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  1. until
  2. Padres vs Braves Short notice, but I had forgotten that I had set this up months ago. Now my son has a JV basketball game and I cannot even go. I set it up so there are 14 tickets available. Front row, second row, third row on the aisle's together. Sec 128/130 outfield on the wall. $20 for Supporting members $25 members Supporting members will get priority. Post up or send me message.
  3. DSM8 has graciously offered to host a bike tech day at his house in Escondido on Sat July 22. This is an event so that people can do maintenance on their bikes with the help and direction of their peers who are more experienced or for those who have just been procrastinating and looking for a reason to do something. Also a good excuse to meet other members and socialize! Waste oil can be collected and held on site. Please bring the tools and parts needed to work on your project. We will have a BBQ going with non- alcoholic beverages provided. If you wish to bring something to share at the lunch that would be great. DSM8 did not specify a time so I will let him chime in on what would work for him. Please chime in if you are coming and if you will be bringing something. The location would be 925 Chardonney Way, Escondido 92029
  4. One of the cheapest and most effective to reduce heat on the 650l is to wrap your headers. You can also add heat reflective tap to the underside of the tank.
  5. Out. Meeting at kids school came up.
  6. I finally have a chance to get out. I would like to take the 990 out. I have thurs and evening off. Maybe short Thurs night camping run. Just looking to get out. Any interest in any kind of ride, post up and see if a plan can come together.
  7. There will be some site maintenance being done around 2 pm tomorrow Fri 6-9.
  8. When you post items for sale on this site, it is to give " Supporting Members" first shot at purchasing them. If you post an item for sale on this site then the first person to respond to your post should be the one to buy your item. If you get a pm then they are not a " Supporting Member". If you wish to sell to the masses, post of CL. Thank you!
  9. If they pm'd then they are not a supporting member.
  10. I will take it. Thank you
  11. I think you are supposed to produce registration and ID when getting key made. I have a feeling they had a connection somewhere since they were able to get two different codes to sync the vehicle.
  12. Posting in the Classifieds are part of the " Supporting Members" benefits.
  13. We will be doing some site maintenance with some upgrades today around 4:00.