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  1. Please provide a link for the state camp fire permit requirements??? because as far as I can tell, it only applies to federally controlled lands, i.e. forest, BLM, etc. Ocotillo Wells is state land and I've never heard of a camp fire permit being require there.
  2. HBD, hope it was a good one!
  3. Sure wish I could share it with ya'll. But I've got to respect the parameters of the gift. Sorry, gents!
  4. Draw back to the 606 is the price. The Maxxis desert IT is an amazing tire. I've run several sets on my 530 EXC. I purchased ($100 for a pair, delivered to my house) and ran a pair of the new Kenda K270 on the Utah BDR a few weeks ago. I was very impressed with the tires in a vast array of riding conditions. I'd definitely run these tires for dual sport trips. They will be coming off shortly for the upcoming desert season though. Desert IT will be going back on.
  5. BTW, I had a fortuitous event today. I was in BMW Escondido waiting for my bike to be finished up when the Klim rep walked in. He looked at me and thought to himself, well, there is one cool dude, I think I'll give him a 50% discount code for anything and everything he'd like to buy off the Klim website. So....there is a new Klim Arsenal vest in my future and a few other Klim things... :-)
  6. It's top secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill ya.
  7. No, I would use CID (he's old) for that as I throw lead down range.
  8. I switched over to a vest (Ogio) a couple years ago after wearing a backpack forever before that. I can't believe I waited so long. I carry a lot of gear (ask Mikey how heavy my Ogio is) with me and it is so much more comfortable to spread the weight out with a vest versus a backpack. The biggest complaint about the vest that I hear is about retaining heat....But I don't experience that to a point of it being a problem.
  9. There is a ride coming up this Saturday from Esco area to Santa Rosa to camp overnight. Santa Rosa is a popular spot for us dual sporters to camp. Check out our upcoming rides section.
  10. Just realized I'm on-call that weekend....which means I have to be within 1 hour of work in case of I'm out.
  11. I'm going check on a hall pass.
  12. Most of the riding is PAST that point. About a mile down the road, you'll have Santa Ysabel truck trail (SYTT)on the right. That route will take you to two possible destinations: The top of Black Mountain (turn left at the split) or back around to Black Canyon Rd. (right at the split). Both are fun dual sport fire roads, easily conquered on a KLR by any rider with motorcycle experience, even dirt noobs. If you keep going straight down Pamo past SYTT you'll find Lusardi truck trail. This is an up and back trail with good scenery and a couple really cool areas where you'll ride through Coastal Live Oaks. Also fine for a dirt noob on a KLR. And you have Orosco Ridge as well, which you would have passed the trail head prior to getting to the dirt road. This entire area is good for noob riders.
  13. Welcome to the club and to a whole new world!