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  1. Rigger Dan and I went up to the annual Stewards of the Sierra Fundraiser weekend before last with a few other friends. STILL my favorite place to ride in CA. If you haven't been up there you need to go! The Stewards do an amazing job keeping the trails maintained/open for all to enjoy. LOT's of downed trees...... A few pics Creek crossing on 007.....ssssshhhhhh......this trail is poorly kept secret Whiskey Falls Jackass Meadow The Big Rock Trail Lower Tree Trail (so named because you're riding through a boat load of downed trees that have been cut to keep the trail open/passable Heading back down upper 007 A bit of snow left up near the summit of Shut Eye Peak
  2. I've used Photobucket for the last ~10+ years for hosting photos to post on 3rd party sites like SDAR, ADV Rider, D37, etc.......they just flipped the switch on July 1st and went from free hosting to $39.99/month......F that What are you folks using for photo hosting? I don't like to directly attach photos to SDAR because it takes up bandwidth and non members are unable to view'em......
  3. Sounds Good Udo!
  4. Just a quick shout out to all the riders who made it up climbs like this...... reach Lisa and I at Check Point #4
  5. ~4 that hall pass.........
  6. Lisa and I will be working Hardway Check Point #4.......that's all I can tell you........see ya there
  7. Just rolled in the driveway at my home in's 104 here......too toasty for a cold "B" anywhere without AC
  8. Last year we were checkpoint 7 on the hard way (~185 miles into the day) we didn't see a lot of riders .......not sure where they have us posted this year......hopefully a bit closer to town......
  9. I'm planning on making a preliminary stop at Jacked Up Brewery from ~4:30-5:30 because 1) the name cracks me up & 2) it's sorta on my way.......mainly #1
  10. Is this the post where the VStroms go to mingle?
  11. Late notice - the Oracle & I are heading up tonight since the SDAR club mtg is tomorrow.
  12. Good Stuff!
  13. Dang it.......would've swept that one up......