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  1. YES! I'd actually contemplate selling my KTM for that. I've always been a huge Yamaha fan. I have three in the garage right now.
  2. Yes, the KTM 950 / 990 platform is sand worthy. But they are not for everyone, that is for sure. You really have to stay committed on the bigger bike and be willing to push it a lot harder, because power to the ground is one main key to success. Body position on the bike is also very important.
  3. <---------- just spent 10 hours on a bike the heat....I'm done for the day. Enjoy the Ramona heat. Might be down to 90 soon. :-)
  4. I love the couch! Then I don't have anyone next to me snoring....
  5. Going be there week of July 10th. MIGHT (no guarantees yet) be able to throw it on a hitch carrier and bring it back on the Yukon. I'll be there with the family for my daughters competition so we'll be busy. But we can discuss it if nothing else pops.
  6. Just told my wife to pound sand. I'm enroute to Hooters.
  7. I told her I was just going there for the wings and she didn't buy it. Hey Mikey, can you pay Chris the $50 I owe him. Then I'll owe you and can stretch that out another year.
  8. My opinion too. But lets not forget the 1190 and 1290 are just there to compete against the 1200 gs market. The 1090 is refreshing in that it's intent is to be more of a predecessor to the 950/990. I'm still holding out for the smaller, lighter, twin cylinder weapon though.
  9. You did remind her that they have good wings there, right?