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  1. hobiee

    How would you handle this?

    Just curious, what do you think they were up to ? I know exactly how I would have handled it but I will keep it to myself. I have found most of the time it's all pomp and no circumstance. I understand your choice of actions but I also feel ignoring sets you up for the blindsided attack. Face the threat and keep it all in sight until its handled.
  2. hobiee

    5 Miles of Hell in Utah - Electric KTM

    The lack of a clutch would drive me bonkers. The tire spin from the instant torque is not really advantageous if you ask me.
  3. Hey Randy

    Questions about 950.  I'm looking at picking up a 2005 950.  17k and change and all of the known update have been done.  He's asking 6k which is kinda high in my mind but dunno.   Can you tell me your likes and dislikes on that bike ?   I know its super capable and honestly i like the carbs over the fuel injection.  tell me all there is to know

  4. hobiee

    Safety thought

    Get a Road ID. Never leave home without it, mine is a bracelet type but there are many.
  5. hobiee

    If I had the $ .........

    I am impressed by the video down below of Ryan Wells finishing FMOH in 39 minutes..............
  6. To heavy and under powered for the weight sorry to say. i hate that they did away with the 1090 for this..................
  7. hobiee

    Time to retire/ride MORE

    Dinner at 4 ??
  8. I'm willing to bet most have had the Corona virus, or the Dos Equis virus, or the Tecate virus or the tequila virus on trips to mexico already !
  9. Stop crying you big baby and ride that garage queen.................................. Act like you are a lawyer or something 😁😁😁😁 Get the damn trip going already so we can live vicariously through you man !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hobiee


    Thats Big Als' dandruff
  11. hobiee

    Would you like to know how dumb I am?

    Think what it does to you brain when its next to your dome................... Talk about interfering.
  12. RIP to a great champion, https://sports.yahoo.com/unfortunately-paulos-day-dakar-champion-price-goncalves-tragedy-174257973--spt.html
  13. hobiee

    Honda CRF450L spruced-up

    See I'm the opposite, Ive been on orange since 2. I tried red and crashed my brains out for two months and lit it on fire to watch it melt.
  14. hobiee

    Honda CRF450L spruced-up

    Oh I know, I was stirring the pot. Not serious at all. Its actually a pretty sick bike all things considered.
  15. How can you not be excited about that ????????