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  1. Thanks for the ride Ken. I finished my solo half with a pinch flat at super. Replaced them traveled home. 350 miles today👍
  2. Was out that way today, dirt is prime. If I wake up early I’ll join in.
  3. Definitely a smart, smart man. The smartest.
  4. If I get called off, we’ll be heading to TDS.
  5. 👍 can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone fail. prolly the most famous KLR route out there.
  6. Yup, Pinyon is two way until the squeeze then one way east bound from there on👍 decades ago it was two way and wasn’t torn up so bad as it it’s now.
  7. Not long at all. If you’ve been down it, you’d remember it😮
  8. Hey Mike and Randy, thanks for the good times. Was an awesome event. Glad so many took advantage of the opportunity. Thanks to Tracy and his wife for feeding us some delicious food. And special thanks to TNTMO for hauling my tent so I could ride Out Friday. I got over 500 miles of dirt and just over a hundred miles of slab in two days which filled my needs. Thanks to all the volunteers for the support and to the riders for making it a great sweep 🧹 and thanks to Paul and Mike for being such great sweep-mates!
  9. Slaugo

    Desert Dash volunteers- contact list

    Hope there will be some good vids and photos for you to enjoy👍
  10. Slaugo

    Desert Dash volunteers- contact list

    Sounds like a plan🍺
  11. Slaugo

    Desert Dash volunteers- contact list

    Stagecoach 👍
  12. Slaugo

    Desert Dash volunteers- contact list

    Cool, send me a text so we can chat👍
  13. Slaugo

    Desert Dash volunteers- contact list

    Question/request for volunteers... Anyone near the San Carlos Nieghbor hood? Looking to see if anyone is willing to haul a tent and some fuel out to Butterfield staging area for me. I’ll be riding out and it would be great to take my long loop out there with out the extra gear. I could drop it off and pick it up and add some beer 🍺 ?