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  1. Easy way to create GPX route trace

    I don't think you can overlay CA Trail Maps in GE. You can use Garmin Basecamp to create a track and then export it in KML format . Then open that in GE.
  2. CID Birthday?

    Happy Birthday Chris.
  3. Voyager pro

    Curious what they are using for buddy tracking and what the range is? At almost twice the price of a Garmin Montana it’s a hard sell for me.
  4. Jump starter

    Nice unit. Thinner than the Costco one. Still the battery clips are huge like they are on all these. Overkill for a bike. I guess you could cut them off and put smaller ones on if you wanted to make it a bit more compact.
  5. Jump starter

    Costco had one awhile back for $49. I carry it in my SXS but haven't tried it yet. It's pretty small. As with most the the battery clip cable is the bulkiest part. Looks like it went up to $59. https://www.costco.com/Lithium-Jump-Starter-Portable-Power-Bank-with-Brush-Metal-Finish.product.100383979.html
  6. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    I have played with a similar antenna (don't think it was a Comet) but wasn't able to get it to tune properly. Comet makes good stuff. Might be worth a try.
  7. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Paul - I think you have used Smiley antennas in the past. If you still have one it might be interesting to try it out mounted to the frame of the bike in some fashion connected to your 25 watt radio. You can swap the connector to a PL-259 which might make fabricating a mount easier. Don't know if it will work but it might be worth a try. I have an extra one you can play with but if memory serves me it's tuned to 152 Mhz. They are rated for 50 watts max. http://www.smileyantenna.com/product-p/14620.htm http://www.smileyantenna.com/product-p/2=.htm
  8. So headed out next month to do the Arizona Peace Trail and thinking about what rear tire to run. Not sure what the terrain is going to be but I expect it will be rocky in places given that its Arizona. Thinking of going with the Kenda Equilibrium? Anyone have any real world experience with this tire? If so Tubliss or Tube?
  9. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    That'll do it!
  10. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Isn't that what they wear at the Bombay Beach Club?
  11. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Yeah I know. Just strap a half wave antenna to your backpack:)
  12. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Nothing to lose. I'll be interested in the results.
  13. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Will help but i don't think there's enough in the frame to provide an adequate GP. That's not a very good connection wire they are selling. At RF frequencies you would be much better off using a braided ground strap.
  14. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    On his bike. HT with an extended duck. On another note when I camp in the motorhome I have a half wave (with groundplane) base antenna mounted on a 30' flagpole. With that setup I can communicate with bikes that have ht\duck setups for 15 - 20 miles if the terrain is open. In the RZR my daughter has been able to talk to me (on the bike HT) from Sand Dam (Superstition) to Painted Gorge with no issue. It's really about good antennas more than power.
  15. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    In the end the most critical point is the antenna and the match. Pushing more power into a crappy antenna will not yield much of an improvement and the receive side will be degraded so hearing responses from your buddy's 5 watt HT will be the same if not worse than your current setup. More power is really not the answer your'e looking for. IF you can get enough ground plane to tune a quarter wave below 2.0 SWR you will likely see some improvement but be aware that a quarter wave antenna has a more vertical radiation pattern meaning that most of the signal is directed upward instead of outward which is not ideal for your situation. A 5 watt HT connected to a properly tuned half wave antenna will far outperform a 25 watt radio connected to a badly tuned antenna. Will it be better than an HT with a duck? Maybe but I doubt by much. Also be aware that if the antenna match is bad it puts a tremendous strain on the output stage of the transmitter and could adversely affect it's service life. Some radios actually will inhibit transmission if the SWR is greater than 3 though I doubt the chinese radios have that feature. As mentioned unfortunately physics is physics. UHF is an interesting thought but the then all your riding buddies would have to switch as well. Just as an aside I was over at the CORE ride this past weekend in my RZR which has a 50 watt radio (running 25 watts) and a half wave with a large ground plane. I was able to hear and talk to CID several miles away in some pretty hilly areas.