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  1. Sorry guys. I am out.
  2. Is this ride better suited for the vstrom or the ktm 990? How much dirt?
  3. I had some art work done for the club. It was not what I was looking for to represent the DS club. My first thought was "That is a flat track racer". A couple days later Arnie past at the track. I mentioned it to several of his long time friends at the Celebration of Life and they wanted one. They all said Arnie would of loved it so I added his number, name, and had some made. Not for profit, Very Limited run $15 = cost Message me if interested.
  4. Why do you say this?
  5. It will be an Easy Ride, and fun 

    Schedule for Saturdays Ride.

    7:00 am  Meet at  Denny's National City for Coffee  (424 W. Mile Of Cars, National City, right off of freeway)

    Depart to TJ to Tijuana Solo Angels Club House (Av, Ignacio Allende 7140 Independencia, 22055 TJ BC, Mexico

    10:30 Breakfast at (Taco Lalo Mexico, Pos la Rumorosa BC Mexico,  Say Bon Voyage for a couple of friends traveling to South America

    11:30 depart to Tecate

    12:30 depart to Wineries, Carretera 22750 Valle de Guadalupe

    1:30  depart to Valley Wineries 

    3:00pm  Depart to Tijuana and back to US Hwy 1 Scenic Road 

    4:30 Arive at the border

  6. I would like to start solidifying a date and riders for this ride. Unfortunately I have never been down to Mexico. I am going to have to make my schedule work with whatever develops. I need someone/ people who know the areas to take the lead on this ride. Please chime in if interested. You can also pm me if you wish to discuss it.
  7. If this is a down and back day ride, I am in. This will be my first trip into Mexico.
  8. Tom that is why I went with the one I did. It has the window to illuminate the license plate. I just used an led bulb in the housing. The rear fender is stock. It only looks smaller because the original tail light assembly is not hanging below it.
  9. This is what I used. I then mounted my turn signals to the plastic housing of light. It got the turn signals out of the way when crashing.
  10. I am assuming you have a tank like this one. This is a known issue with this tank. There are other makers out there. I believe this is one of the largest and maybe least expensive. I noticed the play in the bracket when I put it on. I did a simple modification using the passenger peg and a bolt and it solved the issue. This tank is made by Neduro- aux fuel tank.
  11. Arnie's wish was to have some ash's spread at Coyote Cal's and Mike's Sky Ranch. Christie has decided that she does not want to go. I believe it will just be us riders heading down. Lets get a date that works for many so we can have a good turnout.
  12. Looking to start a list of volunteers for the 2018 Desert Dash. Rescue vehicle- Drivers/ Volunteers Emt's Sweep Riders- Should have two loops so will need a few Gps downloads Registration Thank you
  13. Still looking for tracks. I will be adding an extended loop for those looking for a longer day that will go from split mountain out to Salton Sea and back to Borrego Springs. Also any suggestions for any other routes from Split Mountain to Borrego Springs. Thanks
  14. I have to get a passport! I hope I can go.