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  1. I regret going bowling one night.
  2. Great stuff, glad to see you really using and enjoying the new bike. You can borrow my 6.6 tank anytime if I'm not using it. CiD
  3. Great I was hoping to get the stock items with the bike. CiD
  4. Dave I'm starting to work on the next ride. Get back to town soon, it's not the same without you. C
  5. I'll stop in to shoot the breeze. CiD
  6. What dates?
  7. Maybe one letter off
  8. That XR seems to be missing a kickstarter.
  9. 950 SE is a pretty good off road bike. It always takes me a few miles to get used to it off road but when I get comfortable I can throw it around pretty good, but it's still a 100+ lbs heavier than my 500 and you need to respect that and the power. I really don't think any other bike over 700cc's is in the same league. CiD
  10. It packs pretty small, but everything adds up. For me it's always a trade off between comfort in camp and very tight gear on the bike. The weight of the cot is very lite and it's about 4" X 14" .
  11. I just received this today. I have wanted to sleep out under the stars on some of our trips but don't like the idea of a scorpion crawling into my mouth. Kug has one of the original cots like this but they sell for over $200.00 Saw this on Amazon for $40.00 delivered and thought I'd give it a try. It's pretty comfy laying on it even without a pad.
  12. We missed you, maybe see you at Crusin Grand Friday night. NCY sale fell through. Jim is staying around for now. CiD
  13. He just didn't want to pay me for AZ last year. The interest on the loan is going to break the bank.
  14. Looks like a 82 900ss with the cast wheels, but I'm no expert on them, but this is something I've always wanted in my collection. CiD