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  1. Also there’s Fish Creek campground a couple of miles north of Troy along Sherman Pass Road. Stayed there many times.
  2. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    The company I retired from based their advanced manufacturing in the Netherlands where the costs are among the highest in the world. As a product would become mature they would move the mfg to the Czech Republic where everything is dirt cheap (comparatively). At first there were some issues but once they figured it out the products were as good if not better than their NL counterparts. The Dutch of course would always push that theirs was better but after working on them both extensively I found the Czech stuff to be better off the factory floor. Western Europe is rapidly pricing themselves out of the market.
  3. SPOT-X

    Can you use the 20% coupon on it?
  4. Thread derail - Utah was awesome. 7 days riding all in the SXS this trip. Kinda busy right now but if I can get my head above water I'll try to bang out a RR. Two of the areas I went to - Tropic Reservoir and the Kaibab Plateau would be great dual sport rides. - Hijack over.
  5. 240# is the wet weight with no fuel. 235.5 is the KTM claimed dry weight. Even if it's understated by 10 lbs it's still way lighter than the CRFL could ever hope to be. I've given up hope that the Japanese will ever build a serious 4 stroke trail bike.There will be a segment of the riding population who will prefer the CRF in spite of the weight. I've owned a ton of Japanese bikes so I am very familiar with their build philosophy. That said the CRF line has not been without it's problems. Honda seems to want to keep promoting legendary reliability when simply put IMO they are just on par with their competitors in recent years. They aren't XR's which in their day were exceptionally tough bikes. Yes we all add accessories that contribute additional weight but when the base bike starts out overweight it only goes up from there. So will a ready to ride fully armored CRF with a 3 gal tank be 300 - 305#???
  6. Me too. Just wish they could have brought something a little more competitive. You can have lighter weight or lower price but not both I guess. Fuel is 6.2#\gal so subtract 12.4# from the crf spec for the wet no fuel weight.
  7. Actually the 500EXC is 250# wet with 8 l's of fuel. That's 39# lighter for about the same price. The latest generation KTM's have proven to be very reliable. If you want link suspension you can get the Husquvarna version for about the same weight\price. Just don't see the Honda being competitive in this market. Nice try but a miss.....
  8. DOT Rear Knobby

    I've been running the Kenda Equalibrium hybrid tire. It's a bit less (~$75) than than the Motoz. It seems to do well in sand for a hybrid and much better than the MT43. Overall I'm pretty happy with it other than it does wear pretty quickly. I'm on my second one and it looks like about 1000 miles and it's toast. It is DOT rated. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/742/54773/Kenda-Equilibrium-Trials-%26-Enduro-Hybrid-Tire
  9. SPOT-X

    Dedicated cell number for the Spot X. I like that. Wonder if Garmin will adopt something similar? Not ready to jump ship yet but it looks like formidable competition for Inreach.
  10. SPOT-X

    You don't have to pair it. It's just an option. I usually have my inreach in my backpack pocket and my phone in a holder on my chest protector. The bluetooth is a really nice feature but not a show stopper. One thing Spot doesn't talk about is the procedure to text to the Spot X. On the Inreach the easiest way is to reply to a text sent from the Inreach. There's no fixed address that a user can use to initiate a message to it via text. You can go to your mapshare web page and send a message from there. Wonder how Spot is approaching this aspect? I don't see any mention of it on their website or the quick start manual.
  11. SPOT-X

    Hmmm.... No bluetooth? One of the features I really like about the Inreach is the ability to pair it to my phone. Maybe Spot will add that feature to an upcoming model? Meanwhile now that there's competition it will be interesting to see what happens with Garmin pricing for the service plans. The $24.95 service fee is for the Freedom plan only and gives you the ability to turn service on\off. Wish Spot would offer that. Waiting to see reviews:)
  12. SPOT-X

    Looks pretty similar to the Inreach. Competition is a good thing and IMO if Spot hadn't come out with this they would be out of the market in the near future. Maybe this will force Garmin to cut the price on their latest offerings. Doesn't say if you can suspend service like you can with the Inreach. I deactivate my Inreach when I don't have any trips planned. What's with the $20 activation fee?
  13. Voyager pro

    The Garmin Montana is much more versatile as far as GPS functions go. Lot's of maps available and you can even create your own maps with one of several 3rd party programs + very large track capacity. Maybe things have changed but in the past you're pretty limited on available maps for the Trailtech. If it were me I'd forego the camera and get the 610 or the 610T.