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  1. I just wanted to point out that a few songs were sung over the radios in Paul's honor. Of course the entertainment was not up to the standards we usually enjoy when he's along for the ride.
  2. FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    Exactly. With HT in a highly mobile environment the range is limited and your chances of interfering with anyone are pretty slim. Now go to Glamis on a big weekend for example where 1000's are using Rugged's 50 watt mobile setup in a relatively small area and sooner or later they are more likely to get some attention. Frankly I've been amazed that Rugged has been getting away with this. Surely the race teams can't be happy that RR is supplying radios to the general public with their frequencies pre-programmed in? Well anyway bottom line is that technically all this is illegal but from a practical standpoint an ht on a dirtbike doesn't pose much risk.
  3. FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    Well in that case he intentionally transmitted for the purposes of an emergency. Illegal yes but in a life or death situation I'd do the same. Most public agencies moved to trunking and UHF years ago. That said almost every frequency that Rugged provides in their pre-programmed radios is technically illegal to use without a commercial license. I find it interesting that nowhere do they disclose that when you buy their equipment. Also illegal is transmitting in the ham band without an amateur license or not identifying yourself with your callsign as required. The ham guys are much more protective of their band than the FCC is about the commercial vhf band (as long as your not interferring with a legal user).
  4. Gonna miss this one. Will be at Superstition Thurs - Sunday.
  5. I’ve recently started playing with a Baufeng. This is the one I’m using and so far it seems to perform well. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R7KKMEA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_rQPZBbYVAXXFA As Paul mentioned the extended capacity battery is a good addition particularly if you intend to run the radio at it’s max 8 watt setting.
  6. Sorry to chime in so late but have been preoccupied this week. It was a great ride with a great group as usual. Conditions were nearly epic. Thanks Bagster, SoCalMule and bushwacker.
  7. Radios or Bluetooth?

    I guess I need to start designing a digital filter that blocks kereoke!
  8. we need Utah photos!!!

    1. PbdBlue


      Working on it. Just rolled back into town yesterday after 30 days on the road. Man I'm beat:)

    2. Beezzz


      O.K., O.K.   I get it.  Don't forget to post up!

  9. Gonna wash off 400 miles of Utah mud and prep the bike this morning. See you gents on Wednesday.
  10. Finally back in CA after a month of riding, 4x4, camping, etc in Utah. Rolling into home tomorrow. With a little luck I can wash the mud off the bike and get it serviced in time for the ride. Pretty busy schedule next week but Wednesday might work. Definite maybe.
  11. I was a few hours behind you in the 4x4. Jasper seeems to have deteriorated at bit. Made for an interesting 4x4 drive. Nothing real difficult but certainly more so than in previous years. I Saw your post about the ride yesterday morning about 7:30 and thought about unloading the bike off the motor home to join you but couldn’t get the hall pass:) Bet it was a nice ride on the bike.
  12. I’m camped across from the Pinyon Mtn turnoff on S2. It did rain last night a little but nowhere near that amount. The Fish Creek CDEC weather station that’s down at the end of Split Mtn Road is showing about 1/4”. http://cdec.water.ca.gov/dynamicapp/QueryF?s=FIS&d=13-Oct-2018+07:28&span=12hours