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  1. I've had a set of the cheap-o's from d2moto on the KLR for years. The IMS pegs are way better but the Chinese one's work fine for less than $15.
  2. I've got a shortened kickstand for a lowered DR650 if anybody wants it.
  3. I walked in there a couple weeks ago and picked up a Dunlop D606 130/17 for $89, which is right about what you find them for online. Guy was super cool, too. I'll definitely be going back.
  4. I've got a heavier spring for a WR250R or X. I think this is around 20% stiffer than stock, so if you're a biggin or you carry lots of stuff this might be just right for you. Free to a good home. Also have a used DR650 supermoto style fender. A bit faded and some scratches but free-diddley-dee.
  5. Sorry I don't have a spare, but if you're looking to purchase a cheap replacement, I'd recommend the "Ken Sean" mirrors off Amazon. Just DON'T order the Emgo mirrors because they are flat and you can barely see anything in them! The Ken Sean mirrors are slightly convex so you get a normal rear-view like you're used to.
  6. Hey I recognize that bike! I had some great times on that thing and it never gave me a bit of trouble. Super reliable and a blast to ride. Who ever buys it will love it.
  7. I'm thinking of selling my XR200. Fantastic bike to learn on. It's in great shape but runs a bit rough on the low end. I'm pretty sure it's a jetting issue because it starts great, idles great, and mid-range to top end is great otherwise. I don't have time to fiddle with it due to work and school, and with the supertrapp it's too noisy for me to troubleshoot in the alley. Previous owner bought it new and says he put very few hours on it, and I only rode it once. I bought it for $500 a few months ago and I'd sell it for the same.
  8. I've got one of those FMF pipes, brand new, never been used, part #020302 ( Not sure it'll fit out of the box but I bet you can make it work. $40?
  9. I would suggest signing up as a novice so you can do the second loop. I'm sure you'd be fine. I've only done one enduro before and I did both loops (barely!). I watched a video of a previous year and it looks very similar to some Pine Valley beginner/intermediate trails, nothing real difficult. I'm pretty sure I'll be riding this event as well so maybe I'll see you there!
  10. My suggestion would be a DR200/250/350. Light, easy and friendly bikes. Main problem is they're old gettin older. Another option is the KLR250/Super Sherpa.
  11. Man I'm jealous. I've only seen them in pictures. Congrats Arnie!
  12. I've got some soft saddle bags if anyone wants them. I've owned them for a couple years and never used them. They have integrated rain covers. I got them with a Triumph Speed Triple, so I know they fit that... Gone. Enjoy them Doug and have fun at the desert dash!
  13. Didn't get to ride as much as I wanted in 2014, but I snuck out a few times... McCain Valley Did a mountain biking trip in the Lost Coast... Bought another loaner/play bike! Same year/model as the first bike my Dad bought me as a teenager. Brings back a lot of memories!
  14. Carlos Checa won the World Superbike championship at 39 years old in 2011. Max Biaggi won the same at 41 years old in 2012. Maybe I'm just a big fan but I think Josh Hayes would be fighting for podiums in WSBK. He is the real deal. Like isde97 said, he has raced in MotoGP and done very well. Totally agree about the sad state of US road-racing, however.
  15. Bike has been sold. Congrats Ryan. Hope to see you out on the trails someday.