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  1. Bump
  2. Bringing a special helmet for tomorrow. See you at 8. CiD
  3. What Mike said, CiD
  4. Yes I’m planning a ride for Thursday. Just hadn’t posted yet. Same routine. Kendall’s at 8, KSU around 9. 100 mileish loop back at trucks about 2 for food and beer then on the road to Home about 3ish. All are welcome. CiD
  5. West side Choppers in Escondido did a great job for a reasonable price when I needed some work on my Indian. CiD
  6. Very nice, thanks for the pics. CiD
  7. I’ve got a pretty good welder at home but I’m not a great welder yet, but I think I’ll give it a try and make something similar. CiD
  8. I’m in if you want to do a multi day SXS trip. CiD
  9. Randy is that setup removable? Looks like what I need but I use every inch of space where I park my motorhome and would need to remove it to park. Chris
  10. Mine also showed up. I can’t believe how good this jacket is for $32.99 delivered. They still show the X-Large Recon jacket in stock for $32.99. If you have any need for a jacket this is a great deal. CiD
  11. Thanks to everyone that puts in the effort to promote rides and the sport. CiD
  12. I’m playing Noah and dealing with a flood. Maybe Friday. CiD
  13. Thanks, ordered a jacket for $37. CiD
  14. Bump, added a couple more pics and price reduction.
  15. Nice sale on riding gear. I picked up pants, jersey and gloves for $78.00 delivered. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/741/66158/MSR-NXT-Pant?s=1258069 CiD