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  1. ABDSP 2/21

    All good, see you there. CiD
  2. ABDSP 2/21

    Meeting at Kendall’s in Borrego Springs at 8 for breakfast, then KSU about 9. 80 to 100 mile loop back at trucks around 2 for lunch and a beer. Covered in Dust
  3. Can I add a turbo and nitrous? Then I could drop the motor into my old EXC frame and keep up with Bowers.
  4. Found oil

    I’ve been close a few times when I forget to put oil in after a change. Covered in Forgetfulness
  5. New Member in Borrego Springs

    There are a few of us that ride every other week or so out there mid week. watch for the next ride, probably Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this coming week. CiD
  6. Moab March lets go!

    I’m out on those dates, already committed to a ride with Kug. CiD
  7. CID Birthday?

    Don if you’re in town i’d Like to ride it by sometime next week and talk about it with you. CiD
  8. CID Birthday?

    Well I could update the list but I’m to busy buying bikes to do it.
  9. CID Birthday?

    We’ll believe it or not I bought a 1980 Honda XL 500 this morning. This was the 1st bike I ever bought brand new for myself back in 1980. Guy said it ran when he parked it 10 years ago. I put fresh gas in it when I got it Home and it started on the 4th kick. Thanks for the b-day wishes, life is good! CiD
  10. Need to borrow a flywheel puller

    I have one that fit my IT 490 you could try if Tom doesn’t have one. CiD
  11. Moab March lets go!

    I could possibly do another trip in March. I’m committed the weekend of the 17th and 18th but could do any other dates. CiD
  12. Jump starter

    I carried one on the 950se. The seat removed with just a lever. If I had a bike like the 990 Adventure I’d probably hard wire a cable that would plug into the jump battery. CiD
  13. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    This has worked great for me, I can hear the mothership clearly in my head at all times. Electro Deflecto Unisex "Tin" Foil Hat One Size https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I497JAM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_VNOBAb2E31198 Covered in Voices
  14. Heading out tomorrow morning, looking forward to seeing everyone there. Cabin 204, stop in if you have 🍺🤪 CiD
  15. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Rugged has this setup on sale. However the frequency range doesn’t cover what most of us on SDAR use. Am I missing something? https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=296_35&products_id=1911&utm_source=Rugged+Consumers&utm_campaign=25965b5955-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_01_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_29b332f7ed-25965b5955-47252397&mc_cid=25965b5955&mc_eid=1d79b72a81 Trying to get a new riding buddy fixed up and don’t want to screw up. CiD Just read above post. Never mind. I’m old what can I say