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  1. Gunson's Gas Tester

    Well you may or may not know this about me but I’m a bit competitive also. So I’m going to double your bid to $8.00, and that’s cash money. Covered in Bids
  2. Gunson's Gas Tester

    I’ll start the bidding at $2.00. I have no idea how to use it or why, but have an open spot in one of my tool boxes. CiD
  3. I think it’s time for another “Kug Mystery Ride” aka K.O.R.E mystery ride.
  4. ST 2 Hallifax in 30 Days

    Keep it up Udo, looks like a great ride.
  5. Thanks, I’ve finished AZ, NM, ID BDR’s and tried UT twice. I may just go and do Colorado.
  6. So I have a question. Like I said i’ve Done the lower part of Utah twice but only made it as far north as about Soldier Summit. My question is do you think the route north of there is as good or better than the bottom half? The reason I’m asking is because I’m either going to do the top half or go to Colorado and do the COBDR. CiD
  7. Great stuff, I’ve tried to finish the UTBDR twice and have been stopped by heavy rain both times. I’m going to head to Green River soon and try and finish it. It’s always a crap shoot on when to go. To early and chance of snow , then to hot then chance of heavy rain. Lockhart Basin is the real deal. I’ve done it both times on KTM 500’s can’t imagine doing it on a big bike. Thanks for the write up. CiD
  8. Just think of the rolling road blocks the Harley Clubs could have out on the trails to the Saw Mill.
  9. Team 5150 rides the Utah BDR

    I was just thinking about going and trying to finish the UTBDR. CiD
  10. Buying Boots, Trying on Motorcycles

    I was at NCY again today kicking tires. They are now carrying some of the Benelli line. ‘This looked like it would be a ton of fun and was pretty inexpensive. http://benelli.ssrmotorsports.com/bikes/tnt135.php CiD
  11. Wheel lacing

    Well after spending a couple hours working on the wheel without much success I’m going to drop it off at NCY tomorrow. I think I could do it fairly easy on my KTM wheels and hubs, but the old Honda is a different story. Covered in Frustration
  12. 17 africa twin loaded

    This is more like what I want.
  13. 17 africa twin loaded

    Looks like this bike is up for sale again. Pretty good price, I might be interested. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcd/d/2017-honda-crf1000-africa/6646162042.html CiD
  14. Long distance ride

    Have fun and be safe Udo. Send lots of pics.