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  1. Sweet ride. Great to meet more new riders, and A BIG THANKS to the Governor for yet another successful excursion. I wish I had some pic's of that last sand hill climb, roosts flying, bars crossing and all kind of 'English' going on. Everyone made it, very fun ride. Admin: Please check on Andy's new membership, 'garage7' What it's all about.....
  2. Well Governor, see you for breakfast.
  3. lurking........I really shouldn't play hooky, but desert season is almost over and adventure is calling
  4. Happy Birthday KUG!

    Happy Birthday Ken. Love that mug shot. It looks to me like the classic 'WHAT THE F%CK' look if I ever saw one. KUG RULES!
  5. Lurking I'll join you on the trip over as you pass by, if I can get off that early.
  6. I have a 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Super Duty Diesel with a fuel line leak under the passenger side of the cab to the engine. If any of our members are specialist in this area, I would pay shop rates to have it done. I have a good reference for a shop in El Cajon, but I think it's the type of job that could be done here at my place by a knowledgeable mechanic and a little lead time. I know it's a common problem with these trucks. If someone is interested, or has an awesome reference, please PM me for details. Thanks, -Bob³
  7. So if one day I post [Heading for ASdD in AB for an ONC], a certain few will know what's up, Right? I now wish I had arrived earlier and made the trek up on the ridge, beautiful spot. I'll have to visit that location again some time.
  8. Yes, special kudos to Ken for packing an extra 5lb. fire log in to camp, it really made the evening so much more enjoyable. Great idea on the pan too.
  9. Naw, if I had to choose, I'd stay with what I got. But I was a little concerned when I seen you tagged me with that, it's the kind of thing that can stick with you.....(git it?) I heard from bubbagums that you met out at the truck, so the confusion is understandable. I can't wait to see Kug's campfire pic's. Hopefully he got one of Kiwi Wayne's bicycle seat sized steak over the fire and globe salad. And I'm eating a Lunchable.
  10. I said hi to Bagstr at the trees before my son an myself did a nice day loop.   Bubbagums....bubblegum??    I didn't I camped....

    1. wildwood


      That's understandable. Really nice weekend.  Thanks for straitening me out on that.  Too funny.