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  1. SPOT-X

    It died randomly today again. Was showing all but one bar....then next time I looked it was dead. No idea how long it wasn’t tracking. I’m charging it in my tent now. I’m not impressed.
  2. SPOT-X

    Internal battery, need a tiny Torx bit to check it. I don’t have one with me
  3. SPOT-X

    I used it for a few weeks before I left, battery lasted a week or more, not running the tracking. It worked well on day one of my trip. At lunch on the second day, I noticed the screen was flickering with snow/lines. Power button wouldn’t shut it off. I plugged it into my charger, it finally went to the off/charge screen. When I powered it on, it said battery level below 20% and then shut off after a few seconds of being unplugged. I had it on the charger all day long and it did the same thing . Then later at night it miraculously works, showing about 80% charged..right where it would be if no issues occurred. No issues yesterday, working this morning...but what if it craps out when I really need it?
  4. SPOT-X

    I got it working again, but I don’t trust it now.
  5. WTB street bike

    It’s an easy bike to ride.
  6. WTB street bike

    1989 Honda Pacific Coast- $1200
  7. Indian FTR 1200

    Interesting. This is the sort of thing I was hoping Polaris/Victory/Indian would do.....something different.
  8. FOD

    Probably just put it there for safe keeping. Never know when you'll need one!
  9. Ninja 650 ABS

  10. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Made in China doesn't have to mean that the product is crap. Just as mentioned above, I recall when people said made in Japan meant it was junk. Now it's a sign of quality. It all depends on the manufacturers standards and quality control measures.
  11. Broken levers then this

    That's how my son got his second dirt bike. He broke the brake lever on his Suzuki JR50, we went in to buy a replacement lever and left with a DRZ110.....completely unplanned! Nice bike, enjoy!
  12. SPOT-X

    Yeah, I bought it there because I had $30 in dividends. Now that I have this, guess I am heading North soon!
  13. SPOT-X

    I don’t know? Wish I had one!
  14. SPOT-X

    Picked up a Spot X at REI today. Will get the service set up and see what it’s all about.