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  1. Hope you love the Giant Loop bags as much as I do. I got the MoJavi bags. I’ve used them on my last four bikes and have well over a 100,000 miles on them with no issues. One of the fun aspects of this sport is acquiring gear that works for us. Definitely figure out a fuel option. 2gallons on the dunes floats better than 6 gallons. if you have or install rim locks you can also shed your tire repair supplies and tools buried with your fuel to travel lighter. Ride on, be safe!
  2. Continue from Vegas up into Utah. You’ve just begun.
  3. Hey Koonzee, way ahead of you. Been checking out Co and Ark, Miss and Louisiana which I hadn’t ridden in decades. four of use tore up New Mexico and Southern CO for 7 days in Aug. weather was epic. for Glamis you can always triangulate. Sand Highway runs from Gecko road to Gordon’s well. Approx 28 miles. On the west side of the imperial sand dunes. From the Glamis store the washes # run along the east side all the way to Gordon’s well. You only have a approx 3 mile walk east or west if you break down. Patton Valley is approx half way between Gordon’s and the beach store, start recognizing the mountain silhouette from the tops of your nearest highest peak and you’ll almost never get lost. the Veteren memorial is know as flag pole. On my 450L I carry up to 6 gallons as I ride out and back from San Diego. So sometimes I bury containers and retrieve them later so I don’t have to carry the weight. we lived in Austin (Pflugerville) for a few years before moving back to Diego. Austin and San Antonio are about as close to SoCal as you’ll get in Texas. also take the time to adjust your valves to the top of spec. The motor will run cooler and you’ll go longer in between adjustments. sometimes China Wall gets super steep and some times it’s blown super easy. when sand is wet it’s much easier to ride, but much tougher on the motor, so use caution and let the motor cool if the fan comes on. summer time is best as you don’t have to worry about the idiotic traffic out there. Or at least mid week. ride on, be safe!
  4. Slaugo

    BDR in Jeep

    Low to mid-low technical difficulties is what the BDRs are all about. These are older Jeep sections strung together from routes that existed far before the BRDs were ever born. Might suggest running with a partner since your level of handicap may need assistance if you were to get into a bind. Mother Nature then logistics are the toughest obstacles of all the BDRs. have fun, be safe!
  5. Continue southeast towards Tombstone and then on towards the Dragoon Mt. Towards Chiricahua National forest and you’ll just about be clear of AZ on your way to NM👍🏽
  6. Nice to someone riding the dunes. Moved to Texas and you don’t know how good you got it in SoCal until you try to ride Texas. I was doing Glamis once a month from San Diego. I got a 428 mile loop with iterations to make it longer. mid recommend riding to and from with a knobbie. It beats trailering and you get to ride more. there are a couple of places to cool off in the summer and there’s no traffic in the summer either. but until you get use to the area and your bike’s reliability, you’re on track looking for someone to ride with. three main areas of the Imperial Sand dunes are Glamis which you know off the 78. And Gordon’s Well and Buttercup off the I-8. you can access all three from each other. Buttercup tends to have deeper wind blown sand as it’s the less traveled in the summer. Glamis has the best variety IMO. Let me know if you got any questions. Ride on, be safe!
  7. Slaugo


  8. Sorry, my wife has changed my plans. I won’t be out there until 2-3pm. I’m sure you’ll be long gone. Another time perhaps, have a safe ride.
  9. I’ll cruise by around 8-9 AM tomorrow. That way I can sleep in.
  10. Slaugo

    Silverbowl 750

    Details 🤷🏽‍♂️
  11. Slaugo

    Solo 4 Yolo

    We did that last week. 👍 Sometimes if not many times, it must be SOLO 4 YOLO.
  12. Stopped by the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Utah today, never left San Diego County😉 this little 300 mile loop just may have to be added to the Glamis loop. Thanks to Wilson Powersports and Jade Standridge and Carmen Rivera🥰 for keeping me rolling.
  13. Was just out that’s way today. Weather is cool, mid 80’s. Should warm up soon👍
  14. Was just there. It’s awesome out there right now.

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