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  1. Ed Stovin was out on Ranger trail on Sat. He had brought paint to mark the trail. Congratulations on the baby!
  2. I showed up Fri night around 7. Very quiet all by myself. Worked on the signs for the next day. Tom working on the Trail. The trail looked fantastic after the maintenance! After the trail work we had a BBQ. I want to give a huge shout out to CYCLE GEAR for supplying giveaways. All volunteers received an Alpinestars hat as a thank you. Much appreciated the hard work everyone who showed put in. Hopefully we can expand this to twice a year and get more Shops and people involved. The members of SDAR are awesome! Thanks again.
  3. Just got home.Exhausted! I think we had 10 volunteers. Kicked butt on the trail maintenance. Pictures maybe tomorrow. Please post pics of the trails if you took them. Thanks again to all who showed, you guys/ gal were great.
  4. Updated list. Some have dropped while some more have joined. i Thank you. I am trying to head out soon.
  5. I am not a fan. Offered to have a meeting there for his new shop as he expressed interest in "being part of the community". Turned out to be a shop wanting me to send out email blasts to our members. We should support those that help support us not use us!
  6. Updated list first post. Please send info. Loppers will be the main tool needed. Bring them if you have them. I will be there Fri night. I would like to start around 9 am Sat. We will meet at Four Corners.
  7. I have updated the list of people who have responded and I have their contact info. I know more of you have said you will be coming out, but please send me Name Email Phone # Thank you
  8. You guys are awesome! I am in he mountains. I can try to help sat if still needed.
  9. I am going to get there early, 5 ish. My son is trying out for HS basketball and tonight is his last day of tryouts 5-7. He will find out at the end of practice and I want to be there so I will be leaving early so I can see the end. Some of you wanted shirts and we have been looking for a time to meet up. If you wanted something and are attending please let me know. See you there!
  10. They will have skates available to rent. If you bring your own you will be allowed to retrieve them some time in the third period. Chris if you wish to use another two tickets(non skating) go ahead since no one else wanted to go. I am going to be spoiled and save the last two so I can be comfortable with an empty seat next to me. See you there. Call me so I have your number and we can coordinate pick up.
  11. I have two of my party drop out. I have two tickets available that come with skating on the ice after the game and 4 tickets for just the game. Crawdaddy is in for at least 2.
  12. You will have to meet me down at the game. I will be picking the tickets up there.
  13. Thank you but I cant. We have a large group of kids going. Mainly my kids and their friends. I was able to get 8 tickets that came with ice skating on the ice after the game. I will be taking them all out to eat before we go so I dont have to pay for them in the venue.