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  1. Good info, thanks guys!
  2. KTM 790 Duke

    Oh man, I can't wait.
  3. 300 Top End Advice

    Wow... that's pretty bad. I think it's time for a new top end, cylinder and cylinder head. Don't even waste your time trying to repair the cylinder or head... Drop the coin, maybe a big bore kit, and get back to riding.
  4. Keep me posted. Thanks.
  5. Let me know how much you want for your extra 6.3 and what color is it?

    How cool.
  7. Ogio flight vest

    Congrats on the purchase. The main reason I prefer the vest set up over a backpack or hydration pack, is the better distribution of weight. I carry the same amount is a vest as I would with a backpack or hydration pack, it's just way better distributed. And for what is worth, I don't use the tool pack. The water is the only thing I carry on the back of my vest...everything else goes up front. Tools go on bike.
  8. Yeah buddy, get out there and have a blast.
  9. Did a ride yesterday from OW to Super and back...very similar to most of your northern route. At one point, we (me, 3 kids, and 3 riding buddies) were hanging out under the trestle and a guy on a KTM and a guy on a Honda came by. Don't suppose it was you and one of your buddies?? Otherwise was saw very few people out riding. It was a good day.
  10. I was camping of Cooksey Trailer. Great weekend. Did about 200 miles total with my kids. Too bad we all didn't meet up. TNT knew where I was but blew me off. I had good whiskey too.
  11. Orange Kool-aid

    Looks super clean!
  12. Nice loop. Is Indian Pass doable on a big bike with a qualified operator??