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  1. https://www.campsaver.com/cs-spcema-day-seven-of-twelve.html
  2. See Daune at D&D cycle on 747 N Twin Oaks Valley Road, #12 760-510-2008
  3. My son was in good hands with his uncle, ex SD life guard and now SDFD captain.
  4. Same here, my 13 yr old did it all the way with his uncle. But watching was hard.
  5. The fairing is http://www.britanniacomposites.com/us/. I had one on my KLR also
  6. Left town on Friday four GS 800 and a KLR for DV, we split up on Sunday. Three GS 800 and a KLR headed back to SD I went onto Zion to meet up with family to hike Angles Landing. I couldn’t do it pass the chains, if some of you know the hike. I’ll be riding home tomorrow stopping in Vegas then home for Turkey dinner
  7. Handles great
  8. Good thing for FB
  9. Dan, yes you will be missed. Even though we never got to ride together, the times we talked at the meetings and other times were enjoyable. Good thing about technology, FB and the fact you will probably keep the same phone number I hope. You won't be far away from a conversation. Kelly
  10. I'm happy with the Helinox, campsaver.com has some good discounts around Christmas. I'm coming in at 200lbs.
  11. Im in PQ also, near Rolling Hills elementary school. Im home all the time and have a bunch of bikes in the garage, heading out for a ride to Arizona tomorrow and will be back Saturday. Message me and lets get together Kelly
  12. Nice Sammy, don't have mine anymore and sure do miss it.
  13. My newest project, 125 Super Combat.