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  1. Welcome Jay. Glad to hear your journey has begun.
  2. Nice work LB. You've been at that comp for some time. Do retiree past champions get an invite next year? Congrat's!
  3. got it. nice proof. See you at the old 80/Pine Creek jct. at 9:10
  4. My wife & I are going to do a 2Up ride this Sunday, and we're just throwing the invite out to any who would like to join in. The plan would be to meet up at the Descanso Park-N-Ride at 8:50 am, with a ksu at 9 am for a ride up Pine Creek paved road to S1, hang a right south and head over the summit to the Pine House Cafe & Tavern for breakfast. From there, down Sunrise Hwy. to old 80 through Jacumba to interstate 8 down to the Lazy Lizard in Ocotillo for a break. From there, head north up S2 to 78 east. The next planned stop would be the Nickle Beer brewery in Julian for a little refreshment. By then it should be around 2-3 pm, and there are many options for a route home north to south. So, there it is, an Easy Peazy big bike ride on Sunday for those who dare....
  5. Really fantastic ride. I'm drooling on my keyboard...... Thanks for sharing the great pics.
  6. Nice Mimi. Happy Birthday.
  7. Very sad news. I've met him up at the Camp Lockett races. Prayers to his family too.
  8. Deer Park was loose & rutted on the switchbacks when you first start in from the top at Pioneer Mail. Susie launched her newish KTM into the Buckwheat off the side of the road & the bike ended up on her leg. No pic's darn it, minor rescue required. Lucky soft landing. The way you and Daniel were riding it, I think you would have gotten through. That was about the worst of it.
  9. So you made it back, I guess the air stayed in your tires. You sure rode the hell out the V-ster today, nicely done! I know those little sand patches are tricky, especially when you catch one in a blind corner. Big bikes are so much work, but they can get the job done. Glad everyone made it through. More good times
  10. Just a little time to get the ball rolling. A good turnout with 10 riders. Lots of good times packed into a sub-100 mi. ride. More picks & to come...... Unfortunately, Daniel was the first casualty with a rock that had eyes, finding the gap between the skid plate and bars and connecting with the case. Jim saved the day with his 'Johnny Weld' kit. A little brunch at the Pine House Tavern. Good Eats here.
  11. Ok, you got me. I'm in.
  12. Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. -Alexander Graham Bell (possible relations? maybe...) November cannot get here soon enough for me
  13. Farewell Seth. That area looks incredible. I've been looking at places I'd like to move once the time comes to exit California, and Boise had a lot to offer. Very high on the 'Best Places To Live' list.