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  1. Sweet! Good luck with the surgery, heal quick!
  2. Surprisingly the conditions out there yesterday were still very good even though it hasn't rained there in over a week.
  3. Crack of dawn ride after the recent rains
  4. About a 5' long 2" X !0" makes it a cinch
  5. They wanna keep you in the box. Probably hoping we all run each other over to solve the problem. I've had too many head-ons, so....
  6. Not sure how to drop a pin. Just in case, take Wheeler about 4 -5 miles to the Pole Line. We will be about 1/4 mile north and 1/4 mile east of that intersection look for this
  7. crfxer

    Fred's 200

    Can't this weekend either, but would be up for that another time
  8. II'll be out at Superstition for 4 days. If you need a pit stop, gas/cold beverage let me know
  9. Some hikers came by that had been in it tho and had pics of the inside
  10. That was fun! A little breezy kept you on your toes. Almost 130 miles for the day
  11. Wouldn’t have time for all that, but a couple hours out and back bout 1 I’ll still have time to get some stuff done and push the cart around for the wife. Wanna cruise by about 9 I should be ready. 8341 Hudson
  12. That new bike must be fast! Haha! I’m curious on the dirt route there. I like to try and stay off the pavement as much as possible
  13. Just saw this, would only be able to go for a couple hours. Got a lot of clean up to do today