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  1. The wife & I got away for a week of camping at Sherwin Creek Campground, bringing along the Triumph Tiger for some 2Up touring, as well as the little bikes. We posted about 180 mi. over a couple days on the big bike checking out Crowley Lk., Tom's Place, Mammoth Lakes and the June Lk. loop. I also got in about 200 mi. on the Husky 310, including a 99 mile day with Amber on her quad all the way to Mono Lk. and back. Perfect weather, with temps at 75/45 and just a little rain on Wednesday. It seems like I'm seeing more designated single track laid out in the local trails around Mammoth, which was nice. Superb place to spend some time, highly recommended area. One of the Whitmore tubs, a pleasant 90 degrees. Northern edge of Crowley Lake. A lot of prime beef being fed in the area. I encountered a large group of cattle along a road not far from here, some of which had gotten through the fence & on to the road. As I was almost past the group, one particular steer still inside the fence split from the rest and began pacing along next to me a little spooked. As I tried to speed up and pass him, the dang thing started racing me and then jumped the fence (to my utter amazement) and cut right in front of me. It was like 'holy sh*t' as I panic lockup on the brakes, I've never seen that before. Never let your guard down. Later in the day on Tuesday, I went back to take Amber out on the Tiger. Lake Mary Lot's of water and waterfalls to view this time. Kickin' it in camp with a cold one, after a great day of riding. On Friday we had a good 99 mi. ride out to Mono Mills, then over to Mono Lake to see some Tufa Pillars. From there it was over to June Lk. to gas up and make our way back to camp. Food for the soul......
  2. Dang John, seizing the day. Very nice write up, that ride looks spectacular.
  3. I have lot's of regrets. But lessons learned early and survived steer your later reactions, which lead to more survival, hopefully. And one good home run can heal a lot of bad decisions, you just got to keep diggin' Racing is a great teacher......
  4. Did you do this in front of God & Country (Folk at the parade)? Is there video? You could be rich.....
  5. Welcome. Good Times Ahead.
  6. With the lighting options available today, night rides seem to make sense. I did a blast through the Laguna's a couple weeks back. Serious fun, and night just adds a extra layer of difficulty to old familiar trails. I like it. Adjusting your fun clock to take advantage of the wee cool hrs. is a challenge sometimes. 0-dark thirty is even harder.
  7. Yeah, I think you would get a few double takes for sure. Be like excuse me, pardon me, coming through.........
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzx08w67Q88 http://www.gibbsamphibians.com/platform/biski/
  9. Happy Birthday Jon.  Have a good one!

    1. carguy


      Thanks  Bob

  10. Nice write up Jim. That's an area I still need to see. Good info. I was checking a few High points of my own on Sunday.
  11. Not going to make this one. Have a good ride.
  12. thinking.......thinking.........lurking........ sounds like a good chance to start getting familiar with that area. If my week goes well, I might be in (with room for a extra bike or 2) in the Ford King Cab.
  13. Tuff Lites; haven't tried them, but looks promising. http://www.extremedualsport.com/index.php