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  1. SPOT-X

    Check battery connections?
  2. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    USA design and manufacturing lost my undying allegiance when the unions in Detroit were telling us how great the Vega and the Pinto and the Apollo were while cars like the Corolla, the 2002 and the Civic were just rolling in. Here! Buy these unbelievably inferior USA made products because you’re a patriot.
  3. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    G Got it, understood. What percentage of the bike can can be made in China and still be acceptable? Are certain critical parts- like the ECU- given greater weight in that calculation? Is it only China we’re avoiding? Personally, I don’t care where it’s made- as a world, we’re way beyond protectionism- the horse left that barn with semiconductors. I care about quality, which can come from any country or culture.
  4. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Ok, would you buy a bike that has a Chinese-made ECM? Or instrumentation? Carbs? Fuel injector? Tires made in Taiwan?
  5. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    They're very rare. One usually has to travel as far as Escondido to find them.
  6. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Yes, and... Were American consumers willing to pay more for a higher quality product, outsourcing would be far less popular. But, by and large, we're not. We demand lower prices on goods (and services) and we don't really care (or are unable to understand) about the true costs. We vote with our pocketbooks every time.
  7. New, in The Rapper. $75?
  8. I rode twice this week.

    Thanks, all, for the kind words. Jesse became a certified SCUBA diver at 13- we had one dive together, which was Molokini Crater. Doc says no more diving for him. But otherwise he'll likely be fine. He needs to put on a few pounds- which I could give him summa mine.
  9. I rode twice this week.

    You don't know the half of it! Our son had a persistent cough for a couple weeks prior to my departure, but was "on the mend" when I left. On Wednesday, he told me his cough had "changed" in nature, so I told him to get his ass to our family doc. He went on Friday, and while I was driving home from my last stop in Las Vegas, he texted me to say he had a pneumothorax, and the doc was saying he needed to go to the ER right away. About a pneumothorax: it's not uncommon in "tall, skinny teen males" after a long bout of coughing from a cold, bronchitis, or other otherwise benign hacks. A thin spot on the lung allows air to pass into the adjacent chest cavity, thus partially (in this case) deflating the lung. They insert a tube into the chest cavity between the ribs and vacuum out the bubble and allowing the lung to fully inflate and hopefully repair itself. The tube they use stays in the chest for 24-ish hours to maintain the vacuum necessary to allow the lung to keep it's shape while healing. They will clamp off the chest tube soon (we hope) to: 1. Confirm the lung's integrity. 2. Be 100% certain Jesse does not violently deflate with a ptptplptptplpptptp sound, flying around the room in random directions, like an untied party balloon. My low-fuel light came on in Kearny Mesa, I made it home, jumped out of the truck, jumped into our other car (with my wife) and headed off to the ER- didn't even go in the house. He's was discharged yesterday, and is back at work today. Whew. So far, no leaks. Yeah. Timing. Welcome home Dad!
  10. I rode twice this week.

    Untrained. But experienced!
  11. I rode twice this week.

    More from the phone: 1C3D8E75-D790-4430-8780-DE9D85306E1D.jpeg E973C77E-EEB7-496F-B56F-39A27E844281.jpeg 46135B15-602B-4C6C-B0F1-8F87539DD655.jpeg
  12. I rode twice this week.

    One of the tremendous benefits of traveling solo is being is charge of the agenda. Based on the weather forecast, I intended to drive partway Monday and arrive Tuesday, which was supposed to be thunderstormy, and I'd take that day to acclimatize to the altitude, then ride Wednesday and Thursday, then start driving home Friday. Instead, I pushed through the 14+ hours drive on Monday, and Tuesday was beautiful- so I hopped on the bike and ripped the mountains in a single day- enjoyable pace, stopped when I wanted, rode when I didn't. Took my helmet off for lunch. I rode far more than I expected, and there was little left to ride that was comfortable for me as a solo rider with limited, at best, GPS skills. That was fine, I'd wanted to ride the Alpine Loop for years, and I was very happy. So I changed plan, pulled up stakes and headed to Utah, another ride I'd wanted to repeat since my first trip in 2012. I knew I wanted to overnight in Las Vegas Thursday for a return home Friday, and I always like to ride early- something most groups won't do. So I started the ride at 0630, which gives the kind of light you saw in these images. And I didn't have to endure anyone singing in the radio. ; ) HOWEVER! I left a lot "on the table" in Colorado for which I'd only be comfortable riding with others, so....
  13. I rode twice this week.

    Just me. I drove over 2000 miles, 4 hotel room nights, me and my Sony camera. For two 100- mile rides. Worth it all. Even the $100 speeding ticket in Montrose CO. The Hasselblad stayed home.
  14. I rode twice this week.

    I shall give that encouragement every consideration!