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  1. Old School

    Great stuff, Kelly! Congrats.
  2. 2018 ktm 690r with kipmoto trailer

    I have underwear older than most any bike you've owned, I think. GLWS! I'm still drooling over the buggy...............
  3. I'm sure you'll master it. I see it now that you point it out.
  4. I had the chance to ride a coworkers Zero about 5 years ago. On sport mode, ya really have to watch keeping the front end on the ground. It would take some getting used to, but worth a test ride.
  5. Outstanding stuff. Consider a bike lift?? http://www.ibbikelifts.biz/lifts-and-accessories/emergency-portable-bike-lift/ https://www.advmotorrad.com/dustriders-motorcycle-hoist I'm sure with your skills, you could make one that'd work. I've seen a simple model which used a ratcheting tie down supported by multiple sections of pipe. Trying to find link. Similar to the advmotorrad one, but not $$$$$$.
  6. Warner Springs gas/store open

    Thx for adding that, Tom. I couldn't tell on my ride by if the bar/cafe was open.
  7. Warner Springs gas/store open

    I didn't Jim. Sorry. Toss a bottle of octane booster in the bag just in case..?
  8. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    I have Flintstone feet, a pair of Forma ADV's and Gaerne SG-10's. Atomic Moto is great to deal with when selecting boots - free returns (you pay shipping) and no issues. Good pricing on both brands.
  9. Arizona Newb Ride

    Great ride and pics. We used to wander out to Tortilla Flats when I was stationed in PHX 30+ years ago. The area's changed a bit.
  10. Showed up today!

  11. This may be old news but I haven't been in that area for a while - when it was closed. The Warner Springs gas station and store, along with the golf course - is open again. Good to know if one is planning a WP to Anza ride or ??? Passed thru on a back roads ride yesterday.
  12. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    Can't comment specific to the DRZ, but my DR650 has the same type of carb. The CV carb works pretty well with altitude changes. I took mine in stock form, unmolested airbox, snorkle in - tuned to my house at 300 feet. To 13,100 feet in CO last August. I had installed an extended mixture screw but didn't touch it. I also added a filtered sliding "door" used for snowmobiles on the side of my airbox. It wasn't needed but did help when I tried it from 11K to 13K as it let a little more air in. I'm sure someone with DRZ specific info will be along.......
  13. Showed up today!

    Glad the test run, well under triple digits, worked out for ya.
  14. Hard Bags

    Ditto on Pasta's suggestion. Fort Mackinac - at the base of the 5 mile bridge on the "mainland" side prior to crossing to the U. P. Sault (Soo) Locks - they have a schedule and tracking screen of ships coming through and you can watch a crossing if ya time it right. Tons of lighthouses to photo around the outside loop of the UP. It is populated by Moose, so just be aware. We almost hit a youngster that popped outta the woods in front of us. Safe travels!
  15. Toad

    Very cool, Kelly. I still keep in contact with the original owner I sold that Wombat back to. First up if it goes - wish I would've kept it.