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  1. “ warning to all. Don’t go unless you’re ready to have a great time.”
  2. Thanks Paul, I think it helped!
  3. I used my beta on our last UTBDR, it’s got lots of room. A little big for the small bike but I’ve also used it on my 950 and it works great. CiD
  4. That works for me.
  5. The Helinox is rated at 320#'s
  6. I'm up for this. Let's try and put some dates out there. I'm good anytime after the Crawdaddy invitational 1st weekend of November. CiD
  7. I have an 09 300. If it would fit I'd buy it. I'll check CiD
  8. I think Loren had a knockoff last year and it broke on our trip. This year he had either a REI or Helinox not sure which and he had no problems. I've had my Helinox for years, before they were sold in the states. I ordered it from overseas when I 1st saw it. Still working great. CiD
  9. Good stuff, I think I gave you 5 votes. Buy Doc a dog biscuit for me. CiD
  10. I'm going to be leaving my house north of Escondido about 10:45, meeting at Packards at 11:30. Not sure about riding after, I'll see how I feel. CiD
  11. I heard that one guy went to NCY, not really sure and don't know the name. CiD
  12. Vote early and vote often. I think you can vote once everyday. I've voted twice already. CiD
  13. Great stuff, Another Colorado trip is at the top of my short list. Looks like you did most if the passes. Thanks for posting. CiD
  14. Those are great bikes. Congrats CiD