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  1. 1926 farm truck project

    Congrats on the progress!
  2. New Member Intro

    Plenty to see in this area. Join in a ride or post up a desire to ride & it'll happen. Welcome.
  3. San Diego to Alaska

    https://www.architecture.org/tours/detail/chicago-architecture-foundation-center-river-cruise-aboard-chicagos-first-lady-cruises/ https://www.msichicago.org/ And, pick 'tween Giordanos and Gino's East. Gotta try both.
  4. ST 2 Hallifax in 30 Days

    This report should be copied to every naysayer "gotta have this/that/etc to travel on a bike." Like your DR650 quick build and ride around Australia - love it. Load it and go.
  5. Otay Mountain

    It's almost there on the other side in a lot places. Shame - but last time I was up there, some huge utility trucks were making their way down, so it's inevitable.
  6. I now have Weds avail.
  7. What type of riding are you looking to do? I'm on a DR650, and mostly back roads, Otay Truck Trail (fairly well graded dirt) etc are what I usually ride. I'm in Rancho SD/Jamul. Early start a plus as the heat will be here again this week.
  8. Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    Avail. Sent my phone number via PM
  9. New Member

    Some current and former DRZ riders here so info will trickle in. Welcome.
  10. Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    I have a full dirt Scorpion - Size L ( 7 3/8 - 7 1/2 ) with Spy goggles if ya want it. Haven't worn it in 3 years, just sits on the shelf in a helmet bag. If it doesn't work for ya, pass it to someone here in the Free section. Or, sell it on CL and haunt you like the dog you are/will be. Located in Rancho SD/El Cajon/Jamul - the ID crisis section of E County.
  11. ....just think if they didn't take over Buell, then bury it....
  12. Start by sending them your own digital image to rival theirs. Or Zubb could just keep commenting cuz it's crackin' me up.
  13. Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    I had an AFX-39 which was sufficient. I think their newest is the AFX-41 and you can find the 39 on clearance. I like the larger visor of a DS helmet and there's usually room to put on a pair of goggles if it's a dusty ride. If it's not too dusty, I don't - since goggles limit the view a bit. My Scorpion dirt helmet fits well, so I'd be looking at the Scorpion Modular for DS use if in the market. That said, I renewed my Shoei head with a new street helmet and added a Hornet to the bill while there. Do what Ken S said. I've already overthought it for you.
  14. Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    Glad things are progressing for you. Offer still stands if needed. Kkug probably still knows the way to the brewery.