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  1. Jim pretty much snags a lot of the good deals on here. I'd guess he has his notifications set up to let him know every time Ken posts something.... :-)
  2. The dunes have really taken a toll. When Al Attiyah struggles in the dunes, you know it's gnarly.
  3. Ok, I might be able to pull off the Friday / Saturday portion (I have to work Sunday). Dan bribed me with good bourbon....key word GOOD...don't let me down. I had two large trees come down in yesterdays storm. And of course they both landed on the fence line between my property and my neighbor....so it is a priority to clear those and fix the fence enough to get by for a couple weeks. I'm going leave work early tomorrow and try to get that done....If I do, then I'm in. If not, I'll have to stay home so I can finish. I'll let y'all know tomorrow.
  4. Coming from San Diego, right? The northbound 15 should be pretty much wide open...not to mention, there is a carpool lane.
  5. Yeah, I actually rode in the right track of the far right lane on the way home. I wanted to make sure I could ditch off the side of the freeway if I had to. Usually I'm in the left track of the fast lane making friends.... :-)
  6. Me too. Might be able to do Friday/Saturday but depends on route, distances, etc. More dirt the better for me. I'm not interested in slabbing for 8 hours, camping, then slabbing home for 8 hours.
  7. I left Ramona for work this morning around 6 am on my BMW 1200RT. I hit some of the worst rain and wind of my riding career (35+ years). Then things mellowed out for most of the day and I was able to dry out a bit. Until I left for home around 4pm...then the second wave hit. Coming south on the 15 this evening was quite exciting. Heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and cars on the side of the road after hydroplaning off the side of the highway....and there I was, on my Beemer, praying I'd make it home alive...and loving every minute of it Anyone else ride to work today???
  8. Another good source for coverage is Red Bull TV.
  9. Estimated number of days on the road??
  10. I can't believe Menzies is out. He cartwheeled his Mini off what appeared to be a fairly small squared edged bump.
  11. There has been quite the amount of action already. I wish I had access to NBC Sports Network. The internet is very lacking in live coverage or video replay.
  12. Yes, you guys just barely touched the trails...plenty more east of there.