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  1. Trumpet vines. They grow all over Cali.
  2. Thanks Kug. Another member already contacted me with an offer to lend me a 6 gallon Acerbis. If that falls through, I might take you up on the bladder.
  3. No, the law does not specifically state that is a violation. And I'd suggest not listening to that guy at all as he is clearly an idiot. Anyone who rants about bad drivers while driving like an idiot himself (on a motorcycle no less = looser) is part of the problem, not the solution.
  4. Thanks brother, I appreciate it....But, well, you know...I'm kinda in love with my 530 and she might get jealous she didn't get to go to Utah.
  5. Wait a second, I could have just typed dick? No need to type D.I.C.K.?? Wow, I'm blown away. BTW, I ---- (watch, now the filter will block S.H.I.T.) you not, this happened to me twice today. The biggest difference is I get to give them a $300 court coupon.
  6. Yes this happens all the time. We as riders expect (at least you should) this to happen and you should be prepared to take counter measures to mitigate a collision. I'm not trying to be a D. I. C. K. but accelerating quickly and steering toward the vehicle that is running a red light does not accomplish that goal. It's up to us to stay alive out one else. Take it from someone with a lot of riding experience on the defensive, not offensive.
  7. But but but....the store price included installation and tax, right???
  8. Thanks for posting this. I've been thinking about getting my kids into something like this.
  9. I'm hoping someone has an oversized tank (5 gal min) for a ktm 530 exc that they would be willing to loan me (or sell cheap) for an upcoming long range trip??? Thanks
  10. Cool ride. I had a blast. Good meeting a few new peeps and spending time with my Homies. Mikey777 and I laid down a good speed run on parts of the S2. I feel sorry for the two large lizzards that were humping in the middle of the street when Mikey came through at 90+ They didn't even have time to disengage...LOL