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  1. PbdBlue

    Yamaha Part Question

    They are called Well-Nuts and you can buy them at Marshall's Hardware off Miramar Road.
  2. PbdBlue

    Kendall’s 1/3

    It’s a beautiful morning in the desert. You guys will have a great ride! Maybe we’ll see you out on the trail.
  3. PbdBlue

    Dongle / Jumper Plug

    Actually all the connectors behind the headlight are not waterproof. They are standard molex connectors and not the most robust. It’s a good practice to check/clean them all on a routine basis. You can put dielectric grease in them to help with corrosion but unfortunately that will attract dirt/ dust.
  4. PbdBlue

    Kendall’s 1/3

    Gonna miss this one too. Heading out to the Poleline (OW)this afternoon with the SXS. We'll probably be knocking around the north side of the Superstitions on Thursday. If you see two Polaris XP1000's (one red one blue) flag us down and say hi!
  5. 14-16 KTM 350EXCF: Polisport Ignition Cover Protector (ORANGE KTM) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071VJ4LNL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_ca5jCbET54B5J Just an example. Amazon lists covers for other models but maybe not Bagstrs rare stead.
  6. Leaving friday for 8 days in the Dez. No hall pass for this ride:(
  7. PbdBlue

    Upload gpx tracks to Inreach Explorer+?

    Yeah basically the Inreach is still based on Delorme hardware\software. AFAIK there is not a good option that does both navigation and satellite communication. I have the Inreach SE+ (the same as the Explorer minus the nav capabilities) and a Montana. Inreach goes in my backpack and Montana on the handlebars. I like that with the Inreach SE+ you can use it stand alone or via bluetooth on your phone. I've used the Inreach extensively over the past few years - on the bike, in the motorhome and the 4wd. It's been extremely reliable. Costco had the SE+ for $209 for awhile though right now it's back to $279. Maybe it will go on sale again?
  8. PbdBlue

    Sat messaging

    Hmm.... so with the Satpaq you have to aim it at a satellite? Don't have to do that with Inreach or Spot. Looks like you don't have to aim the Bivistick either but then the monthly fee is about what the Inreach plan costs (actually a few dollars more). Nice to see competition in the marketplace but I think I'll just stick with the Inreach for now.
  9. PbdBlue

    Sat messaging

    Pretty cool. Nice to have another competitor in the marketplace.
  10. Probably going to miss this one. Just got back from Tday week in the desert. Rode to Kesling's on Saturday for a bite and a beer. Lot's of folks there but had a nice shady table on the patio. 80'ish mile loop. Back of Blowsand, over and down the droppoff (Ranger at the bottom ticketing some guy in a PU...did not stop to say hi) then on into Borrego. After lunch out the back way (thanks Mark), up Inspiration, over Truckhaven and down Thimble\Palo Verde back into the OHV park. Introduced my 16 yo nephew to dualsport. I think he might be hooked.
  11. PbdBlue

    Inreach SE+ Cyber Monday

    Back on sale again at Costco.com for $229. I bought one during the last sale. Great deal. https://www.costco.com/Garmin-inReach-SE+-Satellite-Communicator.product.100419295.html
  12. I just wanted to point out that a few songs were sung over the radios in Paul's honor. Of course the entertainment was not up to the standards we usually enjoy when he's along for the ride.
  13. PbdBlue

    FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    Exactly. With HT in a highly mobile environment the range is limited and your chances of interfering with anyone are pretty slim. Now go to Glamis on a big weekend for example where 1000's are using Rugged's 50 watt mobile setup in a relatively small area and sooner or later they are more likely to get some attention. Frankly I've been amazed that Rugged has been getting away with this. Surely the race teams can't be happy that RR is supplying radios to the general public with their frequencies pre-programmed in? Well anyway bottom line is that technically all this is illegal but from a practical standpoint an ht on a dirtbike doesn't pose much risk.
  14. PbdBlue

    FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    Well in that case he intentionally transmitted for the purposes of an emergency. Illegal yes but in a life or death situation I'd do the same. Most public agencies moved to trunking and UHF years ago. That said almost every frequency that Rugged provides in their pre-programmed radios is technically illegal to use without a commercial license. I find it interesting that nowhere do they disclose that when you buy their equipment. Also illegal is transmitting in the ham band without an amateur license or not identifying yourself with your callsign as required. The ham guys are much more protective of their band than the FCC is about the commercial vhf band (as long as your not interferring with a legal user).