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  1. Inreach has a weblink to their share page as well. Roger probably hasn't added Inreach to his site but frankly I think Spot's days are numbered if they don't adapt.
  2. Yeah I switched over a long time ago. Can't believe Spot hasn't answered back with a two way version. GEOS coverage is similar to that offered by Spot.
  3. I've ridden it a couple of times. Good event. Basically they have a menu of rides and you pick which ones you want to do on what day. Fun riding. I don't recall anything all that difficult so not sure why the "experienced riders" statement?
  4. In for a large
  5. No. That's normal.
  6. All of them! Seriously the experience in my riding group has not been positive with aftermarket seals. There may be good ones out there but I haven't found them. I have heard good things about Synergy seals (http://www.synergyseals.com). KTM is very proud of their seals:) I used OEM '08 Yamaha WR seals in my '07 KTM and had great results. Haven't done the seals in the '14 yet so I don't know if the Yamaha seals fit the new bikes.
  7. Just got a call from my BIL. He has the dreaded broken/seized chain adjuster bolt on the kids CRF150. He's not real mechanically inclined so looking for a local (he lives in Murrieta) shop that can do the repair. Any recommendations?
  8. Probably overkill but it works well. I have about 2500 miles logged on the setup with 0 issues so far - knock on wood - cause I'm headed to Utah for a 5 day dual sport ride in a few weeks.
  9. My variation.. Montana mounted on a plate that is mounted on isolators screwed into a HDB top clamp.
  10. I haven't done tis yet on my bike. How many miles on yours Dave?
  11. The key is they must still have a valid 49 states "On Road" emissions sticker. Without that the 7500 mile does not apply and it cannot be registered in CA. No side x side has an On Road emission sticker and CA does not recognize an AZ side x side plate. You will get a ticket driving it on the road here.
  12. I haven't had any trouble but good to know about West Marine.
  13. Hi Dave - I'm doing great. The Montana has a new home this evening at Goofy Footer's house. As for the harness I solder the leads with shrink tube over each wire and then shrink tube over the entire splice area as well. Lately I've been using some shrink tube I got from Willy's that has heat activated adhesive on the inner diameter. The stuff is tough. Never been a big fan of crimp lugs though I have been known to use them on occasion. Also Willy's has 16ga SAE connectors which also cuts down on the bulk a bit. BTW - I ordered a 276CX to replace the Montana in the RZR. Still have my other Montana for the bike.
  14. I've got a 650T I'd be willing to part with. It's in excellent condition and always had a screen protector on it so no scratches on the screen. It does have the camera and pre-loaded Topo100K plus I also have City Nav on a card in it. I'll throw in an AMP mount wired with a 2 pin SAE connector. $275