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  1. I liked Iowa, but then again I grew up in similar conditions. I’m willing to bring your bike back if you buy me two tall boys of PBR and a rhubarb pie.
  2. Kids desert trip

    Yeah, Superstition is good because it has some nice dry lake beds for learners to gain confidence and also sand to practice in. Just be aware there are no services there like trash cans or bathrooms. Hope to see y’all out there!
  3. New member in El Cajon

    Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.
  4. I had considered camping but going to watch Air Force vs SDSU Friday evening. See y’all there Saturday morning!
  5. COBDR

    Every time I go to Colorado I spend time with my family. I need to say the hell with them and go do more of this. Looks like a great time.
  6. I have the Kaoko throttle lock. I have some carpal tunnel issues so it’s just par for the course.
  7. Need shop recommendations

    I can do all of that stuff and I'm home all week. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. Nice ride, looks like the conditions were good too.
  9. It’s not my favorite thing to do, just another interesting aspect of motorcycle riding. I much prefer to take my time and see the sights, but this is a challenge just like riding difficult single track or clearing a big jump on the track or getting a knee down in a decreasing radius curve. Lots of different ways to expand your motorcycle horizons and we all have different preferences. I didn’t leave San Diego for Colorado thinking about doing this, but I did it and am glad to have challenged myself. Not sure if/when I will do it again. If it’s on two wheels, it’s probably good. Have fun out there no matter how you define it!
  10. Super Tenere is, well.....super! My back and ass are fine, but I really should get an aftermarket seat. Why haven't I got one yet?? My wrists and hands are the worst part after the trip. I thought the bars were pretty comfortable, but after 12 hours straight they sure aren't.
  11. Last week my sister let me know she was going to be the “Hometown Hero” at the Avalanche hockey game. Hometown Hero is a program where they honor military members for their service, my sister served in the Navy from 1981-1992. I really wanted to be there to support her. I worked hard to convince my wife and she gave in Sunday night. I packed up the bike Monday morning and left about 1000 up I-15. I had figured to get past St George and camp....but I was making good time and felt good so I kept going. Pretty soon I had 800 miles done, then 900....might as well keep moving. Just under 1200 total in 22 hours. The tent and sleeping bag stayed in the pannier. The hockey game was fun, awesome to be there to support my sister. The first NHL game I have been to, what a way to go! I left Colorado Springs 0800 on Friday morning. No traffic, clear skies, heading down I-25 to I-40 everything was coming together. I already knew that I could do it, but could I do it quicker? Through Flagstaff, Phoenix, Gila Bend....home! 1232 miles, 17 hours, 42 minutes. Riding long distance in 24 hours is interesting. Time management, fuel mileage calculation, food and drink, etc. This was my first “Iron Butt” style ride. Not something that I want to do every ride but good to know that I can.
  12. Possible Baja Oct 15-16

    Damn, just used up my hall pass riding to Colorado Springs. I was channeling you, though....pushed through and did it under 24 hours.
  13. Torque adapters, dog bones

    I’m blaming the last guy that did it for sure. It was me. 😂 I definitely didn’t use the torque adapter, but I also reused the head bolts. They are one time use. Live/learn!