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  1. wildwood

    Adios California

    Sorry Brian, I knew that one would pinch a little. I'll be thinking the same thing around February when your all out riding in Anza Borrego and I'm up to my doodads in snow.
  2. wildwood

    Adios California

    Thanks everyone, you guys are awesome and will be sorely missed. We are just getting settled in and I was able to get out and see what's ahead of us. It will be an amazing Journey going forward, but I feel I'm up to the task. Take care all.
  3. wildwood

    Adios California

    Well, it's a done deal. I'm homeless in California. I haven't been adding much content lately, but I have been apart of this motley crew for a while, and I've enjoyed ever minute of it. I've met many like minded people and made many more friends along the way than I could imagine. This is a great organization of people that will endure because our quest is pure and we will not be denied despite the pressure to keep us from what we know is our right. Thanks to all that have been willing to share their knowledge with me, and make me the better motorcyclist that I am today. This forum and the friends I've met through it has changed my life forever, and is all the better for it. Farewell, and happy trails to all. Idaho is our destination. I'll be sure to post some adventure's from afar, and welcome any traveler's to come and visit our new dig's. Adios!
  4. wildwood

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Husky's are timless. Go man Go!!
  5. wildwood

    New guy

    Welcome aboard. Solo riding is nice, but their's know one to buy you a beverage at the breaks.
  6. Lurking...... How many cruiser's you lookin' for? I might try and get my uncle to let me take him out in his 33 Willy's for a little spin. I need to get by and see him anyway, and he's having trouble driving this one any more due to bad knees and stiff clutch. It probably needs a putt to keep it in proper form. He's in El Cajon. so it wouldn't be any trouble if he's up for the gig. I'll watch the thread to see if it's getting traction. Cheers to you Jim
  7. wildwood

    Winners of the Covid Picture Contest

    👍 All were good, but that was the best shot for sure
  8. Husky, Husky, Husky,..... need I say more.... Welcome Greg
  9. wildwood

    New Rider Alpine

    Welcome to the Herd James. The group should get a Newb ride going here pretty soon to get to know our new additions. I got a little work to do before I get back out there, hopefully it won't take too long to get repairs made on my rides.
  10. A bit of word through the grapevine, but that picture is telling. The word I got was Marty didn't have belts on, and his wife only had a lap belt. It took over an hour for any assistance to get to them. Very sad, but take lessons from this week. Safeguarding yourself while involved with activity in remote areas should be your first priority. ATGATT is no joke. Please take heed for yourself and those who care about you. Godspeed and God Bless to those we lost this week, and their families....
  11. wildwood

    Suspension Sag With / Without Gear

    I haven't weighed my load from the Husky pick, but with gear, extra water (7.48 lb per gal), whisky, it's around 40#'s or more. If you pack like Kiwi Wayne (maybe half that [his evening steak probably weighs 5lbs.]) he can get more in a bag with less weight than anyone I've ever seen, you might skip an adjustment if you plan to ride after unloaded.
  12. wildwood

    New Member - North Park

    Welcome to the Herd.
  13. https://fox5sandiego.com/sports/motocross-rider-marty-smith-dies-in-dune-buggy-accident/ More bad news. What a month to forget
  14. wildwood

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Cool. I just found the one of the guys I was riding with yesterday on FB and PM'ed him a link to our search page too.
  15. wildwood

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Does anyone know Katie Camou personally? We're getting a lot of search area coverage compiled and published that the family doesn't necessarily know about. Just wondering if we shouldn't relay a link to them about what our group has done so far. It might help with the overall effort of know what areas have been covered, or still need to be covered. Do we need a new thread with just the search data added?