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  1. Just finishing up the Blanding/Moab ride and turning back towards San Diego. Returning with one leaking fork seal. Hope to join the fray soon but not this week!
  2. Anyone tried one of these. Apears to be a knockoff but seems to maybe be a cut above the really cheap knockoffs? The feet look like they might be a worthwhile feature? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IRVUC38/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I1DMCVSRDLEA4Q&colid=1SG501OLB1D7J
  3. I'll take it.
  4. Personally an hour and 45 minutes for a helicopter doesn't sound too bad considering how remote they were.
  5. Excellent. Looks like a great time. Utah is the best!!! CID - Sorry I couldn't help with your radio charger. Got my dates mixed up. Won't be in Utah until next month
  6. Thanks for the kind words. 10 more days
  7. RZR. It's Nevada so lot's of rocks. Experienced rider should not have any trouble but I wouldn't advise for a newbie.
  8. ...this time but wanted to throw this out as this would be a great area to dual sport. Not moto so thought I'd post it over here. Took the wife and the SXS over to Mina, Nevada to do a little exploring. Mina is about 35 miles SE of Hawthorne. Lot's of mining history in the area and spectacular scenery. We stayed in the RV park in Mina. Nearest gas and lodging is in Hawthorne. A local, Tom Willis has written a small guidebook to the area which I bought several years ago. It was available on Amazon but apparently not now. You can also get a copy at the rv park office. http://www.sunrisevalley.com/mina_trail_map.html If you are interested in going there I have tracks for all the trails in the book. We did three days of exploring and never once crossed path's with another human so it's pretty remote. Great time.
  9. Lithium charger looks cool. I've been running the solar controller for a couple of years with a 20 watt panel. I used it on my enclosed trailer when it was in storage and now on my Tundra since I don't drive it but on weekends. Works great. Truck fires off strong every time.
  10. That's the plan. Last day of work is September 29th! Just in time for desert season:)
  11. Thanks Guys. I sort of recalled that the MotoZ wasn't well liked. Hmm... decisions. Bike has an MT43 on it right now and I have a Dunlop Geomax52 hanging in the garage. Maybe I'll leave the MT43 on it and throw the Geomax in the truck just in case:)
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. Bike is a 350EXC. What's everyone's take on the Motoz hybrids?
  13. Why not with an mt43?
  14. Anybody running Tubliss?
  15. I'm retiring next month and to celebrate I'm headed to SE Utah with a bunch of buddies for an 11 day (6 days riding) trip to Southeastern Utah ending in Moab for a couple of days. I'm debating - MT43 or knobby? I like the MT43 on firm ground but not so wild about it in soft sand (i.e. Anza Borrego). Rode in Kanab, UT last spring. Rode a knobby and that area was definitely way too sandy for a trials tire to suit my taste. Anyone ridden SE Utah\Moab that can provide some insight?