or ask anyone camping along the way if they can spare some fuel. Let me know if you want to ride out early.
  4. I highly recommend new riders to join this group
  5. A guy recently went up on a BMW. No photos or video. Decades ago it was much easier to go up. Pretty tough now. The sand gets deep after HA hill. But the tw dies well in it.
  6. Here’s Brian from Wheelie University. Prolly the fastest guy I’ve ever seen in Anza-Borrego hitting Heart Attack hill. 279877BF-C008-4627-9504-CAAEA23CB422.MOV
  7. The TW 200 would do well on this loop. Just wouldn’t be up to the pace. Here’s a picture for perspective in the mighty KLR.
  8. Those are tough coordinates Rory🤣 but i know the general area and hope to catch you at camp. If not, ride on and be safe. And feel free to come over once you get home for a beer 🍺
  9. KLRs love sand. I’ll be on my 450L for this trip. Heres a clip of the KLR at Glamis.
  10. Thanks Rory, drop me a pin when you get out there👍 My friends are out there now, but leaving early Thursday before I get there. I’ll definitely take you up on that pit stop🌵either on the way out or the way home.
  11. I’m off Thanksgiving. Will be giving thanks on a ride out to the dunes. I’m open for any route except in the back of a truck or on a trailer or all asphalt Could follow the Slaugo 400 loop if anyone feels up for it. Intermediate ride, unless you hate sand, then consider it advanced. Tubes, tools and graciousness! Plenty of stops for fuel, food and water. Will need to be able to make 120 miles in between fuel fill ups. Don’t forget your flag/whip. Dual Sports make the Adventure. ill be on the CRF450LK
  12. thanks for the ride Rory 👍 it was great meeting you Nieghbor
  13. It’s no Alpha. But then, that’s why it’ll last😉 can take which ever dirt route makes you feel comfortable. My dualsport doesn’t mind the slab to bridge the dirt sections. But with just a few hours out route would be limited. I can leave as early as 9a right now.
  14. Takes an hour to get there, an hour to get back...lol let me know if you’re up for a little more.