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  1. Good seein' ya - thx for the carrier.
  2. Kolpin (which you may have gotten from me) and the hitch carrier - plz.
  3. The owner of Grove Motorcycle owned one - been a few years since I've been in. He was always good to deal with. Might try there...?
  4. Welcome. Great group to get the lay of land from. I'd even suggest doing the ride tomorrow - even if you aren't going to camp - to see some of the area.
  5. Welcome aboard. I had the opportunity to ride a buddies 701 - smoooooth gobs of power. Enjoy!
  6. I think Jim Martin's guys do - and you can meet you new boss in the process.
  7. It'll be an adjustment for his new family and happy to have him back.
  8. Congrats! Jeff, the owner of Procycle is on his final leg of an Oregon - Ohio - Southern Loop/AZ, etc - back..... documented HERE He'll get some suspension work done by Cogent Dynamics when he gets back - but to be fair - Jeff's been in the moto business forever and is picky about his machines. I like the guy cuz he developed and rides a DR790, also - kit avail.
  9. Copy
  10. It should work on the Wee but you're welcome to try it out and see. I wouldn't count on it being waterproof, but packing stuff in trash bags solves that issue. I should be home after 6 on Sunday or just text me. Thx Jim.
  11. Appreciate the post, Jon. I'm in the cleaning out mode so may run up there if my recent For Sale posting doesn't make quick work of it. Nice that they're getting some exposure for them and the riders.
  12. GONE
  13. I get the Battery Tender brand. I used a BT Jr for over 6 years, rotating between the rolling stock. Same with the pigtail install on all toys as BP. I'd charge for a day, make sure I had a green (fully charged) light, give it a days rest, then move to the next one. It finally gave out in year 7 or 8. I got the full sized BT a few months ago and it gets the same drill. I did buy a lithium specific separate charger for the WR since it has that battery.
  14. PM'd