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  1. Couple cool shots.
  2. Chock, 640 Mask Fender, etc

  3. No Fear Enduro Jacket

    I have two so I want to sale one. $40. Size XL . I have used it on both DS rides and multi street ride with rain and works good. The arms zip off also. Here is a write up from Off-road.com http://www.off-road.com/atv/tech/no-fear-enduro-jacket-29455.html
  4. done, good luck Randy
  5. Chock, 640 Mask Fender, etc

  6. Chock, 640 Mask Fender, etc

    Im in for the chock and bike rack. Kelly
  7. Trans-America trail "Road less traveled"

    Two guys? That's Obi wan bro
  8. New to SDAR

    Welcome, that so cool your daughter is riding a DS bike. Mine is 24 for now and we have been riding offroad together for a long time but I can't get her interested in riding a DS bike.
  9. Rob from RB

    Let's talk, I'm right in PQ.
  10. Looking for a YZ 85

    I found a stock 2012 and he took right to it. Thanks for looking..
  11. CALVMX at cahuilla

    It was just the wet conditions and the road getting in is what I heard on FB
  12. Looking for a YZ 85

    My boy is growing to fast. Want a Yz 85.
  13. SDAR Voluntary PAID Membership Fee

    Made my donation, Thanks Randy and Mike for everything.
  14. New project

    My son started at 5 on a Honda xr50 now 12 on his 3rd bike, RM65 that he is now out grown now will be looking for #4 and hope the growing slows down, but it's been a blast watching this progress