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  1. That sounds good, I’ll text you my #
  2. Sorry, didn’t see this u til 12:27 PM😐 I’m free tomorrow and Tuesday morning.
  3. Ok, thought it was this Saturday. I can ride this Sunday or next Saturday. Let me know.
  4. If possible can I have the stock skid plate ?
  5. Down for a Saturday morning ride. I’m on a KLR650
  6. Will be riding in Utah this Friday. A KLRs only ride. Sorry for downgrade😉
  7. Airport at that time Sat. Can do Sunday anytime and would like to throw in Glamis afterwards?
  8. Anybody riding sun

    Glad we missed y’all.
  9. Anybody riding sun

    Use caution. A group of KLRs, Africa Twin and 1290 and maybe some big dog beemers and some Honda Rally’s will be doing Chariot to Oro to Piñon to Sandstone to Diablo to fish to OcWells to Borrego Springs tomorrow. So please don’t hit us, we weigh more😉
  10. Ocotillo Wells this weekend Baja the weekend of the 14-15 Ocotillo Wells the weekend of the 21st, 22nd so if you haven’t gone by the weekend of the 28th I’m all in on a KLR650 it’s an easy 2 day trip
  11. Didn’t see anyone out there today. Can’t ride Friday, going to Baja. Y’all be safe.
  12. Well I missed you guys by that much last time🙌
  13. Meeting here? 8-10 is a long time to talk bikes. If it were ten I could sleep in until 8 then ride out😉
  14. We’ll be out there at wash 80 as usual.
  15. Thanks for the ride fellas. What a great group of riders👍 Had a blast.