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  1. Veys Powersports

    Vey's stepped up big this year to support CORE 4 Kids. They kicked in a few hundred dollars of gift cards to put in our silent auction/raffle. Greatly appreciated and good folks!
  2. Sorry buddy, wasn't my idea.........this coming weekend worked out best for my co-sponsor and fundraiser beneficiary.......does help that there are no NFL playoffs this coming weekend......I guess that's why they chose it.......so more folks would step up/attend......
  3. Notice to all "CORE 4 Kids" Poker Run registrants: There will be no formal meal on Saturday the 27th. The $10 meal tickets are being converted to $10 vouchers that may be applied against any meal at any time at Sassy's Cafe. This conversation is being made in an effort to lesson the burden on the kitchen staff at Glamis North Hot Springs Resort and give registrants the flexibility to choose when to apply their credit. Turnout is significant (150+ tickets) and we don't want folks waiting for an hour for their food. Please check in between 6-8pm on Friday the 26th or 8-10am on Saturday morning the 27th. All poker hands must be turned in by 5pm on Saturday the 27th. A raffle will be held on the steps of Sassy's cafe at 7pm on Saturday night the 27th"
  4. 3/31 is Lisa's birthday and we have tentative plans for Sedona .........could be a hard sell but I'll see what I can do I'd rather not load all the camping crap on my bike for a quick blast south........maybe consider a known motel somewhere - El Cortez in San Felipe(?), Mike's (?), Mission Santa Maria in San Quintin (?) or (?).....not sure where you're thinking of riding......
  5. man, you really need to be quick around here.....
  6. Spot Tracker

    I called/renewed the SPOT for now........my Gen 1 has been a handy safeguard since 2009.......I'm too cheap for the alternatives......all available cash is going toward the man-cave build in Bullhead City.......
  7. Lark canyon 1/14

    "Bike Slutting"
  8. Spot Tracker

    Recent email from SPOT: "Thank you for contacting SPOT Customer Relations. Our records indicate that your SPOT services got renewed on December 05, 2017. There is a current balance due for the yearly renewal of your SPOT services of $200.92." $201 renewal seems like a lot of $$ for my SPOT Gen1 services.......I'll look into the Delorme you guys are chattering about........Guess I'd better also follow Dan Diego's advice and give'em a ring/request waiver..... Just glanced at purchase price/monthly fees for Delorme.......that's big $$
  9. Thanks again to all from SDAR who have supported the "CORE 4 Kids" fundraiser over the years........looking forward to surpassing $50K in cumulative donations in 2018! We're kicking ass on ticket sales/fundraising this year.........144 tickets sold as of yesterday with ~2 weeks to go. As some of you know, we've managed to bring in ~$5K in each of the last 5 years with the exception being 2014 when we rec'd a single donation of $5K and brought in just over $10K. Last year we raised $5.6K for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. I'll be disappointed if we fail to hit $15K in donations this year.
  10. Anyone else commute on their bike today??

    I didn't ride my bike yesterday........but I commuted in the rain almost every day on a 1977 GT550 ~35yrs ago when I was in college (Oregon State University) Now I only ride on sunny/warm/dry days.......unless I'm out on a road trip
  11. DAKAR 2018

    Sutherland withdrew today........dropped into a hole and blew out his back on a big compression........ Yamaha now leads general ranking.......
  12. Nice work/group......well done
  13. Hope you're leaving the rig with a friend and flying back.........I would NOT want to be on the roads, or in a plane for that matter, in the Northeast right now given all the snow/storm activity.......
  14. Visit the link below and click on "tickets".....there's an option for a donation straight to Team Parker for Life - THANKS! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/poker-run-benefiting-team-parker-for-life-tickets-40081488812