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  1. Old? Newbie!

    You won't regret going dual sport. Welcome to the hood.
  2. New noob here

    Welcome to the hood, Noob
  3. New Bike

    Hum, the big question, what color is it??
  4. If it gets you to start riding again, I'm in!
  5. This sled looks super clean....Definitely the best color.
  6. Happy Birthday KUG!

  7. Lusardi in Ramona

    It's not unusual. There are people camped there frequently. It's free and they are usually "traveler" types. It's true, some people don't want to have jobs and houses, even with kids.
  8. Make sure you leave good finger prints and DNA on them so the po po can come return them.
  9. oh oh oh, let me answer that....of course he did rookie
  10. Lusardi in Ramona

    No problem, Jim. Glad it worked out. Lusardi is probably the best trail off Pamo IMO. As you found out, there are a couple sections that go through nice Coastal Live Oak canopies and there are less rocks than Black Mountain. Wish my back wasn't so tweaked, I would have joined you.
  11. Dude, once you have those tracks laid down, imagine putting them together with the Grand Canyon loop. That would be an awesome loop from R Town.