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  1. Toad

    Very cool, Kelly. I still keep in contact with the original owner I sold that Wombat back to. First up if it goes - wish I would've kept it.
  2. Land Missile for Sale -SOLD

    The bike is going to a dealer tomorrow. Blowout price prior to that - with transferable warranty - $8500 six19 5O4 2nine 72 Update: Dealer lowballed below KBB trade in - so still for sale.
  3. Land Missile for Sale -SOLD

    Clear CA title in hand today.
  4. Anyone use one of these?

    The Canadian family we hosted used a Trail Tail with an integrated lockable hard case. They trucked everything to mid-CA, then rode to San Felipe and back, 2UP x 2, on DR650's. No issues. Soft bags - I guess you could wrestle with PacSafe stuff.
  5. Moab March lets go!

    Thx Bruce. Yup- that's the one. Very nice to deal with on the phone and willing to shuffle existing "reserved" spots as long as those coming in aren't specific to their wishes.
  6. Moab March lets go!

    I'd prefer Moab Rim Campark. I'd like to get a cabin due to my messed up sleep patterns and the available one they have is reasonable -#54. Even moreso if 2 go in on it. Around $80 per night total. They also have a pull through spot - #15 - which is just across from the cabin which can be locked down if reserved at the same time. I looked around and things are filling up quickly - especially any cabin rentals.
  7. 2004 Suzuki DR650 - SDAR price:$2500

    Time for an affair with a ZX-14
  8. Moab March lets go!

    Good with either, open on time and date pretty much. Or, I have zero knowledge of the Moab area, so if options are presented here, willing to vote my preference.
  9. Pivotworks shock thrust bearing $20 Trackside Grip Heaters - $10 Was going to put them on the WR, but it's gone. Have them on the DR and they work fine.
  10. Land Missile for Sale -SOLD

    Update: The bike has a full transferable extended warranty through April, 2020. There is a separate - same time period - warranty for the tires. Value ad is over $1000 based on amount paid for coverage divided by years x years left. The bike was recently paid off, so clear CA title will be available in a week or two.
  11. Land Missile for Sale -SOLD

    Yup. Longer wheelbase than the sportbikes. Smooth power and plenty of it.
  12. Land Missile for Sale -SOLD

    You have the dual range? Put that thing in "HI"...... I can't answer your question with any authority, but can say I had to just throw out the drahws/chonies/etc I wore during my ride on it.
  13. Moab March lets go!

    Links to the options? Full hookups for you would be good. On site facilities are always helpful. Not much of a drinker, so "stumble distance" isn't on my checklist. "Designated Driver" could be.