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  1. thinking.......thinking.........lurking........ sounds like a good chance to start getting familiar with that area. If my week goes well, I might be in (with room for a extra bike or 2) in the Ford King Cab.
  2. Tuff Lites; haven't tried them, but looks promising. http://www.extremedualsport.com/index.php
  3. Story of my life........ I thought this was your Fathers Day ride. oops
  4. Dang Brian, I'm kind of hung up on a job or I'd be all over this. Have fun!
  5. That's really cool. It's funny how some of the places around the world look just like Borrego and other routes within about 200 miles of here. No disrespect, those are some hard earned miles and very impressive. Well done.
  6. If I only had time to be a pen in your pocket for a year or two, what I couldn't do with a bike. I'm still impressed with you doing a tear down and rebuild along side the laundry.
  7. Nice work Robert. That's sweet. Lot's of hours there, but worth the effort to bring one back to life when it turns out that good.
  8. Ken, select 'Account Settings' under your profile name, then select 'Signature' under 'Settings' menu to the left. I think that's what your looking for......
  9. Yep. Looking towards a Santa Rosa Mt. overnight ride soon. Anza,Thomas Mt. pass, Idyllwild area,and on to Big Bear all good routes this time of year.
  10. Good find Randy, record button set.
  11. He just doesn't want to get whipped by someone with AARP card. Old Guys Rule!
  12. Just got back from a Triumph Tiger breakfast at Kendall's and run out to Salton City to visit a friend. Winds were 25 mph in Borrego at 11am. By 2pm when I left Salton City, it had let up to a steady 15-20 mph all the way up Banner and on the west side of the mountains. Temps were under 90, not bad with the breeze. It's still doable.
  13. Welcome. It's a great bike for what's around here. Good times ahead!