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  1. Nice! My kind of ride! Hope to join in on some rides like this when I get back on the bike in a couple months Until then keep posting up these ride reports
  2. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Rode my 01 KTM 300 till 2 years ago. Had it 8 years and it never let me down. Also sold it for more than I paid for it
  3. Flat track at Barona this Saturday

    With surgery on Friday don't think I'm gonna make this one. Sounds fun tho. Maybe as a spectator
  4. Looks like a good turnout. I’m gonna stage at the cul de sac. See you in half hour
  5. Anybody riding sun

    Never been to Cedar Creek
  6. Flat tire sent me home early, 38 miles into the ride. 28 miles, seven dirt and 21 pavement back to my door. Nice day for a ride
  7. Trucking the bike there? Is there a place to stage and unload?
  8. Nice! Very nice, looks like fun. Gotta try and make one of these. Maybe the BBQ? Great pics and write up Jim!
  9. Need help with a bike recovery Sunday.

    Where's the details on this? Pics?
  10. When is the next ride up there? Wish I could of made this one
  11. I would be interested. What sections you thinking? Staging?
  12. Bunny Hill

    Give me a date, time and place
  13. Bunny Hill

    Would have jumped on this one today but already had plans