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  1. Anyone Know a Good Caterer for Desert Dash ?

    This guy does great BBQ and he’s a bike rider. https://m.facebook.com/Ricks-Best-BBQ-More-179847459055016/ CiD
  2. I’m out, i’ve been busy and i’m Just not ready. Next week Breakfast Club for sure. Cid
  3. R U Kidding Me!

    Friday might be a possible for me. I’m still on baby watch but it’s sort of started I guess (I don’t know nothin bout birthing no baby) . CiD
  4. R U Kidding Me!

    Today is the day. Lets grab a beer next week and I’ll give the full report on the tires. As a responsible SDAR member my switch is only to be DOT compliant. Someone in authority out in the desert said that non DOT tires are more destructive to the trails. This is an ignorant statement when jeeps do most of the damage to trails, but why fight it when there are very good DOzt tires available.
  5. R U Kidding Me!

    The Maxxis is not DOT. It has been my tire of choice on the rear out in the desert for years. However I will be switching to this MotoZ tire for this season. http://motoz.com.au/product/tractionator-desert-ht/ This is my new favorite front tire. http://motoz.com.au/product/tractionator-enduro-st/ CiD
  6. I’m a possible/maybe. 50/50 right now. CiD
  7. COBDR

  8. COBDR

    My bike is fuel injected so no issues there. The 525’s didn’t do any rejetting but I don’t think either had any issues with the altitudes. The last time I rode here I was on my 06 525 and I might have lost a little hp at the high altitudes but it was barely noticeable. CiD
  9. COBDR

    Held up fine, not a lot of weight in that rear bag. I brought my big sleeping bag because I knew it would be cold st night and it was. We slept at 10K the 1st night on the trail and it got pretty cold. I’m going to try and lighten my packing next trip, but the more of these rides I do the more I like comfort in camp. Chair, table, warm sleeping bag, bigger tent, evening cocktails ect... missed you and Ken on the ride.
  10. COBDR

    I've been wanting to get back to Colorado since Kug lead a trip there a couple of years ago. So when a window opened up in my schedule I put out some feelers and Tracy and my friend Steve were available. Bagstr's daughter happens to live right about where the dirt starts on the route so we loaded up the truck and headed for Colorado. We timed the date perfect for the changing of the colors. Anybody that has been on a multi day ride with me knows what this is, but I did end up bringing it home with me when my bike tipped over when I was taking a picture. Tough crowd. Steve being awarded the bunny. This is the trail up to Ophir Pass. There is a post on the COBDR web site saying it’s impassable for big bikes but we breezed right up it. The views just kept getting better. We rode a few passes on the trip. Some are not a part of the BDR but there were a few closures and we did another that Tracy and I hadn't ridden before. Tracy picked up a nail and I offered my usual support. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it put us behind schedule a little. So we decided to spend the night at the Pitkin Hotel If you're ever in Pitkin I can't recommend this place enough. Great people run it. They don't have a liquor license so they can't sell drinks so they have an open bar and drinks are free! We made a unanimous decision right there to cancel the rest of the ride and just stay there the rest of the week. If you look closely at the bottom left glass panel in the bottom right corner of it is the Kug. The blessing in disguise was not the free drinks or soft bed, but the info from the owners that the BDR route over the pass was still closed for road work so they told us about another pass that would get us to where we needed to be. They said they would not have sent us on this route if we had been on big bikes. Hancock Pass turned out to be the hardest riding we did on the whole trip but wasn't to hard on the 500's. More passes Tracy picked up another flat and I was there to give him encouragement. He defiantly needed some at this point. The Kug was always with us in spirit to show us the way. The weather was starting to turn with a storm heading our way so we finished in Wyoming and turned tail and headed back to the truck. I've done a lot of these BDR's and most seem to start out with the best stuff at the bottom. I think if I was to do this again I'd combine the bottom of Utah and the bottom of Colorado into one ride and skip the top of both. That would make for a truly great week. Covered in Miles
  11. R U Kidding Me!

    My grandson is due on Tuesday. I’ve been informed that these things don’t adhere to tight schedules so I’m probably out this week. CiD
  12. R U Kidding Me!

    I’m in for Wednesday. I’ve been craving some hash.