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  1. I use hairspray and wire, never had any issues.
  2. Prob not on issue with anyone here, but you can also suspend your Delorme. Say maybe you don't ride in the summer and only ride the winter.
  3. I was able to text a buddy of mine with my Delorme our location right to the camp. This was in a area with no cell service. I love it.
  4. CALVMX races FT monthly in Campo.
  5. In for one Large
  6. Mimi, my Super Combat build is coming along.
  7. I'm on vacation until the end of June, I'm in Penasquitos and don't work. More then welcome to come over for maintenance when I'm back and anytime after. Kelly
  8. I used these on my KLR and worked fine. IMS Super Stock $80
  9. I dig the small bike challenges, I rode my 125 Hodaka 2 stroke from Laughlin to Kingman and back the first week of April. 120 miles on Route 66
  10. Couple cool shots.
  11. I have two so I want to sale one. $40. Size XL . I have used it on both DS rides and multi street ride with rain and works good. The arms zip off also. Here is a write up from Off-road.com http://www.off-road.com/atv/tech/no-fear-enduro-jacket-29455.html
  12. done, good luck Randy