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  1. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    Thank you, CID.
  2. Teen Motorcycle Permit

    Yes, there are other requirements. He has to apply for a driver's license (or Cal. I.D. card), take a drivers education course, pass the written MC test, and take pass the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class. I just went through this process with my 16.5 year old. It made no sense to me to have him start with his MC permit. Not to mention, I didn't want him riding on street before he had some time driving a car to gain experience. So this is what we did and it worked out well for us: 1. He applied for his driving permit and got it. 2. He took the certified the driving courses required under the terms of a provisional license for someone under 18. 3. Over 6 months he completed the 50 hours of driving with a parent or guardian. 4. During the 6 month permit process I sent him to the 2 day Motorcycle Safety Foundation course (required to get MC). 5. Final step after the 6 month permit period he went to the DMV and took the driving portion of the license and took the written portion of the MC endorsement and passed both. 6. He was issued his driver's license with M1 endorsement at the same time. After all this I put strict conditions on his street motorcycle riding. For example, he can not ride on the street without me leading for now. While riding together, we follow certain protocols, rules of the road, stop here and there to point out situation we encounter and go over possible risks and mitigation.
  3. Hey gang, I was out there today and Fishcreek definitely flowed yesterday. Still some running water today. Riding conditions should be EPIC on Sunday.
  4. I was out there today....amazing day... Enjoy.
  5. New Member - DangerDave

    Erik, that is Borrego Springs. https://www.desertusa.com/borrego/bs-art.html
  6. New Member - DangerDave

    Cool to have you and welcome. There is a lot of knowledge here in regards to local trails so fire away. Also take a look at our upcoming rides section and try to get in on a future ride.
  7. And sometimes old dudes nail the line, right Crawdaddy?:
  8. I may go just for the entertainment value. Even seasoned riders sometimes find themselves doing dirt inspections on HAH, right Dressforless:
  9. Ride tracker

  10. 2018 desert dash skill level

    My best advise, for what it's worth, is to take your friend to Ocotillo Wells SVRA. It's a hug area and is an excellent place to start riding and improving ones skill set. There is plenty of flat hard packed dirt to start on and plenty of increasingly complicated areas to add into your ride. Bailing out is as easy as turning around or just plain staying away from the hill climbs and sand washes.
  11. poway Ktm

    1.5 hours to replace clutch, change oil filters, and adjust valves = yes 6 hours = WTF???
  12. Are you sure it's not $50 for a set? Most shops charges about $20 to $25 a tire so I don't see why this place would charge twice as much.
  13. Taught my boy how to ride

    I have three kids (16.5, 15, and 12). They all started riding at 3 years old. It's been an awesome adventure for all of us and we all look forward to our desert trip weekends, where we camp and ride as much as we can. My kids do regular kid things too, like video gaming for hours upon hours, but they will gladly set that aside to go riding for weekend. It has been a amazing bonding experience for my kids and I. My oldest just got his driver's license and motorcycle endorsement a couple weeks ago. He took the MSF course a week or so before that. It's a two days course and was well worth the money. With the course certificate, he avoided having to take the riding portion of the motorcycle test at the DMV. So in an hour or so he took the driving test for his regular license and the written test for the motorcycle endorsement and walked out of the DMV with both. He's very excited to starting doing dual sport rides with me and will basically do anything I ask him to do without complaints (I have an extra KTM he has his eye on). Motorcycling is a powerful motivator for my kids. I would highly recommend the MSF course and to continue getting your boy out there to ride. Maybe try Ocotillo Wells and get him in the dirt. That's where the real fun is.