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  1. viewing ads

    I see ‘em. Well done.
  2. Nope. He's in a garage in San Juan Cap. Great guy. But only RFS motors, I believe. If you contact him, tell him you were send by FakeName.
  3. Sondra's 2007 450exc

    http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/2007-ktm-450exc.1284313/#post-34407476 I know both owners of this bike personally and it's a an excellent example of the best year RFS bike- street legal from the factory, so no license monkey business. I've told her $4800 is a good deal for the buyer, and she should hold firm. But she IS an SDAR member, so take your best shot.
  4. There are two well-known RFS rebuilders- CAFlash (a retired garage-guy) and Dave Hopkins (a retired garage-guy), plus several others. Not only are these guys capable of building motors from the ground up, I believe most will sell the parts you're seeking- and the best stuff. Kibblewhite valves, etc. I know CaFlash carried lots of spares- cranks, heads, etc. and I think Dave Hopkins does as well- he's a Kibblewhite dealer. Personally, I'd box it up (a cheap igloo cooler is the traditional method) and send it to Hopkins. The amount I'd spend in labor to him is a drop in the bucket when compared to the fallout from a single mistake on a single tolerance that I'd undoubtedly make doing it myself. I'll always give it to the guy who's done it a hundred times rather than glowing in the possible satisfaction of doing it myself. And- I have a rebuildable RFS crank/rod assembly should you need one.
  5. ABDSP 2/21

    Yes. But not that day.
  6. ABDSP 2/21

    Yup, so far.
  7. The Neighbors Say, "He's Silly".

    No ride this week. We cant ride ungoverned.
  8. The Neighbors Say, "He's Silly".

    Just another day in Borrego Springs.
  9. Stuck My Hand

    Please. Please send pics. Please.
  10. New Member in Borrego Springs

    58? Maybe you should just stay off bikes. They're only for young people. Everyone here is under 30.
  11. Radio harness and PTT

    Crickets? I thought this was a pretty good deal...
  12. You’re quite welcome. Thanks for the ride!
  13. My new ride

    Possibly in the first week.
  14. When you say "sand", you mean like that study from the beach? And not too rocky- it gets me all jittery.