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  1. If I'm not too sore from Saturdays ride in the mountains on wet dirt I may join in. Where is staging at CNF?
  2. S1

    That was fun! Gotta go back and see what we missed
  3. S1

    It'll be 40's -50's up the hill, working its way into the 70's as go down to the dez. see you in a bit
  4. S1

    I'm gonna try to be at your place bout 7:30, ready to ride at 8. Was up at 5:30 this morning to do an almost 40 mile ride up at McCains, hope I didn't wear myself out
  5. S1

    What time you leaving your place?
  6. Hey! I know that guy!
  7. I’m up for this. PM me where to meet you and I’ll ride with ya
  8. Nice pics Jim! So Thump, which end of the earth you gonna start at? You leaving from your pad or are you gonna shuttle to a staging area? I think you have 3 options. Off banner, 79 and Mason or off S-2. Check out Rodriguez too. Sounds interesting...
  9. Sunday Feb 4

    He’s got a brand new bike Both days
  10. Sunday Feb 4

    Close. Corral tomorrow 7:30
  11. Anderson Lake

    Yeah, Anderson would be quite a hoof. Stay local