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  1. Good to see you back out there, Jon. The ride to the river is still high on my list so let me know when you are planning on doing it.
  2. Ha...I'm already too old for my profession. I've had my fun. Time for the next generation.
  3. Time off request got denied...all hands on standy by because of increased fire danger...I'm out. The good news is my 365 day count down clock started yesterday...CID and I are going be retirement buddies soon.
  4. I use a seal puller. If you don't have one, I highly recommend adding one to your tool set. They are less than $20 and make changing wheel bearings and counter shaft seals a breeze. BTW, I just did the bearings on my 530EXC. You know the trick about putting the bearings in the freezer before installing, right?
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. It's been a good day! My youngest son left me a very nice note on my motorcycle that I got this morning to start my day. My wife sent me something nice at work that my partners intercepted and put a note on it saying it was from another officer that I don't really get along with (yes, it's true, not everyone loves me) that made me LMAO, the guys took me to Moto Deli in Leucadia for an awesome lunch (Mikey would love it, the owner is a Ducati fan and has a couple bikes sitting around and some cool Ducati artwork), I had the honor and privilege of leading Santa Clause and his sleigh to Rady Childrens Hospital for the annual Teddy Bear drive (look for me on the news, I'll be the handsome guy on a black and white motorcycle), and there is a couple packages on the counter waiting for me....so, it's been a great day so far.
  6. Well, I'll share this recent experience. I had not planned on doing business there for no other reason than that I have contacts/friends at other dealerships that I have known for many years. The week of Thanksgiving, my brother called me and said he wanted to buy a new KTM while he was in town visiting for Thanksgiving. He asked me to call my contacts and get some prices for him. So I did. I called three different friends at three different KTM dealerships here in San Diego (not including Poway Powersports). The best price I could get him was $11,900 OTD on a 2018 500 EXC. The two other dealerships were within $200 of that, so in other words, very close in pricing. I passed this info on to my brother. He asked me about Poway Powersports and I explained they are a new, small dealership and doubted they could beat any of the major players pricing. On his way down from San Fransisco, my brother called PP and got a price of $11,200 OTD ($700 less than the next best deal) for a 2018 500 EXC. He told them he was on his way down from SF but would try to be there by their 5pm closing time (we were leaving for the desert the next day, T-Day, and needed to wrap up the purchase on Wed.) Of course the traffic was a mess on the Wednesday before T-day and he was running late. He kept them updated on his location and it became clear he was not going to make it by closing. They told him "no problem", we'll wait (this is the night before T-Day I'll remind you). Long story short, they waited for him. He finally made it to their store about 630pm. They had the bike and paperwork ready. My brother closed the deal, they helped him load up, and the kicker was that the acutal OTD price turned out to be $11,150, $50 less than they told him and significantly less than the other three dealers were willing to go. My brother was totally stocked and I was happy for him. Based on his experience, I will definitely be giving them a try.
  7. Cool story. I had a chance to hang out with and ride with him during the 24 hour at Glenn Helen about 20 years ago. Very cool dude.
  8. Are you implying that BS actually went for a motor bike ride and that his bike broke down??
  9. No links. What a rookie! LOL
  10. I wish. I just got back last night from a 4 dayer out there.
  11. That makes is easier. My brother (SFFD) is one of only a few people I would trust with my kids on something like that.
  12. I considered doing it last time I was there but pussed out. I don't think I could watch my kids do it without me, that's pretty tough. They go, I go.