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  1. I figured it would sell to the first still looks pretty good (for what it is) and runs strong, just has a lot of miles but should have plenty of life left in it. It could be parted out for double the price pretty easily in the worst case, I almost considered doing that but I have too much attachment to the bike!
  2. SOLD! I hope this British beauty can bring as much joy to the new owner as it has to me. I have a crisp $100 bill for donation to SDAR, thanks for all this group does!
  3. Nicely done, glad I could be of some assistance and awesome that the shop was able to help you out like that.
  4. Those 250 Honda's are pretty darn good bikes, it should get you where you want to go. Welcome to the group, see you on the trail.
  5. At least you can use it for something.
  6. That's it! Now I can figure out the bike's history, thank you!
  7. Stock seat is included, I have a fellow Tiger owner already in line for the Corbin. I have commuted on this bike for the last several years, it’s pretty good. You sit up a bit higher so you can spot issues early. The biggest issue is that she is a wider lady than others, so lane splitting is more challenging. Still gets it done.
  8. Here she is boys and girls, the overweight adventure bike with a face only a mother could love that you've been waiting for. I'll be doing an oil change, brake fluid flush and valve check/adjustment over the next few days and then it's ready to go. If an SDAR member buys it or sends someone my way to buy it, $100 is going to the club. LOW MILES! Well, at least under 100k miles. It's experienced, but I think there's still plenty of life in this ole broad. Corbin seat, coffee cup and duffel bag not included, but you can have the rest.
  9. I forgot that I had a meeting I need to attend. It's possible I can stop by for a little bit, but not probable.
  10. Thanks, but there's plenty of room. I even had someone else's bike in there. Now earlier today it was crowded....had a UTV in there for an engine install. Those four wheeled vehicles take up a lot of space!
  11. Stay warm! I've never had any electric clothing, hope it works well for you.
  12. My dogs never help me in the garage.
  13. I like to see people's solutions to problems when they are out away from home....helps give me ideas if I ever need to use them. I grew up on a farm, so I became pretty good at fixing things with what we had on hand. Nice job getting it home, good repair!
  14. Pretty sure I can make it.
  15. For those who like to save money (who doesn't??) keep an eye out for the REI sidewalk sale. We got about six awesome tents for decent prices several years ago, went camping a few times with each of them and then picked our favorites and sold the rest to friends for the price we paid plus a beer surcharge. Everyone was a winner, but I won most because I got beer.