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  1. Thanks for all the interest. I am waiting to hear back on the quantity/ pricing breakdown. I will order as soon as I know.
  2. Thank you Uncle Champ. I hope you did not get to injured. When you say the steering folded up, does that mean metal folded?
  3. We are having some shirts made up for SDAR. Looking for input on whether you like it and how many would want one to help me in knowing how many to order on this run.
  4. Interesting topic. Maybe would should pin a thread and have a list of those companies that dont support off road use/ trail riding so that people can make a choice to not support them.
  5. Of course!
  6. Monthly "Communicator Gateway" Workshop Date: Saturday, August 12, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  7. until
  8. We have another SDAR Padres night coming up on WED Aug 30 at 6:10. This should be an almost sold out night as we are playing the San Francisco Giants. We have a bunch of seats together all within the first 4 rows at the left field wall. Supporting members $25 (first priority) Non supporting members $30 I will close the offer a week before the game.
  9. Thanks to DSM8 for opening his home and garage. It was a great tech day. Lots of things accomplished. Such a great group of folks in the DS community and on SDAR! Thanks to all who came out. DSM8 has offered his home for another so we will be looking to do late Sept/ Oct.
  10. I will bring buns, cheese, condiments and a cooler of non alcoholic drinks.
  11. Please stay on topic and do not derail threads.
  12. Tech day is approaching. We need to start getting a head count to see if this is worth DSM8 opening up his home. Please chime "IN" if your planning on attending. Thank you!
  13. I did not know the man. Sorry to hear about yours and families loss.
  14. Such limited info. What they describe is a multi layer/ bladder tube that bonds to the tire. What is the price for something that seems disposable since it BONDS to the tire? DOT?