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  1. I like that, things you brought but didn’t use. I have been gone about 60 days and have a pretty good list, but I’m not home yet so maybe they could be used?
  2. I spent three days in Clinton, Iowa helping my sister by remodeling her bathroom. My brother also came down from New Jersey to help. Tomorrow I am headed to heaven...the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery in Milwaukee!
  3. Yeah, I’m hoping he used up all the bad road trip energy!
  4. Special thanks to Mr Jaja for mentioning the motorcycle museum in Anamosa, Iowa. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it! Today I went to the John Deere museum in Waterloo, Field of Dreams in Dyersville and the above mentioned motorcycle museum. Great day in Iowa.
  5. Thanks for that tidbit, didn’t know of it and it’s right on my way from Waterloo after I see the John Deere museum and Field Of Dreams.
  6. After spending time with family, I am now doing the friends tour. Spent a day in the Minneapolis area, then down to Omaha for a day and now I have two friends in Waterloo, Iowa. I’m meeting my older brother in Clinton, Iowa this weekend to rehab our sisters place. I’m still moving!
  7. PBR for PMB on his B-Day?

    I’m willing to share.
  8. I’m thinking of riding back up here, getting it going and putting the bike in the back and driving it back.
  9. I am spending some time with my parents, keeping busy on this for a few days. An adventure for the next trip?
  10. New Member

    Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail!
  11. Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    Looks like a great trip! I just rode up to Anchorage from San Diego and am wandering my way back. I’m interested in riding south next, so looking forward to your reports.
  12. In all seriousness, I was just in Sturgis a few days ago and got mobbed by people asking about the bike. Lots of interest in the adventure segment, even from the chrome and leather crowd.