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  1. 91 TW 200 $850 on cl

    Yes, make an offer for $500.00 then tomorrow Tim can offer him $850.00 and maybe take it off his hands.
  2. 91 TW 200 $850 on cl

    I sent him an offer for $600 and told him that was all the bike is worth.
  3. New Bike

    I heard a rumor that someone who Dress's for less got a new bike yesterday. congrats Chris. CiD
  4. I'm sort of a maybe at this time. CiD
  5. I was just kidding, I have a set sitting in my garage also. CiD
  6. Tape over the end and put a wire hanging out the end. Then put them on the street corner. Someone will come and dispose of them for you. CiD
  7. World Trials Championships - Kingman, AZ: 7/28 - 7/30

    I put it on my calendar. CiD
  8. Considering KTM 950....is this a deal or no?

    I'd like to be 1st inline if you decide to sell it. CiD
  9. Craigslist

    Here is an email I got to one of my Craigslist ads. Hi, I'm Mr Jason. It was my son that message you to email me. I will like to know the final price for the vehicle and i want you to get back to me with more pictures and its current condition because i can't come over to view it. I am buying it here as a gift for my son that just graduated in Dallas. I am currently offshore and due to the nature of my work, I am restricted to phone call. I can only communicate via email. You need not worry about how it will get to him there as I have a shipping agent that will handle the pick up and the paperwork Regards. On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 2:10 PM, Chris Nelson <cjnelson55@gmail.com> wrote: and my responce The car is free if you can pick it up tomorrow, it also has my wallet full of money and credit cards in it and a full tank of gas. regards I can't believe anyone falls for this crap CiD
  10. I'll post a pic or 2 when I get a chance. It was a ride day and not really much of a stop and smell the roses day. CiD
  11. Considering KTM 950....is this a deal or no?

    That bike could be parted out for more than 2.5k if you couldn't get it running. cid
  12. Around 80 to 100 miles. Probably medium pace, lots of sand. CiD
  13. 99% off road, 3 KTM 500's so far. Plate required for riding in the park.