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  1. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/tdc-locking-bolt.296522/
  2. No issues at all, just goes to show how versatile and badass the Tiger is. I helped my buddy move a couch one time with it. Well, I rode it to his house and we loaded a couch into his truck but I still count it.
  3. I only showed up to tell lies and drink beers but I ended up eating a burger and a brat, helped do a valve check on a Tiger and left with a bunch of stuff I didn't expect to get haphazardly tied to the back of my Triumph with some paracord (made it home with no issues, BTW). I also saw some familiar faces and met some new folks. Always a good time, now let's get together with this much force for a trail cleanup day!
  4. Don's gonna be there? Damn, now I definitely need to make it!
  5. Welcome to the group, see you on the trail.
  6. Possible....I'm supposed to be home but sometimes we get extended on these short pleasure cruises. I have nothing that I'm planning to work on but am able to offer unwarranted advice and can eat/drink if offered.
  7. I have a flatbed 6 x 12 trailer you can borrow if you want.
  8. Must be a Honda thing, I rebuilt a XR650R and it started in two kicks as well.
  9. What a sinking feeling to be finishing something up and then find an extra part laying around. That shouldn't be too hard to get to. Whenever I have extra parts I just figure that it's weight savings and consider it an improvement on the original design.
  10. Yeah, I was just going to offer my RV as well. Lemon Grove area.
  11. Before I buy a set of street-ish dual sport tires I figured I'd see if anyone had any gathering dust in their garage? I mostly need a front (21 inch) but if anyone has a set that's good too. Thanks, Tom
  12. I didn't have the right size allen socket a while back and this was my solution. Pulled the rubber grommet from a spark plug socket and put the extension in through the socket side.