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  1. Awesome that you are finally doing this. Talked about it for years now ! I'm jealous. Have a safe trip.
  2. How does one operate the winch and steady the bike at the same time ??
  3. Use a bike stand and step up on it as you get to that spot
  4. Lots of wrist surgeries
  5. I believe the problem you are talking about was simply a pre-filter on the fuel lines. The filter was found to be to fine causing very slight interruptions in fuel supply but enough to cause problems. The fix is simple the filter is in the quick connect fitting on the fuel lines. I do remember a couple of bikes coming through needing to have some adjustments on the throttle body as well but these are again simple tweaks done in minutes. My 2013 500 needed to be tuned slightly as it came through. It took literally 8 minutes and it wasn't touched again until I dunked the bike into a lake in Colorado.............. 189 hours later. LOL story for another thread I suppose.
  6. 08 and 09
  7. No it's not needed. If you choose to drill them out then I probably would buy the upgraded gears because you are now allowing all the clutch/transmission bits into your motor oil. I owned two bikes of that specific era. I put well over 1200 hours on one motor and 8-900 on another without so much as a hick-up on either bike. Top end rebuilds only on both bike and sold both of them. As far as i know both are still alive out there.
  8. First thing to go ??? I'm definitely getting rid of the mini fender/plate holder ugliness !! Why not just build a new version of the 950 SE and reap the benefits ??
  9. Looks a lot like the Idaho trails I ride. Love it !
  10. Thought so. The water part of the video I saw the sidecar wheel churning away.
  11. Does the sidecar wheel drive on those things ?
  12. Sounds to me like you have an electrical fault in the system somewhere keeping the fuel circuit active/ pressurized. Bent pins shorting on fuel pump connection ??. This would normally run the battery down and not be noticed but since you had it on trickle charge it just pumped fuel like it's supposed to. A running fuel pump will easily push the fuel past the injector at pressure. Ignition switch fault possibly ? Just throwing ideas out there from what I ve picked up tinkering on the pumpkins at Ktm.
  13. Look up the VMC group for the anti vibration mounts. I'll bet they can come up with something. thevmcgroup.com
  14. Bags add stability ! Duh, everyone knows that. ?