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  1. TrophyHunter

    Is Amazon the devil in disguise?

    I've had the "conversation" experience many times. I tried saying "suppositories" several times per day but no adds popped up. Guess there's no money in suppositories. :)
  2. TrophyHunter

    Is Amazon the devil in disguise?

    I've found breathing exercises helpful if ever looking at my order history. Yes, LB, reign this in before you retire. I had to buy the UPS guy a Christmas present this year.
  3. TrophyHunter

    Good riding near Phoenix??

    If you're on ADV Rider, PM Cyberdos. Or go on the Regional / CA and SW as riders there have been helpful with suggestions.
  4. TrophyHunter

    Africa twin near Escondido

    There were 4 AT's sitting at Motoworld 3 days ago if you need a selection to choose from.
  5. TrophyHunter

    Need Boot Recommendation ~$300

    I like the Gaerne SG-10's. I have some size 10's if you want to try them on. Don't know what size you need.
  6. TrophyHunter

    1927 farm truck project

    Congrats on the progress!
  7. TrophyHunter

    New Member Intro

    Plenty to see in this area. Join in a ride or post up a desire to ride & it'll happen. Welcome.
  8. TrophyHunter

    San Diego to Alaska

    https://www.architecture.org/tours/detail/chicago-architecture-foundation-center-river-cruise-aboard-chicagos-first-lady-cruises/ https://www.msichicago.org/ And, pick 'tween Giordanos and Gino's East. Gotta try both.
  9. TrophyHunter

    ST 2 Hallifax in 30 Days

    This report should be copied to every naysayer "gotta have this/that/etc to travel on a bike." Like your DR650 quick build and ride around Australia - love it. Load it and go.
  10. TrophyHunter

    Otay Mountain

    It's almost there on the other side in a lot places. Shame - but last time I was up there, some huge utility trucks were making their way down, so it's inevitable.
  11. I now have Weds avail.
  12. What type of riding are you looking to do? I'm on a DR650, and mostly back roads, Otay Truck Trail (fairly well graded dirt) etc are what I usually ride. I'm in Rancho SD/Jamul. Early start a plus as the heat will be here again this week.
  13. TrophyHunter

    Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    Avail. Sent my phone number via PM
  14. TrophyHunter

    New Member

    Some current and former DRZ riders here so info will trickle in. Welcome.