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  1. Many of you have ridden with Todd and Greta over the years and he was recently taken out by a vehicle. Pelvis broken in 5 places for starters. I have permission from Greta to post this information. Go Fund Me As the post says, Todd was caring for his mother, who died while he was in the hospital from this collision. Consider helping. Thx
  2. Thx for jumping in. I'm out of town. Last known bike location was near 4 corners in corral.
  3. Appreciate the help. Call to me was from an SDSO buddy.
  4. A rider has a bike needing retrieval at Corral Canyon. Permission given to post name and number. Please contact Fred (510) 421-0593 The story. Fred is from out of town and rode his GS1200 in Corral Canyon. He got lost and called SDSO. The helicopter guided him out but he crashed, separating the cantilever front suspension from the bike. The GS is near 4 corners but Fred will be able to meet and guide a truck in. Please call Fred to discuss details. Thanks
  5. HERE No affiliation, not my business, etc. 'net rumor is JP Cycles bought 'em and the inventory is goin'.
  6. Mud Caves Just how to get there and each cave location if ya drill down.
  7. Good RR and glad the two of you made it.
  8. Schnebly Hill Rd Montezuma Castle - and do the well, too.
  9. Glad it worked out - just throwin' my hat in the ring.
  10. Stock seat included...? I'm guessing....
  11. 2nd up on the gun cabinet if it falls through.
  12. Do you have a dealers license yet?
  13. Beautiful machine - congrats!