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  1. Well done Riggah- sorry to be missing this one.
  2. Oh. Sorry. That was in Montana a few days ago. 😎
  3. Sorry to miss this....
  4. I have a pair of older Oakley half-jackets into which I had my progressive prescription placed- a very expensive process, but works a treat. When everyone slows down to let me ride in front, I flip up the visor on the XD4 for plenty of breeze and maintain some eye protection- the Oakleys work well for this. They've deflected plenty of sand, sticks and rocks. When the other guys get bored following me, I can put the visor down for full protection. While tempted, I've not had my eyes cut- I don't want the compromise mentioned above- loss of unaided near vision. My wife had it done several years ago- and she needs glasses again for close work and night driving.
  5. 21" HD TUBES?

    Ah! Both excellent suggestions- thanks!
  6. 21" HD TUBES?

    Who stocks them in San Diego?
  7. SDAR Club meeting at Veys EL Cajjon - 9/12/18

    Out. Trafficsux.
  8. SDAR Club meeting at Veys EL Cajjon - 9/12/18

    In. If, for no other reason, to harass Bags.
  9. Looking for an electrician: Sub-panel install

    What? Like you're somekinda expert?
  10. You’ve been there! 8 to Buckman Springs Road- head east right on Morena Stokes Road toward Corral (NOT CORAL!) Canyon Off Road Area. You’ll go on gravel, then pavement, twisty-turny flat stuff, then start up a twisty-turny hill- remember our no-engine downhill? At the top of that hill is a large gravel parking area with a restroom that Rigger didn’t use. That’s Four Corners.
  11. I usually make these, but will be traveling that day.
  12. Tools, tubes and water

    Lost my oil filler cap once. Used a rag and some desert sticks to get me to the Napa store in Borrego Springs. I purchased an adjustable freeze plug- it's a rubber stopper with a nut/stud arrangement that swells the rubber when one tightens the nut. It was a bit too big, so I whittled it down with my pocket knife first, placed it in the hole, tightened the nut to seal it, and Bob was my uncle for the rest of the day.
  13. Giant loop or Wolfman

    Nah. Everyone I know keeps theirs.
  14. Looking for an electrician: Sub-panel install

    I just did a small job with David Alvarado 6197080390. Nothing fancy, reasonable, and I used him for the identical reasons as you.