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  1. hobiee

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    Just buy a new bike. Holy hell ! Be done with this madness already.....
  2. hobiee

    Rokon Trail Breaker

    It's already over priced. Super cool though.
  3. hobiee

    Big bike off road training.

    Honestly I find the big bike (1090) way more stable offload. Now the mindset to ride the big girl like my 500 is the tough part. Once I get going and loose myself in simply riding the big bike is easier in a lot of situations. I am nowhere near a big guy at 5-8 175 but I love to ride the 1090 offload. Granted I'm not going to do the double diamond single track on anything but my 200.
  4. hobiee

    Ever seen a street legal DS ridden by a pro?

    Shows how capable the big Ktms really are. The 1090 is even more so.
  5. hobiee

    Somewhere beachy

  6. I would never.............. In all seriousness I was only referring to the writers of said manuals. Not saying I agree with them at all. I will say that Mr. Bags took his bike to one of the best mechanics out there. Tim is good people and really good at what he does.
  7. Just reminding everyone about the maintenance intervals listed in the manuals. It is based on racing conditions. My 08 450 went 12,000 plus miles and 1500 hours and was still running strong when I sold it. Ask tim about it , I tried to blow it up and he laughed at me every time he looked at that bike. My 07 rfs motor had way more time on it than that but no hour meter so who knows......... My 15 500 had 600 plus hours and got piston and rings and sold at 800 plus hours not burning an ounce of oil. My 15 200 with 97 hours blew the motor completely because of bad gas so I'm thinking this was a major factor in the problem. Big pop pushes rings funny and at speed the ring instantly melts and grinds to cylinder. Bags motor was in perfect running condition and would have gone for many many many more hours without the help... Big bang theory I miss that show
  8. hobiee

    Tire air thread !

    hahahahaha i know it was as was mine.
  9. hobiee

    Tire air thread !

    With all due respect,............... Cant we just go riding ?????? If we really want to talk physics and such, lets analyze the scrub and or cornering dynamics or the truth behind why my two stroke is better than my four stroke ????? 😁
  10. Voo-Doo Ranger. Nice and hoppy !
  11. hobiee

    Props to Suspension 101

    Quality work !
  12. You forgot to add in the part about throwing a plate on it and driving down all but the freeway................................. at least thats how we do up here in ride-a-ho as in arizona !
  13. hobiee

    790R Owner. Free Suspension101 upgrade.

    I'd go buy a 790 just for this !!! Can I ship a bike to you ????
  14. hobiee

    Just joined....

    Zubb you just didn't look long enough.
  15. hobiee

    Just got a 2007 KTM450exc

    Stop the thread ??????? That should be the new shirt !!!!!!!!!!