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  1. Bathroom remodeler

    Ian Cooley @ Cooley construction. Ian is a personal friend of mine and was involved in my major kitchen remodel. He specializes in kitchen and bath remodels and is a stand up guy. His cell is 619-889-2879. Tell him Loren Bailey sent you.
  2. Boots are the only thing left. $100 for a BRAND NEW pair of Alphinstars....you can't go wrong.
  3. Have a great and safe adventure.
  4. I'm already having fun un-fawking things... Smoking deal though so no complaints yet. Thanks for the new plastics BTW!
  5. Dang, that's a lot of work for a fuel filter. I just picked up a 2014 500 EXC so have't had the pleasure of doing this yet. It seems like lining the fuel pump with the holes in the bottom of the tank could be a PIA when reinstalling.
  6. What bike to buy?

    So much will depend on size, strength, skill level, riding type (i.e. 80/20 road / dirt) etc. Generally speaking, I'd personally not even consider an 800 GS for two up riding (or the soon to be 790 either). The bike is just not substantial enough, IMO. If I was going take my wife on a two up adventure, with a desire to lay down some miles, hit some dirt here and there, pack the bike with camping gear etc, I'd seriously consider the Yamaha Tenere or a KTM 1090R or 1190R. AT would be 3rd or 4th IMO. And a 1200 GS would not even be on my radar...top heavy and underpowered.
  7. Travis Pastrana's one-off AF 500 cc two stroke
  8. Yeah, 50/50 I'm a cynical pessimist... half empty....but if you are going, I might improve my likelihood of going to 51/49.
  9. Very cool. I was all in till I saw the $200 price. I think i'd be in for $100 or less. What do you guys think?
  10. Not sure what models they have, but NCY has an entire display of Golden tyres.
  11. Thought you'd like that one!