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  1. Yeah, kinda thought the same, but a generic CruzTools set is $85 and up. I don't know enough to compare the metallurgy of his set to others, so......
  2. Colorado ride

    Prior to the CO trip last year, I installed a TPI Low Boy even though it wasn't "needed" with the DR650 CV Carb as many have ridden 14K without any mods. Hey, I like to tinker. Since I still have the snorkel in my airbox, opening the TPI valve almost doubled air intake. The seat of the pants dyno says it made a difference above 10K. It sits just under the left side panel so easy to access.
  3. https://drriders.com/new-rrr-modular-moto-wrench-tool-set-gotta-see-t22428.html#p249852
  4. Colorado ride

    Glad that road exit wasn't more serious. There are several places where the penalty is 500+ feet. The views are non-stop for sure.
  5. Don't laugh.....I am riding a Honda Grom.....

    Copy that. Will PM my number.
  6. Don't laugh.....I am riding a Honda Grom.....

    Welcome. Always intrigued by the Grom and as you've found out, more capable than some think. I'm just over in Rancho SD if you ever want one idiots opinion over a beverage or something. I've had 20 bikes go through my garage in the past 12 years - mostly used of course - having fun with different setups. A ton of experience here and I've seen way more of the SW than I would've on my own for sure.
  7. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/survey-from-state-of-ca-id-where-motorcycle-safety-barriers-go.1321508/ Link explains it.
  8. HikerAlert

    https://hikeralert.com/ Just started reading a bit about this. I have a Delorme but this may be a back-up. Maybe a primary for some? Advantage – it’s web-based, not a cell phone app. So doesn’t rely on cell phone’s service access or battery condition. Other than to kill a predesignated alert. Can be addressed, managed and used from any web device. PCs included. Sends a text or email Kill / Extend Option to one before firing off customizable email or SMS alerts to designated contacts. It has no direct interface with emergency services, 911, etc. No response or message kill? Alert goes out.
  9. My CO trip was worth every penny. I noticed fishing is avail. You will be spoiled by CO fishing if you do it. Enjoy.
  10. Honda CB 500-4 1972

    Congrats! Text sent with a shipper I had good luck with.
  11. Old School

    Great stuff, Kelly! Congrats.
  12. 2018 ktm 690r with kipmoto trailer

    I have underwear older than most any bike you've owned, I think. GLWS! I'm still drooling over the buggy...............
  13. I'm sure you'll master it. I see it now that you point it out.