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  1. The next step (what moto to get)

    https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/d/honda-xr400-enduro-plated/6570679394.html It's not pretty, but it's all there and has a plate.
  2. What's my moto worth?

    Don't forget that it's had a recent valve check, all within specifications! Your bike is in above average condition, nice machine. If I was buying it, I'd tell you it's worth $1. If I was selling it, I'd be trying to get $5000. Realistic price is probably right around the middle somewhere. I have an Italian Husky and I agree with you.....seeing the prices they are advertised at makes me hopeful but I also know that when I see one on craigslist for eight weeks they are asking too much. I guess since craigslist is free, people try going for the high price first hoping to catch a big fish. Good luck selling it. If anyone on here is looking, this is a good bike that will treat you right.
  3. The next step (what moto to get)

    I've had a 2008 Husky for several years, good bike with some shortcomings (mainly the close-ratio transmission). The biggest concern with my bike at this time is the availability of parts. It's not an issue now, but I can see it being a problem. Throw out a $2500 offer on that one and see if it sticks.
  4. Ok, I have a Husky 450 or a Yamaha 1200 to choose from.
  5. What bike are you taking?
  6. This is how Mike rides his XR650L, he's a madman!
  7. The next step (what moto to get)

    DRZ's are tall but can be lowered with links or having the suspension modified by a shop. It's a blessing and a curse to have so many choices for motorcycles out there!
  8. The next step (what moto to get)

    The 2000 may have the less desirable damper rod front forks, I believe that was a change made in 2002 to give the "S" models the same cartridge forks that the off road DRZ's all had. That said, it has lower miles and appears to have more accessories (frame guards, skid plate, rack, hand guards, steering stabilizer, bigger tank). I have no experience on how much better or worse the damper rod forks are, but it's a direct swap if it hasn't already been done. I'd take a good look at the 2000 model, and try to get it for around $2500
  9. 2009 KTM 300 XC-W

    I'm going to put this sale on hold for now, my wife said she doesn't want me to sell it just yet.
  10. ktm flywheel tool help needed

    I can understand not buying it because it's like a one time use tool, but if they can get it shipped to your home in a few days for $20-$30 you might be doing ok. I have also had fair luck bringing my bike to the shop and bringing a box of donuts for them to just remove a flywheel, if you have access to a truck to bring it there.
  11. The third week of May looks ok for me, Wednesday or Thursday is fine....so the 16th or 17th I'll dig into my schedule a bit more and make a post when I get it locked in.
  12. The next step (what moto to get)

    That DRZ doesn’t appear to be plated. If you’re patient the right one will come along.
  13. Great pictures Jim, you always take the time to capture the event. Oh, one of the things we were BSing about was having a top of the mountain BBQ at sunset next month. Between four or five of us we could bring a small BBQ, charcoal, hot dogs, buns, condiments, beverages, etc. What does the collective think of this idea? I've been considering it for quite a while, but don't want to make it happen unless we get a bit larger turnout. I will pick a date and make a post, if it looks good it's going to happen!
  14. I have been meaning to get another sunset ride in, keep forgetting but not this week! A small, but quality crowd showed up including Jim, Kelly and Mike......I ruined the quality part by showing up as well. Mike caught up to me at the stoplight in Rancho San Diego and we rode to the store. Jim and Kelly already told me they were going up from Marron Valley Rd so we waited a few minutes for any stragglers and started up the hill. We got to the antennae at 1900 (7pm for you non-military folks) and there was a Ducati Scrambler already there. Jim and Kelly showed up about 30 seconds later. The Ducati belonged to a guy who just happened to be up there at the same time, turned out to be a pretty cool guy and he had a beer along with him as well so it's almost like he planned it. I gave him some SDAR information, guess we'll see if he joins the asylum. We had beverages, we had tacos/burritos, we had a sunset, we had conversation, it was a good way to spend a Tuesday evening. It got a bit chilly up there, but how can we complain when parts of the MidWest got blasted with snow?? A nice ride back down in the dark....home again, home again, jiggity-jig!