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  1. Radios or Bluetooth?

    We already have one...you just twist the little knob to "off"
  2. Radios or Bluetooth?

    I'm sure there are active members here that are capable of doing that basic programming for you. Our very own Joshua Downs used to do it (did it for me) for members but he's moved to Texas. I know I'm coming into this after you've already made your decision but I'll give my two cents anyway. Radio comms are way better than the bluetooth options, especially for off road use. So you did the right thing.
  3. Didn't there used to be a fence across the middle of the tunnel??
  4. A big thanks to all of you guys that were out there doing this.
  5. UC, thanks for the tip on the auction. I'll consider that. Robert, thanks for the info on the van. I'll keep it under consideration for now.
  6. Figured I'd start here since I trust most of you guys... I'm looking for a car for my son. Something like a Ford Ranger would be ideal but willing to consider anything in our price range up to $5000 max, pref less. He will be paying for 1/2 of the car and worked all summer full time to earn money. I have a 2010 YZ250F, in good condition, I'd like to do a partial trade with, but it's not required. I won't be offended by any offers or comments. Let me know what you've got. LB
  7. Troy Lee Adv Hydro Pants (Sold)

    Great deal for water proof pants.
  8. COBDR

    OMG, Tracy got two flats? Both rears. Good thing you were there to supervise.
  9. . My longest day on a bike has been in the 500 mile range...and I was hurting...I'm not sure how you do 1200 miles without destroying your arse and back.
  10. We call this the California loop. From beach, to mountains, to desert. We covered it all. I can't wait to do it again.
  11. It was a great ride, thanks for joining me Mikey. I'm ready for another roadie already. Day one we rode almost 400 miles. And since we had a 2 hour mechanical delay, we were kinda behind schedule. So we made up some time splitting L.A. traffic and hauling ass where we could so that we could take our time enjoying the twisties between Gorman and the coast. Normally we put a lot of planning into our rides, but this time was different. Our plan was to basically to have no real plan. To wing it if you will. Ride the coast than hit the Sierras. Here's were we ended up at the end of day 1. Not to shabby: One cool things about roadies, is eating at different places. We make it a point to eat at local establishments. No franchise restaurants etc. After asking around Morro Bay, we were told for the best burger in town, it's got to be Sylvester's. The burgers were amazing and the onion rings were even better. Probably top 5 I've ever had. Oh, you might find this surprising, but we also had a couple cold beers... Back to camp for sunset, more cold ones, and some Glenlivet 18 year old single malt scotch.... Saturday we were up early and heading northbound on the 1. It was almost magical. No tourist on the road yet...we basically had it to ourselves. If you haven't done the 1 on a bike, you are missing out. It's so much better than being in a cage. After making it to San Fran and spending a night with my brother, we headed east across the central valley and up into the Sierras. If you want to look skinny, stand next the the largest tree in the world. The 2200 year old General Sherman: After another long day, Mikey went out for some firewood and beer while I set up camp. Next day onto Kernville. More beer, Taco Monday, and hanging by the river. Not a bad way to end a day of riding some amazing mountain roads. As we rounded for home, we found ourselves in the Anza Borrego desert and we could resist getting our tires dirty. It was Tuesday afternoon, 91 degrees, and not another sole in sight. There is nothing like riding a fully loaded big bike in the sand. I love it. So all rides must come to an end. I pulled into Ramona at 2:59pm on Tuesday and went straight to my son's 3 pm water polo game at the high school. I stood around in full gear and cheered him on. One guy came up to me and said "do you ride?". I almost said "duh" but decided to be nice. Turns out he just picked up a 500 exc so we chatted about that. I directed him to look into SDAR for some riding buddies. Peace out, The Oracle.