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  1. Bags - You might want to consider replacing the bearings as well. KTM's are notorious for rear wheel bearing failures. I have witnessed the failure first hand and when they fail they can take out other components (hub, caliper, etc). I check mine regularly and replace at any hint of a problem. You may have to use considerable force to get the sleeves out which could put excessive lateral load on the inner races of the bearing. This is generally not something you want to do but of course in a case like yours there is likely no choice.
  2. I'm good to go. See you guys at breakfast.
  3. I bought some 1/2" dia brass rod and cut to various lengths. I have one that's 12" and works good for driving stuff out of the hub. Got the rod at IMS Kearny Mesa.
  4. This morning RMATV\MC is having a doorbuster deal on a stove and cookset. Looks like a pretty good deal. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/4648/78411/Fire-Maple-Light-Weight-Cooking-Stove?utm_source=emailblast&utm_medium=fire-maple-light-weight-cooking-stove-doorbusters&utm_campaign=email-december-17-holiday-specials2-t1 https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/4648/78411/Fire-Maple-Light-Weight-Cooking-Stove?utm_source=emailblast&utm_medium=fire-maple-light-weight-cooking-stove-doorbusters&utm_campaign=email-december-17-holiday-specials2-t1 https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/4629/78413/Fire-Maple-Light-Weight-Cooking-Pot-with-Heat-Exchanger
  5. Wednesday's a no go for me. Thursday is good.
  6. Okay. Managed to dodge a trial on jury duty today. The weather in the desert later this week looks like low 70's. Thursday?
  7. Yeah I don't think anyone makes a commercial version of this design. The big hydraulic lift setups are generally too heavy for a class A gas chassis.
  8. OK here's some detail on how the hauler goes together: These are the receivers I added to the outside of the trailer hitch mount. Here's a pic with the support stringers inserted in the receivers Adding the hitch extension. Notice the extensions for the safety chains and electrical connector as the originals will definitely not reach I added this guide to the hitch extension. It's a floating sleeve that bolts to the bike tray to provide some lateral and vertical support. I made it floating so there wouldn't be a bind between the bike carrier and the hitch extension Next add the bike tray and the loading ramp And the completed installation Hope this all helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. If you need more pics or want to come by and look at it let me know.
  10. Me and a buddy. Got the idea from a setup I saw on a guys motorhome at dual sport ride I attended years ago. Can't make any recommendation on fabricators. Never used one. Anyone else know?
  11. I would not use this setup to tow a trailer due to the tongue weight but when you are pulling a toad there is no tongue weight. The bike is not supported by the trailer hitch. As I mentioned earlier you'll notice a little more influence from the toad but nothing concerning. I have this on a 32' class A pulling a 4500# car. You're 2 door jeep is considerably lighter so I think you would have no issue with the shorter motorhome. Mine is custom built by me and a buddy who's a far better welder than I am:). The off the shelf receiver style bike haulers all have a 3000# limit on towing behind them. In their case they are supporting the bike on the hitch.
  12. Yeah. The whole thing bolts together so no heavy lifting. The two 2 x 2 stringers slide into receivers mounted on the outside of the trailer hitch mounting brackets and are easily removed. It goes on or off in about 15 minutes if you're really slow like me. I use the same pieces on my Xterra so I can move it from vehicle to vehicle. Bags - I added the lighting for when it is on the Xterra as the bike does block the stock lights.
  13. Don't know if this has been posted before. This route is geared towards the SXS crowd but might make a good dual sport ride. Lot's of good info here: http://arizonapeacetrail.org/