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  1. Nice. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while too, heading out the Bradshaw Trail towards Blythe. It looks like they have cabin rentals in Ehrenberg, just south of Blythe on the AZ side. We've been talking about dry camping at Lk. Martinez during that time this year too. Red Cloud Mine Rd. is a great little bike DS road on the AZ side, leads right into Martinez. I'm interested.
  2. Wow Brian. That's crazy. Glad your not too roughed up.
  3. That's cool. Congrat's on behalf of us 50+ dudes (& dudette's). No small feat at all with that big of a field in the class.
  4. Good to here it all worked out. Fun night ride anyway.
  5. ...so a night ride it is. Good a reason as any. ksu in 30 min.
  6. A SPOT satellite messenger is sounding pretty cheap about now. It would be nice to have concordance to work with. I can't make it out there this morning, but I may be up for a afternoon ride to see if it's somewhere off the main loop. Full moon tonite too, could be an interesting evening.
  7. Champ is calling the guy now for more info.
  8. Welcome aboard Jose. Great bike for LAB2V. Happy Trails!
  9. Happy Birthday Jim. Make it a good one.
  10. Welcome Jay. Glad to hear your journey has begun.
  11. Nice work LB. You've been at that comp for some time. Do retiree past champions get an invite next year? Congrat's!
  12. got it. nice proof. See you at the old 80/Pine Creek jct. at 9:10