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  1. Upcoming SDAR meeting 2017???

    I'm always drinking coffee at the beach. From a coffee mug. That I fill up inside my RV.
  2. Push power at the moment.....
  3. I wish you had asked me when you called me, I didn't see this post until too late. I have an extra YZ450F in the garage that I haven't decided to sell yet. It's not a dual sport, but could work for Mexico trips. Let me know.....
  4. I caught moto 2 on YouTube, great battle toward the end between Tomac and Musquin. At first I thought it was going to be all the way to the end but then it looked like Tomac realized he was only using half of the throttle or something because he just left MM behind. I hope someone picks up some speed, because Tomac is quick this year.
  5. I had a great time, I'd never done a track day on pavement in my life so this was a new experience for me. I wasn't that quick out there, but still thoroughly enjoyed my time running laps. It was pavement only for the first half of the day and after lunch they opened up the dirt which added a whole new twist to the day. Some guys weren't going out when the dirt section was open, but I loved it. After I made it home, sprayed the clay off the bike and took a shower I was exhausted. Awesome day, I'm ready to go again soon!
  6. I figured it was more like, "This better work or I'm walking, this better work or I'm walking!"
  7. Was there a dance or anything else you had to do with that procedure, or just the throttle/key thing?
  8. Hope that works, not too difficult or too expensive.
  9. Run It or Replace It ?

    Send it!
  10. I dig the Honda heritage. Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.
  11. Joining from Santee!

    Ninja 250 is a great bike to start on, I have had several of them and currently have about 63% of one sitting behind my garage awaiting the right parts bike to build another one. Don't hear much bad about the Wee 650 unless people are trying to do deep sand or single track on them. Welcome to the group, see you on the trail.
  12. New here to contribute

    Sounds like a great trip. Due to military restrictions on traveling Baja, I haven't been there much but am patiently waiting for my good Uncle Sam to let me be finished and then it's on. Have fun, take pictures and share with those of us still stuck north of the border. Welcome to the group, see you on the trail.
  13. I just got back from a 9 day pleasure cruise and some tires were delivered while I was away. Guess I'll get them mounted and go have fun!
  14. Awesome! My commute to work is about 12 miles on the highway or 7 miles if I take back streets. I rode one of my Trail 90's one time on the back streets, it wasn't faster but it was fun. I'm sure the Grom is even more fun than that, enjoy it.
  15. I rode up to Flagstaff, through Four Corners into Pagosa Springs and then on to Colorado Springs last fall. Lots of great stuff out there. I have to look into my leave days and see if I can manage it. Trying to save it all up so I can get a bunch of days off before I retire later this year.