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  1. GPS Question

    I used Here in Death Valley and worked great.
  2. GPS Question

    Here’s my e-Trex setup I have use on the Desert Dash. I bought the cradle and mounts from GPS city.
  3. Found oil

    I run Amsoil in my bikes with no issues, KTM 520, Yz250f, and my KLR. Even ran the two stroke oil in my mixed gas. I have also run just about anything else with no issues also.
  4. Ill be there, say hi. I will have some kind of Hodaka shirt on
  5. I wanted to put these on my BMW GS 800, but the GS has to much junk on the bars and requires a bike specific mount kit to clear all the junk. These are brand new $140 before tax, I will sell for $75. They are black with all the hardware . http://www.parts-unlimited.com/products/?productId=426660
  6. Great deal on Helinox chair $55

  7. North County shops for Harley work?

    See Daune at D&D cycle on 747 N Twin Oaks Valley Road, #12 760-510-2008
  8. 4 GS800 & a KLR to DV

    My son was in good hands with his uncle, ex SD life guard and now SDFD captain.
  9. 4 GS800 & a KLR to DV

    Same here, my 13 yr old did it all the way with his uncle. But watching was hard.
  10. 4 GS800 & a KLR to DV

    The fairing is http://www.britanniacomposites.com/us/. I had one on my KLR also
  11. Left town on Friday four GS 800 and a KLR for DV, we split up on Sunday. Three GS 800 and a KLR headed back to SD I went onto Zion to meet up with family to hike Angles Landing. I couldn’t do it pass the chains, if some of you know the hike. I’ll be riding home tomorrow stopping in Vegas then home for Turkey dinner