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  1. GPS maps

    Take a look at this website. Maps and instruction on how to load them. http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/
  2. FS - Delorme Inreach SE

    It's yours!
  3. FS - Delorme Inreach SE

    I don't know for sure but think there's no discount. Having two is pretty handy. You can text Inreach to Inreach without cell service. Bagstr and I tried this out over at the 3 Step in UT and it worked pretty slick. I almost thought about just holding on to this as a 2nd unit for just that purpose. Nice thing about Inreach is that you can suspend or change service plans month to month. I usually just have the basic plan but if I'm planning a big trip I'll upgrade to the recreation plan for a month and then drop it back down. This is a great deal for someone. If you look on Ebay you'll see these going used for $150 - $200+.
  4. FS - Delorme Inreach SE

    I bought the Garmin SE+ because I wanted the USB powered cradle to use in my 4wd since we do a lot of remote camping. On the bike you don't really need or want the cradle. Typically a full day of riding with the tracking feature on depletes the battery less than 20%. I thought about the new Spot unit but it's bigger and does not have bluetooth which is huge for the way I use it. That and I've had very good experience with the Delorme\Garmin Inreach. 100% success on messaging always.
  5. In excellent condition. I've used this for a couple of years with zero issues. SDAR member price $100.
  6. Hot deal on Garmin Inreach SE+

    Yeah have a gps to do that:) Could be now that the Mini is out they may discontinue the Se+. Still a great deal.
  7. Hot deal on Garmin Inreach SE+

    Got a flyer from Costco today. Garmin Inreach SE+ for $229.99. Online only. GPS City shows them at $349.99. If you're a Costco member this looks like a pretty good deal. https://www.costco.com/Garmin-inReach-SE%2B-Satellite-Communicator.product.100419295.html
  8. Wheel Bearings

    Yeah I get the deal with repacking but remember these bearings are designed for electric motor applications that typical operate at 1700 - 3400 rpm in a relatively clean environment. I’ve had very good success with packing them with waterproof grease. I suspect probably not so much due to lubrication properties but rather it’s ability at keeping debris out of the race. Been doing it for many years so I ain’t changing now:)
  9. Wheel Bearings

    IMO the torque on the axle nut has little to do with the problem. The bearings are a little undersized from the get go. This has been an Achilles heal on ktm’s for a very long time. With a little preventative maintenance it is easily managed.
  10. Wheel Bearings

    I run the stock bearing but I remove the seals, repack them and re-install the seals before I install them. The seals are easy to pop in and out so no big deal on that front. Yes it's the same bearing that KTM used in the RFS bikes. Part of my maintenance regime is to check the rear wheel for play when it's up on the lift. So far so good. I've witnessed a guys bike destroy the rear hub when his bearing failed (on an 8 day 1200 mile trip no less) and it wasn't pretty. Personally at 7000 miles I'd be at least taking a good look at them and probably leaning towards just replacing them with nice new repacked bearings. Their cheap compared to dealing with the issue out on the trail. Not a big fan of the oversize bearing kit but that's just me:)
  11. Golden fattie question

    +1 on the Shinko
  12. Ok. Different place. Whew!!! I'm planning on going to Duck Creek the end of September:)
  13. When Bags and I were at the 3 Step there was a group of guys that did it on big bikes. They were very good riders and it was a struggle for them but they got it done.
  14. Are we talking about the Duck Creek\Strawberry Ridge area (The Markagunt Plateau) east of Cedar City? I didn't think the UTBDR went anywhere near that.