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  1. hobiee

    Daily pics of good times

    Hit 88 mph and went to ???? Cause the tire marks look kinda funny after that..........
  2. hobiee

    Wyoming BDR...It's Coming

    I wish all the western routes would somehow connect to be able to do one big huge epic loop.
  3. hobiee

    iPhones for the win!

    That's awesome Zubb. Congrats
  4. I am in love with the momentum developed on a bigger bike. I have honestly found some nasty rocky climbs to be easier on my 1090 than even my 200. Mostly because of the momentum and the balance like Zubb says. Once centered on the bigger bike it takes way more to get me off balance again. I am no where near a big guy at 5-9, 175 pounds but I I really enjoy pushing the big bike hard. I miss my 500 that Crawford bought, i'd get another one of those but for now i'm good on the 1090.
  5. hobiee

    Electric: Maybe they've finally figured it out

    Well thought out and designed from the ground up. Looks to be coming from a riders point of view for sure. The no sound thing still scares me as I think sometimes the noise of us helps. Wonder how long it takes to charge up ? Does it need special plugs to do so ? It's amazing how much three D printing has changed the world in such a short time.
  6. hobiee

    Ducati DesertX !!!

    That's actually pretty in line for what it is. Kinda where I honestly thought it would be. I'd for sure like to ride one to compare it to my 1090
  7. hobiee

    Ducati DesertX !!!

    Looks a lot like the old Ktm 640 adventure. Im sure It's nothing like the old paint shaker, but lookswise I see it. I love the fact Ducati is jumping in the game !!!! Of course it will cost 35k to start..........
  8. hobiee

    Vacuum for sale

    No no no It's a Suckzuki you sillies
  9. Why click on the post ?? Different strokes for all folks. It takes all kinds to make a community.
  10. Oh Absolutely George is the guy to go to. I've learned plenty from him. I was just throwing all this out there for fun conversation is all. I've gotten pretty darn good at tuning suspension and being able to tell what my suspension needs. I have a 1090 currently that rides nicer than most folks 300 in the technical stuff. People get on for a try out and come away in shock. "That bike is soooooo easy to ride" I have even had people tell me It's slow because its like riding on a magic carpet. My 200 is even more amazing but thats just what a 200 does period.
  11. In a perfect world our suspension would always be in a vacuum so to speak. Operating under perfect conditions always. Good suspension set up can make the day. I wonder how many people write a certain bike off cause they never get the boingers set up correctly. People will spend thousands on exhaust or programers or oil or tires or a new seat or whatever. Get the suspension set up period. Biggest improvement period ! Learn about whatever bike you have. How rebound effects how comfortable you are how compression slows you down, how the two work together. I can tell when a clicker is turned on click now and I'll bet I could tell when my forks have been bled or not. Theres a ton that goes into suspension and it's sooooooo over looked in my opinion in the big picture.
  12. Just trying to start up a convo on something I've pondered in the past. Ok so you roll your bike of choice up the ramp and cinch those tie downs tight for the ride home. Do you bleed the forks?? If yes, why ? If no, why not ? You have just unloaded your bike after driving up to the mountains to ride. It's been strapped down tight for a few hours, do you hit the bleeders to "acclimate" your forks to the new environment? Why or why not ? Been doing a bunch of hard laps on the track and you roll into the pits and throw it up on the stand for a rest, hit those bleeders ? What exactly are we doing when we do this ? How does air get in there in the first place ? Why does it build pressure ? Are we saving our fork seals by doing this ? What happens if we never even take those pesky little screws out and put the fancy bleeders in and never ever touch anything but th ie clickers ? I have way to much time on my hands......... PS I have learned a ton on suspension in the last few years and I seriously think it is probably the most important part of what we do in order to feel comfortable on our ride of choice. It truly can make or break a ride or a great ride in my opinion.
  13. hobiee

    Mosquitoe Bug Bite Tip

    You know why this is said to work ? The heat destroys the proteins that make the bite itch. Question is however, is one doing more damage to the surrounding area tissue ? Simple salt water applied to the area is actually a better idea. or like grandpa used to say, pee on it

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