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  1. I'm interested. I've got a passport and I know how to use it.
  2. I have a last minute deal, had to help a friend so can't make the meeting. I am willing to volunteer/help with the Desert Dash in whatever fashion you need me for. You've got my contact if so desired.
  3. Wow, I haven't heard it referred to as Price Club for many years! I think he meant Pizza Port beer is available at Costco/PC, although pizza after the ride doesn't sound bad. Is Fillippi's any good?
  4. I'm sure I had the only 1200cc bike out there that day.
  5. If my bike fell (and that's a big IF) and nobody saw it......did it really happen?
  6. I didn't know I could do a NacNac on a Super Tenere until that ride.
  7. The timing couldn't have been much better....good weather, small crowds at the places we went and great people on the ride. I hit the road early on Sunday and stopped on the way home and got some riding in at Lark Canyon with Bob and Paul. I'm ready to ride again, let's go!
  8. My side cases are barely wider than my handlebars, I split lanes slowly but surely and only wheelie occasionally.
  9. I remember counting 18 at one point? It was nice to see SDAR getting together like that. I'm considering starting a south bay meetup like the Two-For-Tuesday out in Ramona.....maybe Thirsty Thursday on Otay Mountain? The sun sets pretty early right now, but I'm sure we can get a few people out.