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  1. I want to know if I can't (for whatever reason) activate the SOS, someone will be able to find me. The faster they do so, the better. Hopefully. Might not matter.....
  2. Interesting. I disagree with him about the cost/tracking points, especially for riding. Setting the tracking interval for cost efficiency is, to me, a dangerous mistake. I can move a long way every 20-30 minutes on a bike. Granted, not as far as many better riders, but far enough away i could be difficult to find in an emergency. Mine is set for 10 minutes.
  3. Oh- aware of how heat cycles (repeated drilling) can make a material harder...
  4. Heat. Likely the bolt had a touch 'o loctite on it. Dremel is your pal here- use the tiny ball grinder (there's a joke there) to make a significant starter dimple for the reverse drill bit. Buy a real good one in a single size.
  5. Damn. 5:15 am and no place to go.
  6. This is not something I'd suggest as appropriate there.
  7. I'll be there. Can't speak for Rocketman Kim Jong Un.
  8. Google says: "When my wife calls me, I get to know Kendalls' nightmare"
  9. My vote (which hardly counts at all) is Kendalls and north loop. But I'll be pleased to ride wherever you'd like.
  10. Had a lot more. If only it had a 7th gear.
  11. Happy to shoot this if someone can coordinate it. I can get there a bit early to scout the location, but would need a contact at the location to let me know where is ok to shoot.
  12. My wife and I do a lot together- she's awesome, and I'm damn fortunate. Riding, however, is mine.
  13. Ok, NOW it will be gone.