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  1. hobiee

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Just ride it. It really needs nothing................... Of course that will never happen but seriously ride it ! Truly amazing bike.
  2. You are getting old my friend !!!! I never thought I'd see the day. Miss this man.............................
  3. hobiee

    2 WD

    I remember when everyone said the Rekluse clutch was a bad idea too...................
  4. Pretty sure the 1090 is going to become one of the greatest bikes of all time. Kinda like the following that the 950 super enduro has, all be it a far superior bike ! I never regretted selling a bike before but I miss that 1090.
  5. What the heck........... Bonners Ferry, Idaho
  6. I shot a bear this week that weighed in a 365 pounds wet. Can anyone tell me how much he would weigh dry without fluids ????
  7. hobiee

    MotoGP 2018 - Last Lap of Qatar

    I love to see the difference in bike design philosophy on display right there. the way the Duc just walks away with all the torque and the Honda will real it in as the revs go up and then destroy it during the braking. only to have the torque kick back in and make up for it all over again. Riders on the edge, I Love It.
  8. hobiee

    Anyone use one of these?

    Not trying to be a stick in the mud but what good will it do to lock it all up if I can just walk up and pop the whole deal off the rear axel and walk off with it like a wheelbarrow. I’m just going from experiences. And as with anything I understand locks are for honest thieves. I’m in the carry it on my back or not at all group obviously.
  9. hobiee

    Anyone use one of these?

    I was following a buddy with one when the rear tire kicked up a real good size rock and lodged it in the cross brace causing him to come to a rapid stop. Over the bars with two snapped wrists from his brush guards and a wicked set of busted up ribs that are still healing year and a half later. His riding days are done due to his wrists. I’ll bet I could get you a good deal on a used slightly bent up and probably beaten a few times one. Lol. Up till that point it seemed like a nice set-up.
  10. hobiee

    Jump starter

    sport I have it and its never failed.
  11. Awesome that you are finally doing this. Talked about it for years now ! I'm jealous. Have a safe trip.
  12. hobiee

    Pushing Bike Up Ramp

    How does one operate the winch and steady the bike at the same time ??
  13. hobiee

    Pushing Bike Up Ramp

    Use a bike stand and step up on it as you get to that spot
  14. hobiee

    dirt bike lands on hood of Jeep

    Lots of wrist surgeries