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  1. In. Not been invited, but I'm in.
  2. Pfft. Those ARE 5 minute intervals. Might be the special 3 minute. We're so damn fast.
  3. Sorry, can't get up there. Sounds like fun, though.
  4. I'm likely, client depending...
  5. I try to call ahead, but never hesitate to drop in. It might mean you don't get the best seat- maybe you sit at the bar or something, but I've never been turned away. Be aware lunch starts at 12:30 or 1.
  6. Here's a tip: Las Gueritas is a tiny shack serving grilled quail (cordoniz) and sometimes rabbit. Here's some details: http://sdcitybeat.com/food-drink/the-world-fare/las-gueritas-highly-unique-street-food/
  7. My current favorite winery is Bruma- the wine is great, but the vinicola itself is beautiful. Finca Altozano is a favorite for dining- the Pulpo Pacifico is tremendous, as is just about everything else. Prepared Chocolate Clam (it's not chocolate) is excellent, and the shortrib taco is the best. Cocina Doña Esthela is delicious for lamb barbacoa (birria). Deckman's is easily among the top 10 anywhere. Accomodations are expensive- I can't help much about that. But I'd certainly suggest getting a reservation- it's all the rage now. Ensenada is the most affordable, but I won't get on the bike at night nor after 11 glasses of the local vino, so I stay local and pay the $$$. When I ride down, I generally cross at TJ, ride south on the toll road until about La Fonda, then hit the libre which turns inland- twisty and scenic, and avoids Ensenada. There's a turnoff to Valle- goes left- get a map, you'll want it. I leave up the 3 to Tecate, and on the bike spend about 3 minutes in line. Your passport helps, your driver's license will work in a pinche. NOTE: EVERY US CITIZEN is supposed to stop at the border and get a stamped FMM (tourist card) regardless of how far or how long you're in Mexico. There are no exceptions. That said, very few people actually stop for it- in fact, I don't know anyone who does, except me. So what's the big deal you might ask? Nothing, if you don't get stopped or in a crash of some sort. Then it gets interestinger. Some Mexican auto (bike) insurers will use your lack of an FMM to refuse paying the claim. For others, it LE wants to get tough with you, your lack of an FMM is an excellent reason. You're free to proceed however you wish, but that's the law.
  8. Yup. Rides like this are why we have motorcycles. Thanks to my group especially- lots of twists and challenges. And whoops. Lots of whoops.
  9. Important to remember about high/low beams: It's more about the nature of the lens design than the intensity of the bulb itself. LED lamps have the inherent problem of being fairly indiscriminate in the way they project light- no fresnel lens that can create a cuttoff to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. Fresnel lenses depend on a point source of light to work correctly- perfect for a tungsten filament bulb, be it halogen or regular. A LED typically uses an array of multiple sources, making it more difficult to focus the beam down and away from oncoming traffic. On the 990, the bulb mounted in the lower position on the bike is actually the high beam- it has a parabolic reflector underneath the bulb which throws more light UP.
  10. Shoot going well. Raising my chances to 80%.
  11. I've made the same mistake- that's how I caught it ; )