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  1. I have to see how things are when I go in Monday but it looks real nice out there, mid 80's. I'll let you know Monday evening, maybe a Wed or Thurs ride
  2. Looks really nice just the kind of ride I'm looking for. I would have gone with you but had another ride planned already. Let me know when you go again.
  3. Dang it, 9-17. Thanks. Sunday Sunday Sunday.
  4. Looking to get out for a morning ride Sunday 9-17. Route open to suggestions but not big bike friendly. Do some exploring. To the North, east or south. Home around 12-1
  5. Nice boots there Kenny
  6. If you're on Thumpertalk, look up schmo. Good guy. He has a place up there about half way between the lake and the top of the hill and always looking for someone to ride with. Can ride right out of his place to the trails
  7. Gonna find out tomorrow...
  8. Dang! if I knew earier i would of joined you for a ride. I'm headed up to the Mammoth area, have reservations starting Saturday at Sherwin Creek. Not(or wasn't planning on)taking a bike tho. Last year at this time we were at Lake Isabella and it was over a hundred. A week after we left they had that massive fire in the Greenhorns, so I'd check and see whats open on that side. Had the whole campground to ourselves
  9. Nice ride this morning. The cul de sac was full of trailers with tractors for the parade so I headed out Bear Valley to Kernan and over to Corral Canyon. Then into Campo and check out the flat track. On the way back stopped at the lake from the Village side than over and up to the glider port then back. 75 miles in about 3 hours. Home by noon
  10. Wish you didn't have to work. Looks like a solo ride. Maybe next week
  11. Meet at the cul de sac 8:00. Would like to head up to the glider port off Buckman and go explore. Open for suggestions. Not big bike friendly